Big Nurse Hooks Boy on Enemas

Nurse Gloria Hunter set her jaw in grim determination as her rubber-clad lubricated fingers violated my boyish anus and plunged into a rectum unfamiliar with anything larger than a turd, or harder than a thermometer. Mortified, I tried to look anywhere but into her face. I was out of luck. “I’m going to teach you a lesson that you’ll never forget as long as you live, Anton Dorrix!” Mrs. Hunter gripped me by an ear and twisted my head so I had to look right into her eyes. “Don’t you ever let me catch you doing that to yourself again! And you keep away from my girls!” Her other hand clenched my buttock and it’s Vaseline smeared digits wiggled as she tried to relax the muscles of my sphincter so my asshole could accommodate the thick rubber nozzelshaft that I knew all too well was coming next.

My family had lived next door to the Hunters since I was . Their three children and I were great friends. We kids went from house to house without a thought. Our families were always having picnics together, going fishing, and swimming in the Hunter’s built-in pool. This weekend my folks had left me in their care while visiting Mom’s sister downstate. I was happy about this because I hated my snotty cousins and Jerry Hunter was my best friend. Oh yeah, I’d been dying for a chance to get a look at Suzie Hunter’s naked tits since I first noticed them puffing out from her chest nearly two years before. The girl’s bedroom was upstairs and separated from Jerry’s by only a hanging curtain.

Suzie and I had been true friends once. She was older than I by a year and a half. Very mature and responsible, she had a great imagination and we were always the ringleaders in the games played by the neighborhood children: Sea Hunt, Swamp Fox, World War Two and digging forts. Pretty too! She had a wholesome girl-next-door cuteness and sandy blond hair. And she was nice… Until she got funny and stopped being so friendly. That was about the time her breasts began to develop. Did they ever develop! She went from negative to positive in less than a year. After looking at pictures of naked women for twenty four years, I’ve yet to see one as appealing as Suzie Hunter at . One afternoon out at the pool she’d leaned forward, bending down to open a valve on the filter. As she twisted the handle the ten or twelve times needed, she moved her whole arm and her great fleshy cones jiggled and snapped within the confines of her low-cut green and white striped swimsuit. It was totally awesome. She must have been aware of the show she was giving everyone in sight. I hung around nearly every day after that hoping for a repeat, with no luck. The picture remains etched in my memory.

The Hunter girl’s always held out some religious crap whenever things didn’t go their way. “That’s not a very Christian thing to do!” was Suzie and Priss’ stock reply whenever we boys did something which failed to win their approval. That happened pretty often. Jerry wasn’t so bad… but he joined in at times. Priss was my age. A nice girl, she turned out to be the better looking of the two in her late twenties. But at she was eclipsed by her sister: the bountiful and mysterious Sue. (Priss once lured me out in back to show me her privates. When I didn’t show much interest she told me that they looked just like Annette’s. I might have stuck around to check for truth in her story but thoughts of what would happen if her mother, the shrewish Gloria, caught us sent me running off looking for a safer game).

Gloria Hunter was an attractive woman in her late thirties. Something must have soured her on life because three fourths of the time she was barking and the rest of the time you were waiting for her to bite. She was married to a man named Riley who traveled a lot but kept us kids entertained when he was home, with baseball, war stories, talk of fishing and tales of his life as a Merchant Marine. I didn’t know what her problem was, I hope it wasn’t him. Mrs. Hunter sent her children to a non-Roman religious school, which helped her pump them full of nonsense. Once her daughters started to show a little titty, she must have known she couldn’t keep them off their backs with threats alone so she started poisoning their minds against it. There are tales that in their middle-teens both girls were intimate with several popular teachers at their school. But at and they must have been just as frightened of their mother’s ravings as I.

Ever since I’d accidentally walked in while she was in the shower, Mrs. Hunter had had it in for me. I hadn’t seen much, the shower-curtain was open, but she’d let out such a loathsome bellow that I stayed away from the Hunter house for nearly two weeks, not an easy thing to do.

