Businessman's Out of Town Colonic

This is a true story. I was recently in a northern city for a week-long conference during a change of seasons. Living in a warmer part of the country and being a guy who is very into preventive medicine, I decided that it might be a good idea to get a colonic before returning home. I had gotten off my normally healthy diet and had spent the week walking around in chilly weather without the appropriate outer garments. I didn’t want to get sick upon my return home. I grabbed the yellow pages at my hotel and looked up “Colonic Irrigations.” I found a clinic that actually had a man’s name attached to it, called and was able to schedule an appointment for late in the afternoon of the day my conference ended. Luckily, I was not flying out until the

following afternoon and planned to spend my last night enjoying the city. The morning of my appointment, I pushed myself extra hard at the hotel gym, upping the weight load as I lifted, and jogging faster and longer than normal on the treadmill, really working up quite a sweat. I ate only fruits and vegetables for both breakfast and lunch and drank plenty of water all day. After the conference ended in mid-afternoon, I headed out of the hotel and started walking to my appointment. The sun was going down, and the wind was picking up and I was in a suit with no overcoat. It was about a 15-block walk to the downtown bank building in which the clinic was located and by the time I got there the sun had set.

I walked into the lobby, double-checked the correct floor and grabbed an elevator. When I got to the 8th Floor, the hallway was deserted and all the other offices were dark, except for the clinic which had a glass door, with its name etched on the front. I entered the lobby-waiting room and went over to the check-in desk and rang the bell. After several moments the doctor appeared behind the counter.

He was an attractive man, probably in his mid-40’s, tall, with salt and pepper hair. He was wearing a white lab coat over a shirt and tie. He introduced himself, shook my hand and asked me to fill out some paperwork since this was my first visit to his clinic. He was a specialist in an alternative medicine that I had not heard of, but which was basically devoted to healthy approaches to diet, exercise, and lifestyle with a goal of prevention instead of treatment of disease. He apologized for the lack of a receptionist, stating that she had left early that day, but since I was his final appointment that evening, she wasn’t needed anyway. He disappeared through a door while I sat down to fill out the paperwork on the clipboard he had handed me.

Along with the basic information, the paperwork included brochures detailing his approaches to preventive medical care as well as a detailed questionnaire about my health history. It asked for a history of childhood and adult diseases as well as information about my diet, exercise regimen, and several questions about my bowel habits. Luckily, my level of exercise combined with

my high-fiber, low-fat diet keeps me pretty regular.

The forms took about 10 minutes to complete and then I sat reading the informational materials for another 5 before he returned. The doctor came into the waiting room and took the clipboard from me and asked me to follow him back to his office. This was when I noticed just how well-built he was, even through his shirt and lab coat. He was probably 6 foot or 6 foot one and had a noticeable chest and great forearms. His stomach was flat and he looked great in a crisp white shirt and tie under that lab coat. I was thrilled I had made this appointment.

We walked down a hallway with windows looking out the front of the building on our left and doors to exam/treatment rooms on our right. The rest of the office was deserted. His office was at the end of the hall. Inside was a fairly typical doctor’s office: messy desk, diplomas on the wall, bookcases, etc. We sat down in opposite chairs in front of his desk and he started

flipping through my paperwork and asking various questions. He was pleased to learn of my personal commitment to preventive medicine and maintenance programs and launched into an explanation of colonics, how they are administered and their benefits. He had colored illustrations on which he traced the pathway of the colon and intestines. He also showed me how far the speculum nozzle would be inserted and where the water would flow. I had mentioned on the phone that I had had colonics in the past, but this seemed to be his normal patter. He completed this discussion by informing me that since this was my first visit with him, he would be doing an introductory examination before administering my colonic. Then we got up and I followed him down the hall. He led me to a bathroom and suggested that I void my bladder before we began. When I came out of the bathroom we continued down the hall to the treatment room.

He opened the door and allowed me to enter first. He went over to a cabinet and retrieved a cotton exam gown which he handed to me. He asked me to change and said that he would be back in a few minutes. He left the room, closing the door behind him. I was left in a typical exam room, small with a counter and sink, cabinets, a scale, several chairs, and an exam table and the colonic machine. What made this room different from most I had been in was that the exam table was smack dab in the middle of the room at an angle from one corner with the colonic equipment attached to the wall at the end. I was used to a table up against a wall or parallel to the walls. I undressed, hanging my suit and shirt on hangars from the back of the door. I folded my T-shirt, shorts and socks and placed them on top of my shoes beneath the chair. As always happens when I change into an exam gown, I was fully erect when I put the gown on, making it tent out from my lower torso. I hopped up on the table

and put my hands in my lap in an effort to conceal my hard-on.

Several minutes later, which helped me lose some of the erection, the doctor knocked and re-entered the exam room. (The following dialogue is as best as I remember, or at least a reasonable facsimile).

“Ok, let’s get started. First let’s get you up on the scale for a ‘before-session’ weigh-in. I’ll check your weight again after we’re done for comparisons.”

