Bad Girl

By Annie M

She stood before him, head bowed, hands clasped behind her back, naked except for the black leather collar around her neck, listening intently to his cool, firm voice as he chastised her for her disobedience. She was a girl again, and this feeling of butterflies in her tummy had not changed one bit despite the decades which had passed since she was last truly disciplined.

Was it that no one had cared about her… or just that they had not cared enough? She had that scary-delicious feeling in the pit of her stomach…she had allowed all that naughtiness to spread through her…goading her to defy the one real authority in her life. There was guilt, surely, and fear of reprisal… for although she knew that she would pay dearly for her sins - she did not know which punishments would be administered. But along with these feelings of remorse was one of smirking self-satisfaction, that she had succeeded in being so naughty, and it was this childish gloating that would cause her to experience the worst discipline she had yet received by the hand of her Master.

He smiled inwardly at the pretty picture she made, even as his voice took on a harsher edge. He was angry, for he had not expected her to take this rebellion quite so far. In a way, he was glad that she had finally stepped so far over the boundary, for he recognized the craving which was so strong within her… one that she herself had yet to fathom. This womanchild desperately needed his commanding force in her life - to be cared for … controlled totally…and to be thoroughly punished…taken in mind and body to the special realm that a Master carves for his submissive which binds her to him.

“Go now, little one, he ordered, go and draw a bath for yourself. Use a fruity scent, strawberry vanilla, I think, and when the tub is full, stand by it and wait for me. I will be along shortly.”

She asked if she could use the toilet to empty her bladder, a request which he denied. Master now had all control over her including any bodily functions - and each decision - to stand or sit or kneel or squat - the very fluids which flowed in and out of her - were subject to his commands… This is the way it is when one is owned - and a good girl would never think to question this… only rush to obey. He watched her backside sway with sassiness as she left the room, and shook his head, finally allowing some of the laughter out… How she would regret her defiance… not such a bad child, really…but in need of his firm direction.

She was standing almost dreamily by the tub… letting the warmth of the water and the sweet-tart scent drift over her. The bath was a large one which sat on a raised dais, and had a two-foot platform which wrapped totally around it. There was tile, a shiny terra cotta, inlaid with teal and beige. Master walked up the one step to where she stood with a silver bowl and shaving mug and brush. He bade her sit down… and support her back against the wall, which she did quickly. He sat by her feet, took her legs and spread them wide as he pulled her down so that he could get to all of her - and spread a thick coat of lather on her pussy. He shaved her with a single-edge strop, the kind in barbershops, and was both fast and thorough. The shaving cream stung her a bit, the best brands always had a bit of alcohol in them, but she only moved when he wished it. After rinsing off her pussy, including the inner edges of her labia, he put his hands around her waist and turned her on to her stomach..laying her chest flat against the tile… and forcing her to her knees with legs wide apart. After applying a very thin coating of cream to the inside of her asscheeks, she felt the razor gliding softly over this highly sensitive skin. He had never shaved her there before, and she felt a wash of fear roll over her. She finally realized that this punishment session was not going to be like any other in her past experiences - and that perhaps she had taken her naughtiness just a little bit too far.

When he was finished, he washed the area again, applying a touch of witch hazel which burned for a moment or two. Then he nodded, and she climbed into the tub. He scrubbed her back and chest with a loofa, paying particular attention to her breasts…scraping her nipples with the rough cloth. They hardened, and she felt little bolts of charged energy run from them to her cunt. Without thinking…she placed her hands over that place which had begun to tingle so pleasantly.

Suddenly she felt herself being pulled from the water and practically thrown over Master’s lap…and her backside contracted with the sting of his first smack.

“How DARE you touch yourself without my permission… you brat..naughty brat! You will pay for that…dearly. You will be reminded of it each and every time you sit down for the next few days”.

As he lectured her he continued to spank her… hard and sharp slaps to her ass - the walloping made to sound louder and more grating because she was still wet from the bath. It seemed to go on forever… one hand making contact with her behind - the other firmly around her waist… and harder than ever before. The water dried - she felt clammy cool - except for her cunt which got wetter as it rubbed against her Master’s thigh each time his hand connected with her backside. As soon as he felt her dampness through his robe he stopped the spanking.

“What is this?” he questioned as he ran his fingers through her opened pussy. You are not to received any pleasure from this, Missy. “This punishment is not for your enjoyment. Shame…It IS a shame little girl… that you have no control… that you would even think to take control of anything in my presence. Your naughtiness is getting worse - it’s spreading all over and through you… Let’s see how you like MY way of getting rid of all the badness inside of you”.

