Bill and Nancy

My name is Bill. I am 42 and unmarried. My sister, Nancy, and I were very close as youngsters during the era when an enema was the cure for the great majority of ailments. We were bathed together from early childhood until I reached about 9 or 10. Nancy was two years older and when her figure began to mature Mom decided I should bathe first without Nancy, giving the excuse that Nancy, being older; could stay up longer. I didn’t question it, however; looking back, I think Mom thought continued familiarity might lead to other things.

Getting back to the enema, Mom administered them to both of us, just before our bath. The treatment usually took place just before our bath whenever she felt they might be needed, normally about once a month. If one of us caught a cold or had a stomach upset, each of us would receive an enema as a precautionary measure even though only one of us might be sick.

Mom would have the bathtub filled and ready for our bath, then call us and tell us to get undressed. We usually knew before we went in when an enema was pending because of the time lag after Mom turned the bath water off and before she called us into the bathroom. If we stood around long in our robes before our call to the bathroom it was because the enema was being prepared for us. On these occasions when Mom would finally call for us to come, I would meet Nancy in the hall and she would whisper; “Enemas tonight”, and I would nod knowingly.

Mom would be sitting on the end of a bench which ran the length of the wall of cabinets in our old fashioned bathroom. It was almost 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. The white enamel enema can would be hanging from a nail conveniently placed for the purpose in the cabinet face. The long red tube trailed into a basin placed on the floor at the end of the bench. A white enamel pitcher containing the soap mixture for my enema stood next to the basin. A larger fluffy bath towel was spread on he wooden bench where we would soon take position for our enemas.

The ritual was always the same. I would be told to brush my teeth and use the toilet (take a pee). Mom would have Nancy hang her robe on the hook in the middle of the door and get on her hands and knees on the bench facing away from her. This placed her butt area just to Mom’s left and easily accessible.

The tubes were coiled in a wash basin next to Mom on the bench. Mom would use a separate long colon tube for each of us. She would pick one out of the basin and attach it to the hard black enema tip on the end of the red hose. She would then run a little water through it to force out the air. Next she picked up the jar of Vaseline and taking a liberal portion on the end of her finger she would hold up the tube and carefully lubricate about 4 or 5 inches then place it back in the basin. A portion of the Vaseline still adhering to her right index finger; she would reach over with her left hand and laying it lightly on Nancy’s left buttock with her thumb just to the left of her hole she would gently spread her ass and position her greased finger right on the opening.

Cautioning Nancy to hold still, she would then very gently massage the opening and slowly but surely, work her finger all the way up Nancy’s butt. Occasionally, she would comment that she could feel that Nancy was plugged up and it was a good thing that she had picked tonight for our enemas.

After the very thorough lubrication, she would withdraw her finger; pick up the rectal tube and still holding her butt apart with her left hand, slowly twist the well lubricated colon tube through the anal opening and rectum, well up into Nancy’s lower intestine. She would work about 10 or 15 inches of the tube up into us before she ever started the water Sometimes, the water wouldn’t start, probably because the tube plugged up on the way up. When this would happen Mom made use of the squeeze bulb which was located in the middle of the hose. This seemed to force the water through the tube and remove the clog.

After we would take about half the enema on our knees, Mom would turn off the water and with the tube still in our butt, she would help us lay down on our left side on the towel with our legs drawn up. Mom would then adjust the tube a bit pushing it up 4 to 6 inches further and run the rest of the water in while she gently massaged our stomach. If we complained of cramps she would turn off the water and rub and massage our abdominal area until the cramp would subside. The cramps were a slight discomfort but worth it, considering the great feelings I know now were sexual, that were a monthly bonus to our enema treatments.

Mom had the water pre-measured in the enema can for Nancy and in the pitcher for me. By the time we heard the gurgle in the can signaling that Nancy’s enema was complete, I would be finished brushing my teeth and peeing and usually sitting on the toilet waiting my turn. Mom would slowly extract the long colon tube from Nancy while pressing a wad of toilet paper against her hole which Nancy held in place as we traded places. Mom would then caution Nancy to hold the water as long as she could before letting it out.

I would assume the position on the bench while Nancy sat on the toilet. Mom quickly drained the tube in the basin and switched colon tubes, refilling the can from the pitcher Soon I would feel Mom’s left hand caressing my left butt cheek and her greased finger massaging my hole. as her finger would gently penetrate my rectum and move around inside. I would get the neatest tingling sensations all over. I wished she would never stop. it felt so good’. Next she would withdraw her finger and in a few moments I would feel the tube poised at my opening and then snaking up into me giving me a repeat of the tingly sensations both locally inside my behind and all over my body.

When Mom started the water it really topped off the variety of sensations with a warm, gentle, relaxing feeling slowly mingling with the tingly effects of the insertion. I noticed this made my pecker stiff the first time it happened and during subsequent enemas watching Nancy and anticipating what was soon to happen to me would give me a hard-on even before my turn came.

Soon Mom would be interrupting my reverie telling me it was time to lay down and pull my legs up. I would quickly comply because the massaging would top off the event for me. Then the tell- tale gurgle and slow, sensual tube withdrawal.

What a neat experience!!

