Brenda's Student Physical

Brenda’s mother had made an appointment for her with my office for a pre-college physical examination. The appointment was on a Wednesday afternoon after school, when the nineteen year-old would be available. Brenda hadn’t been in to see me for the past several years since her family had moved away to another state. But now they had returned, and Brenda would become my patient once again. The last time I saw her, I recalled, was when she was about fourteen and had just entered puberty. Her old charts indicated she was a normal, healthy child with no remarkable diseases or physical abnormalities.

On that particular Wednesday I was finishing up with another physical, this one of a male high school teen who needed an examination for the sports program. My receptionist notified me that Brenda had arrived, so I instructed my nurse, Amanda, to show her into the vacant examination room and I would be with her momentarily.

My nurse had been with me for awhile now, so she knew what was required as far as preparation of a patient before I saw them. She had Brenda remove her clothes behind the screen in the corner, allowing her to keep her panties on. She was told to don the hospital gown hanging nearby…the type with the open back that came down to about mid-thigh.

“All set, Brenda?” Amanda asked. “Good. Why don’t you come over here so I can weigh and measure you. The doctor will be in soon.” Brenda padded over to the scale in her bare feet and stepped on. The nurse noted her height and weight on the chart, then walked her over to the exam table.

“Hop up on the table so I can take your temperature, pulse and blood pressure,” the nurse said. Brenda hopped up and adjusted the gown to cover her breasts and tucked it in between her legs in an effort to maintain her modesty. The nurse shook down the thermometer and inserted it in Brenda’s mouth. “Close your mouth and keep it under your tongue until I take it out.” The nurse proceeded to count her pulse and respiration’s, and finally took the blood pressure. After releasing the blood pressure cuff, she extracted the thermometer from Brenda’s mouth and held it up to read it. A frown came over her face.

“It seems this thermometer isn’t working, or else you were breathing through your mouth, young lady. It’s reading well below normal, and I can tell from your color and feel of your skin that you’re not hypothermic. We’ll just have to do this another way,” the nurse explained.

The nurse went to the counter where Brenda could see several covered jars sitting on top. The nurse reached into a light blue jar and took out another thermometer. This one looked a bit different, with a rounded tip instead of the normal elongated one. She grabbed a white toothpaste-like tube and a small box of tissues and came back to the exam table.

“I’m going to have you stand up right here, Brenda, OK?” the nurse asked as she indicated to stand in front of the exam table. “OK, now turn around and bend over the table…you can grab the other side with your hands if you want.” At this command, Brenda started to wonder what was going on.

“Wh..what are you going to do?” Brenda asked apprehensively.

“Since the oral thermometer wasn’t working, I’m going to have to take your temperature rectally. This is the best way to get an accurate reading. And the doctor insists on accurate temperatures.”

“ you really have to do it that way. I mean…there must be another way to do it,” Brenda stammered. She just knew that she was going to be embarrassed to have her bottom exposed to a complete stranger.

“Nonsense, Brenda. It’s a simple, painless procedure that we do here all the time. Now please bend over the table for me,” the nurse replied.

Brenda reluctantly bent over the table as the nurse shook down the rectal thermometer and began smearing a clear lubricant over its length. The nurse untied the back of her gown, allowing it to fall to her sides and leaving her back and pantied bottom exposed. Brenda felt the nurse’s fingers slip under the elastic waistband of her panties and begin to draw them slowly down her legs until they were at her ankles.

“You can step out of your panties for now…they’ll just get in the way,” the nurse told her. Once the panties were kicked out of the way, the nurse put her hands inside Brenda’s thighs, exerting an outward pressure.

“Just spread your legs a bit, Brenda. It’ll be much easier for me to take your temperature that way,” the nurse explained to the young girl. Brenda spread her legs so what the nurse could see was her smooth legs rising to an apex at her crotch where her pussy lips and anus were clearly visible. Very nice, mused the nurse, who definitely appreciated the sight of a pretty young girl’s bare fanny.

“First, I’m going to lubricate your rectum so the thermometer will slide in easily,” the nurse explained. “Then I’ll insert the thermometer and hold it in for about four minutes to get an accurate registration.” Brenda felt the nurse spread her buttocks apart with her fingers, and felt the cold KY gel on the gloved finger up against her anus. Slowly, the finger circled around the outside of her anus, then gradually worked its way inside the opening. Soon the nurse’s finger was buried deep in Brenda’s rectum, twisting and flexing to be sure the entire lumen of her lower bowel was thoroughly coated. After slowly withdrawing her finger, she inserted the thermometer until only an inch protruded from between her firm white ass cheeks. Brenda felt the nurse’s warm hand spread out across her buttocks as she held the thermometer in place between her index and middle fingers. Every once in awhile Brenda would feel the thermometer move inside her as the nurse would “adjust” it slightly by changing its depth or twisting it around so she could glance at the mercury level. All this time Brenda was obediently maintaining her position over the table, grasping the opposite edge firmly with both hands.