This woman kept her kids in line with the enema bag. She always wanted to know if they’d taken a “B.M.” that morning. I don’t know what she expected them to say. If they wanted to avoid an embarrassing session in the bathroom you’d think they would answer, “Yes.”, whatever the fact. But she had them convinced a lie would endanger their immortal souls. God alone knows how parents get such fiendish “values” with which to impair their offspring.

This woman kept her kids in line with the enema bag. She always wanted to know if they’d taken a “B.M.” that morning. I don’t know what she expected them to say. If they wanted to avoid an embarrassing session in the bathroom you’d think they would answer, “Yes.”, whatever the fact. But she had them convinced a lie would endanger their immortal souls. God alone knows how parents get such fiendish “values” with which to impair their offspring.

“B.M.” or no, if these kids did anything to cause their mother’s strong displeasure the results were the same. “Off to the bathroom for a bellyful”. She even had a stout wooden table- bench built against the wall to help in her labors. My mother only washed out my mouth with soap.

Now both my folks thought a lot of this woman, her being a nurse and all, and they trusted her to treat me as her own whenever I might be in her custody. I was not at all wild about being given an enema by anyone, let alone by this stern nurse. I was always very, very good.

Not once did she find reason to put anything up my ass until this very evening. It is hard to be good when your body is bad. My body had been bad often lately. It must have been bad because it was hard. I used to lock the bathroom door and rub myself while I thought about Suzie in her swimsuit or even about Priss.

The Night Movie was on. Riley was out, Jerry, Suzy, Mrs. Hunter and I were watching TV in the back room. Priss was missing and I thought she was down the hall in the bathroom. Nobody noticed me as I slipped into the shadowed hallway. There was a sound of the shower-spray and some splashing. Little Priss was getting ready for bed!

My heart was in my throat but I carefully tried the door. It was unlocked. I turned the knob as carefully as I could and pushed slowly until there was a quarter inch gap. Putting my eye to this opening I received a steamed up glasses lens. I wiped it with my fingers. There she was!

Priss was standing in the shower with the curtain partly open. She was turned half away from the door looking out the fogged window into the night. Her body was covered with a soapy lather and she was rubbing her chest with one hand. The other hand delved between her thighs. I couldn’t see much but her fleshy buttocks swung a bit as she diddled herself. My glasses kept steaming up but she looked pretty good. I had not paid her any attention for more than a year. Maybe I could get her to show me her body out in the back yard again… Her breasts were only about one quarter as large as Suzie’s but they looked like fine little cupcakes. Viewed from the side, Priss’ right nipple stuck way out as she flicked her thumb back and forth against it. My penis was hard and I eased down the zipper of my jeans and slid two fingers into my pants.

I started to rub the loose skin under the head of my circumcised dick. It felt pretty good and I started to pull my dick all the way out into the open. Priss was reaching down with her right hand now and squeezing her ass cheek. Then she shoved a finger up her ass and started to wiggle and buck like crazy. Her left hand was busy in front between her legs but you couldn’t see that. She was throwing her head around and breathing hard, her chest heaved. Her little titties bounced some.

My dick was out now and really swollen. I knew I’d never get it back into my pants in a hurry but I didn’t care. I held the loose skin below the head between my thumb and two fingers and shook my wrist quickly back and forth. I wished I could squeeze my balls with the other hand.

All of a sudden, the lights went on and I was spun around and pushed into the bathroom. The door slammed behind me and I heard Gloria Hunter’s shrill angry voice. “Anton Dorrix! What were you doing to yourself!” Then she noticed Priss who still clutched her private parts. It had happened so fast I think her finger was still up her behind.

“What are you doing to my daughter! Priscilla get out of here right now!” Priss fled, eyeing me like I was some sort of monster.

