At the Erotic Health Clinic

My girlfriend, Joann, left me a note saying that she had gone to see her friend Wanda down at EHC. The only problem was that I had just got home and it was only 11 AM; it seemed too early for an afternoon visit with a friend. I decided to take a ride down to EHC and see just what Joann and Wanda were up to.

When I arrived, the receptionist told me that Wanda was doing a treatment and that I would have to wait to see her. About 12:30 Wanda came in and asked me to go with her. She told me that Joann was participating in a complete internal cleansing and asked if I would like to watch from a private gallery. I said “Of course!” thinking that I would get to see Joann helping Wanda with some sort of enema.

Wanda took me to a room that had several large TV monitors on one wall. She turned them on and I was given a multi-angle view of someone getting an enema - I couldn’t see a face yet, only 27” close-ups of the same ass and pussy. The standard enema nozzle was being removed and relief tube was being inserted - there was quite a bit of wiggling going on by the owner of the ass. Then I became aware that there was something familiar about that butt, the small birthmark high on the inside left thigh - it was Joann’s ass. Wanda startled me - I forgot she was there - when she said “Joann came in for anal-rectal relaxation treatment so that she could give you the ass-fucking you’ve wanted for so long. Don’t tell her that you’re watching all this. Just ass fuck her like you want - I promise she’ll be ready for you tonight.” As she walked out the door she said “And remember the EHC rule, you can’t touch yourself here - only we can.”

My attention turned back to the screens - I could see a inflatable nozzle nozzle being prepared on one screen. On another screen there was a nude male attendant wearing nothing but a cock ring manipulating Joann’s pussy and rectal relief tube with his hands. His cock was standing out, veins popping - I guess from the cock ring and what he was doing. Then I saw Joann lean her head to one side to look at his cock - I was startled at first, forgetting that I was watching a TV and momentarily thinking she would see me. The sight of his cock stirred her and her pussy opened outward. Her asshole also seemed to push out the tube. I was getting a tremendous hard-on watching this. I wanted to play with my cock but I remembered Wanda’s warning.

Another nude cock-ringed male appeared with the retention nozzle. He showed it to Joann and was explaining something about it to her. He connected a hose which was attached to an enema bag. He released the clamp and showed her how the solution squirted out of the end of the rather fat nozzle, some of the solution hit her cheek. The he inflated the retention cuff and released it right in front of her face. She was squirming uncontrollably - Joann started to orgasm, her pussy opening and closing; she shot the relief tube right out of her ass; there was a look of ecstasy on her face. But there was no let up - almost immediately the inflatable nozzle was inserted up her ass. She sort of relaxed and lay there breathing heavily while the nozzle was fully inserted and the cuff inflated. She just moaned as the clamp was released and the enema flowed into her ass. One of the male attendants massaged her belly - more moaning. She struggled to get up and it was then I realized hat her wrists were restrained behind her head as mine had been last time I was here. The camera panned out so I could see more - it was then I became aware that some one else was watching and controlling the cameras. I wondered if this whole thing was being taped!

Now on camera one, Wanda was preparing some sort of thick tube - it looked to be about 3/4” in diameter and was of clear plastic. She went over to Joann and started to explain something. Joann was shaking her head indicating “no” but the look on her face - tongue pressed against top front teeth, eyes wide open - was one of willing curiosity. Wanda held her left hand in a loose fist, and slid the tube into the bottom of her fist and out the top as if to show what was about to happen. Wanda rotated the other end and made the rounded end at the top of her fist face different directions. Joann was positively squirming; her feet went straight out, the only thing preventing her from making a perfect “V” with her legs were the restraints holding her thighs to the ‘under the knee’ type supports. The second camera showed the inflatable nozzle nozzle being removed - a great gush of enema solution came out. Her asshole looked positively ready to accept anything. What more could there be to do? I was ready to run into the room and ass fuck her right now!

On one of the screens hands appeared with the tube which had just been demonstrated to Joann. I could see on the other camera that it was Wanda holding the tube. She slipped two fingers up Joann’s ass and pushed them against the right side of her rectum. The fingers were buried up to Wanda’s palm and now she was moving them as if she was feeling for something. Joann strained, arching her back and pushing against Wanda’s hand. She stopped moving her fingers and started to push the tube into Joann’s ass, guiding it with her fingers. When the tube was about 3 inches in, she stopped and moved her fingers a little, twisted the end of the tube so as to change the inserted head end’s position and the started to push the tube in more. Joann had a wide eyed expression as about a foot of colon tube disappeared up her ass. Wanda removed her fingers and left the tube hanging. One of the nude male attendants appeared with another smaller tube and slid it inside the larger one, connected it to a pump and started solution flowing.

