Bill & Lisa's Excellent Adventure

Hello my name is Bill and I’m 20 years old. I just started to go out with Lisa, my new girl friend. We had a date last Friday night, but didn’t have any idea what to do. We saw the movie that was playing in the town movie house last Wednesday and living in a small town there’s not much to do.

Lisa had to go to the local drug store and pick up some lipstick, so our date started. When we entered the drug store I started to look around as she picked out her brand of lipstick. I walked down the aisle that had female supplies and came across the sections of all kinds of enemas. As I looked at the enemas Lisa came up behind me and asked if I was ready to leave. I was so embarrassed she caught me looking at the enemas, I just wanted to get out of the store.

When we got back in the car, she asked me if I had any idea what we could do tonight and a thought came to me about how much fun a enema would be, but dismissed the idea quickly due to my embarrassment.

As we drove around town, she asked me why I was looking at the enemas in the drug store. I just sat there not knowing what to say. After a minute, she asked me if I ever had an enema and I answered her very quickly with a ‘no’. This was our third date and I was very uncomfortable talking about the enema subject, but had visions of how much fun it would be.

Then she said, “I never had an enema and always wanted to try one.” My cock was hard in a second and my head was spinning. The next thing she said was, “Let’s go back and look at the enemas in the drug store.”

Minutes later we were standing in the same aisle she caught me at earlier. As we looked at the enema bulbs and enemas bags, she told me that her parents were away for the weekend and that we should buy the large red enema bag and go to her house. As I picked the box up off the shelf, I found that this was harder than buying condoms. I walked to the checkout line with a bulge in my pants the size of a battleship only to find a young girl at the cash register. I put the box down and she smiled at me as if she knew what kind of date I was going to have tonight.

Soon we pulled into Lisa’s driveway. I looked at Lisa and told her how excited I was. We entered her house and rushed upstairs to her bedroom. We laid on the bed kissing and touching for about an hour. Then she stood up and asked if I was ready to get my first enema. The whole time I thought I was going to give her the enema and I wasn’t ready to get filled. She looked at me and said, “Please Bill just relax and enjoy this new experience.” I laid on the bed as she started to undress me. I felt so helpless. She left the room and in the background I could hear the water running in the bathroom. A minute later she came back in the bedroom holding the large red bag filled to the max and an arm load of towels.

She sat down next to me and told me to relax. She could tell I was nervous and she asked me if I had any questions. I told her, “What if I can’t hold it or make it to the bathroom in time?”

She smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it, I have plenty of towels to lay under you so if we have an accident I will just have to clean you up.”

I was on my back with my legs up and slightly apart. I could feel her finger lubricate in my butt as the other hand began to stroke my balls. Then I could feel the nozzle slowly enter me. She told me to relax and take a deep breath as her mouth started to suck my swollen cock. I was enjoying the sucking and kissing of my cock so much I almost forgot about the nozzle deep inside of me. Then it happened, the warm water started to rush inside of me and the feeling was so incredible. Lisa could tell that I was almost ready to cum, so she stopped the flow of water and stopped sucking and said, “I want you to enjoy this.”

After my urge to cum passed, she started to tongue my cock slowly and started the warm flow again. I saw that the bag was still about half full and could already feel a strong pressure building inside of me. At that point I could feel myself getting closer to an orgasm. The sucking stopped and I could hear her close the clamp once again. I begged her to let me cum but she instructed me with a stern voice that she will decide when I was to cum. I could feel the sweat drip from my face as the water began to flow again and the sucking started, only this time it seemed as if the water was flowing much faster and her sucking was much harder. I could feel the strong urge to cum and waited for her to stop but she didn’t and when I came it was the best orgasm I had ever had. As I came I could feel the warm water exit my butt with a start and stop motion. Lisa told me to let the water come into the towels and I did . . . all of it.

I looked up at her and she said, “This is the best part. You are my baby and I’ll have to wipe you clean and powder your little hiney.”