Bad Time At The Doctor's

You feel naked and scratchy under your short skirt. It’s weird being shaven. You haven’t felt like this since you were twelve, and it’s all because of your perverted husband. He invited a friend over to watch the fight. One thing led to another… Before long you were sucking Al’s cock and your spouse was trimming your pretty bush.

He was careful not to nick you, caressing your labia in the lather and drawing the blade across your sensitive skin till every little curl was history. After you were naked, he sat and admired you for awhile, his friend still holding your ankles high and wide as he thrust himself deep down your throat. Then he licked you a bit, delighting in your smoothness and the new feel of your bald little pubis as he tongued your moist creases and mouthed your vagina’s sweetness. He nibbled at your clitoris, rolled it under his lips till you screamed into Al’s loins. Your kneeling attacker only took your suck all the harder as your husband rose to disrobe. Naked now, his cock wagged erect and mean looking.

He knelt again to enter you. It slipped into your freshly shaven pussy and bumped your cervix again and again, slid in and out your wet tightness till he came. He grunted, spurting against your womb and bringing your own orgasm as his ejaculate filled you to overflowing. The cock in your mouth came as well, streaming salty squirt against your tongue and thrusting wildly halfway down your throat as its owner mumbled and whined. His stickiness ran out around his shaft and dribbled warm down your chin. Your husband withdrew his now limp shaft, watched affectionately as his spew trickled from your still spasming pussy to run wet down the crease of your ass and pool on the sofa’s coarse upholstery.

Now here you sit in the gynecologist’s office, wondering if the ordeal really merits a check-up. But you can’t be too careful, and besides, the kind doctor will have some comforting words to soothe your still jangled nerves. Is marital rape still marital, you ponder to yourself, if your husband’s buddy helps?

The nurse comes out to guide you into the examination room. She’s small, Japanese, and her nicely proportioned bottom sways prettily under her white dress as she leads the way. You’re stripped and into your gown in a moment, she returns to help you onto the examining table, then helps you place your feet in the stirrups. You notice that she takes unusual interest in your shaven condition. You blush a deep red and half close your thighs to her gaze. She admonishes you to remain spread and open so that the doctor can do his thing.

The doctor enters. He too is immediately affected by your starkly naked crotch, unusual in a man who sees so many each day… He listens to your story. You pour the entire tale out, unburden yourself of every detail of the previous evening’s atrocities. The nurse fidgets as your recollection winds on, the good doctor seems to be breathing heavy as he snaps on a ‘pinkie cheater’ and gets down to business.

He squeezes a dollop of K-Y jelly onto two fingers and probes your genitals for what seems like eons. You begin to perspire, your eyes fixed on the ceiling tiles, your nipples beginning to stir with a mind of their own under the thin cotton gown. You look down at last, wondering if he’ll ever finish, and realize with a start that the pretty nurse is fondling the doctor’s hardening cock through his trousers!

“Never mind, dear,” the panting professional coos, “all part of procedure.” To better reach your intimate depths, he grasps your clitoris with the thumb and forefinger of his free hand, massages your vibrating little girl-cock avidly as he thrusts into you all the deeper. You feel your moisture swell, your sweet sleeve balloons and throbs round his rhythmic examining.

Not satisfied with the view afforded by your position, he asks you to turn and raise yourself onto all fours. You comply, thrust yourself back open and all the more embarrassingly exposed to their view. The nurse releases her employer’s bulging cock and lifts your gown up over your trembling ass. You look back as he stuffs a forefinger wet with your juices up your bottom to steady you, then resumes his probing of your pitiably juicing pussy, realize that the nurse is now on her knees, has released your gyn’s steaming penis from his slacks and is sucking it violently! How very strange, you reflect.

The stimulation is too much. You arch your back, raise your head and bellow at the chart depicting a cross-section of someone’s inner ear. Your hideously over-stimulated crotch clenches and distends in your trusted examiner’s incessant tickling. Your anus contracts round his massaging finger and your juices squirt out the stretched mouth of your vagina and down your widespread thighs. Looking down the neck of your gown and between your hanging titties, you watch as the nurse milks a splendid cum from your physician’s jerking organ. She swallows his squirt noisily, then replaces his dick before zipping him neatly up.

The doctor, now sated and a good deal calmer than when he first caught sight of your hairless pussy, removes the glove all sopping with your juices, washes his hands in the basin, assures you that everything seems to be just fine. He exits and his little helper assists you in getting down from the table and back into your clothes.

You arrange a future visit at the front desk and walk out into the sunlight. Your knees are shaking a bit, but you feel much better for having sought professional advice. After all, who can a woman trust if not her gynecologist?