Capacity : An Interesting Subject

My observation as one who enjoys the erotic enema, and as a colon therapist, has given me the opportunity to observe people of various shapes and sizes and various capacities.

Most people over the age of 12 can take 2 quarts… with various levels of comfort or discomfort.

Many people can take 2 1/2 to 3 quarts, and a very few can take a gallon.

Those who have taken (or been given) large volume enemas for a number of years tend to have a distended colon, hence larger capacity.

Let me cite examples of a number of people I have known.

The first example is a young woman I knew from about age 19 to age 29. She was 5’6”, weighed about 130 lbs. She had received a few childhood enemas and was introduced to erotic enemas by her husband. She didn’t find the enemas objectionable at first, but didn’t receive much erotic stimulation from them. As time went on she became more aroused by enemas and anal penetration. Her capacity was limited to 1 1/2 quarts, if she took two quarts there was a fairly good chance she would become nauseated, and had vomited on more than one occasion.

In contrast a young woman of about the same age, but 4’11” and just about 100 lbs. Her first enema was a barium enema administered at a Boston clinic. She had been complaining of some stomach discomfort and had expected an upper GI only. At her doctors request, at the last minute, it was decided to do a barium enema first, then the barium swallow.

She had prepared for the upper GI by fasting, so the condition of her lower tract was unknown. She was given a Fleet enema, which she was told to retain until “the urge to evacuate was strong.” Once she had she was taken into the x-ray room for the barium enema. The procedure was not that well explained to her, so she had no idea of the volume of solution she was about to be given.

She said she felt no discomfort during the procedure, and was somewhat aroused by the nozzle in her anus and the subsequent feeling of fullness. When the x-ray series was complete she was helped to the bathroom, where she said she felt as if “I would never stop shitting.”

She said that she kept reliving the experience while masturbating for some months before she finally got a douche bag and starting giving herself enemas. She said that one bag full, two quarts was not enough, and would usually refill the bag, and take about 1/4 to 1/2 of the bag before she felt as full as she did when receiving the barium enema. As most barium bags have a capacity of 2500 to 3000 cc (about 2 1/2 to 3 quarts) it is possible she had received nearly that much, but it is more likely that only about 2000 cc had been mixed (the normal amount used in most x-ray clinics).

I met her when she stared coming to me for colonics. As she mentioned taking enemas, and the barium enema…. I did as I usually do when I think someone has an erotic interest in enemas, and is getting colonics for that reason… on her next visit I had an empty bag hanging on an IV stand in my colonic room. She asked me if I also gave enemas, and I told her that I gave some of my clients enemas as well as colonics. She indicated that she would like to have an enema before we started the colonic, as she felt rather constipated. I use disposable E-Z-Em bags and nozzles to guard against any disease transmission, so the bags I use have a capacity of 2500cc.

I filled the bag full, as I already knew her capacity was large, as she could retain a lot of water before draining when receiving a colonic. I had her lie on her left side to start the enema, and then rolled her onto her back, and finally her right side. Without ever asking me to stop the flow she took the entire 2500cc. On her own she held it for 7 or 8 minute before going to the toilet. When she got off the table she was very expanded, and looked as if she were about 6 months pregnant, you actually could see outline of her colon.

Whenever I give an enema I always ask the client not to flush the toilet so I can inspect the results (a few object, but most do not.) There was no doubt that this young lady (still in college at that time) was very full of feces. Using this as a reason I suggested a second enema, and she consented.

When the bag was empty this time I asked her if she could take anymore, she said she thought she could, so, using a pitcher I added another 1000cc to the bag. She took 500cc more, or a total of 3000cc before she said that was enough. Again she held the water for 7 or 8 minutes before expelling. What she released this time was light brown water with no solids.

When I came back into the room after inspecting what she expelled, she suggested another enema, rather than the colonic. This time she took only the 2500cc before saying she was full. This time the water was nearly clear. After that session, whenever she came back she no longer wanted a colonic, but would take three enemas instead. Usually she stopped after the 2500cc but on occasion would take an additional 500cc and on a couple of occasions had taken most of the 1000cc additional.

She always came to my clinic very full of feces, I suspect she would hold back a day or more before coming in.

Those two would be the extremes I observed in female clients, one other unusual client was the daughter of a family that came in bi-monthly for colonics. Mother, Father, and two daughters 12 and 15. Anyone who has had a colonic knows that we often vary temperature to stimulate the colon, and aid evacuation when necessary. Cool water is usually used for this purpose. In this case, the 12 year old, would request that I use very cool water because she liked the feeling it gave her. Most adults object to the cool water as it can be very cramping.

The males who came in for the erotic side of colonics and enemas were the ones with the large capacity. One gentleman who would drive several hundred miles for his sessions had a capacity of well over 3 quarts and often took a gallon. He would bring a 42fr colon tube which I would work all the way into him while giving the enema.

Another man in his late teens and early twenties would only take two quarts, but wanted me to give him as many enemas as I could in an hour. For safety reasons I would give him no more that 4. He claimed he had given himself 10 in an hour, and had enemaed and expelled continuously for over an hour using a device called a “shower shot” he had gotten from Art Hamilton in NYC.

Another man in his mid-30’s like to have accidents. He said his mother had often given him large enemas and made him hold them until he lost control.

If you wish to experience these feelings yourself, there is an “enema clinic” in Los Angeles that has a large selection of equipment, including colon tubes, and does excellent deep insertions. Anyone who would like additional information should contact me directly for information on how to get in touch with “Valerie.”