Nancy and I talked privately about our enema experiences and admitted that we both enjoyed the sensations. She noticed and commented about my hard-ons but neither of us realized their significance until our teen years. As we both matured into teen-agers, our regular enemas slacked off until when l was about 14, Mom told me to let her know if I wanted help with an enema in the future; that she considered me old enough to give them to myself if I thought I needed one.

After that, I took one occasionally before my bath but found the sensations less intense and not nearly as exciting as when someone else was prodding the tube up my butt.

Mom and Dad went out one Saturday night and Nancy and I were sitting around listening to records. I was 14 and she was 16. I asked her how long it had been since she had an enema. She told me that Mom had given her the OK to take them on her own. She confided that she had tried it a couple of times but that somehow it wasn’t like Mom giving them to her.

“I had trouble getting the tube up there so it would stay and manipulating the turn off at the same time,” she laughed.

I figured this was as good an opening as I would ever get and suggested what I had been thinking about for a long time, namely, would she help me with an enema? I told her I had experienced the same problems she had when I tried to give to myself. Nancy looked a little surprised but then smiled and answered, “Sure, in fact, why don’ t we swap enemas? I’ll give you one an you give me one.”

It was early in the evening and I readily agreed and told her I thought it would be great to help each other We quickly turned off the records and headed for the bathroom. She reminded me that she always went first before so now it was my turn and to get undressed while she prepared the enema. I started to peel out of my clothes and she got the equipment out and fixed a nice, warm soapy two quarts for me. I was much bigger now physically and my pecker was hard as a rock. Nancy noticed this in the mirror as she was making her preparations and remarked that my anticipation was showing.

I grinned and asked her where she wanted me for the treatment. She hung the enema can on the nail and suggested I relax on my back on the towel on the bench and pull my legs up to expose my butt. She remarked that she had found this most comfortable for herself. I lay down on my back and rested my feet on the floor until she sat down straddling the bench between my legs. She had the colon tube greased and coiled in the basin. Nancy reached down, grabbed my ankle and lifted first my left leg and then my right. placing my feet against her shoulders. As she leaned forward it spread my butt so she had good access.

She took a gob of Vaseline on her finger and carefully gave me the full massage therapy I had missed for so long. She then positioned the tube against my hole and pressed gently asking me to tell her if it hurt. I sighed and told her it felt great.

She carefully guided close to 24 inches of colon tube up my butt and then started the soapy water flowing. I groaned in ecstasy as she smilingly watched me absorb the enema. I closed my eyes and relaxed as the combination of sensations I remembered so well began playing their symphony in my rectum and genitals as well as up and down my spine. Then I felt a light touch on my cock and opened my eyes to see Nancy playfully smiling as she traced the veins of my engorged cock with the tip of her finger and then to top it all off, she began pushing and pulling on the enema tube which brought me off within a minute with the most explosive come I had ever had to that time.

‘WOW! You really do enjoy this don’t you!” she remarked.

I nodded and confided that this was the first time an enema had caused me to come without jacking off. She told me she was glad she could help me and hoped it would effect her the same way. Soon the can gurgled and she carefully withdrew the tube. I got up and headed for the toilet. I had the best B.M. I had experienced since Mom last gave me an enema.

Nancy prepared another can of soapy water and undressed and laid down on the bench in the same position she had suggested for me. I finished on the toilet and repeated the treatment for her. I told her how great her body was and asked her half way through if she could come like I did. Nancy took my hand and showed me where and how to rub her and she experienced the same ecstasy I did.

After she took all the water; she too had a grand bowel movement and commented how much better an enema was when given by someone else who was aware of the pleasures a carefully given enema can produce. We agreed to repeat this experience again soon and both went to bed greatly relaxed as a result of our adventure.

We practiced our special therapy on each other all through our teen years. unknown to Mom and Dad. We have always been very close to each other ever since and I think the enema sessions helped us better know ourselves as well as each other. Nancy married while I was away at the university and has a boy and girl of her own, two years apart. They are now 9 and 11 years old.

I still live in and am buying our folks home as they have retired into a condominium. Last summer I took care of both Jim, who was 8 and Alice, who was 10. When Nancy left them off she winked at me and told them that this was enema week and Uncle Bill would take care of it just like at home. After Nancy left I asked them about their enemas at home and they described how their sessions went. Not surprisingly, it was exactly the ritual Nancy and 1 experienced as youngsters. Helping my niece and nephew that evening was sure a pleasant lesson in nostalgia, bringing back fond memories.

The kids seemed to enjoy themselves too. They certainly were not a bit reluctant when I suggested it was time to take care of their enema needs, In fact, they came into the bathroom before I called for them and asked if they could help prepare the water. I let them go ahead and they put everything together and laid out the towel and Vaseline. I asked them what position they liked and Alice got on her hands and knees, Jimmy stood close by and watched my every move, I guess he wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing. I proceeded just like I remembered from years ago.

The kids and I both seemed closer after the enemas were successfully completed and a week later they asked if they could have enemas again before their Saturday night bath, I frowned a little and pretended to be reluctant. I asked if they got an enema every week at home. They looked at each other and shook their heads but then said, “Sometimes Mom will clean us out two weeks in a row if we do a lot of eating away from home.”

“OK,” I replied, “I guess you two ate away from home all week this week so I’d say enemas are in order”

This was our last evening together and we all enjoyed it. I hated to see them go.