Becky's Passion

Becky stepped into her bedroom taking in the sight of all her preparations. All her toys were laid out near at hand. A red enema bag hung on a metal stand near the foot of her bed. A scarlet towel covered the deeper red of her bedspread. She loved the color red, it matched her hair which she kept long and thought of as sensuous. On her nightstand she had placed a jar of Vaseline with a slender yellow glass thermometer stuck into the jelly. Playing doctor drove her wild, even thinking of medical stuff got her going.

She undid her bra and stepped out of her panties, picking them up and depositing them in the hamper before getting into bed. She had long legs and a fair complexion dappled with freckles. As she laid back she ran her hands down the curves of her body. She paid close attention to her buttocks, resting her hands on the cleft of it. She let her fingers part her checks remembering a time past, long gone.

“Hold still Sara, I don’t want to poke you,” Becky said. She stood over her younger sister, thermometer in hand trying to take a rectal temperature on her. Sara was laying on her tummy with her underwear pulled down and her fanny exposed. She wriggled her behind as Becky started to part her cheeks. Becky stood over her, fingers touching her ass, looking at both the thermometer covered in Vaseline and her sister’s wriggling tush. Her backside was hot to the touch. “Stay still, you’ve got a fever and I need to take your temperature.”

“I want Mom,” she pleaded.

“You know Mom’s not going to be home till later, and till then I’ve got to take care of you, so hold still, like that, good.”

She patted her sister’s rump lightly, then slowly parted her buttocks. With her other free hand she gently pressed the bulb of the rectal thermometer against her sister’s anus and with a twist she pushed into the girl’s rectum. She slid it in for about two inches and stopped, holding the slim thermometer between her fingers as she rested the hand on Sara’s backside.

Becky rolled over onto her stomach and reached for the jar of lube. She looked into the half empty jar, filled with holes and swirls left by the thermometer on past occasions. With one hand she reached under her self and caressed her mound. With her other hand she grasped the embedded thermometer and pulled it free, taking a large glob of lubricant with it, covering the shiny silver bulb. She twisted it to make sure it read below 96 which it did.

“See if you twist it around like this, up to the light, you can see a silver line. See. That’s the mercury honey, it rises as the temperature registers, so all you have to do is look where it ends. Each of the small lines a point two degrees. Look for yourself, be careful though, don’t drop it.” Her Mother handed the yellow fever thermometer to her. She always noticed the round end first, no mater how or when she saw it. That shiny silver tip. Although this time it wasn’t covered in petroleum jelly. She held the thermometer up to the lights by the bathroom sink and turned it between her fingers. Sure enough a small silver band appeared, running up the column of numbers, stopping a little past the 102 mark. Actually it was more like the 103 mark, even though they apparently didn’t mark the odd numbers.

“103.2 I think,” she said to her Mother

“Yes, that’s right. You see it’s not that tough. You have to shake it down in order to get another reading, but we’ll do that in Johnny’s room. You always want to wash it and remember to use cold water or it’ll burst.” she said taking the thermometer from Becky’s hand and rinsing it in water and a little soap. She grabbed the large jar of petroleum jelly and some tissues and lead Becky out and across the hall into Johnny’s room.

He immediately sat up when he saw his Mother enter the room carrying a jar of Vaseline and the thermometer, with his big sister trailing right behind.

“What’s she doing here ?” he asked?

“I’m going to show her how to take your temperature, so roll over and pull down your pants.”

“Aww Mom,” he whined. “Not her”

“Roll over young man, your sick but I don’t want to loose my temper.” Johnny knew by her look that he wasn’t going to win, so reluctantly he turned over onto his tummy and pulled his pjs down. He didn’t feel well, but he couldn’t figure out what was worse, being sick or having his sister see him like this.

“You shake it down like this. See, then you make sure it’s below the first number, see. Then all you have to do is dip it into the petroleum jelly and insert it into his bottom.” she said as she handed Becky the shaken down thermometer.

Becky took the thermometer and opened the jar’s lid. At first she just dipped the bulb into the yellowish green jelly but at her Mother suggestion she swirled it again getting a much larger glob this time.

“Remember, better too much jelly than not enough.” Johnny could only bury his head deeper into his pillow in shame. He was sure Becky was getting an eyeful of his bare bottom even though she was too busy trying to learn everything her Mother was showing her to be really interested in looking at his behind. Besides he was her brother for heaven sakes.

Becky reached behind herself and with one hand parted her butt and slowly slipped the rectal thermometer into her ass. She felt the cold glass tube part her anus and glide deeply into her rectum, going in for what felt like an eternity. She let go and just laid there, her arms at her side, feeling the sensation of the rectal intrusion. She lay still, reflecting on her past as a youngster. She let the excitement of her youth overwhelm her again.

It was light out but her house was dark and the sunlight shining through her Mother’s bedroom’s windows caused her to squint. She was tired, still sleepy from a long night’s rest. Her mom, a tall pretty woman, came up and patted her cheek. Her hand was cool against Becky’s sleepy face.

“You OK, pumpkin?” she asked. “You feel warm.” She stopped her daughter and put a hand on her forehead. Becky squinted at her, still half asleep. Her Mom kneeled down and kissed her forehead, cool lips against her brow. Becky tried to rub the sleep from her eyes but was preoccupied by the attention her Mother was showing to her.

