Carolin’s Lesson

Carolin had just finished her breakfast. It had been delicious, with hot tea, bread, cheese, marmalade, juice etc. She relaxed and viewed the beautiful garden.

The waiter went to her and whispered a question into her ear: “Are you Carolin?”

“Yes,” she answered.

The waiter continued: “I have a message for you. You must at once go to the headmistress’ office, she is waiting for you.”

Caroline showed that she understood. She finished her tea and went to the office, where she waited for a moment, then she knocked at the door. A “yes, come in” was promptly returned. Caroline went in and closed the door behind her.

The headmistress was a nice, good looking woman in the mid forties. Normally she was kind. But today it seemed that she was a bit angry. She asked Carolin to take a seat. And she said: “Well Carolin, you had been here at the Adult Training Center for four days. Do you like to be here?”

“Yes,” Carolin replied and continued, “I had already learned a lot and will be happy to spend the rest of my vacation here.”

The headmistress said, “I am happy to hear that. Yesterday evening you received a visitor. I am not interested in what you were doing, but you were told to do some preparation. You just needed to search for the nurse and ask for an enema. Did you do that?”

Carolin must admit. “No I didn’t.”

“Well,” the headmistress said and continued, “a month ago, you participated in an introduction evening. Here it was pointed out that it would be up to you to attend and travel to this center. You are here voluntary, but when you are here you must follow the entire program and you must follow orders. I think you need some punishment and a lesson. I will call the nurse and ask her to perform a rectal examination and probably a sigmoidoscopy. If you are completely clean, then you are free to do what you like until dinner. Otherwise you will proceed through a complete clean out. It is also possible that you are tired of being here, then you are free to leave.” She ended and waited.

Carolin felt like a naughty girl and wondered what to say. She thought it could be embarrassing to go through this medical procedure. But she was happy to join this very special center. She needed to make a decision. She replied: “I prefer to be here. Please call the nurse.”

The headmistress picked up the phone and made a short conversation.

Few minutes later, a knock at the door and the nurse Lena went in. The headmistress addressed her.

“Carolin needed an enema yesterday, but hesitated to ask you. Today I think she perhaps is in greater need. Would you please examine her and if necessary use fiber optics to look deep inside. If she is not clean, then she must fulfill a 20 complete clean out procedure. And by the way, in the end I would like to control her by myself.”

Carolin wondered what this procedure meant. She was a tiny bit scared what she had to go through.

The nurse agreed with the headmistress and turned around. Carolin was asked to follow her.

They went to the clinic, which was a nice small white building just a short way from the large buildings the center consisted of.

The nurse guided Carolin to an examining room. Carolin realized this would be an embarrassing procedure. In the middle of the room, was placed an exam table. She knew what came next. The nurse showed her an stool and asked her to take off her dress, tights and her panties. When she was half naked, then she was told to lay on the table, move her butt over to the end of the table and her legs in the stirrups.

Then Lena examined Carolin’s stomach by pressing her fingertips deep into the skin following the intestine. Carolin saw Lena put on latex rubber gloves. Shortly after, her anus was lubricated. The nurse slid a finger deep into Carolin’s rectum, where she carefully searched for fecal matter. Finally she pulled the finger out. Lena said: “You don’t need further investigation. It felt like you haven’t visited the toilet for days. You must receive a full clean out.”

The nurse picked up something from a drawer and went back to Carolin. “You will now receive a dulcolax suppository.”

The nurse took the suppository, let it rest shortly in Carolin’s small rear opening, it was moved a bit and pushed deep into her rectum.

Lena took off the gloves and threw them in the wastebasket. She then picked some clothing from a shelf. As soon she turned around, Carolin realized that she would be put into an adult diaper and a pair of plastic pants.

Carolin was told to lift her bottom. The diaper and the pants were pushed under her. Then she could relax and lay down on the diaper. The diaper and the pants were folded over her crotch and secured at the front with snaps.

Lena said: “Just lay on the table. I will notify the headmistress. I will come back in a moment.”

Carolin just waited. It took fifteen long minutes before the nurse came back. Lena said: “Now, you can come down.”

As soon as Carolin stood on the floor, Lena told her to take off her shirt and her bra. Then a hospital gown and white stockings were handed to her.

When she had dressed, Lena said. “Now, follow me to the enema room.”

They went through the hall. Carolin felt embarrassed while in the gown as she was not able to hide the fact that she was wearing a diaper and a pair of plastic pants.

They went into the enema room. Another nurse waited for them. Lena presented her: “This is Lisa, we will assist you to get completely clean.”

Lisa said hello to Carolin.

Any doubt about the purpose of this room was removed from Carolin’s mind. An ordinary exam table was in the middle of the room, but on the one end where your bottom must be placed, stood a white porcelain bowl. It was a table combined with a toilet.

