Beth’s Lessons

Beth entered the house without knocking. Margo was her best friend and they both had free access to each other’s homes. They were typical high school girls and both were considered quite attractive with pert developing tits, shapely legs, long hair and pretty faces.

“Margo! Where are you,” Beth called from the living room.

“Up here in my bedroom. Come on up.”

When Beth opened Margo’s bedroom door she saw her friend laying on the bed wearing a bath robe. Margo looked tired but had a warm smile on her face.

“What are you doing in your robe? It’s the middle of the afternoon.”

“I’m just resting for a few minutes.” Her reply was very matter of fact but Margo looked a little fatigued.

The whole scene didn’t make any sense. It was summer and Beth knew Margo hadn’t gone anywhere that day and there really wasn’t any reason for her friend to be tired.

“Resting from what?” Beth asked. “You haven’t been doing anything have you?”

“My period ended and I just gave myself an enema. Nice and warm with some soap.”

Beth’s jaw dropped in disbelief. “You did what? An enema! Jesus, Margo! That sounds awful. Why did you do it?” Still, she couldn’t deny the fact that her friend had a most satisfied look on her face. Maybe even like a naughty little smile.

“It feels really good. I get this neat warm feeling all over while it’s going in and when I’m through I feel nice and clean.” She paused a moment then continued. “Kind of make you horny too,” she added with a smile.

Beth was blushing even though she and Margo often talked about sex. They were both virgins but, like most girls their age, sex was a frequent subject in their girl-talk. But enemas was something they had never talked about.

“But….” Beth started to say something but didn’t really know what to say.

“I started taking an enema after my period a couple years ago when I heard it was good for a girl to do it then. It started feeling so good I do it every week now and sometimes more often if I feel like it. Have you ever had one?”

Beth shook her head, “No. It sounds so awful.”

“You mean you’ve never had a enema? Didn’t your mom give one when you were little and got constipated?”

“Never.” Beth was still shaking her head. “I never had that trouble.”

“Wow! You’re really missing out on something. I do a double some of the time. Two quarts with soap and after I rest a while I take another two quarts to rinse everything out. That way it feel super! I’ll do the rinse in a few minutes. Do you want to watch?”

Beth knew what an enema was but never having had one had no idea what it felt like. The fact that her best friend had been giving herself regular enemas for a few years was almost more than she could grasp.

“Doesn’t it hurt when you do it? And isn’t it awfully messy? God, Margo I never knew you did.”

“No, silly, it doesn’t hurt. It feels really good. Well, the first time is a bit uncomfortable but after that it’s great. You can feel the warm water going up inside you and it feels good coming out too. After you finish you feel so relaxed and clean. I’ll let you watch me do the rinse if you want do.” Beth didn’t know what you say. “Come on,” Margo continued, “you might learn something.”

Beth was silent but didn’t move to leave. She was curious and embarrassed at the same time but finally, at Margo’s urging, agreed to stay and watch. Margo got up and went into the bathroom telling Beth to follow. In the sink was a douche bag with a vaginal nozzle attached. “I started with a regular rectal nozzle,” Margo said as she rinsed the bag with warm water, “but later I started using this one. It feels nice.”

When the bag was clean Margo filled it half full then added a spoon of baking soda before adding more water until it was full. “The soda gets your electrolytes balanced, or something like that, after you’ve taken a soap enema. I’m not sure exactly what it does but I know it’s better if you do. Now I’ll get the air out of the hose and we’re all ready.”

Returning to the bedroom, Margo hung the douche bag on a camera tripod next to her bed. Beth hadn’t even noticed the tripod before and watched in silence as her friend spread a towel on the bed and lay down on her side with her knees pulled up. Margo smeared some Vaseline on her finger and rubbed it around her puckered anus before slipping her finger all the way in. “It’s easy to put the nozzle in if you’re greased all the way,” she commented. Deftly, she pressed the nozzle to her anus and, with a slight twist, pushed it in.

“Didn’t that hurt?” Beth asked quietly.

“Not at all. Actually, it feels good when you put it in. I can feel it inside me.”

For a moment, Margo lay still then released the clamp. As the sudden surge of warm water rushed into her rectum her body jerked slightly then she seemed to relax completely as she began to fill.