Without warning, Brenda felt something poking at her vaginal lips. She started to turn around, but the nurse put her hand on her shoulder and guided her back into position with her breasts flattened on the table top.

“Wh..what’s THAT down there?” Brenda asked shakily.

“It’s OK, Brenda. It’s a normal procedure to get a basal vaginal temperature to compare with. The doctor insists on accuracy, and this is the best way to do it…by comparison,” Amanda answered very professionally. As Brenda relaxed again across the top of the table, Amanda inserted another lubricated rectal thermometer into her vagina, moving it in a circular motion as she guided the slippery tube between her pouting pussy lips. Amanda was taken in by the sight of the lovely round bottom of the young girl with two glass thermometers protruding from between her slim legs.

When the four minutes were up, the nurse extracted the glass tube from the young lady’s cheeks and read the temperature, which showed normal this time. She then slipped the other thermometer out from between the girl’s pussy lips and read the same normal temperature.

“Your temp’s normal, Brenda, so you can put your panties back on, refasten your gown and have a seat up on the table. I’ll go check on the doctor…he should be with you shortly,” the nurse said. Brenda self-consciously pulled her panties back on and rearranged the hospital gown so she was covered once again.

A few moments later, I came into the room with Amanda by my side. “Good afternoon, Brenda! I’m happy to see you again. It’s been quite a few years since I saw you last. I can see you’re not a little girl anymore,” I observed. Brenda smiled shyly at me and replied, “I’m glad to see you again, too, Doctor Trott.” I remembered the feeling that Brenda always liked my looks, thinking me a nice looking middle aged man, maybe even a bit sexy. I’ll bet she thinks I’m just as handsome as she remembered from her little girl days.

For my part, I was amazed how the little Brenda I once knew had grown into an attractive young lady. I glanced at her, then at her chart that Amanda had started. Height 5’2”, weight 110 pounds, etc. I saw her sitting there with her shoulder length auburn hair in a ponytail, blue eyes and freckles on her arms, legs and back. She reminded me of a cheerleader. The hospital gown covered her figure, but I could already see she was developing quite nicely. I’ll make sure I get to see all of her body, I thought to myself.

“I see you need a college physical, Brenda. These required forms get more detailed every year. Looks like it’s going to take us longer than you probably planned on to get through all this. We may as well get started,” I said as Brenda looked steadily at me.

“What do you mean ‘more detailed’, Doctor, and why is it going to take a long time?” she asked.

“For instance, they now require a breast examination as well as a full gynecological and rectal examination. It’s not that involved, but it will take more time than if those things weren’t required,” I explained. I noticed that when I mentioned the gynecological and rectal examinations, Brenda seemed to start fidgeting a bit. It was normal for young girls to be shy and embarrassed during those examinations, and many even became sexually aroused. I was dying to see if Brenda would fall into that latter category.

“I see Amanda’s already taken your vitals, including your temperature. Was it done rectally?” I asked. “ was,” Brenda stammered, obviously mortified that a big girl like her had had an object stuck up her rectum, even though it was an accepted medical procedure. It was just as humiliating to have to admit it to a male doctor. I was pleased that Amanda had used my suggested standard preparation procedures on this lovely girl.

“Let’s take a look at your breasts first. Untie the back of the gown and slip it down to your waist, please,” I instructed. Brenda averted her gaze as she reluctantly reached back and untied the bow. As she stretched back, I could see the outline of her breasts and a slight nipple protrusion against the fabric of the gown. She finally shrugged the gown down off her shoulders, exposing her breasts. I held my breath for a second as her teenage breasts appeared before me, firm little peaches that I guessed measured about a size 34, with little nipples in the middle of half dollar-size brownish-pink areolae.

“Now, sit up straight and place your hands behind your head for me,” I told the young lass. Brenda interlocked her fingers and placed both hands behind her head, and thrust out her young chest. It was almost as if she were teasing me with this display of her womanhood. With her breasts prominently exposed to me, I began examining her left one first, beginning in small circles at the outer circumference and gradually working inward.

