Big Sister Knows Best

It all started when I moved out on my own, and my older sister would come by to visit. She’d always announce that she thought I looked tired or ill, and that I probably needed an enema. Before I knew it, I was on my hands and knees on the bed or bathroom floor getting a big warm enema. Patty would always give me a lecture about how men just didn’t take care of themselves, and that it was a good thing that she was around to do this for me.

One day, Patty announced she was moving to Toronto but she was still really concerned about my bowel habits, but she had talked to one of her friends who had volunteered to come over once a week and give me my enemas. I protested that I didn’t really need that, but she told me that she’s older so she knew best. Sure enough, she showed up on Saturday morning with her friend Beth. Beth is about ten years older than me, a little plump, but very attractive.

Patty told me that Beth was going to give me my enema this morning, and that she would be turning her copy of my apartment key over to Beth. Beth was strictly professional as she filled my enema bag, got me down into the knee chest position on the bathroom rug, greased me up, inserted the nozzle and released the clamp. She rubbed my buttocks as the enema flowed in, and seemed concerned about making it as comfortable as possible.

Patty made tea while I was expelling the enema, and we had a pleasant chat afterwards, and Patty explained that Beth would be coming in every Saturday morning to administer my weekly enema.

Sure enough, the next Saturday morning, I was awakened with a gentle shake to find Beth standing over me with a filled enema bag. “Enema time!” She announced cheerfully. “Why don’t you urinate and then I’ll give you a nice warm flushing.”

She followed me into the bathroom and hung the enema bag from a coat hanger on the doorknob. As soon as I finished and flushed, she put her hand on my back and guided me down on my hands and knees. She pulled down my pajama bottoms, put a few drops of baby oil on my crack, and started working her finger into my ass. It seemed as if she spent a lot more time doing this than my sister ever did.

Eventually, she took her finger out and told me to take a deep breath as she slid the nozzle into me. I heard the click and then felt the warm flow. Beth rubbed my buttocks and stopped the flow from time to time to give the enema time to work its way through me. Eventually I heard the gurgle of some air, and she told me to be careful while she took out the nozzle.

She told me to go ahead and sit on the toilet, but to try to hold it for a couple of minutes. She checked her watch and then asked me if it had been a late night last night.

“No,” I replied, “I was home by about midnight”.

“So you didn’t get laid then, did you?” She asked. I was pretty surprised by that question and just nodded my head.

“We’ll have to clean you out in front too,” She replied. “Can’t have that dirty sperm backing up inside you.”

She announced that most male health problems were caused by constipation and by sperm retention, and she didn’t see why more men weren’t treated with what she called a “front and back” cleanout. She told me that she wasn’t surprised that I hadn’t gotten laid, since “A lot of women don’t want that dirty sperm everywhere.”

She told me to call her when I was ready for my rinse enema, and she left me alone in the bathroom, telling me my two minutes were up and to go ahead and release my enema.

I kept evacuating my enema for about another ten minutes, and eventually I felt there was nothing left to come out, so I called her back.

She started preparing the second enema, and she got me down on my hands and knees again. She greased me up, and once the nozzle was in, she took a towel and put it on the floor between my legs. She squirted a bit more baby oil on her hand and started to rub my penis.

She turned on the water, started sliding her slippery hand up and down my dick, and told me, “Let me help clean out that nasty sperm backup while you take your enema.”

It didn’t take long between the internal pressure of the enema against my prostate, and the long slow strokes she was making on my dick, but I started shooting my load all over the towel. “Good boy”, she told me, “Get rid of all that nasty sperm, don’t let it back up inside you. We’ll have to make sure you’re emptied every Saturday, won’t we ?” I could only weakly nod in agreement. Soon I was full, and she removed the enema nozzle and let me release my “rinse” enema.

For the first year or so, the enemas continued like this, with her letting herself in to my apartment every Saturday morning, and often waking me up to take my enemas. I even found myself less concerned about getting laid on Friday nights because I knew I’d be looked after in the morning and I wouldn’t have to go through any elaborate courtship rituals or buy expensive dinners or spend a lot of money in other ways.

Beth was always there, friendly, always concerned about my comfort and always jacking me off without asking. She started doing it after my rinse enema, sometimes letting me lie down on the bed, other times she would put me back on my hands and knees and insert a finger to gently rub my prostate.

Sometimes, if she thought I was a little slow to come she would ask me to think about some sexy TV star and imagine what I’d like to do with her. One day after asking me that, she noticed I came very quickly and rather copiously. “What were you thinking of that made you come so quickly?” She asked, and I told her I had just seen a well known actress who had just given birth a couple months ago, and she was on a talk show. I’d always been turned on by the actress, but she had rather small breasts. When I saw her on the TV show, her breasts were huge, and she even made reference to how nice it was to have big tits now that she was feeding her baby. I had fantasized about her breast feeding me, and that’s what made me come so quickly.

By then the enema bag was empty, so Beth gave my buttocks a little pat, took out the nozzle and let me go to the toilet. While I was releasing the enema, she asked if I found it erotic to suck on a woman’s breast. I told her I loved the sensation, and could often fall asleep that way.

After I finished on the toilet and took my shower, Beth was waiting for me in my bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed. She was fully clothed, as always. In fact, I didn’t even recall seeing her in anything other than loose fitting clothes. I also marveled at how used I was to being totally nude in front of her.

She turned to me and explained, “I’ve been giving you your enemas for your own good now for about a year, as well as making sure that you don’t suffer from one of those nasty sperm backup problems that trouble young men. Do you know that women have a similar problem with their breasts? Women whose breasts are suckled regularly have a much better record of breast health.”

I nodded, and she went on. “Since you enjoy sucking breasts, I want to start you on a program of sucking mine twice a week. Don’t get the wrong idea, this is strictly for health reasons. However, I know this will probably provoke some sort of sexual reaction in you, so I’m going to drain your sperm while you suck.”

With that, she scooted up to the headboard and told me to lie across the bed with my head in her lap. She unbuttoned the front of her dress to reveal a front clasping bra, and she unclasped it. I never realized she had such large breasts, but she brought one out and guided the nipple into my mouth while I started to suck.

When my dick got hard, she reached over and started playing with it slowly as I sucked. She announced that she didn’t want me to actually come until after I had finished the sucking, about ten minutes per nipple.

Beth explained that I’d be sucking her breasts every Saturday after my enemas, and every Tuesday evening she would come over for a nursing session, after which she would clean out my sperm.

Now, we’re into a routine with the weekly enema, a twice weekly nursing, and a twice weekly sperm cleanout. Beth has taken to wearing nursing bras, since she can open the bra one side at a time without having to expose too much. Sometimes she even gives me my enemas on the bed while she’s lying next to me and I’m nursing. The only difference is that she’s fully clothed and I’m usually naked.