Aunt Ruth

By David Becker -

The breeze from the open window moved across my bedroom as Aunt Ruth tousled my hair as she stated that it was time to get up. It was the third morning of my summer stay with Aunt Ruth on her farm in Northern Iowa. Aunt Ruth’s husband, Uncle Ben, had passed away three years before. Aunt Ruth rented the farm out to a neighbor and I was spending the summer with her to help with the yard work and to help her with the chores.

At the time I was 13 years old and happy to be giving Aunt Ruth a hand on the farm. At the time Aunt Ruth was in her early forties and a very good looking women despite being slightly on the side.

As Aunt Ruth looked around to see if I was going to get up, she commented to me that she thought that I looked a little peaked. She asked me if I was feeling okay. I admitted to her that I felt a little flushed and tired. She came over to the bed and sat down next to me and felt my forehead. She said that I didn’t feel hot, but to be on the safe side she had better take my temperature. Aunt Ruth left the room and in about five minutes returned carrying in her arms a large bath towel, a jar of cold cream and a thermometer. She laid the items on the foot of the bed and proceeded to tell me that I would have to have my PJ’s off to get my temperature taken. Without another word Aunt Ruth reached around my waist, grabbed the waist band of my PJ’s and pulled down my legs and off. You can imagine my embarrassment at being naked from that waist down in front my aunt.

Before I could register a complaint, Aunt Ruth looped her left arm under my knees and pushed my legs back against my chest. Now I was lying on my back with my legs pushed back against my chest and my butt in the air with Aunt Ruth looking at me and telling me not to worry that she was going to take my temperature by putting the thermometer up my little butthole.

I screamed and tried to kick my legs, but only received a stinging slap on my bare butt from Aunt Ruth’s hand. Aunt Ruth put a glob of cold cream on her finger and proceeded to shove her finger up my butthole. After she had my butthole well lubed she proceeded to push the thermometer up my butt. When she had it fully inserted she looked at me with a grin on her face and said it all would soon be over. After about three minutes she pulled it from my butt and announced that I had no fever.

She then asked me when was the last time that I had pooped.

I told her that I thought it had been a couple of days.

She looked down at me and said that she would be right back. Soon Aunt Ruth returned wearing a rubber glove on her right hand. She told me that she wanted to examine me and without further ado she looped her left arm under my knees again and pushed my legs back against my chest. She then spread the towel under my butt and after putting a glob of cold cream on her gloved middle finger she proceeded to shove her finger up my butthole. Aunt Ruth told me to just relax and to try to do poo poo for her. Aunt Ruth would push her finger slowly up my butthole and pull it back out, while all the time she was fingering my butthole she tells me to do poo poo for her. After about a minute of these proceedings my pee pee started to get hard. I felt I was going to pee and told my aunt about my pee pee and having to pee. Aunt Ruth just laughed and said that it was a normal reaction for my pee pee to get hard from her stimulating my butthole.

After about five minutes of Aunt Ruth fingering me and telling me to do poo poo for her she got the results that she wanted. I shot poop all over the bath towel and my pee pee shot white stuff all over Aunt Ruth’s arm and my tummy.

After Aunt Ruth cleaned me up, she held me in her arms and told me that I was a good boy and that I had done everything that she wanted me to do.

Aunt Ruth told me to stay in bed a while and that she check in on me later in the morning.