“Have you ever had your breasts examined, Brenda?” I queried. “No, not really, Doctor. It feels funny having you do this,” she replied.

“Well, even though you’re quite young, it never hurts to check for lumps or other anomalies. If we catch problems early, you’re much better off,” I explained to her.

I finally got my fingers to her nipple, which began to rise to the stimulation. I couldn’t resist lightly stroking the tip of the nipple, making it come erect immediately. I smiled at her as I said, “Your response appears quite normal.” I repeated the same procedure on her right breast, ending up with the same erectile response from her twin nipple. I noticed little goose bumps forming on her breasts, which I took to mean that Brenda didn’t think this felt too bad at all. I didn’t let her know what I was thinking at that point, as I was required to maintain my professionalism and ethics even under these stimulating conditions.

“I’m going to have you lie down now, and I’ll repeat the same examination in that position,” I said. At that, Brenda swung her legs up onto the table and reclined on her back, adjusting the gown over her legs to keep them hidden. Even with her lying down he breasts did not fall to the side very far, keeping their shape and tone even when she was on her back.

I leaned over her and began my examination once again. I could see her looking straight up at the ceiling, but occasionally I could see her eyes shift to her breasts, then to my face. When I would glance back at her she would look away quickly, as if I caught her doing something forbidden. In checking both breasts I found it very easy to make her nipples come erect again, and they stayed that way until I was done and told her she could sit up again. She started tying the gown behind her back again, but I told her it wouldn’t be necessary.

“Wh..why not?” she stammered worriedly.

“Remember when we went over the examination report form? We’re going to have to do the required internal examinations now,” I told her. She knew I was right and couldn’t protest, but she was still very apprehensive over the thought of exposing herself to me. She hadn’t done that with any of her boyfriends, so she wasn’t accustomed to a strange male viewing her private areas. Besides, this was the first complete physical she’d had since the onset of her periods.

“Have you ever been completely undressed during an examination before, Brenda?” I asked gently.


“Well, every woman has a ‘first time’,” I said to her. “I’ve examined many young ladies like you, so you don’t have to be shy or embarrassed.”

She seemed to accept my explanation as she sat there pondering what was about to take place. Her daydreaming was cut short by the sound of my voice.

“OK, miss, off with the gown,” I ordered. She slowly untied the strings in the back and let it drop to her lap, but was hesitant to remove it from her lower torso. “Come now, Brenda, we haven’t got all day. Let’s get this over with,” I said as Amanda grabbed the gown and whisked it off her lap, leaving her sitting there clad in only her silk white panties.

“I want you to lie face-down on the table now,” I ordered.

“What are you going to do?” she asked nervously.

“I’m going to do the rectal examination first. Lift up your hips so I can take your panties down, OK?” I said. She raised her hips slightly as I hooked my fingers under her panties’ elastic waistband and began to peel them down her legs. When I got them down to her knees, I stopped, leaving them bunched there for the time being. I placed my hands in between her thighs and pushed outward, spreading them as much apart as the panties would allow. The sight of her smooth, quivering buttocks caught my eye and made me stop to gaze at them for a second. I shook myself back to reality as I realized I would soon be parting those cheeks and feeling deep inside her cleft only moments from now. I snapped on a latex examination glove and began smearing KY lubricant over my index finger.

“I want you to relax, Brenda. You’re going to feel my finger entering your anus in a minute. It’s going to be cold and slippery, but only for a second. I have to feel around inside to be sure everything is OK,” I explained to her so she wouldn’t be surprised. She looked over at me for a second, then turned her head away in resignation, knowing she wouldn’t be able to escape from this. What I didn’t realize was that she secretly looked forward to having my finger penetrate her most hidden orifice. She wiggled her pelvis a bit, adjusting herself on the table.

I pried her little cheeks apart, exposing her puckered brown and pink anal ring. I observed with amusement the telltale signs of the lubrication from her recent rectal temperature. I ran the lubricated tip of my finger up and down her crack just above and below her anus, spreading the cold gel on the outside.

“Take a deep breath now,” I told her. Then with small circular motions, my finger gradually penetrated her anal ring and popped into her lower rectum.

“Ohhhhhh!!” exclaimed Brenda as I slowly, gently pushed my finger all the way up inside her as far as it would go. She could just about hold still.

“Just relax….it’s only going to take a minute while I feel around,” I advised her. “And stop squirming around so much! If you make it difficult for me it’ll just take longer. You don’t want me to use the restraining straps, do you?”