He reached around and brought out familiar restraints…which he fastened securely around her wrists and then attached them to a hook in the wall. She lay on her stomach, head resting on a soft pillow, and watched as he walked across the room to retrieve a stack of towels and the leather bag which he had previously stashed there. Back by her side, he lifted her middle slightly and pushed a few towels under her belly…then pushed her legs apart - wider and wider until her cunthole was opened and her cheeks parted enough to see her dark pink anus. Then he cuffed her legs and attached them to another set of hooks. Pads were placed under her knees… and so she found herself in a totally helpless position… her bottom high up in the air and spread…her sex exposed and accessible for her Master.

She felt strangely comforted by his control over her. The body…had really always been his to command. But now, how could she even think about anything or anyone else as she lay so tightly bound… All she could do was watch him… listen to him… and obey his commands. This Master… she belonged to him… and he accorded her the privilege of serving his needs. Why had she been so bad? It didn’t make any sense to her… she wanted to serve him… she wanted always to be under his control… it protected her from her own naughtiness…her lack of ability to discipline herself and structure her life. He cared for her… he knew far better than she what she needed…and taught her how to reach her goals. Still, there was that bad little girl…a part of her that just had to be gotten rid of.

And that was exactly what Master intended to do, she realized, as she watched him reach into the case and extract a large, red rubber bag and long hose with a funny-looking nozzle at the end. An enema…he was going to give her an enema. She had not had one since she was twelve..the last time her mother had administered one as a punishment for her bad behavior.

The sight and sound of him preparing the equipment faded into the background, and she suddenly saw herself as a child …standing in front of her parents, judge and jury, being told which punishment would be levied for some crime she had committed. It was usually nothing more than coming home late… or filthy from playing outside in the dirt… and, when reprimanded for this, not being able to resist a fresh comeback.. being a smart-mouth or in some way..showing disrespect toward one or the other of her parents. Daddy’s answer to her misbehavior was to grab her, bare her ass and turn it a very bright shade of cherry red. But, Mama had a much more humiliating way to make her regret her disobedience. It was easy to tell when she had gone too far… there was The Look… anger bordering on hatred…and her heart would sink deep within her as she pushed her tears way down. They would return later - not the tears of pain or embarrassment that arose during her punishment time - but the emotional release that followed the ritual of purging. She knew that she deserved to be disciplined when she was a bad girl, but never understood what she had done that was so horrible that it could turn her mothers love to hate.

She was nine or ten again, and being led down the stairs to the basement, the torture dungeon - as she and her sisters called it. Once there she was ordered to strip off her clothes and lie down on her stomach…on the punishment bed. It was a twin-sized box spring and mattress covered with a spread and bolsters… a place to sit or lie when the girls watched television or just wanted to rest from their play. The bed was made only with a fitted rubber sheet, and she would lay there on her belly listening to her mother preparing the equipment - and start to feel sweaty as she rubbed against the sticky material. She knew exactly what was happening… when more than one sister had been bad they were made to watch each other being punished. Her mother would go behind the bar and start to run the water in the sink… letting it get very hot, but not enough to scald. She would mix some soap in the water until it got very sudsy… then fill the bag. The soap acted as an abrasive once it was carried inside her…and caused greater cramping than just plain water. Mamas steps would draw closer…she would shiver… and then feel the bolsters pushed under her in such a way as to raise her backside high into the air. The snap of a rubber glove warned of the imminent intrusion… and would be followed quickly by the feel of a finger being inserted into her rectum, twisted to lubricate her, and replaced by a tube.. Mama used a douche nozzle rather than the usual smaller one meant for enemas…She said it cleaned us out better…the water went in deeper.

Lost in thought, she started slightly when she felt Master’s hand on her ass - spreading her cheeks and pushing his finger deep inside her. It was just like when she was a girl…except different…because his was a bit rougher since he didn’t wear a glove. She squirmed a bit - he smacked her several times…and told her to stay still. She felt so naughty… and tried so hard to obey him…yet still jumped when he began to insert the tubing… it went up and up…so far…she thought it would go all the way through her…but each time she tried to stop it by tightening her rectum…he would spank her until she untensed her cheeks. Finally she felt a ball being pushed against her anus… it was just a bit bigger than the butt plug he had her wear often to stretch her. Again… he had to apply a hard hand to her bottom to get her to relax enough to force in the bulb - a inflatable nozzle Nozzle used mainly by medical technicians during the administration of medical tests.

