This is the incredible story of my first enema.

It all started when the school nurse phoned my Aunt to advise her that she was to come and pick me up. I was ill and running a slight temperature and suffering from stomach cramps.

Mother was away on a business trip and my Auntie, my mother’s youngest sister was left to oversee my brother and me while she was away. It was only for a few days and she would be back Sunday night. Mother was a lawyer and quite often had to take an overnight trip on business, leaving our Aunt in charge. I think mother worried a little over her choice of “baby-sitters,” but there was no one else and Donald, my older brother having just turned thirteen, was thought to be too young even for over night. I couldn’t see what difference it made as most nights we were by ourselves anyway.

Auntie liked her evenings out and had many male callers visiting. She was seventeen and a high school drop-out, having only completed her grade ten. We all knew she was dumber than a sack full of hammers. I mean dumb. Mother often said Irene didn’t have enough brains to come in out of the rain. I think Donald and I baby-sat her.

The nurse, knowing my brother was also in the school, and not being able to get my mother at her office, got hold of Donald, and advised him that I was sick and was there someone else to call. Donald knew it would be useless to call Irene, but nonetheless gave her number to the nurse.

Donald and I talked about what was wrong with me while the nurse phoned Irene. We could hear Irene scream from where we were sitting in the office. The nurse was certainly surprised and held the phone away from her ear as Irene started to rant and rave that she didn’t know anything about looking after sick kids or what to do. Donald and I just sat and looked at each other, having expected just that kind of reaction. I was feeling terrible and my stomach was really paining. Donald told me what I needed was an enema, whatever that was.

The nurse finally convinced Irene to come and get me and take me to our family doctor. Irene hadn’t the foggiest idea who our doctor was nor did Donald or I. We were new in town and had not had the need to consult a doctor. We listened as the nurse instructed her to take me to the local clinic.

Donald asked me if I wanted him to come home with me, but I assured him there would be no need, that I was going to be okay once I saw a doctor.

Auntie picked me up at the nurse’s office and I don’t think the nurse was impressed. Irene always dressed like she was going boying around, you know high skirt, high heels, low shirt, no bra, and a face full of cosmetics. I was embarrassed. Irene looked at me with disgust, as though I was just putting everything on just to get out of school. The nurse gave her some final instructions which I knew Irene never heard.

We waited a few minutes in the clinic’s waiting room while several other patients were being looked after. Auntie was impatient and went to the desk advising that I was dying and needed immediate attention. I tried to look like I was with someone else.

The nurse called me into an inner examining room and took my temperature and blood pressure, asked me some questions about my health and about my shots, which she noted on a chart. I was to undress down to my shorts and lay under a sheet until the doctor came. Auntie was asked to stay, but she assured the nurse this wasn’t her bag and took off out of the room. I’m sure that was just as well as she might throw-up herself. Just the right person to have around in a crisis.

The doctor came in and asked me some more questions as he listened to my heart and chest. Tapping here and there, front and back. I was ordered to lay on my back while he examined my stomach applying pressure at various points. He pulled my shorts down to my knees and checked everything else, making me cough as he held my testicles. He even examined under my foreskin. Neither Donald nor I had been circumcised, thank goodness. I nearly had a heart attack when he told me to roll over on my stomach and he stuck his latex gloved finger up my bum.

He told me I was constipated and asked me when I had last had a movement. I figured he meant poo so I told him not for several days. He said he was going to give me an enema and showed me where the washroom was, right in the corner of the examining room. I wondered why I would need to know that. He asked me if I had ever had one before. I answered shakingly that I didn’t know what it even was. I wondered how come Donald knew what I needed.

Donald had told me I needed an “enema” before, but I had no idea what it meant. I was soon to find out, as the nurse returned carrying a plastic bottle. (A Fleet enema, I learned later.) I still didn’t know what it was for. It looked like there was straw in it and I would be drinking it. I hated taking cough syrup and other medicines. In the meantime, I pulled my shorts back up only to be told by the nurse to pull them down again. I thought the examination was over. She instructed me to lay over on my stomach and take a deep breath. “Now what,” I wondered.

She stuck her fingers in between my bum cheeks and spread them apart, opening me up and then horror of horrors, I felt the straw tip of the bottle being shoved up my bum. Then came the warm feeling as some liquid was squirted up there. I was sure shocked, but it didn’t feel all that unpleasant, and I hardly felt it at all. The nurse told me to get dressed and to sit in the waiting room until I had to go to the toilet and I could use the washroom. She suggested I hold it as long as I could so it would do the most good and get my bowels moving. Twenty minutes later, I was sitting on the toilet letting my entire colon exude into the murky water beneath my butt. I had had diarrhea before but nothing like this.

When I was done and ready to leave, the doctor handed my Aunt a note to the local pharmacist, suggesting she deliver it as soon as possible as I would be requiring another treatment later on, before I went to bed and for the next several days thereafter.

Irene didn’t have the foggiest idea what the doctor had said and took the note and headed out the door with me in hand.

I was a little surprised that I would be getting another enema but at the same time a little pleased. I didn’t mind the treatment at all. In the drugstore the pharmacist read the note and gave me a sympathetic look.

Auntie was in a hurry and insisted he fill the order as soon as possible. She babbled the whole time about how she had nothing to do with looking after me, other than feeding me. She wasn’t going to be responsible for my illness and subsequent care. Several customers overheard Irene and just shook their heads. I was a little embarrassed as I knew the druggist would be handing her another enema bottle.

He finally found what he was looking for and brought the box to the counter, where he opened it up. There was a hot water bottle and a long white hose in it. This isn’t what I expected to see, and wondered what that had to do with my getting another enema. Irene went nuts when the druggist started to explain the solution she was to use in it. He wrote directions on a note and put it in with the equipment. We left, as Irene jerked me out of the store amid humorous glances from the other customers. I realize now they knew what the equipment was for and for whom it had been purchased.

All the way home, Auntie declared she had a date and there was no way she was going to attend to me.

“Look after yourself, you little sickie,” she exclaimed as she was leaving.

“Donald will be home soon, he can watch you.”

Donald arrived home right after school to see me, even missing his ball game, and asked me how I was doing and where Irene was. I informed him that I was feeling better, and he was right, I had needed an enema and got one. Irene had a date and had taken off. I showed him the note from the druggist. Slowly a smile came over his face as he examined the enema equipment. He asked me how I liked the enema I got in the doctor’s office. I told him it was nothing and it sure helped. I had no more stomach ache. I asked Don, what the equipment was for, and he told me it was to do the same as what happened in the doctor’s office, only more. I told him I didn’t want that big thing shoved into my bum, to which he replied that I had no choice.

“You don’t want to get sick again do you? And besides the doctor ordered it,” he said.

“And besides, I know all about these things and how to do it. I took it in my Home Nursing Course in Scouts. We had to give each other one. It was no big deal. I passed too. So trust me Allan, I know how to do it. I’ll do it when we get ready for bed later on,” he said.

I was somewhat comforted in the knowledge that Don knew what he was doing, although I really didn’t want my brother shoving things up my ass. Better Don than that stupid Irene, and she wouldn’t have known where to stick the nozzle anyway. Even if she had, she wouldn’t have done it.

I had thought of waiting until Mom came home, but Donald said he wanted to give me one and besides, we were to follow the doctors orders and it was no big deal.

I was on edge all through our supper of Kraft Dinner and toast, but excited in a way, as I anticipated what was going to happen. Donald too seemed to be happy and very nice to me for a change, assuring me that I was going to really like it. I asked him if it had been done to him and he reminded me that it had been a part of the course, and yes, he liked it.

We watched TV for awhile with both of us looking at the clock, wishing the time to go fast so we could get on with my enema.

Donald finally said that he would give it to me now, and we could watch some TV afterwards. I jumped at the idea and ran up the stairs carrying the box. I had no idea what to do with it so I set it on the dresser in our room. Don and I shared one bedroom. He ordered me to get into my pyjamas and lay on the bed while he prepared the solution that was to go into the bottle. As I heard Donald in the bathroom, I got an erection. My little penis was as hard as a rock. Now what would make it do that? It usually only occurred when I had to pee.

Donald came into the bedroom carrying the bottle and tube and hung the bottle from my gun rack above my bed. He then gave me the orders to take everything off and lay on the towel he had brought with him. He saw my hard dink and gave it a flick as I removed my bottoms. He leaned over the bed to straighten the towel, and I saw his penis poking out of his pyjamas and it was bigger and appeared harder than mine. I felt like grabbing it as I was choking with anticipation.

“Lay over on your left side and pull your right knee up to your chest okay?” he ordered. I quickly obeyed his instruction and immediately felt his finger going up my hole. He had some Vaseline on it. That made my dork jump. Then in went the biggest of the three nozzles. I felt it this time, but it didn’t hurt. I waited for the inflow of soapy water that I knew was on its way down the tube. The enema I had taken earlier was just a little bottle, how was I ever going to take all that was in the hot water bottle?

The water was quite hot I thought, but on the other hand it felt warm and soothing, that is until I started to fill. Don stopped it on his own before I could complain. Then he opened the clamp again and more flowed in, then he stopped it again. I could feel the solution in me, but nothing that I couldn’t stand and nothing compared to when I had to go earlier at the doctor’s office.

While we waited during one of those rest periods, Donald decided that he might get wet, and decided to remove his own pyjamas. I had seen him lots of time in the shower but never with his boner on. I could tell Donald was happy doing this to me. More water that lasted a little longer this time. I complained and he stopped the flow. While we waited, he reached down and touched his boner a few times. He was getting excited.

The bag had about a third left in it when Don said he wanted me to take a little more. He said that as I had been cleaned out before, I shouldn’t have any trouble taking the rest. I had my doubts but agreed to try. I nearly took it all when Donald felt my stomach and made me roll over on my back. He said I had had enough and he touched my stomach here and there and then my dork which bounced at his touch. Out came the nozzle along with some clear water. Don squeezed my bum together and told me to get up and sit on the toilet, but not to let it out unless I absolutely couldn’t hold it any longer.

I think I lasted about five minutes holding well over a quart of soapy solution. While I was dumping, Donald was busy preparing another enema, filling the bottle with plain cold water.

“I have to flush out the soapy stuff. This will be easier,” he instructed.

After about an hour of attending to my posterior, I was sitting on the can getting the rest of the cold water out. What a feeling that was. He had me lay on my stomach this time and I could feel the cold water coursing around and across my stomach.

When I cleaned up, I notice my penis was wet with some gooey slime. Don noticed it too and told me it was natural and he told me he had some too.

Donald, in the meantime, was refilling the bottle with the same soapy solution he had used on me.

“Am I going to get another one?” I asked.

He informed me it was for him. That he was going to give himself one. It would make him feel better and more lively. There was no way I was going to let him do that. I had wondered what it would be like, filling my brother up. He readily agreed and we went through the same routine.

Donald took lots more than I did and seemed to enjoy it as much. When he had taken his two enemas, and had everything cleaned up and put away, he told me he was going to relieve the pressure inside my testicles. That was what was leaking out. A sure sign that the pressure had to be released.

He massaged my dink until I had my first ejaculation and then I was allowed to do him. I nearly had another blow while Don was blowing his. What a night. I laughed. This was the greatest experience of my life. Don and I seemed to be more friendly towards each other after that night. Donald informed Mom about what he had done to me and that we had put the equipment away in the top of the towel closet. She was surprised, but very happy at the initiative we had shown. Irene never baby sat us again, much, I’m sure, to her satisfaction. She would have dropped dead if she had known what she was to do to me. Donald and I still regularly attend to each other especially when we are alone.

The story doesn’t quite end there. It turned out that Donald and his friend from Scouts, liked to practice on me quite often before they were to take their examination for their Home Nursing Course Badge, and quite often since.