Boarding School

When I was about 14 years old, my parents decided I needed a better education than the local system had. I was sent to an “exclusive and expensive” boarding school The second day there, I became very sick and was sent to the infirmary where the nurse decided to admit me. She sent for my pajamas, robe, etc and as soon as they arrived she escorted me into a large dormitory where there were six or seven beds on each side of the room. There were about six boys there, all reading and not paying attention as she pointed to a bed at the end of the room.

I laid down, closed my eyes and in a few minutes the nurse came to the door at the other end of the room and in a voice you could hear all over the campus called out my name and told me that she would be giving me an enema in a few minutes. I had one enema many years before that and didn’t really remember much about it. Again, I closed my eyes and in a few minutes I could hear someone walking down the isle towards my bed. I looked up and there was the nurse. carrying a red bulging enema bag and long white hose. She also had some sort of pole that eventually she hung the bag on. Suddenly I started to panic as I knew I was going to be getting this enema in bed in front of all the other boys who by this time were all watching what she was doing.

She told me to get out of bed, get up on the edge on my hands and knees and lower my pajama bottoms. I was really sick and by this time getting more and more embarrassed at what the boys would see when I lowered my pajamas.

I assumed “the position” and almost instantly felt her spreading my cheeks apart then I felt her slip something up in me. Next instant I felt the warm water as it started to flow. At the same time, I told her I couldn’t hold any more and to please stop,. She told me she had just started and that I should just relax and she would tell me when I had enough. It really started to hurt but finally she removed the tube and told me I could go to the toilet that was down at the other end of the room. With one hand holding my cheeks together, I ran and just made it in time. As I was running, all the boys started to laugh.

I returned to bed in about fifteen minutes and laid down with the blanket over me. Just as I was getting relaxed, I could hear her come down the aisle again and as she approached the bed she told me to assume the same position as she had to check to make sure the enema had worked (ENEMAS ALWAYS WORK). Again I lowered my pajamas and this time she spread by cheeks really far apart then ran something real cool and “goopy” up and down the area. Without warning, she literally jammed her finger up in me. I wasn’t expecting this and lunged forward on the bed. This made all the boys laugh again. She kept her finger in me for probably a minute when suddenly I noticed I was getting an erection. Of all the things to happen at that time especially since some of the boys could observe IT as it became harder and harder. Finally she removed the finger and told me to get back in bed. I got back in bed and was so embarrassed as I knew everyone knew about my erection that I covered myself up completely and fell asleep

A few days after being released from the infirmary a fellow by the name of Frank came over and asked if maybe I would like to go for a walk with him on Saturday. Saturday and Sunday we were free to basically do what we wanted. I told him I would be glad to as I hadn’t made any friends yet.

On Saturday we left campus and Frank took me down a dirt road that he said led to a small lake. On the way he told me that he knew I had been embarrassed in the infirmary as he was also there at the time and could se my “situation” He went on to tell me that he had been there many times and the nurse always gave the boys an enema in front of others. He said she gave them for no real reason at all and had an idea she liked to turn on young boys with the finger insertion that always followed.

After a few more minutes, Frank asked if I would do him a real big favor. I wanted to be his friend so told him sure and what did he want. With a grin on his face he reached in his pocket and handed me a small rubber bulb with a black tip at the end. He told me it was an enema bottle and he had it filled with water. It sure didn’t look like it could hold much. I cant tell now why I told him YES but I did. We walked off the road into a field with tall bushes. He lowered his pants and shorts…faced away from me and told me to go ahead and put the tip up in him. I had never seen another guys ass hole before. It was real small and almost the same color as the skin around it. I put the tip in and he told me to work it around in a circular motion ten to work it in and out.. As I did this, he told me how great it was feeling then suddenly he turned sideways and pointed to his erection. He started to jack-off and told me that he always got hard when something was put up in him. Watching him beat off got me hard but I didn’t want him to know it. After he was done, he thanked me and told me how much he appreciated it and asked if we could maybe do it again the following Saturday. I told him, “Sure why not ?”

The following Saturday we did exactly the same thing. We both were hard and this time Frank could see the bulge in my pants. After he had finished he took the enema unit from me then told me it was my turn to at least feel what the tube was like. Without any hesitation ( I don’t know why) I lowered my pants and shorts exposing my hard as a rock erection. Frank got behind me and when his fingers started to spread my ass cheeks apart it was one of the best feelings I guess I had ever had. He put the tube in, worked it around and around and suddenly I started to get a great feeling and seconds later had one heck of a climax. Frank grinned and told me he was glad he had been able to get me “off “ so quick

On the way back to campus, Frank told me that I would be surpassed to know just how many of the boys did the same thing we had done and that almost all of them would find someone they liked and give each other hand jobs, blow jobs and fuck each other ..He said this happened every night after lights went out.

It didn’t take me long to join the “activities” and in the two years I went to this school, I sure learned a lot Not much relating to school subject but I could get a guy to climax in one hell of a short time.