Aunt Mae's Home Remedy

Recently I became ill with the flu and had to go stay with my aunt for a week as I am divorced and live alone. I’m doing much better now thanks to my aunt’s skilled home remedies.

It all begin when I started feeling sick while at work and had to take the rest of the day off, and went to the doctor where I was diagnosed with the flu and put on antibiotics and sent home on bedrest. After I arrived home I went straight to bed as I was feeling awful.

Later that evening my aunt called to see how I was doing and found out I was sick and insisted I come stay with her until I was feeling better. I tried to resist the offer but I was so sick I thought maybe she was right and accepted her offer and told her as soon as I pack a few items I would need I would be on my way.

So after I got dressed and packed the items I was taking with me I left for my aunts as she lived about an hours drive from me out in the country. By the time I arrived at her home I thought I was going to pass out and went in and went right to bed. After I was in bed she checked my temperature and told me that I had a fever and gave me some Tylenol and told me to try and get some rest.

Two days later I was still feeling awful and had not had a b.m. and was beginning to feel uncomfortable ., So she helped me to the bathroom and told me to try and use the toilet and if I couldn’t she was going to give me an enema as this was her remedy for constipation. A short time later when she checked on me. I told her that I was constipated and needed the enema

At this point she told me to take my pajama bottoms off while she retrieved her open top fountain syringe from under the bathroom cabinet and filled it warm soapy water and added a tablespoon of olive oil to the water to help loosen my bowels. She suspended the bag over the bathtub. She then had me to lie down on my back in the tub and draw my knees up, letting my feet rest on the sides.

All I was wearing was my pajama top. After I was comfortably in position, she slipped on a pair of latex gloves and lubricated the rectal nozzle and expelled the air from the hose and then gently inserted the nozzle into my puckered asshole and opened the clamp on the hose sending a rapid stream of warm sudsy water into my clogged up bowels.

It wasn’t long before I begin expelling the enema getting shit all over the glove my aunt was wearing and on the towel under my spread open buttocks as the enema was flushing out my bowels. When the enema was over with she cleaned my asshole off with a wet towel and helped me out of the tub and put my pajamas back on and helped me back to bed.

I felt 100% better slept like a baby that night. The next day I was up and about and feeling great. So I guess my aunt Mae’s remedy was the best thing for me after all.