She calmed down a bit, resigned to the fact that it was actually happening to her and that I was in complete control. I slowly pulled my finger out, then pushed it in, twisting it around as I went, feeling the entire insides of her rectal walls. When my finger went in all the way I could feel my knuckles pressing against the soft, firm flesh of her rounded buttocks. I wished I could go in deeper, just to keep feeling her warmth envelop my finger.

I finally slid my finger out and performed a hemocult smear, checking for blood in the stool. “Everything looks good so far, Brenda. But to do a complete examination, I’m going to have to look all the way up inside. I’m going to have Nurse Amanda administer a Fleet enema to clean you out before I examine you further,” I told her. When she heard the word “enema,” she whipped her head around and looked pleadingly at me.

“Do I really have to have an enema? Couldn’t you examine me some other way so I wouldn’t need one?” she begged.

“No, it’s got to be done this way. Have you ever taken an enema before?” I asked.

“Well, yes, when we were little and couldn’t go to the bathroom, my mom would give me and my brother one. But I’m much older now and I don’t think I need one,” she pleaded.

“Don’t worry. It won’t hurt, and you’ll feel comfortable afterward,” I assured her. “Now, get up on your knees and put your shoulders on the table like a good girl.” She complied, slowly putting first one knee under her abdomen, then the other, rising until her bottom was high in the air. I slipped her panties past her knees and completely off, then spread her legs until her knees were at the side edges of the table. By this time Amanda had returned with the Fleet syringe, the tip well lubricated. Amanda stepped up and wasted no time inserting the plastic tip into her rectum. I took in the sight of Brenda’s now wholly exposed anal and vaginal areas as they were presented to my gaze. I could see that she had carefully trimmed her pubic hair around her vaginal lips, which allowed me to see that she was a bit flushed and moist down there. My previous guess was correct: she would be one of the many women who became aroused during my examinations.

Amanda squeezed the solution slowly into Brenda’s bowels. When the container was empty, she withdrew it and replaced the enema tip with her finger, telling Brenda that would help her hold the solution in for the required time to take effect. I made myself look busy as I surreptitiously glanced at the sight of my nurse’s finger penetrating a pretty teenage girl’s upturned buttocks just an arm’s reach away. After several minutes of maintaining that posture, Amanda extracted her finger and let Brenda down from the table, allowing her to run to the toilet holding her abdomen and finally expel.

Amanda had already prepared the stirrups at the end of the table by the time Brenda returned. She had forgotten she was naked when she ran to the bathroom under pressure from the enema. But now she walked back quickly, attempting without success to cover her breasts and pubic area with her hands. She was so cute!

“OK, Brenda, on your back now, and slide down to the end of the table here,” Nurse Amanda said as she patted the cushioned top of the exam table. “That’s it, let me help you with your feet.” The nurse helped Brenda raise her legs and put her feet into the stirrups. The she adjusted them so that the girl’s knees were pushed back toward her breasts and her feet raised up at an angle toward the ceiling. I told Amanda to put a little pillow behind Brenda’s head so she could see what I was going to do.

Just as I was taking my place on the stool directly between her legs, the office intercom buzzed and Amanda answered it. The receptionist reported that a young medical student, Clarence, who had just turned 23 years old, was there for his weekly clinical training. Like most medical students, Clarence took advantage of local doctors’ offers to come into their offices from time to time to learn the practical aspects of the medical profession. I told Amanda to have him come in. This would be a perfect opportunity to test him on his knowledge of female anatomy as well as let him observe some routine examination procedures. The idea that a young man would be coming in and seeing her exposed like this was not lost on Brenda. She kept telling herself that it was all part of a medical procedure and she would just have to endure it.

I once again lubricated Brenda’s rectum by inserting my KY-coated finger deep into her bowels, then slowly inserted a rectal speculum into her opening. Amanda had run hot tap water over it before handing it to me, so it provided a nice warm sensation to Brenda when I put it in. Brenda moaned as I began dilating her rectum, stretching her anal sphincter more than it had ever been stretched. With a little penlight, I looked way up into her rectum, finding nothing of any consequence. With her rectum fully open for my inspection, I inserted a long-stem swab which resembled a Q-tip all the way inside, probing various places along the rectal walls to be sure there were no lumps or fissures.

As I twisted the swab for the last time before extracting it, Clarence came into the room, and immediately captured Brenda’s attention.

The door to the examination room opened, and Clarence walked in just as I was extracting the warm speculum from Brenda’s rectum. He hesitated for just a moment as he saw the pretty young lady stretched out naked on the examination table, face up, legs in stirrups spread wide and posterior prominently visible in profile.