I hopped off the table and put my hands in front of my crotch in an effort to hide my erection and stepped up onto the scale. He moved the weights back and forth until they evened out at 161#. I was pleased, since I’m 5’8.”

“Great, now back up on the table for me, please, and if you would undo the strings of your gown and let it drop to your waist for me.”

I did this as he put on a stethoscope and produced a blood-pressure cuff which he wrapped around my left bicep. He pumped and listened.

“You’re a little high, nervous?”

“Yeah, a little I suppose.”

“Well, nothin’ to worry about, just relax, you’re gonna enjoy this and feel refreshed afterwards. Nice set o’ pecs by the way”

This started a discussion of our various chest routines at the gym and the best ways to develop that deep cleft between the pecs. Then he listened to my heart and also took my pulse before telling me I could pull the gown back up.I did, but didn’t bother to re-tie the strings in back.

“Before we begin, I want to check out your digestive system and get a handle on its state. Lie back against the table. But first let me lower this end.”

The portion of the table that supported my head and shoulders was at a 45 degree angle. He lowered it until it was flat with the rest of the table.

“First I’m going to palpate your stomach, intestines and colon. Then I’ll do a short visual and digital rectal exam, and then I’ll need to record your rectal temperature, then we’ll start your colonic. And actually, you’ll be changing positions several times and it will be easier without the gown. Would it bother you to remove it?”

BAM! Just hearing those words I was rock hard again. My regular colon therapist back home always massages and manipulates my intestines through the gown, so I was surprised when the doctor said that.

“Nope.” was all I could get out. I slid the gown off my arms and he took it from me. Then he motioned for me to lie down on my back. My penis was pointing directly at my navel and I could feel my ears go beet red.

“Sorry.” I mumbled.

“Not to worry. Lots of guys get erections in this room. Just relax and take deep breaths. Try closing your eyes and concentrating on your digestive system. Visualize moving everything out of your system.”

I closed my eyes, started breathing, and he began to push my stomach and groin with both hands. At one point he actually moved my penis out of the way to work the area directly underneath it.

“Nothing seems to be impacted. Just keep breathing and relaxing.”

I stayed flat on the table, with my eyes closed, doing my deep breathing, concentrating on relaxing and trying not to think about how turned on I was. But it wasn’t working. I heard him turn to the counter and open one of the glass jars. I also heard him rustle around with paper towels as well as the opening and closing of a drawer. Then I heard “it.” The unmistakable snap of

exam gloves against wrists as they are being pulled on.

“Ok, let’s get a feel inside. Bring your knees up to your chest for me.”

I put my knees up on my pecs and grabbed the back of my knees. I felt very exposed and vulnerable but I was still rock hard. He rubbed a lubricated finger around my hole in circles a few times.

“Breathe through your mouth, deep breaths.”

His finger slid in and I kept breathing. I could tell his finger was pointed upwards as it went in. He felt around and eventually hit my prostate. My eyes opened automatically at this point and I stared straight up at him as he probed. He just gave me half a smile and continued feeling around inside my rectum. He pulled his finger out.

“Now turn on your left side with your knees slightly bent.”

I did and he proceeded to readjust my legs so that my right (top) leg was pulled closer to my chest than my left (lower).

“I’m going in again. Keep breathing through your mouth.”

I rested my head on my left arm and stared at the wall, enjoying the feel of his finger up inside me.

“Everything feels just right. One more position though. Up on all fours for me and scoot down to the end of the table so that you can hook your toes over the end.”

I complied.

“Now, chest flat on the table and turn your head to the side. Back in we go.”

I was now totally exposed to him. The knee-chest position always opens a guy’s ass wide open for a doc. I was in heaven. He probed around and every time he touched my prostate my dick jumped. After a few seconds he pulled his finger out.

“Everything feels great. Stay right there. We’ll see what it actually looks like up there.”

He turned away again and I turned my head to his side of the room. From the back I saw him go to the counter and put on a fresh pair of gloves. He opened a drawer and removed a plastic-wrapped plastic proctoscope. He opened the package and turned back to the table. He moved the paper towels and KY tube to underneath me and went around to the back of the table behind me. He lubed up the scope, placed the tip at my hole and repeated the phrase again.

“Breathe through your mouth.”

The scope slipped in and I felt him remove the inner tube and place it on the table. I heard him take a pen light from his pocket and click it on. He peered inside me.

“Excellent. Ok, buddy, as long as your not running a temperature, we’ll be able to get started and get you all taken care of. On your back again for me, legs up on your chest please.”

He removed the scope and took everything back to the counter as I turned back over onto my back. I rolled my legs up so that my knees were once again on my tits, grabbed the backs of my knees and spread myself wide for him. He turned back to me with a rectal thermometer and the lube. He shook the thermometer several times, checking to make sure the mercury had gone down.

“Here let me make you a little more comfortable. Sit up a second.”

I did and he raised part of the table so that my head and shoulders were at that 45 degree angle again.