Once it passed her outer ring it rested against the inside of her anus. She heard a slight hissing sound and felt the bulb begin to expand. At first it felt good for her Master had been stretching her regularly by using a series of ever-widening butt plugs which she wore almost all the time. He had not yet taken her there because he felt that she needed more preparation to be ready for him. He was gloriously endowed, a full 7 inches long and had the advantage of being close to 5 in circumference. It had taken her several weeks of his frequent stretchings, wearing the plugs for hours at a time, constantly aware of a tight, burning sensation, before she could tolerate more than two of his fingers probing her deeply while she was attending to his cock with her mouth or cunt. While she found that she was quite stimulated by all these attentions to her ass, she had only just graduated to a third finger - held very still of course, and so was very curious about how this enema would make her feel.

The pumping continued to increase the size of the bulb and she felt great pressure building. It was a strange feeling, not really too pleasant, this fullness which seemed to push her anus apart at the same time it was blocking it. She squirmed, and was smacked several times, adding more heat to the uncomfortably red cheeks. She stilled suddenly as a hot, but not scalding, soapy water begin to flow into her. Memories came back in an instant - she knew what to expect. At first, that warmth in her bowels, making her feel deliciously full. But all that changed as the pressure began to build - starting with just a slight pushing and rapidly changing to a bulging force against the walls of her rectum. At the same time, the sudsy water was doing it’s work, eating away at the dirty wastes inside, and her belly began to cramp. She felt the need to release, also a familiar feeling, but the fluid and feces merely beat against the big, inflated bulb at the tip of her anus, which then began to throb with an awful ache. The cramping got worse as more water was pumped into her, and she felt bloated and swollen, her concentration totally on her assparts, unable to expel the materials which were causing her such pain.

“Please, oh please Master, she moaned, I will be good from now on, I promise.”

“You do not like it when the badness stays inside, do you, little one, he replied. The badness hurts you, doesn’t it? You want to push it out… get rid of it. You hold this, girlslave, you hold this inside and FEEL that badness before it is washed away.”

She thought that she would explode, as she had on rare occasion as a child, and felt so humiliated at the thought that she began to cry. The spasms of tears created even more pressure, and suddenly she felt herself releasing fluid.. .she was peeing all over the floor, rivers of piss running down the steps, steaming very slightly. She and her Master had forgotten her long-ago request, and her shame turned the tears to sobs. Master let her cry for a few minutes, knowing that she needed this catharsis as much as she needed to expel the enema, and finally unhooked her from the wall restraints and led her to the toilet, the bulb and nozzle still inside her - hose dangling between her legs. He positioned her over the toilet warning her not to sit, but rather to squat, or she would find herself with a rear end covered with feces, and quickly deflated the bulb and pulled the tubing from her rectum.

Massive amounts of water and shit poured into the bowl, and she felt like her asshole was being turned inside out. Her Master held her, else she would have fallen over with the sheer force. When she was emptied, he sat her down on the seat and got several wet and warm towels, and, after lifting her and placing her over his lap bottom up, proceeded to wash and dry her bottom thoroughly. He then carried her over to a padded bench and laid her gently over it so that her backside was once again raised high, and she lay quietly while he inserted well-lubricated fingers into her rectum once again. She WAS drained… and had no idea what to expect. She felt an unexpected chill run through her when she felt the head of his cock at her puckered opening.

“All right, child, you have been cleansed of your disobedience in a most timely and old-fashioned way. If you ever display such naughtiness again rest assured that you will be punished even more severely. And now, my little slave, let me fill your ass with something far more pleasant than soapy water.”

And with his hands he drew her cheeks wide apart. She felt him push against her anus, continuing even though there was resistance, and whimpered slightly at the sharp sting of his entry. He rested inside her for a moment, allowing her to get used to his above-average width, and then slid inward. She twisted slightly, it was still rather uncomfortable, and her rectum burned both from its’ previous chastisement and the sheer size and strength of his cock. It owned her…thoroughly owned by this rod of steel. Her body adjusted to its’ presence and he began to thrust, slowly at first, and then building momentum, pumping himself into her depths. She felt her body tighten in the most exquisite sexual intensity she had ever experienced - and just then Master reached between her legs and stuffed two fingers into her cunt and began rubbing her clit with his thumb. She was filled completely…completely owned, taken and used…dedicated to serve and always to obey her one True Master.