“Good morning, doctor,” he greeted me. “I’m glad you have a study subject for me today.”

“Good morning, Clarence,” I said. “Clarence, this is Brenda. I just finished her rectal examination, and I’m ready to begin her vaginal examination. Are you ready?”

“Yes. I’ve been studying female anatomy for my exams, so I should know this stuff cold,” he replied.

Brenda was taking this all in. So, she was going to be used as a teaching tool for the young medical student. Suddenly, this procedure didn’t seem all that bad. The thoughts of her being naked in front of this young man and having him examine and probe her was getting exciting. Being shy, however, she was still apprehensive about being so exposed in front of three strangers. She started to cross her arms over her breasts to try to preserve some modesty, but I quickly rebuked her.

“No need to try to hide yourself, Brenda. Clarence and I both have seen plenty of nude women. Besides, your breasts will be part of the lesson for today,” I explained. She resignedly replaced her arms along her sides on the table and looked up at the ceiling.

“Let’s begin,” I said. “Brenda, I want you to raise your arms over your head and stretch, as if you were trying to reach the other end of the table over your head.” Brenda joined her hands and reached way back, which made her breasts spread evenly over her chest and left them completely vulnerable.

“Now, Clarence, if you’d be so kind as to point out the basic structure of the breasts?” I asked.

“Yes. This is the mammary gland, which contains fatty and other cells used in the production of mother’s milk for babies,” he began, touching the outside edge of Brenda’s left breast lightly. She remained still, waiting for the rest. “And this is the procedure for palpating for lumps,” he continued as he placed several fingers on her breast and began moving them in slow circles toward her nipple. “Now we get to this large brown part here, called the areola. This part surrounds the nipple and defines its boundaries with an extra layer of toughness.” His fingers then moved to her nipple. “This is the nipple, where milk and sometimes other fluids are secreted. When stimulated, such as during sexual excitement, the nipples become stiff and erect,” he concluded. While he was explaining about the nipple, his thumb and forefinger were lightly rolling the nipple between them, causing it to rise and become rock-hard. Brenda moaned softly at the sensation, but remained still.

“That’s good, Clarence. You seem to have a firm grasp of the subject,” I said sort of tongue-in-cheek, while Clarence held the erect nipple in his fingers. For his part, Clarence felt a familiar stirring in his loins as he tweaked the hard nipple, despite the fact he was here in a purely clinical setting.

“OK, let’s move down to the pelvic area. Take this cotton swab and touch each place as you name it for me,” I instructed as I handed him a long Q-tip.

The young student licked his lips and took a big swallow as he began. “This is the mons veneris, or pubic mound, located on the anterior aspect of the pelvic bone above the vagina, “ he explained as he placed the trembling swab right in the batch of dark pubic hair covering the area in question. “This is the labia majora, or outer lips of the vagina, which are generally covered with pubic hair. In our case, this girl has trimmed back her pubic hair shorter than normal. This is considered appropriate for hygienic as well as aesthetic purposes,” he explained. As he said this, he ran the tip of the swab down one puffy lip and up the other one, scribing the shape of an oval around her vaginal opening. “Here, the lips appear slightly puffy and flushed, an early sign of sexual arousal,” he intoned without emotion. Brenda twitched slightly at the ticklish sensation, noting that she was becoming quite wet inside her girlish pussy.

Seeing he was ready to move on, I spread Brenda’s outer pussy lips wide, exposing her hot, pink flesh to our view. Nurse Amanda brought over the floor-mounted examination light and directed its beam onto her pelvic area. Brenda could feel the heat from the light on her crotch, as well as the heat of the two men’s gazes as their eyes fixed on her exposed privates.

Clarence continued, touching her inner lips with his swab. “This is the labia minora, or inner lips, located just inside the outer lips, and is noted to be pink in color with no abnormalities.” He proceeded to raise the swab toward the top of her vagina, coming to rest on the urethra. “This is the urethral opening where urine is excreted. As I press down slightly with the swab, I notice the opening appears slightly redder than normal, as if some pressure has been applied to it recently.”

“You’re right. That’s what Brenda refers to as her ‘peehole.’ She’s admitted to me in the past that it’s her favorite spot to place her fingers when she masturbates. I’ve already given her instructions on hygiene procedures to reduce the chance of inflammation, and it seems to be improving,” I explained at length. I could see the humiliation on Brenda’s face as I disclosed one of her most intimate secrets to the handsome young stranger. Clarence smiled slightly before continuing.