“Hmmmmm. God that feels sooooo good,” she said softly as she glanced up at the douche bag that already beginning to collapse.

Beth watched in fascination as the water flowed into her friend’s body. It was obvious Margo was thoroughly enjoying the enema. Before she realized it, the bag was flat and Margo had closed the clamp. With a sigh of contentment she pulled the nozzle out of her.

“You can’t imagine how good that feels. I feel warm all over and excited, if you know what I mean.” She lay still for a few minutes, then rolled off the bed. “You should try to hold it as long as you can. Now comes the next good feeling when it comes out. Almost as good as when it goes in.”

Beth couldn’t take her eyes off the empty douche bag and nozzle but could hear Margo expelling her enema behind the bathroom door. When she finally returned Beth was still sitting on the bed looking at the bag. Margo sat next to her and took her hand.

“Do you want to try one? I know you’d really love it.”

Beth blushed. “Oh, no. I couldn’t. I mean, I don’t want to. But it sure looks like you enjoy it.” Desperately, she needed an excuse to leave and, looking at her watch, suddenly announced she had to get back home.

Images of her friend giving herself an enema and the pleasure it seemed to provide filled her head all the way home. The mere thought of an enema had always seemed revolting to her but now she was confused as she entered her house. There was a note on the kitchen table from her mother saying they would not be home until late. Beth would be alone for the rest of the day and evening.

“It’s so gross,” she thought as she lay on her bed still thinking about what she had seen. “Margo really seemed to like it. It must have felt good to her from the way she acted and the look on her face. Maybe….,” she started to put the thought out of her mind but slowly got up from her bed.

Beth had never been given an enema and had no suitable equipment. Only on rarely did she douche and then used a disposable. Even though she was alone in the house she was quiet as she entered her parents bathroom and began looking. Her mother, she remembered, didn’t use disposables when she first instructed Beth in feminine hygiene. Almost out of view at the rear of a shelf under the sink she found the hot water bottle, hose and nozzles. Gathering the items she returned to her room which had a separate bath.

“God, what am I doing?” she said aloud to no one. But in her mind she had already decided to try what had always seemed a most disgusting event. Carefully she attached the hose to the bag and slipped on the clamp. For a moment she starred at the two nozzles but finally decided the vaginal pipe like Margo had used was too big. “It looks so big and might hurt me inside,” she thought. With trembling fingers she attached the smaller rectal pipe. After rinsing the bag several times as she remembered Margo doing, she filled it half full of warm water and vented the air from the hose before hanging it on a towel bar near the toilet.

Even though she was alone, Beth closed and locked the bathroom door. Slowly she unfastened her shorts and let them drop to the floor. As she slipped her fingers under the elastic band of her panties she paused. This was a fearful experiment but she rationalized that people were given enemas for all sorts of reasons without any harm and parents commonly found it necessary to administer them to children. Steeling her nerve she pulled her panties down and sat on the toilet.

Dipping a finger into the jar of Vaseline Beth reached behind her and spread the jelly on her anus. Even touching herself there sent a slight shiver through her body. She made several feeble attempts but could not bring herself to push her finger up into her rectum. Finally she decided that smearing Vaseline on the nozzle shaft would have to do.

Beth sat motionless on the toilet holding the nozzle in her hand for several minutes while she mustered her nerve. Periodically she would eye the red bag hanging on the towel bar. Finally, she leaned forward and touched the nozzle to her puckered anus. Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes she gently pushed the nozzle in. She felt it spread the sphincter and felt it slowly sliding in until the base was firmly pressing against her young body. With a sigh of relief that it didn’t hurt at all, she opened her eyes.

“It feels so strange,” she thought to herself realizing that she had never had anything, not even her finger, penetrate her ass. Teenage masturbation was limited to rubbing her clitoris with an infrequent finger slipping into her vagina but no farther than her intact hymen.

“Now or never,” she said aloud as she again shut her eyes and released the clamp. An instant later she felt the surge of warm water gush up into her rectum and she gasp, her eyes flying open at the sensation.