As he moved both tubes in and out, solution was coming out of the larger one. Joann continued to have this look of disbelief on her face - nothing had ever been this deep inside her before. The other male attendant appeared with one of those clitoral stimulators and applied it to Joann’s clit. She started wiggling and the colon tube would intermittently start and stop its outflow. After a short while this procedure was stopped and the inner cleansing tube was removed, leaving the larger tube in place.

One of the cameras now showed a ‘saddle’ shaped piece of equipment. It sort of reminded me of on of those ‘ride the bull’ type of things that was popular in bars a few years ago. The saddle was about five feet off the ground and was raised up in front more steeply than a regular riding saddle. The horn of the saddle was wider and more flattened on it’s inner part than normal. The back had an opening on the part that would normally be tilted against the back of your butt. Above the saddle was a ‘T’ bar with straps and which could be adjusted for height.

Back at the treatment table, a thick hollow cock shaped device was being pushed onto the end of the protruding colon tube and so it was guided up her ass by the colon tube. The close up screen showed globs of lube on the hollow dildo. As it slid into Joann, her asshole seemed to open and willingly engulf it. The insertion was stopped after a few inches - Joann’s body was glowing with a crimson blush. It seemed to radiate from her lower belly up her front to her tits. A long flexible piece of the hollow dildo with a short piece of colon tube sticking out was hanging from her ass. She was released from the table, helped to stand and walked over to the saddle with this thing hanging out of her ass - what a sight - I thought my cock would explode. Her knees buckled a little and she started to pee all over her legs. One of the male attendants slapped her ass and motioned to the saddle - apparently she was to hold the pee in until she got to the saddle. With the slap the pee flow stopped almost immediately.

She walked up some rolling steps and squatted on a temporary platform straddling the saddle. She was being instructed by Wanda and put her hands on the T-bar - they were strapped there. Wanda put her fingers all the way up Joann’s pussy and appeared to be curling her fingers toward Joann’s bladder. Suddenly she peed all over Wanda’s hand. As she squatted onto the saddle, one of the attendants guided the flexible dildo through the hole in the back of the saddle and out the back. Wanda slid an elongated egg- shaped dildo into her pussy - you could see it was vibrating as Wanda had a hard time holding onto the slippery thing. Joann’s cheeks were spread so her asshole would make contact with the saddle back. Her pussy lips were separated so that her clit would make contact with the saddle horn. The platform/steps were removed and with nothing to support her feet her ass came into full contact with the device. She leaned forward to push the horn against her clit and the whole thing started to vibrate. Another tube was connected to the end of the flex-dildo protruding from the saddle and solution started to flow. A camera was aimed at the rear of the saddle so that you could see the dildo sticking out of her ass when she leaned forward to push her clit against the saddle horn.

Every time Joann leaned forward the ass dildo slid out; this prompted her to lean back to push it up her ass some more. As the pressure built up in her bowels, little squirts of solution would come out around the ass dildo. A few minutes of this and Joann started to cum wildly. Her legs kicked out from the side of the saddle, she arched her back and pulled on the T-bar to shove her ass further onto the saddle. Her breasts heaved up and down, the nipples hardened into solid pink tips. Legs sticking out, she rocked back and forth on the saddle alternately pushing the ass dildo in and out and shoving her clit and vaginal egg-dildo against the horn. After awhile, she stopped moving and just sort of held onto the T-bar. Everything was stopped and Joann was removed from the saddle and placed flat on the table. One of the cock-ringed attendants raised her right leg and removed the dildo-colon tube affair. As he slid it out she opened her eyes and made a grab for his cock - he avoided it.

The cameras went blank and the light came on in the viewing gallery. I had an enormous hard-on with accompanying wet spot in the front of my blue jeans. Wanda came in and told me to go home and wait for Joann. On the way home I passed one of those sex toy stores and thought of buying a cock ring. I decided against it, thinking Joann might realize I had witnessed the treatment.

Joann walked in threw a video tape on the counter (was it the video?) and looked positively ravenous but weak-kneed. I could never figure out how a woman could look so ‘in charge’ after the type of thing she had experienced. She wasted no time - told me to strip. She had her clothes off in a flash - her need was great. She produced a cock ring and slipped it around my cock and under my balls and secured it in place. She sucked my cock a little - with the cock ring this produced an enormous vein-popping hard on. She turned away; looking over her shoulder with a wicked smile, she reached around, grabbed my cock and drew it to the area of her asshole, leaving the rest to me. As she spread her cheeks, I pushed it in completely, right up to the cock ring - I don’t know where it went. I ass fucked her with everything I had. She arched her back and tried to push further down on my cock. I looked down and could see her asshole rolling slightly over my cock each time I pulled out. Reaching around with one hand, I cupped her breast - with the other I reached in between her legs and fingered her clit. Joann came and bucked like a wild animal almost forcing my cock out of her. I fucked like crazy and finally blew my load deep inside her. We both collapsed onto the floor in a heaving pile of flesh.

I lay there thinking - I hope there’s more of this to come - there was!