Carolin knew she must expel fully exposed. Furthermore she now felt more of an urge to relieve the suppository. It was hard to hold it.

Lena told her to lay on the table. Carolin did. But soon Lisa said: “Come on honey. Move your butt further past the end of the table.”

Carolin was directed to move until her butt was free to release in the bowl. Then her leg was bent backwards, spread wide and secured with straps in the stirrups. Her arms were secured with straps to the armrest.

Cramping and the urge to expel forced her to an accident. She filled the diaper. This was humiliating. Lena saw her diaper covered crotch change color. “Well,” she said, “this is your punishment. It was meant to let you mess the diaper. When you are finished, then the enema series will start.”

The two nurses left the room. Carolin must have waited ten minutes more. She had to let it go into the diaper. But finally the urge was gone.

When the two nurses arrived again, they wore plastic aprons and rubber gloves. Lisa took off the messy diaper. The diaper was thrown away and the plastic pants were put in the wash. Finally Carolin was cleaned up.

In the meantime, Lena had prepared a quarter of an liter of oil. Carolin was lubricated carefully in her anal opening. Lena worked her finger deep into Carolin’s rectum. Pull it out and pick up a colon tube. The tube was put deep into Carolin’s bowel. The nurse took her time to let the oil flow slowly. Five minutes later it was in.

Lena said: “This enema is easy to hold. Just retain it. If you feel you need to fart, then hold it back. It is the oil that’d trying to come out.”

Again Carolin was left alone and had to wait for fifteen minutes.

Lisa arrived with an enema bag and hung it on an I.V. stand. She notified Carolin that she had to hold the oil enema. Then she said: “You will now receive a very powerful soap and glycerin enema. This should make you nearly completely empty.”

Any air in the tube was let out and the nozzle was lubricated. Lisa bent over and inserted the eighteen cm long nozzle into Carolin’s rectum. It was pushed all the way in. Then the enema started.

After just a while Carolin gasped. She felt instant cramping. An order hit her ear: “Squeeze and hold it!”

After five long minutes the enema was in. But Carolin had to hold it for a further five minutes. She suffered from severe cramping and an unbearable urge to expel. But no mercy was allowed her. If she lost just a few drops, then an order hit her: “Squeeze and hold it. Take a deep breath. If you don’t hold it, then we will have to do it again.”

At last Lisa said: “Just relax and let it go.”

A tremendous tidal wave from Carolin’s inside pushed the terrible enema solution into the bowl. Her stomach didn’t hesitate, after few minutes she was completely drained and tired. She was cleaned up and the toilet flushed. The nurses left the room. Carolin was allowed to rest for twenty minutes.

The two nurses arrived at the same time and began to prepare the next enema. Carolin was still thinking about the clean out procedure, what does it mean? She dared to ask: “What is the 20 complete clean out procedure.”

Lena smiled to her and answered: “It means that you will receive 20 liters of enema. And for the moment, you have received one liter.” Carolin thought this couldn’t be worse. She must look forward to a long procedure.

Lena put a strange looking nozzle on the tray. When she saw Carolin’s surprise she said: “This is a double inflatable nozzle nozzle. It will help you to retain the enema.” Lena lubricated the nozzle and went to Carolin’s waiting bottom. Carolin was again lubricated, this time with a big glob of jelly. Lena picked up the nozzle and took a firm hold on Carolin’s asscheeks with one hand. With the other hand, she held the nozzle, it was twisted and pushed deep into Carolin’s rectum. The inner balloon was inflated. Carolin felt a slight burning and a pressure inside. At last the outer balloon was inflated. Carolin felt completely closed and the outer balloon felt like a big plug in her anus.

Lisa had prepared a two liter soapsuds enema. She hung the bag on the I.V. stand. She let out the air from the hose, connected it to the inflatable nozzle and opened the hose clamp. Carolin could feel the enema. Soon it caused cramping. Carolin could see the foaming water slowly lowering in the clear bag. When she had received the enema, then she needed to wait five minutes more. Lisa just broke the connection between the nozzle and the hose. The water was let out in the bowl. When it seemed that the water flow slowed down, Lisa started to massage Carolin’s belly in order to press the remaining water out.

While Lisa massaged Carolin, Lena prepared another two liter soapsuds enema. As soon the last drop felt out of the nozzle, the bowl was flushed. Lena filled the enema bag again. She let the air out, assembled the hose and the nozzle and opened the hose clamp. Carolin had to take this enema too. She again experienced cramping. But now she thought that with this inflatable nozzle she learned something new. She could just relax and take it as it came, it was not necessary to fight against the urge to expel, it was gone. She was on the one hand happy about the new wisdom, but on the other hand embarrassed about the entire scenario.

