Ashley's Tummy Treatment

Unlike my usual writings, this one is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. I have never examined, treated, played with, or mad a house call upon anyone fitting this name or description.

I rechecked the address, and knocked on the door. It was answered in a few seconds by a young lady in a robe.

“Ashley?” I said. “I’m Doctor B. You called about a tummy ache, I believe?”

We looked each other over. I don’t know what she thought, but I liked what I saw. Wavy bronze hair framed a dark-eyed face with a cute snub nose. The robe was parted enough that I could see she hadn’t bothered with a bra, and judging by the tantalizing hint of a perky young breast revealed by the robe, she didn’t need one. I decided I was going to enjoy this call.

She got herself together and said, “Yes, thank you for coming, Doctor. Can you help me? I feel terrible.”.

“Certainly. Shall we adjourn to your bedroom for the examination?”

“Follow me,” she said.

We proceeded down the hall to a feminine-looking but lived-in bedroom, and I had her lie on the bed.

“Ashley, I’m going to start by feeling your abdomen. Please lie back with your hands behind your head and your robe open. Let me know where it hurts.”

I felt her abdomen, not finding any major tenderness except in the lower left quadrant, where I noticed a bit of fullness as well. To rule out anything too serious, I decided to get a temperature and perform a rectal exam.

Her eyes widened a bit as I donned a pair of exam gloves with an evil snap, and produced a tube of lubricant from my bag. I looked down at her anxious face, savoring the moment.

“Ashley, in order to make sure that this isn’t worse than a simple tummy ache, I’m going to have to do a rectal exam. Please get up on your knees, with your bottom up and head on the pillow. I’ll get those panties down for you.”

She protested a bit, but I stood firm. Reluctantly, she got into knee- chest position. I slid her panties down to her knees, lubricated a finger, and told her to relax. She looked back over her shoulder at me.

“This won’t hurt, will it?”

“Shouldn’t, unless you’ve got a bigger problem than I think.”

I began rubbing lubricant slowly around her upraised anus, working inward as she squirmed. Wiggling a fingertip in her opening to make it relax, I noted a lovely pair of rather prominent pussy lips which seemed to be showing a hint of moisture. Her anus suddenly relaxed, and my finger popped in. I conducted a brief exam, rotating my finger back and forth and noting a bit of blockage. She didn’t, however, show the lower-right pain that would indicate appendicitis. I withdrew my finger, twisting slowly.

“Now, you can lie on your tummy, Ashley. I’ll check your temperature, and if that’s normal we’ll proceed to the treatment.” I shook down a rectal thermometer, and watched her look of horror as I retrieved the KY and began to lubricate the tip.

“You aren’t going to do that back THERE, are you?! My mom did that to me, and I HATED it!”

“It’s the most accurate method, and besides, there’s nothing to be afraid of. It doesn’t hurt.”

“But it’s embarrassing! She used to do it in front of my brother and sister!”

“Well, they’re not here, and I’ve slid thermometers into hundreds of bottoms. No need to be embarrassed. Now, part your buns for me, young lady.”

Reluctantly, she did as instructed. I eased the thermometer into her tight little anal pucker, eliciting a gasp as it entered. “Ashley, I know it’s a bit chilly. You’re supposed to warm it up.” My feeble humor brought a glare from my patient…

Under the pretext of “adjusting” it to make it more comfortable, I moved it in and out, and twirled it between my fingers. The moisture up front got more pronounced, so I inserted a finger to check.

“DOCTOR!”, she cried. “What ARE you doing?”

“Relax, m’dear, I’m just checking that moisture reaction there. Perfectly normal. And it’ll keep you from getting bored as the thermometer registers.”

She squirmed in earnest as I moved the finger and thermometer until the three minutes were up. I withdrew it, and wiped it down. The reading was 99.6, normal rectal.

“Good. If you’d been showing right-side pain or a fever, we’d have had to take you to the emergency room. As is, I can treat you right here. Hold this, while I prepare the treatment.” I inserted a vibrator into her moist pussy, and turned it on.

Entering the bathroom, I assembled the red enema bag, hose, and a standard tip. Filling the bag with warm water, I added enough castile soap for a good kick and drained the air from the hose. Returning to the bedroom, I hung the bag on a floor lamp by the bed, where Ashley was enjoying the vibrator. She’d kicked her panties completely off, taking care of that little detail.