“Oh, my God!” she exclaimed. The warmth quickly began spreading through her lower back and a shudder shook her body. Still she held the nozzle firmly in place. Her breathing became ragged and breaths came in gasps as more water flowed into her body and powerful new sensations swept over her. Just before the bag emptied Beth suddenly felt extremely full with an overwhelming urge to evacuate her bowels. Then a strong cramp took her breath away and caused her to grasp at her stomach. With a loud groan she clamped the hose and pulled the nozzle out just as a burst of foul smelling feces and water rocketed from her ass and splashed into the toilet. A moment later another blast of waste left her as she expelled the last of her one quart first enema.

Weakly she cleaned herself, flushed away the smelly mess, and lay back down on her bed exhausted. A few minutes later another strong urge to evacuate sent Beth running to the toilet. An hour later she was on the telephone to Margo.

“Margo…I did it”

“Did what?”

There was a long silent pause. “Gave myself an enema.”

Margo tried to stifle a giggle. “How did it go? Are you okay?”

“It was the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced.” Beth was now talking in spurts without giving her friend a chance to respond as she related her first enema experience including all the fumbling around, the fear, and the sensations she felt. “It wasn’t too bad but didn’t feel all that good either. Obviously not like yours did,” she concluded.

“I didn’t know you were trying to learn how when you watched me,” Margo said. “My parents are away for the weekend so why don’t you grab some things and spend the night here? We can talk about it if you want.”

Beth agreed, packed a few things and wrote a note to her mother that she would be spending the night with Margo. Just before leaving her house she remembered the douche bag still hanging in her bathroom. Carefully she cleaned everything and replaced it under the sink.

“Come on in,” Margo said with a smile when Beth arrived. “We’ve got a lot to talk about.”

Still embarrassed, Beth described in detail what she had done. “It didn’t hurt when I put the little pipe in me but I was really frightened. When I opened the clamp I felt the water going in and suddenly I felt so warm in my butt and then in my lower belly. I could even feel the water rumbling inside me. Very soon I felt like I was so full I couldn’t take any more and had to go really bad. My stomach started to hurt. When it came out it felt so weird! Warm again and, oh Margo, it smelled just awful! I don’t think I liked it very much.”

Margo told her the trouble was she was too tense, too nervous, but it was understandable for the first time. “Besides,” she continued, “even though sitting on the toilet is okay, its not the best way and it doesn’t give you the wonderful feeling I get.”

Margo stood up and took her friend’s hand. “Come with me. I want to show you something.”

The girls went up to Margo’s room. As they entered Beth saw the camera tripod next to the bed and images of Margo giving herself the enema and the obvious pleasure it produced flashed through her mind.

“We have the whole house to ourselves all weekend and nobody will bother us,” Margo said. “I’m going to give you a proper enema. One that you will truly enjoy.” Beth started to protest and Margo saw the blush spreading over her friend’s face. “Don’t worry. It will feel wonderful. Besides, its always much better if someone does it for you. Karen Turner and I exchange enemas and we both love it when we do. Sometimes we get a big O.”

“You mean you actually have a climax?” Beth said in astonishment.

“Really…cum? Oh, Margo, I don’t know if I should.”

“Not always but when I do its really something. Different from when I rub my clit but still really neat. Come on, we’ll both get undressed and you won’t feel embarrassed.” With that, Margo started peeling her clothes off. A moment later she was standing in her bra and panties. “Come on, hurry up.” Margo reached behind her back and unhooked her bra letting her ripe teenage breasts free. “Besides, I want you to give me one too.” Beth had seen Margo’s body before and always thought she was truly beautiful. Her eyes focused on Margo’s nipples that were already hardening with excitement. She hesitated, then slowly unfastened her shorts and stepped out of them. Next came her shoes and socks, then her blouse. “I feel so embarrassed,” she said softly as she removed her bra.

“Look at your nips,” Margo said with a grin. “They’re getting hard like mine. Don’t worry, you’re going to love this. Just lay down on the bed and I’ll get everything ready for you.”

Beth sat quietly on the bed while Margo disappeared into the bathroom. As she heard water running she could feel her breasts getting warm and looked at her nipples that were now erect and hard. She was also aware of wetness building in her vagina but she was still nervous and somewhat afraid of what was coming. A few minutes later Margo returned carrying a full enema bag with the vaginal nozzle attached and a jar of Vaseline. Beth looked at the long nozzle with apprehension.