Clarence’s swab moved up to her clitoris, resting right on top of the now stiff little button. “Finally, this is the clitoris, which is the center of female sexual sensations.” He took the tip of the swab and gently pushed back the little hood of skin covering the clitoris. “Now that I’ve exposed the clitoris itself, we can see that it’s a moist, pink organ which becomes engorged with blood and erect during sexual arousal. In fact, it appears to be in such a state of arousal as we examine it,” he said as he began to slowly circle the clitoris with his swab. He was aware of Brenda’s mounting excitement as he intentionally manipulated her pleasure spot, seeing her hips move slightly as she lay open and exposed on the table.

Clarence then guided the swab down the side of Brenda’s virgin pussy lips, and to the bottom of her slit. “This is the perineum, which is about a one inch piece of tissue separating the vagina from the rectum,” he said as he dragged the tip up and down that narrow piece of skin. “And finally, this is the anus,” he said evenly, as he aimed the swab’s tip right at the center of her little brown star and pressed in slightly, giving it a little twirl. “This orifice is used primarily for elimination of body wastes from the colon, although it is rich in nerve endings and can be a pleasure spot in its own way.” He watched Brenda’s face as he twirled the swab slightly on her anal surface.

“Ohhhhhh….” she moaned, responding to the tickling sensation he produced.

“Very good, Clarence. Now that we’re done with the external genitalia, lets have a look inside, shall we?” I said as I released her pussy lips, causing Brenda to sigh with relief. She thought to herself that maybe this would be the end of her ordeal, but now she heard me mention looking inside her. She didn’t know how she would stand it, but she knew she had to go through with it.

Amanda handed me a warmed vaginal speculum, which she’d already lubricated. I immediately bent down so her pussy was at my eye level, and slowly inserted the speculum, causing Brenda to squirm a bit. I inserted the speculum sideways, then rotated the handles downward, manipulating the device to open her vaginal canal very wide, giving us a clear view all the way up inside. With the stainless steel instrument in place, I told Clarence to continue.

“OK, this is the hymen around the inside of the inner lips at the inside entrance to the vaginal opening. Although not always conclusive, an intact hymen indicates the girl is a virgin as far as never having had genital-genital sexual intercourse. In this case the hymen is not very pronounced, but is intact and normal appearing, indicating she has not likely had sex with a male before,” he explained.

He inserted the swab between the jaws of the speculum and inside her vaginal opening, past the hymen, bringing it to touch on the walls of the vagina. “This whole area is the vaginal canal. The vaginal walls appear to be normal, with copious amounts of natural lubrication covering them. This is the area that accepts a male penis during sexual intercourse. The size and tone of the musculature in this area varies with the individual,” he stated as Brenda felt the swab tickle the inner walls of her genitals as he moved it back and forth around her insides.

“Lastly, this is the cervix,” he said as his swab touched the opening to her womb. “This is the mouth, or os, of the cervix where PAP smears are gathered for pathological examination in the laboratory. The primary purpose of the cervix is the entrance to the womb as well as the fetus’s exit path during childbirth,” he explained.

“Excellent job, Clarence,” I complimented him. “You seem to be ready to take your anatomy exam now. You should have no problem.” I directed him on how to remove the speculum from Brenda’s virgin pussy.

“Thank you for all your help, doctor. I’m sure I’m going to do fine,” he replied.

“And thank you, too, Brenda, for allowing me to examine you. This was an excellent refresher for me,” he said to her as he moved up to where her head was. Her eyes slowly met his with some embarrassment as he smiled at her. She wondered if he knew how aroused she was, then quickly realized that he had just examined all her sex organs and should easily be able to tell.

“You’re welcome,” she replied shyly, looking away.

Clarence left the examination room after saying his good-byes, and it was once again only Brenda, Nurse Amanda and me together in the room. I could see Brenda start to get up from the table as if the examination were over and she could leave.

“Whoa! Not so fast, young lady,” I said as I pushed her back down on the table. “There’s one thing we have to finish before you can go. I’ll bet you can guess what that is, too,” I said as I smiled knowingly at her.

“Yes, doctor, I know. You have to complete my internal examination,” she said in a small voice as she lay back down, wanting to get this over with.

“And what else?” I asked her, as Amanda and I exchanged amused glances.

“A…and you have to treat my irritated peehole,” Brenda said quietly with obvious embarrassment.

“That’s right, miss. You remember the treatment protocol from your last examinations, I’m sure. It won’t take very long,” I said, getting excited at the thought of administering her “treatment.”