“Ok, there you go.”

I got back in position and he used his left hand to hold my cheeks spread apart and quickly inserted the thermometer into my rectum with his right. He checked his watch and then turned his attention to the colonic equipment, starting to get everything turned on, removing the plastic speculum nozzle from its wrapping, attaching it to the hose, getting out more lube and paper

towels, getting out more gloves and placing them on the table as well. I laid there on my back, with my legs up, the glass thermometer sticking out of my rectum, and my dick oozing pre-cum onto my belly. After lubing up the speculum nozzle and pulling on fresh gloves he reached over and pulled the thermometer out with one swift move and checked it.

“99.6. Just as it should be. A rectal temperature is always a degree higher than an oral one. Let’s get started with your colonic. Just hold that position while I insert the speculum. Now as I said before, the speculum will be inserted approximately 4 to 5 inches into your rectum and the water will flow in and out through these holes here. Do your breathing for me again.”

Once again he held my cheeks apart with his left hand and proceeded to slowly apply pressure with the speculum on my sphincter muscle until it slipped past the ring and into my rectum. It was definitely larger than a finger or the scope he had used earlier.

“You can put your feet flat on the table now. Leave your knees bent and concentrate on relaxing your stomach muscles.”

He sat down on a rolling stool next to the table and held the nozzle in place with his left hand. With his right hand he reached over and set the timer for 45 minutes and then turned the knobs to begin the water flow into me. He adjusted the pressure and temperature and I could feel warm water flowing up into me. As the pressure gauge mounted, I got to the uncomfortable point and signaled for him to release. He flipped the switch and the first flow start heading out of me. He commented on the material that flowed through the clear plastic tube under the ultra-violet light in the machine, notating gas bubbles and impacted material. As the water flowed out of me, he switched hands, holding the nozzle with his right and massaging my stomach and the outline of my intestines with his left. I put my hands behind my head so they’d be out of his way, and just worked on relaxing and concentrating on my breathing and my digestive system. The fact that I was totally naked kept getting in the way of my relaxation however. All my previous colonics had been done with gowns.

He alternated cool and warm water to stimulate the movement of material and continued to massage my stomach each time the water was flowing out of me. As we went through the session he started asking me about my trip, my profession, sports, my plans for dinner, we compared notes on weightlifting techniques, and I finally started to relax. We discussed my use of colonics and enemas and my over-all approach to health maintenance.

Over the 45 minutes he pumped 7 full sets of water into my rectum. Each time massaging my stomach and groin to stimulate the flow of material on the way out. And I maintained my erection the entire time. After the timer sounded at the end of the 45, he finished removing the last round of water.

“Ok, bud, knees back up on your chest for me.”

I rolled my knees back up onto my chest and grabbed hold. He slowly pulled the speculum nozzle out and wiped my hole with a paper towel.

“Feel like you’ve still got any water in there?”

“No, actually I don’t.”

“Good, but I’ve got a feeling that there’s another reservoir of fluid inside you that needs to be drained.” A knowing grin crossed his face. “Let’s see if we can relieve that pressure for you.”

He turned back to the counter, opened a cabinet and took something out. Then he put on a fresh set of gloves. When he turned back around I noticed a specimen jar in his hand. He moved to the other side of the table, so that he was now on my left.

He grabbed the lube and spread some on both hands.

“Here hold this.” He handed me the jar. “When the time comes, hold this in place and catch everything for me. Now just relax, close your eyes, and breathe some more.”

I closed my eyes and felt his right hand fold around my rock-hard dick. He started slowly stroking me up and down. Then I felt a finger from his left hand slowly push its way into my rectum. He probed my prostate while slowly and methodically stroking me. I was in heaven. I started really getting into the moment and letting go. I started moaning. He kept probing and stroking, faster and harder, and my moaning started to get more intense. After not more than a couple of minutes, I started feeling the juices boil up inside me. I opened my eyes and positioned the jar at the tip of my penis. He started encouraging me and with a loud moan I shot an enormous load into the jar while having an earth-shattering orgasm. It felt like I came forever, and after the spasms subsided I felt totally spent. He slowly removed his finger from my rectum and handed me some paper towels to clean up the lube. He took off his gloves and washed his hands. “Let’s check your weight one more time, stud.”

I hopped off the table and up onto the scale.

“158. We got rid of three pounds this evening.”

He gave me a playful slap on the ass. I jumped a little, looked at him, raised my eyebrows and let out an appreciative moan.


“Oh ho?! Well, looks like we have some additional mutual interests. What say you let your doc take you to dinner, to supervise your first post-colonic meal? Then we’ll see what other trouble we can get into.”

“Sounds great to me doc.”

He left the room, I got dressed and went out to the lobby. He closed up the office and we headed out for dinner and a night of additional excitement, but that’s another story. He never did let me pay for my session either.

Note to reader-I welcome email responses about similar experiences, but will not reveal the doctor’s name or city, so don’t ask.