“Isn’t that one too big for me?” she asked.

“No, it won’t hurt a bit. In fact it will feel a whole lot better than the little one you used. Since you gave yourself a small enema you’re probably a little cleaned out but we need to get you really clean. I’ve put soap in this one for you. It may feel like its burning a little but that’s just the soap and it won’t hurt. Maybe just a little uncomfortable. You’ve got to take it all but don’t worry, I’ll help you. Then you must hold it as long as you can so the soap can do its job and get you cleaned out higher up. Then I’ll give you a nice warm water rinse. When you’re finished, you can give me an enema. Beth, this will feel so good and be so much fun. I promise you’ll feel better than you have in a long time when we’re finished. I don’t promise you’ll have a orgasm this time but if you’re like me you’ll have a wet snatch.”

Beth blushed but was clearly getting excited as she watched Margo hang the bag on the tripod. It looked awfully big and she didn’t see how she could hold it.

“Slip your panties off and lay on your left side with your knees up,” Margo instructed. Beth rolled over on her back, arched her hips and removed her panties. “Now just relax and don’t tense up. If you do it will make the insertion difficult and you won’t be able to hold the enema very well. Just let your mind drift and enjoy the sensations. You’re gone to love this Beth. I sure do.”

Beth was trembling as she slowly drew her knees up as Margo had instructed. In spite of her early experiment and having seen Margo do it, she was still afraid. “Just relax now. I’m going to put some Vaseline on you,” Margo told her. Then she felt Margo’s hand on her cheek, spreading her open. The cold Vaseline made her jump and she closed her eyes as she felt Margo’s finger massaging the Vaseline around on her anus. Nobody had ever touched her there before and in spite of everything, Beth like the new feeling and a murmur escaped her mouth.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” Margo asked softly.

Too embarrassed to admit she enjoyed the feeling of having her ass rubbed for the first time, and particularly by another girl, Beth just nodded her head. Each time Margo’s finger crossed Beth puckered anus, she pressed in slightly gradually spreading Beth’s tight sphincter.

“Just relax now,” Margo said and with a gentle twist pushed her middle finger into Beth’s ass causing the girl to gasp.

“Owww, Margo! It feels so…strange.”

“Don’t move. I’m going to spread the lube around inside you.”

Beth jerked a little as Margo’s finger penetrated deeper and she groaned loudly but tried to hold still more out of fright than anything. Margo now had her finger buried all the way and was spreading the Vaseline all around. Finally, she removed her finger and wiped her hand on a towel.

“There. That should do it. You’re nice and slippery inside. Feel okay? How did you like it? I really get a buzz when Karen does that to me.” Beth was panting and trying to deal with the new sensations that Margo had given her. Bit by bit she was relaxing but was still very nervous about being given an enema by her friend. Glancing over her shoulder she saw Margo holding the long vaginal pipe in her hand.

“Don’t hurt me, Margo. Please don’t hurt me.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. This will make you feel great. Now just relax, let it happen and enjoy what you’ll feel.”

Beth felt Margo’s fingers again spreading her cheeks and the she felt the tip of the nozzle pressing against her anus. Her muscles flexed involuntarily and her virgin bud tightened. “Relax,” Margo said softly, “let it go in.” The pressure continued with Margo rotating the nozzle back and forth. Suddenly Beth opened and the tip slid in. She gasp as she felt it sliding through her anus and into her body. Deeper and deeper it seemed to penetrate her but in fact only two inches had entered. She moaned slightly but Margo again told her to relax.

“That’s deep enough for now to get you started. I’ll put the rest in after you relax more. Just take deep and even breaths. In a moment you will start to feel very warm.” Beth struggled to control her breathing. Then she heard a click as Margo opened the clamp. The sudden rush of warm soapy water surging into her rectum took her breath away and her body jerked.

“Oh, God! I can feel it going in me,” she exclaimed. “It feels so warm.” Her whole body began to tremble slightly as the warm soap enema worked deeper into her partially empty colon.