“But first, I’m going to have Nurse Amanda shave your pubic area. I suspect part of your peehole problem is that your pubic hair, as trimmed as it is, is retarding the healing process,” I explained. Brenda looked at me in horror and rose up on her elbows.

“ you’re going to remove all my hair down there?” she gasped. “I’ve had it for years…it won’t feel natural without it. Oh, please, Doctor Trott, can’t you just trim it back a little bit?” she begged.

“I’m sorry, young lady, but it’s going to have to go. All of it,” I proclaimed. At this, Brenda gave Amanda and me a long look, then with a big sigh, laid back down flat on the table. She knew it was going to be done, and knew it would do no good to protest any further. Oh God, she thought, What are my friends going to say when they find out about this?

Amanda came over with a large steel bowl of hot water, some shaving gel and a razor. She placed a white towel underneath Brenda’s bottom. A washcloth was soaked in the hot water and placed over Brenda’s pubic mound and pressed onto her outer pussy lips, soaking the fine pubic hairs thoroughly in preparation for removal. Brenda closed her eyes and savored the warm, wet feeling on her pussy.

After a minute, the washcloth was removed and a mixture of shaving gel and baby oil was spread over her pubic mound and worked in by Amanda’s fingers until all the hairs were coated right down to the skin.

“OK, Brenda, hold still now while I shave you. I don’t want to nick your sensitive skin,” Amanda told her. Brenda felt the tug of the razor on her lower abdomen as it was drawn from the top downward toward her pussy slit. As Amanda was working the razor in various directions to get all the hairs, the fingers of her other hand were moving around, stretching the skin tight so the area would be shaved as smooth as possible. When she got down to shaving Brenda’s vertical pussy lips, her fingers had to slip inside the outer lips to stretch the folds of skin for the razor. Brenda felt her fingers slide across her clitoris and peehole occasionally, and toward the end, even entering her vaginal opening. The sensation of Amanda’s fingers sliding around her sensitive pussy areas was overpowering; something she hadn’t thought of when she was first told she would be shaved.

Finally, Amanda put down the razor and began wiping down the young girl’s pubic and anal areas, which she had also shaved smooth. After cleaning her off, the nurse applied some lotion to the area to soothe it from the razor’s irritation.

“Hmmmm…’re nice and clean and smooth now, Brenda,” Amanda said. “I think you’ll find you like it this way once you get used to it. I know I do,” she said as she kept rubbing her hands over Brenda’s slick pussy lips. Brenda was shocked to hear that the nurse shaved her own pussy! Maybe there’s something more to this I’d like to know about, thought Brenda as she lay there with her now-hairless pussy fully exposed. Before she could get a question out, I arrived back at the table.

“Before we begin the internal examination, I’m going to need a urine sample from you,” I told Brenda. “I want you to get up on your knees and kneel on the table facing me, OK?” I instructed her. Brenda was almost glad to get out of the embarrassing position in the stirrups for a second, until she realized what was in store for her now. She obediently got up on her knees facing me, which put her pussy just below my eye level.

“Spread your legs wide so I can get the collection cup up tight to your peehole,” instructed. She obediently spread her knees until she was in a kneeling-squatting position with her hips thrust forward showing a perfectly nude pussy. I reached one hand around behind and underneath her bare buttocks, sliding it between her legs and placing my fingers just inside her puffy pussy lips. Using my fingers, I spread her lips apart to expose her peehole as I pressed the plastic collection cup up to her pussy.

“Now, just pee into the cup so I can get a sample to analyze. I know you’re a bit nervous, but just relax and let it come,” I told her. She closed her eyes and I could feel her sag a bit as she relaxed. Shortly a small, weak stream of urine began to fall from her peehole, then it turned into a full stream as she relaxed. I felt the warmth as the urine level crept up the cup, finally stopping about an inch below the top.

I removed the cup and handed it to Amanda. Leaving my fingers on her spread pussy lips, I picked up a Kleenex and dabbed her vaginal area dry. I could feel Brenda’s hips move slightly as I gently dabbed around her peehole and clitoris areas. I didn’t expect to hear any more protests from her at this point…she seemed to be taking all this in stride, if not with a bit of pleasure.

“Good job, Brenda,” I complemented her. “Now we can conclude with your internal examination. Please resume your position on you back. Amanda can help you get your feet back into the stirrups.”

I slipped on my latex gloves once again as Nurse Amanda began preparing the antiseptic ointment for Brenda’s peehole irritation. I began by spreading her pussy lips wide, then inserting a finger deep into her pussy. I didn’t really even need the KY on my fingers, as she was wet enough by now. Once I had thoroughly coated her entire inner vaginal canal, I slipped my other finger inside, her muscles and hymen squeezing my fingers comfortably.