“Okay, hon. This is nothing serious, you’re just impacted. This will clear it out for you. Ever had an enema?”

“N-No, Doctor. Will it hurt?”

“No, I’m very gentle. I’m going to insert this tube in your bottom, then turn on the water. You’ll feel your bottom, then your tummy begin to fill with warmth. Don’t worry, I’ll stop the flow if you start to cramp.”

I had her roll on her left side, knees pulled up to expose her anus. Then, I gently lubricated her with a slippery finger, until she relaxed enough for me to insert it. I moved my finger in and out, feeling the vibrator, until she felt relaxed.

Suiting my actions to my words, I said, “Okay.. Take a deep breath, and let it out as I slide in the nozzle… Eaaasy now, here it comes…. Theeere, that doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“Nooooo….,” she said, shivering a bit.

“Ready for the water?” I asked, fingering the clamp. She nodded, and I clicked it open. Her entire body went rigid, then relaxed as the initial surge of warm water hit. I turned up the vibrator in her pussy, and rubbed her clit as the first pint went in.

“Now, breathe deeply, Ashley. It’ll help the water work in deeper. Feel okay so far?”

“Mmmm, Yes, it’s actually kind of nice.”

“You’re taking it very well. That’s about a quart down, one to go. Just relax and keep breathing for me.”

She began to pant a bit as the water warmed her up, not to mention the things I was doing to her firm little clitoris. By the time she was up to a quart and a half, her bottom was rocking so hard I had to hold the nozzle firmly in place. I decided to make it more interesting. Raising the bag, I squeezed it to shoot the last pint into her. She almost lost the nozzle on that, but a hasty push on my part seated it again. I rehung the bag and shut the clamp. Then, I lubricated a butt plug from my bag and swapped it for the nozzle.

“OHHH! Doctor! What’s THAT?!” she gasped, wiggling as I firmly seated the plug in her.

“Just something to help you hold the water while it does its work, Ashley. Now, since you have to hold it a bit, roll on your back and we’ll take your mind off of it.”

She was already quite aroused, so when I leaned down and began nibbling her nipples, fingering her clit, and moving the intruders in her ass and pussy, it wasn’t long till she came. I helped her up and walked her to the potty, plug still in place.

“Okay. Sit, pull the plug, and let it out. I’ll be in the bedroom when you’re done.”

After some time, a rather relieved-looking young lady presented herself to me. I looked her over, and said, “By the way, how long’s it been since your last breast and pelvic exam?”

Blushing, she said “Too long, Doctor”.

“Back on the bed with you, then. Can’t have that, now, and I’m already here. Lie back again, robe open.”

she did, and I grabbed a bottle of lotion out of my bag. She looked dubious, until I applied a generous gob to each nipple. With a happy sigh, she closed her eyes and lay back as I thoroughly kneaded and massaged each breast, checking for lumps (None), abnormal nipple discharges (None) and sexual response (Hot). Donning clean gloves, I had her pull her legs way up, and rubbed around her protruding lips first. They were normal, so I checked her clitoral response. Going by the earlier orgasm, I knew what I’d find there, and was right. Then, I slid a couple of fingers inside. She jumped a bit, then relaxed as I settled into a rhythmic massage of her G spot. Finally, just as she was about to come again, I slid a finger back into her bottom, pumping vigorously. That sent her over the edge, and left her spent and limp on the bed.

I returned to my bag, removing a box of suppositories. Unwrapping one, I turned back to her.

“Ashley, one last thing. I don’t want you to be sore, so I’m leaving you these suppositories. Slip one in your bottom after every trip to the pot, until you’re not sore any more. I’ll give you the first one now. Bottoms up, please.”

It was a mark of how her feelings about that sort of thing had changed that she promptly rolled over and presented her bottom. I sloooowly eased the suppository in, and reluctantly withdrew my finger. Patting her bottom, I told her “You can get your panties back on now. All better?”

“Yeah, thanks, Doctor. You can treat me anytime!” To my surprise, she hugged me as I was about to leave. Guess I must have made her feel a LOT better.