“It feels good, doesn’t it? Just let it go in and fill you.”

Beth became aware of Margo stroking the nozzle in and out while twisting it around. She could also feel it working deeper into her body. Still the warmth filled her and she knew it was working its way up into her bowels.

“It does feel good,” Beth finally said. “But I feel like I’m getting full. You’d better stop.”

“You’ve only taken a quart. You need to let it all go in for it to work. I’ll slow it down.” Margo closed the clamp part way but Beth was becoming uncomfortable and started to groan.

“My stomach hurts! I can’t take any more. God, Margo don’t do any more, please!”

Margo closed the clamp and let Beth relax while again telling her to take deep breaths. “It’s the soap that giving you cramps,” she said. After a minute Beth felt better and Margo started the enema again. With a great deal of effort Beth finally managed to accept the two quart enema but was pleading for relief when Margo pulled the nozzle out and helped her to the toilet. No sooner had she sat than she forcefully evacuated the first of her enema. Beth put her hand to her mouth to stifle a scream as she felt the warm soapy water gushing from her body. Then another blast of frothy fecal laden water burst out of her body and she gripped Margo’s hand for support.

“Oh my God! I feel it…..Ohhhhh.” A sharp cramp doubled her over as another jet of water splashed into the toilet.

After several more minutes Beth had finally expelled her entire enema, cleaned herself and returned to the bedroom to lay down and rest. She lay on her side curled up and panting for breath. Margo lay beside and gently rubbed her back.

“You’ve had your first real enema. How did you like it?”

“I’ve never felt anything like it before. Wow! I felt so warm all over and could feel it going in but then my stomach started to hurt like I was burning inside and I felt so full. I just couldn’t hold it any longer. Now I feel so empty.” She paused a moment, then continued, “Jeeze, my pussy’s all wet.”

“It’s the soap that gave you the cramps and the burning feeling. It always happens your first time. I’ll rinse you out in a while and then you’ll be squeaky clean feel much better. Every time you get a nice enema it feels better and you always have a clean fresh feeling.” Then she laughed, “My pussy’s a little wet too just from giving your enema to you. Isn’t it exciting?”

Beth nodded her head in agreement but said she still felt a little burning deep inside but Margo promised that would stop after she was rinsed out. In the meantime the soap would loosen everything and the next time she would be emptied of all the waste. The girls lay on the bed talking for a while before Margo got up and announced it was time to give Beth her second enema. After cleaning the bag she returned to the bedroom and hung a full bag of warm water on the tripod. Beth had become uncomfortable with the soap still coating her bowels and was more than willing to accept the enema if it would stop the burning she felt. She rolled over onto her side but Margo told her to get on her hands and knees and then put her shoulders down on the bed.

“I feel so silly like this,” Beth mumbled, knowing she was fully exposed to her friend’s gaze.

“This is a good position when you need to take the whole enema. I’ve used it lots of times. It helps the water fill you without so much cramping and you don’t feel as full. If you start to feel uncomfortable, I’ll rub your stomach. Don’t worry, once you get used to taking enemas they go really easy and feel great.”

Once again Margo put Vaseline on Beth’s anus. Beth knew a finger was soon to follow but still groaned a little when she felt Margo’s finger penetrate her and slide all the way in. A moment later she felt the nozzle tip pressing on her anus, felt it rotate slightly and slide in. Her back arched and a soft groan escaped her lips as she accepted the penetration. Gently Margo twisted the pipe while pressing it in deeper until it was buried up to the hose. Beth gave a sigh as she felt it sliding deeper into her body.

“Oh God, Margo. I can feel it inside me,” she gasp. “It feels so deep. It won’t hurt me will it?”

“It’s all the way in kid and no it won’t hurt you. Are you ready?”

“I guess so.” There was still some uncertainty in Beth’s voice but the burning had become almost painful and she wanted relief.

Beth’s body jerked as the surge of water shot deep into her rectum. Immediately she began breathing hard as she felt the warmth spreading through her.

“Don’t fight it,” Margo cautioned. “Just take deep breaths and let it go in. Do you feel better?”