After the water was let in, then again she needed to wait for five minutes. The expulsion procedure was the same. Lena broke the connection between the hose and the nozzle. When the water flow slowed down, Lena began to massage Carolins’s belly. At last the bowl was flushed.

Carolins’s clean out was fulfilled. Now, it was time for rinsing enemas. Lisa took the enema bag off the stand and replaced it with a bigger bag. Then she prepared a three liters saline enema. Soon it was ready. Carolin looked slightly shocked. She had never received an enema of this size before. Lisa just opened the hose clamp. Carolin could see her belly swell. She moaned when the pressure really began. Finally her belly was fully distended and the pressure slightly painful. She felt bloated. She had to wait for five long minutes.

The inflatable nozzle remained in her rectum during the expulsion. Lisa again waited until Carolin had let most of the water out and then began to massage her. The two nurses took turns to prepare and to give Carolin enemas. Four more times she receive three liters saline fillings. After every filling she had to wait five minutes in order to let the enema work.

Finally Lena said to Carolin: “You are through, now you are clean.” Lena deflated the balloons in the inflatable nozzle and pulled the nozzle out. Then Carolin was cleaned up. The straps at her legs and arms were released. But Lena did not allow her to get off the table. First Carolin had to be put into a new diaper and a pair of plastic pants. Then she could get up.

Lisa said good-bye to Carolin and began to clean up the room. Lena followed Carolin back to the exam room. Again Carolin realized, the gown was not able to cover the bulking diaper and the plastic pants.

As they went into the room, Carolin was told to sit down at a stool and wait. Lena left the room and came back a few minutes later. She put a white napkin on the tray, opened a cupboard and picked out some tools and put them on the tray.

Shortly thereafter, arrived the headmistress. She put on a plastic apron and rubber gloves. She said to Carolin: “I hope you are ready for an examination. Get on the table.” Then she gave a sign to the nurse. Carolin got up and Lena guided her on the table. Carolin had to put her legs into the stirrups, this forced her to bend her legs backwards and spread them very wide. Lena took off the diaper. Carolin was secured with straps below her knees, at her thighs, at her breast and at the armrest. Carolin couldn’t move at all. Now, when the diaper was off, she felt very open, her anus was fully exposed.

Carolin could see the instruments waiting for her. Speculum, a fiber optic tube and KY jelly. Lena opened the jelly tube. Carolin’s rear opening was fully lubricated and Lena pushed her finger with a big glob deep into Carolin’s rectum. Lena picked up the speculum, lubricated it and turned to Carolin’s bottom. Then she said: “It will feel cold for a moment, just relax and try to push for a while.”

Carolin pushed as if trying to expel, soon she felt the cold metal enter her rectum. The speculum was pushed deep into her.

Lena took a tissue, wiped the jelly off her gloves, then she began to open the petals of the speculum. She let the time go in order to let the sphincter relax, so it could be stretched wider. Finally Carolin felt a tiny pain in her anal entrance. Lena stopped the stretching when Carolin moaned loudly.

Lena then sat down took a torch and illuminated Carolin’s rectum. She addressed the headmistress, “She is clean, just nice pink and clean, come and see.”

The headmistress looked on. She admitted that Carolin was clean. But the two women were not satisfied.

Lena took the fiberoptics, lubricated it and began to push and twist it gently into Carolin’s rear cavity. Soon Carolin felt the tube deep inside her abdomen. When the tube couldn’t move further Lena studied the colon. She saw just pink color, not a turd or a stain. During the examination the tube was slowly pulled outwards. Lena stopped just before the tube went out. She twisted and pushed the tube until it again was in as deep as it could be. She talked to the headmistress, who had been waiting, standing beside her. “She is completely clean, please sit down, pull the instrument slowly and see for yourself.”

The headmistress and Lena changed places. Carolin’s inside was studied carefully. Finally the instrument was handed over to Lena. She pulled it out. She closed the speculum and pulled it out.

The headmistress said to Carolin: “Now, you are clean. I am glad that you prefer to be here and I hope you will enjoy the rest of the training. You are free to do what you like until dinner.”

“Yes, thank you,” Carolin answered and continued: “I will be happy to stay.”

The headmistress left the room.

Lena cleaned Carolin up, released the straps and let Carolin get off the table. She said: “Now you can dress. I advise you to use a small diaper for the next few hours.” With these words she picked up a small disposable diaper from the shelf and handed it to Carolin. Lena showed her the strips of tape, that would secure the diaper in her panties.

Carolin changed out of the hospital gown and the stockings and got dressed. She said good-bye to the nurse and left the clinic.

As Carolin walked back to her room in the center, she felt the bulking diaper and she felt how sore her anus was, due to the intense treatment.