I was in shock. And my erect penis wouldn’t go away. It confronted the big nurse while I cringed before her! “Get that out of here!”, she shouted and slapped my erection. Quickly she unbuckled my belt and ripped down my pants. “ I’ll fix you, young man. You have no right to pervert my innocent young girl!” She stripped me and bent me over her workbench. “Don’t you move or you’ll really get it.”, she told me. Grabbing a big jar of Vaseline from over the sink she pulled off the lid. There were some little balloon looking things and she rolled one over the first two fingers of her left hand. Fingering out a gob of petroleum jelly, she rubbed it between my ass and pushed her big fingers all the way in with very little ceremony. She was running the water in the sink and holding something like a little red ball with a long point. She pushed the point, it was rubber, into my ass and said, “This is only to get you ready for the real thing. I’m going to give you what you have coming and if you try to stop me I’m telling your mother. And if you get any on the floor you’re licking it up. Do you understand?” I could only groan.

When Nurse Hunter squeezed the red ball thing a lot of water squirted into my guts. It felt kind of weird, all warm and heavy. “Now hold that in.” she commanded. Mrs. Hunter filled the rubber syringe again, and again my insides were squirted with liquid. “I hope you realize that this is for your own good.” she told me. She flipped me onto my back and started pushing her fingers into my stomach, kneading my guts. The water inside strained to come out and only with great effort did I keep it from doing so. A funny feeling was growing between my butthole and my balls. It tingled, causing my penis to twitch. I felt like laughing but knew enough not to. Soon she stopped her probing and said “now sit down on the toilet and let it all out.” Obeying, I was highly embarrassed at the sound of the water streaming out. It sounded like a cow taking a piss. Several turds plopped out, splashing into the porcelain bowl below. That really reddened my face but Nurse Hunter didn’t even seem to notice.

Still too flustered to speak or even to think, I watched the lady’s preparations with a sinking feeling. Her children sometimes made veiled reference to a “big bologna” but only among themselves when they thought you couldn’t hear. Now, while I watched, their mother was smearing Vaseline on a large, black rubber sausage which had a balloon-like swelling at one end. The other end had two tubes coming out of it. One was white and went to a big red rubber bag. The other tube was black and it was connected to something like one of those blood pressure squeezers. Mrs. Hunter took the cap off the red rubber bag and squirted some kind of soapy-looking stuff inside. Then she ran the sink-water warm, testing it with the back of her hand. Soon she was filling up the bag, which grew large, swelling enormously. It looked like an awful lot of water! When the thing had swollen to an obscene size the woman shut the tap and screwed on a lid, which was joined by the white tube to the sausage thing. She did something with a stainless steel clamp on the tube, then hung the whole contraption from a hook over her bench.

“Now, I want you to lie on your side on my worktable” she purred. She helped me achieve the position she had in mind. “You just keep still, cause this might hurt a little bit “ she announced. So saying, she slid two greasy fingers up my ass and wiggled them around. Then she spread them apart and twisted her wrist. I grunted and strained and once, when she went too fast I cried out. She hissed pulled out her fingers, “There, that ought to do.”

The next thing I knew, she was sticking the big bologna up my rear, fat-end-first. It took a little doing but in it went. When it was halfway inside me, Nurse Hunter took the air-squeezer thing into her hand and started to open and close her fist. I gasped as air was forced down the black tube into the big end of the enema nozzle, inflating it like a balloon. It felt very large inside my bowels. She kept pumping. “I don’t think it’ll come out now.” She gave the thing a tug and it felt like a big round sucker held tightly inside your mouth.

Her pumping up the air chamber at the nozzle-end had caused my penis to grow very hard. Now it throbbed with every heartbeat. Since I was on my side I didn’t think she could see as I sneaked my fingers down and squeezed my dickhead. She saw. “Stop that filthy behavior this instant!” the big nurse cried out. She pushed me onto my back, grabbed a hairbrush and aimed five sharp whacks at my privates with the bristles” I screamed out loud. Now, exhausted and shamed I lay meekly on my back with a tube up my asshole and hoses tangled about my legs. Then she released a clamp and warm soapy water began to slowly fill my body.

From the time she discovered me watching Priss until the water flowed could not have been more than eight minutes. But it seemed like at least forty. Gloria suddenly turned and opened the bathroom door…

Jerry and Priss tripped over each other trying to get away. “Haven’t I taught you kids anything?” their mother yelled. “Get to bed. Now!

“Soo-Zee!” She hollered, “Come here immediately and keep an eye on things.” There was a sound of slippered feet in the hall and her eldest daughter appeared, dressed in a heavy red bathrobe. She gasped at the sight of me lying naked, legs akimbo with the tube up my butt. Throwing a towel over my erection, now beet red due to her beating it with the brush, the big nurse told her daughter “Watch this guy, and don’t let him try any funny stuff. I have to take care of the kids. Those little snoops are in big trouble.” Turning to me she said. “When you’ve taken all the water, you’re going to keep it in for half an hour “. Then she stomped off down the hall after Jerry and Priss.

Suzie closed the door and turned to me with a self-righteous little smile on her button-cute face. She checked the bag, I could tell she’d done this before. I just sat there with the towel over my crotch, my pole trying to poke through it. The pressure of the water and airbag inside my belly was really getting to me. Soon Suzie clamped off the water inlet hose and said “It’s all inside you”. She disconnected the bag and set it aside. Still holding the end of the hose Suzie again tightened the clamp, making it fast so no water could escape. Then she gave the hose a little flick, almost like it was a jump-rope. Yow! Grunting, I spasmed. It felt like I possessed another huge dick, rooted deeply in my body, growing out from the other side of my balls. The girl giggled and drew the towel from over my sex. She set it nearby in case her mother returned unexpectedly. She moved in front of the bathroom door, blocking any surprise entry. Then she leaned forward and shook her xxxxteen year old melons free from the restraint of her bathrobe. “I see you staring at these, don’t think I don’t,” Suzie accused. “I don’t even think you would know what to do with them, Anton Dorrix, so why are you always looking?” She stepped forward and jiggled her beautiful breasts in front of my face. Her long young nipples were stiff. I reached out my hand. “Don’t you think I would ever let you get your hands on these,” she laughed as she stepped backward. She gave the hose a whip and I thought my dick was going to shoot right off my body.

“Now show me what you do to that nasty thing when you think about my chestnuts.” she ordered. I sat there and looked at her with disbelief. “Go on!” I know you play with your thing every chance you get and I want to see you do it.” Her face grew serious, “Now you do just what I tell you, Anton Dorrix, or I’ll tell mother you grabbed my tits.”

I took my throbbing dick in my right hand and started to pump it. Slowly at first, until I got over my embarrassment. “Yeah, that’s good. It really gets big!” Suzie started rubbing her nipples and bouncing her breasts around. But she kept well out of my reach. I was very excited by this time and was squeezing my balls with the other hand and working against the hose with my hips. I felt like something big was going to happen pretty soon.

Suzie stopped. “I don’t think you should do that any more Tony.” she told me, “Something bad might happen and I could get in trouble.” I ignored her and kept right on stroking my rock hard dick which felt like it was going to burst. My head was throbbing as much as my penis was. My ball sack was tight and wrinkled, holding my testes flat against my body. They felt like they would pop back inside me if my abdomen wasn’t so full of water, rubber and airbag. It really felt weird!

“Hey! I told you to stop now!” She looked mad as she slapped my face with the end of the hose. “You cut it out or I’ll tell.”

“Please Suzie, I can’t stop. don’t make me quit it. Please.” Those were the first words I’d spoken throughout the whole affair. Not exactly words to be proud of either, but when my eyes met hers, something of our old friendship seemed to spark and her face softened.

She smiled and said “Well, OK. It must be hard being a stupid boy with no chestnuts of your own to play with. Here… you can touch them if you want to. But just a little”. Suzie Hunter stepped forward and buried my face between her sweet young breasts. They measured 38 D if they measured an inch. I was overcome and grabbed and sucked and kneaded them and tears flowed out of my eyes right onto them. And they smelled so fine… I never had imagined how they would smell. Suddenly, she stood up again. “Mother will be back any minute, you don’t have much time.” I looked up and she said “don’t touch yourself, I’ll do it for you.” I spread my legs so she could grasp my dick but she laughed and stepped back. The long red hose to the embedded enema nozzle was still in her hand. She pulled it playfully and flicked it back and forth. Then she began to twirl it around and around like she was working one end of a long jump-rope.

What that did to me can not be described, but I will try. It felt as if she were twirling a long, hard cock which was rooted in my body and growing out of my asshole. The center of my abdomen filled with a warmth and vibrating power which I’d never felt before and have never experienced again since that day. My penis pointed straight up and out as Suzie twirled that hose. The area from my asshole to my bellybutton shook and twitched like it was possessed by one of those devils the Hunter kids were always talking about. I was breathing in big deep grunting breaths. All the muscles in my body had tightened up and my teeth were clinched hard together. She twirled that hose around and around and the air filled bag kept it in my body while the protruding length of tubing massaged the tight muscles all around my asshole and one place inside was searing in both pleasure and pain. Something was going to happen any second and I couldn’t stop it. Eyes bulging, I stared at Suzies bouncing jiggle-glands as they rocketed back and forth in time with her swirling arm. My eyes were glazing over. I could see a mental image of this girl twisting the handle on the swimming pool pump on that summer day when that picture was forever etched into my brain. Soon water would erupt from the filter outlet. Suzie started , in a low voice, to sing to herself: one of her school squad cheers, “Two-bits, four-bits, eight-bits, a dollar; all for To-ney give us a….”

I was crying out loud, and long ropes of thick gooey jism shot out from my dickhead! Again and again and again! My swollen penis was twitching and flopping about which caused each milky white sperm-stream to hose down a different quadrant of the bathroom. One spasmed eruption slimed a line right across Suzies bare breasts which were nearly three feet away. She recoiled, and her tits whipped wildly, scattering my semen far and wide. My arms and legs and neck were twitching and a great wailing moan trailed from my lips. The muscles between my dick and my asshole were contracting and expanding and pumping and pumping and pumping. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before.

Minutes passed and I lay in an exhausted pile on the enema bench. Suzie Hunter had hurriedly wiped her boobies clean, now she was rubbing sperm out of her bathrobe. She wasn’t having much luck. It took an hour to write all this but Mrs. Hunter had only been absent for ten or twelve minutes. We heard footsteps thudding in the hallway and Gloria Hunter burst into the bathroom. She looked around, trying to figure out what had happened since she’d been gone. Her eyes lit on a gob of semen. “Tony had an accident Mother”, Suzie piped up in her sweetest little schoolgirl voice, “He got some kind of wet all over everything. Yech!”

The big nurse sent her daughter off to bed and she made me sponge up all my mess and the rest of the bathroom as well, before she let the air out of the enema nozzle, positioned my rump over the toilet and yanked the tube from my ass. Two quarts of warm, soapy, brown, foamy, water drained from my bowels. Not all at once and not right away. There were a lot of gurgling farts too but I was beyond embarrassment. I just didn’t give a shit! Mrs. Hunter made me bathe and I had to sleep on the family room couch. My parents got home the next morning and I went home. No word of this ever reached them as far as I know.

I didn’t go near the Hunter’s for a long, long time after that and things were never the same between any of us kids again. Suzie went into cheerleading and boyfriends and the next year I made new friends in the public Jr. High. Since we went to different schools, and left home at different times, our paths didn’t often cross.

Because these events happened so near the dawn of our young adulthood, in a couple of years I hardly ever thought about them. I rarely spoke with Suzie except an occasional greeting across the driveway. She never said more than “Hi Tony”, but she said that in a friendly tone.

A couple of times as she was stepping into a boyfriend’s car, going out on a date, and I was out by our garage, she looked over and waved at me, and as she smiled something passed between our eyes.

One of the guys from the neighborhood tells me they’ve seen Suzie in the past couple of years. She’s thirty something now. He says she’s had about seven children and her wonderful tits are a sagging mess.

Isn’t life strange? But isn’t life neat!

Oh yeah, ever since the events described in this story, my sexual fantasies, needs, and desires have centered around enemas, bulging rubber bags and rubber hoses, nurses, and well endowed Dominant Females. In fact, it hardly seems like sex unless these fetish aspects are accounted for.

(Sigh. I may be ruined, but I ain’t complaining).