The burning sensation was quickly going away and Beth nodded her head that she did indeed feel better. “It doesn’t burn anymore and I can feel the water filling me. It feels like it’s going clear up inside me. It’s so warm.” Margo reached under her friend and began rubbing her stomach.

“Take deep breaths,” she said softly. “Just let it fill you.”

Beth was soon becoming uncomfortable and asked Margo to stop. “My stomach is starting to hurt. I don’t know if I can take it all. Oh, Jeez Margo I’ve got to go bad. I feel so full.”

Margo clamped the hose and told Beth to start panting while she rubbed her stomach harder to drive the water deeper into her bowels. Slowly the cramps and pressure lessened enough for Margo to continue administering Beth’s enema. “You’re just about done, kid. Only a little more to go.” The clamp was released again and more water flowed into Beth’s upturned ass. The pain resumed and so did the cramps. Beth began squirming on the bed and gasp for breath.

“God Margo! Stop it, please. I can’t take anymore. Jeeze it hurts!”

The enema bag flattened just as Margo snapped the clamp closed and pulled the douche nozzle out of her friends quivering anus. “Roll over on your side and take a deep breath while you really bear down,” Margo commanded.

Gasping, Beth rolled onto her side but the pressure in her belly had become unbearable and she dashed for the toilet. A moment later Margo heard the first expulsion gushing from Beth’s body and splattering into the toilet. She heard Beth groan in seeming agony as more water streamed from the girl’s dilated anus. Finally Beth had emptied herself and returned to the bedroom. Beads of sweat covered her face.

“I feel so strange,” Beth finally said. “Kind of light headed.”

“I should have put some baking soda in the rinse. I’m sorry but I just forgot it. Beth, I’d better give you another enema with baking soda. I think your electrolytes are messed up. At least that’s what Karen said. Some girls don’t need the soda but others do and it isn’t good to leave you like this.”

Margo returned from the bathroom a few minutes later carrying the full enema bag. “This will fix you up. Can you get back on your hands and knees?”

Beth was weak but managed to resume the position. This time she only quivered a little when Margo greased her ass. Her back arched involuntarily as the douche nozzle slipped easily inside her. When she felt the first surge of warm water flowing into her rectum she moaned softly, not out of discomfort but because she now liked the feeling and had learned how to enjoy being given an enema. Before she realized it, the bag had emptied and she felt only a slight cramping. Now there was just a mild feeling of being full. Gently she rolled over onto her side and then onto her back with her legs drawn up. She could feel the warmth spreading deeper into her body as the solution gradually worked its way farther up into her intestines. Beth closed her eyes as a feeling of well being came over her. She didn’t care if Margo could see her hand drifting down her slightly swollen belly and between her legs. Beth could feel the sticky wetness of her juices as her hand covered her vagina and her finger probed gently into her virgin hole. Nothing had ever felt like this before. Even the slightest touch near her clit sent shock waves through her body causing her to moan as her head lolled back and forth. Margo watched as the orgasm swept over her friend and heard her stifle a scream of delight.

The euphoria was suddenly broken by a spasmodic cramp that swept down from her belly. Her eyes flew open and she gasp, “Oh God Margo! I can’t hold it!” Beth dashed for the toilet. Her enema spewed out of her body just as she started to sit. In one continuous jet, her bowels emptied and Beth was left gasping for breath. For several minutes she sat on the toilet unable to move while she tried to catch her breath. Finally she cleaned herself and returned to the bedroom where she fell on the bed.

“I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck,” she exclaimed. “I didn’t know it was going to feel like that.”

“Did you like it?” Margo asked with a smile.

Beth could only nod her head as she smiled back. A soft murmur escaped her lips. “I feel so empty,” she finally said. “But it felt good and I feel so clean. Not good…great. My pussy’s soaked! Just look at me, all wet clear down my legs.” Beth closed her eyes, then shook her head trying to regain her senses. “I’ve never had a climax like that before,” she said softly. “Thanks Margo. After I rest a minute I’ll give you one too if you still want me to.”

“You don’t think I’m going to let you get away without treating me do you? Learning to give an enema is just as important as learning how to take one. We’ve got the whole weekend to practice and if you’d like, I’ll call Karen over.”

“I’d like that,” Beth said as her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep.