Back Problems

June had been seeing the chiropractor now for 2 years. In all that time her back problem had come and go. After seeing Dr. V. for a couple of visits her back would feel fine and she would go another 6 months with no pain. Now she was heading back from some more stretching and disc popping.

Nancy, one of Dr. V.’s assistants took June into one of the rooms in the back.

‘Ok, now get undressed and we’ll put you on the heat massage table.’ Nancy said pleasantly.

June stripped down to her chemise and pantyhose and started to lie down on the table.

‘Wait a minute,’ Nancy said. ‘We are going to use a new procedure that requires that you remove all your clothes and drink this.’

She handed her a cup with what looked like orange juice.

‘What’s this?’ June asked as she took the little cup and drained it.

‘It’s a new muscle stimulant. It will help the heat massager do it’s job better.’ the pretty aide said matter of factly.

June shrugged and stripped naked. She felt a little uncomfortable standing there totally nude in front of the aide.

‘Ok, now lie down and we’ll begin.’

As she lay down on the cool table her nipples immediately hardened into little points. It felt good when Nancy applied the heat massager and June soon drifted off to sleep.

June awoke with a start. She was no longer lying on the table, she was sitting in a device she didn’t recognize. Her legs were spread and strapped into stirrups and her arms were bound at her sides. She started to speak and realized she was gagged. Her groggy attempts at speech were unintelligible. Dr. V. was now standing next to her.

‘Well, I see you’ve come back,’ he said with a smile. The heat massage has that effect on a lot of people. Also the muscle relaxant you drank helped.’

‘That sneaky bitch,’ June thought as her pussy convulsed. ‘She drugged me!’

The doctor was looking at her obscenely exposed and bound body. His hand reached out and gently massaged her breasts and lightly pinched her erect nips.

June moaned into the gag, she couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She could feel her pussy juices dripping down her asscheeks as his other hand busied itself with her clit. She remembered, with embarrassment, that her husband had shaved her pussy the other night. Her naked lips were there for all to see. Dr. V. seemed to like her nude cuntlips as he probed and rubbed his hand all over her hairless little mound.

‘My, my you seem to be getting excited rather quickly,’ he leered, ‘your naked, little twat is leaking like a faucet. Somehow I thought you’d respond well to this treatment.’

His hands left her body and she could see him reaching for something above her head. She jumped (as much as she could) when he attached little clamps to her nipples. The clamps had fishing line tied to them. Her nipples stretched as the doctor tightened the lines. Her breathing got heavier as she felt the pressure increase and then stay constant at her tits. Two more clamps were clipped onto her pussy lips and they too were then stretched open. The pressure at her cunt and tits was making June horny. It hurt, but somehow she didn’t care anymore. Although she was nervous she was beginning to hope he’d put something hard into her exposed slit and relieve the building pressure inside. She wondered how big his cock was.

‘Nancy, prepare her for the next step.’ he ordered.

Nancy appeared at the foot of the chair-like device. She was now clad in a full latex body suit. Strategically placed holes exposed her firm small tits with their large stiff nipples and her juicy, hairy pussy. Her face moved between June’s spread thighs and she felt Nancy’s tongue enter her spread cunt. She licked up and down, concentrating on her clit. She then moved down and pushed her tongue into her puckered ass. June again moaned through the gag as she felt the invader plunging in and out of her grasping asshole.

‘That’s enough,’ the doctor said curtly, ‘I’m going to remove your gag, if you wish to yell or scream no one will hear you in this sound-proofed room. If you do however, I’ll be forced to punish you. Do you understand?’

June nodded her head slowly. The gag was removed and Dr. V. had Nancy unzip his fly. She reached in and pulled out his erect cock. She gave it a quick kiss and then presented it to June ‘s mouth.

‘Open your mouth and suck it.’

Considering her position she had no choice. His prick was throbbing and leaking pre-come. It was about 9 inches long and fairly big around. She opened her mouth wide and the doctor pressed the head of his dripping prick into it.

‘Use your tongue.’ he ordered.

June wrapped her tongue around the veined shaft that was pressing deeper into her waiting mouth. He began a slow fucking motion, pulling his cock out until only the head remained between her lips and then driving it back in. After a few minutes of this he pulled it completely out of her mouth. A strand of his pre-come stretched from the head to her lips. He wiped his slick rod off on her lips and cheeks.

‘Now for the next part of your treatment.’ he said with an evil grin.

He went to the end of the table and pulled out a device that looked like a turkey baster. The doctor pushed the tip of the thing into her back hole. He eased it slowly into her until 3 or 4 inches was buried in her tight little bunghole. It felt hot as it traveled up her ass. He then squeezed the bulb and the warm liquid it was filled with began spurting into her ass. He worked the baster in and out of her hole. It seemed to have been filled with some kind of oil. Her now slick asshole spasmed as the hard plastic tube was removed. June could feel the oil dripping from her anus. The doctor then pressed a butt plug into her spasming anus. It locked securely in place.

‘Nancy, now it’s your turn,’ he said, ‘Do it.’

Nancy moved a lever on the chair and moved June down until her face was level with the aide’s hairy pussy lips peeking out of the latex suit. The latex clad beauty put a leg on either side of June ‘s head so that her dripping muff was directly over her face. Several drops splashed against June’s eyes and nose. She then moved the lever again. The chair moved back up and June ‘s face was pressed tightly against Nancy’s cunt. The horny aide rubbed her puss all over June’s face, her juices glistened on her cheeks and mouth.

‘Open your mouth bitch and use your tongue.’ the aide gasped.

June tentatively stuck her tongue between the folds of the nurse’s hairy lips and began lapping at her twitching cunthole. This was the first woman June had ever had sex with. Nancy reached back and spread her ass checks and pressed her asshole down on June’s nose as June continued to lick her pink slit. June’s senses were overwhelmed by the combination of odors of the hot aide.

She felt the butt-plug being pulled out of her stretched asshole. The doctor began rubbing his hard-on against her well lubed anus. His cock began to penetrate her and it slid easily into her tight tail until all 9 inches was buried and the doctor’s balls were slapping against her ass cheeks. June began panting into the pussy that was still shoved against her open mouth as Dr. V. worked his rod in and out of her now well stretched asshole. June couldn’t see it, but the doctor had clipped nipple clamps onto Nancy’s exposed, heaving titties. The lines were attached to the same clamps that held June’s nips prisoner. The effect was that each time Nancy moved the line would tighten and pull at both of their squeezed and stretched nipples.

‘We call this our deep back massage,’ the doctor said with a laugh, ‘I think you can feel why. I hope you are enjoying your treatment.’

He continued pumping his hard cock into her loosening ass. June could feel it start to expand inside her and she knew he was about to shoot his hot seed into her ravaged asshole. She could feel his come shooting into her bowels. June normally didn’t like enemas but this sperm enema was getting her hotter and hotter as he continued to pour his come into her bound body. Nancy was starting to groan and her pussy began creaming even more as she shuddered with an orgasm. Her body was wildly spasming, causing the tit clamps to be pulled tightly. June opened her mouth to yell and was treated to a downpour as the horny aide’s cunt juice filled her mouth, drowning out her cries. The doctor removed Nancy’s nipple clamps and moved the chair back down. He helped the weak-kneed aide move off of June’s soaked face.

‘Now for the final phase of your treatment.’

June could see the doctor fiddling with some attachment between her legs. Nancy went to a cabinet and removed a large prick shaped object. It was enormous, fully 14 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. She lubed the obscene organ with a suggestive stroking motion and handed it to the doctor. He made some more adjustments and June suddenly felt the end of the huge dildo pushed into the opening of her stretched cunt. Her pussy twitched wildly as the large prick spread her cunt to the limit. When the doctor had worked about 10 inches into her he flipped a switch.

‘Ohhhh, my god!’ was June ‘s only response as the big fake dick began throbbing in her cunt. She had never felt so full before.

The vibrations were only the beginning, however. It then started to pump in and out of her outrageously stretched love tunnel. She could feel it slide out leaving a couple of inches still buried in her and then slide back in until it felt like the full length was crammed inside her.

‘We’ll be back in about 20 minutes to see how the treatment is going.’ the doctor said as they opened the door and walked out.

Meanwhile poor June was coming like gangbusters all over the throbbing dildo. The orgasms seemed to go on forever, one after the other as the pistoning rod surged relentlessly in and out of her pussy. June didn’t think she could take 20 minutes of this, but she also didn’t have much of a choice. Her body twitched wildly as she kept coming time after time. After what seemed like hours the door to the treatment room opened but it wasn’t Dr. V. that entered. It was Clia the receptionist.

‘Oh my, it looks like the doctor has got himself another little slut to play with.’ she said with a leer ‘Let’s see if you’ve been properly broken in yet.

Clia walked over to where June lay being ravished by the relentless pumping of the fake cock. She lowered the chair and lowered her panties to her knees. She then backed up and presented her twitching asshole to June’s mouth.

‘Suck it good and maybe I’ll turn off the machine.’

June stuck her tongue out and buried in the receptionist’s ass. She just kept reaming the ass while her nose was deep in Clia’s wet pussy. The aide began spasming and June could feel her tongue and nose being squeezed. Her orgasm caused her to shudder violently. Her juices spread across June’s face.

‘Not bad for your first time, but I won’t be able to turn off the machine. The doctor wouldn’t like that.’ she said with a laugh.

As soon as Clia had pulled up her panties and left the doctor walked in.

‘How’s the little patient doing?’ he asked with a smile, watching her body shaking from the pounding.

‘Please… shut it… off!’ June cried, ‘I can’t take anymore!’

‘There’s only one final step.’ he said as he reached for something June couldn’t see.

The dildo began squirting something into her expanded cunt. It felt like a firehose was spurting into her as another wave of orgasms left her limp. Her mouth hung open and a shudder passed through her body. Dr. V. flipped another switch and the instrument came to a halt. Dr. V. slowly slid the enormous cock from her pussy. It came out with a wet plop. Her vaginal canal was spread widely and felt quite empty now, the fluid that had been shot into her was draining out in a steady stream onto the floor. After a few minutes Dr. V. removed the clamps and straps that held her in place and helped June to her feet. Her legs wobbled and she was very unsteady.

‘Now if you’re thinking about calling the police or some other such nonsense, I think you should see this.’ Dr. V. said ominously.

A television screen came to life and June was aghast to see herself being manipulated by the nurse and Dr. V. and the demonic fucking machine. Her groans of pleasure showed she was enjoying the whole scene.

‘A copy of this tape will be presented to your husband and boss if you do anything stupid. What’s it going to be?’

‘I guess I’ll have to think about it,’ she replied slowly.

‘Well, what’s it going to be?’ the doctored questioned impatiently.

‘I’ll do what ever you want,’ she said in a small voice.

‘Good, now get down on your knees, you will show me how sincere you are,’ he said curtly.

She did as she was told and the doctor pulled his now limp dick from his pants. He slid the tip between her lips and she began sucking him into her mouth. The tip suddenly exploded as the he began pissing into her mouth.

‘Swallow it all or you’ll keep trying until you do.’

She opened her throat and could feel the hot pee coursing into her. She didn’t get it all and some splashed over her lips and down her chin.

‘Well you didn’t do a very good job, so come with me.’

He led her to a corner of the room where there was a toilet seat on legs. The doctor pulled a funnel shaped device from the wall. He inserted the narrow end into June’s mouth and locked the straps around her head. He then lay her down on her back and positioned her so that her face was directly under the opening in the seat and the funnel was attached to the edge of the seat. A collar was placed around her neck and secured to the legs. She now couldn’t move her head at all.

‘Is she ready?’ Nancy asked as she came over.

‘Yes, have a seat.’

Nancy sat down on the seat and began pissing into the funnel. June swallowed rapidly, she couldn’t lose any of this load. The funnel began filling as she got a little behind. The nurse finished and June was still swallowing until the funnel was drained.

‘Do you think you can squeeze me in next week?’ came her reply.