“You feel warm, Honey,” she repeated. “I’m going to take your temp, you might have a fever. Go lay down on Mommy’s bed, Honey and I’ll be right back.”

She slowly trundled into the bedroom. She climbed up onto the unmade bed and laid back. Even though she knew what was about to happen she always waited for her Mother to come in carrying the jar of Vaseline and the yellow thermometer to tell her to roll over. In the bathroom, next door, she heard her Mother opening the medicine cabinet and running the faucet. The water stopped and the closet door opened then shut. Her Mother, looking even taller and thinner framed in the doorway, entered the bedroom, a jar of Vaseline and tissue in one hand, a rectal thermometer in the other.

“Roll over, pumpkin.” she said, “Mommy needs to take your temperature.”

With that Becky would roll over and lie still, her head turned away from her Mommy. Suzie Fitzpatrick, her mom, walked over to the bedside and placed the items down near Becky’s feet. She then reached her fingers under the elastic waistband of her daughter’s pajamas.

“Raise your tushie up, honey, that’s it.” she said as she pulled the pants and underwear down below her buttocks. As Becky felt the cool air on her fanny her breathing became more shallow. Her Mommy sat down on the edge of the bed and unsnapped the thermometer case, removing the slender yellow instrument. Becky continued to lay still as her Mother rotated the thermometer till she could read the mercury. Then Becky felt the bed bounce with each audible snap of her Mother’s wrist. Soon she heard the metallic popping of the Vaseline jar’s lid and knew from past temperature takings that soon she’d feel the thermometer in her fanny. Sure enough, Suzie lubed up the tip and gently eased the thermometer into Becky’s bottom. It always felt the same, slightly strange but good. It felt almost like having to go potty but in a pleasant full sensation. And it always made her lower parts tingle. She relaxed, letting the sensation build up to a little wave of pleasure. Suzie always noticed that the thermometer would twitch just before it was time to pull it out, odd she thought, but maybe her daughter was just getting restless holding it in for five minutes.

Becky let the feelings build up till they got fairly intense without her even moving. After five full minutes she reached back and pulled the thermometer free. After whipping it off she read it, 99.6. She shook it down again and coated it with Vaseline. Rolling over on her side she reinserted it, more slowly this time. She also twisted, pulled, and pushed it deeper within her rectum. Her breast were super charged, her nipples fully erect and sensitive. She rubbed them softly, first one side than the other. She went slow but built up speed, moving her hand downward, palm resting above her moist opening. She rubbed the top of the embedded thermometer, sending shockwaves through her lower body. She looked over at the enema bag and thought of her Aunt Cathy.

“You need an enema,” her Aunt said.

“A what?”

“It cleans out your bowels, loosens all that junk. With the way your Mother lets you eat its a wonder you’ve never needed one before. All that fast food. Its a wonder your not fat like your brother. Anyway your not going to feel any better till we loosen you up, so go into my room and lay down, I need to get it ready first.”

So she waited in her Aunts room, half expecting her to come in with a jar of Vaseline and a stubby rectal thermometer. What would she do then, not much she guessed. Soon she heard the sink running and the medicine cabinet door open. For a few seconds she thought her fantasy would happen, but instead her Aunt called her back into the bathroom.

A towel had been placed on the tile floor between the sink and tub. A large red bag, bulging and wet, hung on the towel holder next to the tub. A long tube ran from the bottom of the bag to a nozzle of some sort. Cathy stood there, holding a jar of Vaseline in her hands and looking over her niece.

“Get undressed and kneel down on the towel.” she said. She waited as Becky stripped off her clothes, all of them, she knew better then to wonder if she was going to keep any on. The Sullavin sisters where no nonsense mothers who didn’t take backtalk from children, even one as grown up as Becky.

“Lean forward Becky, yes, rest your body on your arms. Alright I need to insert the hose to give you the enema, but I want you good and ready so relax honey. Breath deeply and evenly. The nozzle’ll feel big but I’m going to use plenty of Vaseline so don’t worry. Then I’m going to let the water fill you up, slowly. It may cramp a little but that’ll pass, and let me know if it hurts and I’ll stop for a little. Alright,” she said, as if Becky had any choice.

Cathy dipped her index finger in the jar and removed a large glob of the jelly. She spread her niece’s butt wide with her thumb and forefinger and then twisted her greased finger into Becky’s anus. She tightened up immediately, but Cathy worked her finger around, going slow and gently. She used a twisting motion that lubricated and loosened her up. Becky was amazed at how good it felt to have her Aunt’s finger up her ass. She was getting hot from the anal stimulation alone. Luckily her red face was buried in her arms or she might have been more embarrassed. Too soon she removed her finger with a slight pop and began to generously lubricant the nozzle.

“Relax, dear, I’m going to insert the nozzle now, breath deeply, there it goes, good.” she said as she pushed the long nozzle deep within Becky’s rectum, deeper than anything had been inserted before. “Now I’m going to start the water, just try and relax.”

Becky began to quiver with her first orgasm. Just the memory of that night brought her to the edge. Later she would fill up the bag and then fill herself up, having even more intense climaxes. She admitted to herself that from then on she liked to play sick with her Aunt and get another treatment.