“Ohhhhhhhh……..” Brenda moaned as I moved my fingers carefully around inside of her. I curled my fingers up slightly, making sure I was massaging her G-spot for maximum effect. I placed the palm of my hand flat against the top of her pelvis, just above her pubic mound, so I could feel the rest of her anterior reproductive organs better. I found that my thumb would slightly brush over her distended clitoris occasionally, which brought a little squirm and a sigh from the aroused girl.

Amanda took my hand off of Brenda’s lower abdomen and spread some KY lubricant on my index finger in preparation for what was to come next. Amanda moved to my side between Brenda’s spread legs and pried her little ass cheeks apart with her thumbs. Without warning Brenda, I placed my finger against her tight asshole and pushed my finger in until it was in all the way.

“Ahhhhhh…..mmmmmm…..” was all Brenda could get out when my finger entered her most private place. I could now feel my fingers meet each other through the membrane between anus and vagina. I moved all my fingers in and out in different ways; sometimes together, sometimes pulling one out while pushing the other in, then reversing directions. This brought about a noticeable reaction from Brenda, who wiggled her hips back and forth on the table as if trying to drive my fingers in deeper. Finding nothing abnormal, I instructed Amanda to place a glob of the antiseptic cream on the thumb of my hand that was protruding from her pussy.

With my finger still up inside Brenda’s rectum and two fingers still inside her vagina, I began to apply the cream to her urethral opening, or ‘peehole’ as she called it. The slick, smooth cream spread evenly over her peehole and allowed my thumb to work over, under and around her sensitive opening without resistance. As soon as I touched her peehole, she jumped a bit, but quickly settled back down on the table and began gyrating her hips even faster. Amanda looked on with amusement, knowing what was coming next.

As soon as I had her peehole nicely coated with the ointment, I moved my thumb up to her erect clitoris, which really sent a shudder through the young patient. I began rubbing her little nub up and down, side to side…..sliding my thumb over and in circles around her sensitive clitoris until she could take no more.

“Mmmmm…..ohhhhhhh……ahhhhhhh….AAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!” Brenda groaned as her whole body was wracked with spasms of pleasure. I increased the tempo of my finger thrusts in her pussy and bare bottom as she came in hard gushes, feeling her vaginal and anal muscles tighten around my fingers with each orgasmic spasm. My thumb made faster and tighter circles around her clitoris, making sure to maintain contact in spite of her gyrating hips. Looking at her face closely to gauge her reactions, I saw her eyes tightly closed as she bit her bottom lip, rocked her head back and forth and arched her back up off the table. I could even see the veins in her neck pulsating and distended by her exertion.

Finally her writhing slowed and I reduced my finger thrusts accordingly, letting her glide down the sensual slope toward ultimate relaxation. When she became still and her breathing became more regular, I gently slipped my fingers from her pussy and asshole, allowing those pleasure holes to regain their former dimensions.

“Well, well, young lady, I’m happy to see that it didn’t bother you too much when I applied the ointment,” I said as matter-of-factly as I could while stripping off my exam gloves. “Your peehole is looking much better. Keep up with the hygiene procedures I gave you last time.”

“Y…yes…doctor. I…will,” Brenda managed to reply between deep sighs.

“And I’ll want to see you again in a week for a follow-up examination to be sure the cream is working, OK?” I added as I helped her sit up on the table. Amanda had to help her down and assisted her in cleaning herself up and getting dressed. I noticed a large wet spot on the clean white paper covering the exam table…the only evidence of Brenda’s treatment for today.

“Bye, doctor. Bye nurse,” Brenda said as she opened the door.

“Bye, Brenda. See you next week,” we both said as she slipped quietly out the door.

I went back into my office while Nurse Amanda finished cleaning up the exam room and preparing it for the next patient. Although I tried to concentrate on the phone message slips on my desk, I couldn’t shake the overpowering presence of my hard cock which was reacting predictably to the exam session with pretty young Brenda. I could feel the pre-cum leaking right through the fabric of my slacks. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I turned on the intercom.

“Nurse, would you come into my office for a second, please,” I called out to Amanda.

“I’m on the way,” she replied over the device.

A few seconds later the door to my office opened and in walked Amanda. The top five buttons of her starched white uniform were already unbuttoned, showing full, milky-white cleavage. And she was already starting to slip out of her sleeves!

The rest of the afternoon’s appointments were going to be much easier to handle now…….