Carol's OIVW Treatment

By Anonymous

Carol was 28, good looking, long black hair, 5 feet 3inches, and had a 34B-26-35 figure and lived with her boyfriend. Their love life had been good but lately Carol found it harder and harder to have an orgasm. She was quite worried about this, in fact she was starting to feel rather frustrated. Her boyfriend and her started to argue a lot. She said to herself, “I must find out what’s wrong with me.” She went to see her doctor, and he told her he would send her to the local hospital’s gyn clinic.

The appointment came soon afterwards. On that day she went to the clinic, and after waiting a while, she was called into a room. “Hello,” said a pretty lady doctor. “Please sit down.” She asked Carol all sorts of questions about her health and love life. The doctor asked Carol if she masturbated. She was to embarrassed to answer (she did, but lately even that did not work).

“Right,” said the doctor, “pop behind the screen and take your lower garments off, get on the couch. I’ll be with you in one minute.”

Carol did as asked and was soon having an internal exam. The doctor did not take long and Carol was soon getting dressed.

“Well, what’s wrong with me,” asked Carol as she was back at the doctor’s desk.

“Nothing to worry about,” said the doctor. “We need to see you again. When is your next period?”

“Next week,” said Carol.

“Fine. Give this to reception for an appointment in 14 days and don’t try sex or masturbation in the mean time.” Reception gave Carol an appointment card and she put it in her bag and went to get the bus home. On the bus she looked at the card, in the corner was written O.I.V.W.

She wondered : what’s OIVW ?

Fourteen days passed by. Now she really did feel frustrated. She did try to masturbate but it was no good, she just could not orgasm. On the day of her appointment, she made her way to the gyn clinic, gave her card to the reception and was directed to a room, but not the one she had been to last time. As she entered, she was greeted by the same doctor she had seen before. “Hello Carol. Please sit down,” the Doctor said. “How have you been?”

“Starting to climb the walls a bit,” said Carol.

“Well, let’s get started. Go behind the screen and remove all your clothes, get on the table and tell me when you are ready.” Carol got undressed. She was wearing a white shirt, dark blue knee length skirt, front fastening bra, panties and tights. She was a bit frightened about what was to come. The exam table was not like the one she had laid on two weeks previously. It had straps on it and the end had a “U” shaped cut out in it.

The doctor came as soon as Carol had called her. “First, I’m going to examine your breasts.” As the doctor did this, she noted Carol’s nipples got a little stiff. When the doctor had examined Carol’s breasts, she asked her to put her legs in the exam table stirrups. Carol was so embarrassed laying on the table naked with her legs in the air and all her most private parts for all to see. The doctor put on some rubber gloves and told Carol she would now examine her vagina inside and out. As she was putting KY on her glove, Carol asked if she could have a sheet to cover herself up with, as she was getting embarrassed.

“Not really, you need to be naked,” the doctor said.

“Why?” said Carol.

“Look I had better explain, you are finding it hard to orgasm so when I’ve finished examining you I’m going to give you OIWV.”

“OIVW?” said Carol.

“Yes, orgasm induction and vaginal wash.”

Carol was stunned. “Do you mean what I think you mean?”

“Yes, before you leave here today, you will have an orgasm and you will be washed internally and the procedure is better for you if you are naked.”

Carol went very red.

“Please don’t be embarrassed, it’s a perfectly normal gyn procedure,” said the doctor.

As she started to examine Carol internally, she noticed Carol flinch. “Sorry Carol, did that hurt?”

“Yes, a little,” said Carol.

The Doctor soon finished the internal. “Well Carol, you seem to have a problem in your back passage. When did you last go to the toilet?”

“Two days ago,” said Carol.

“Well, we had better help you with that first.”

“Do you want me to try to go to the loo?” asked Carol.

“No, it will be better if you have an enema.”

Now Carol was really frightened. “Is that really necessary doctor?” she said.

“Yes Carol, I don’t want you straining away making your self sore.” The doctor left Carol on the table while she prepared the enema. She soon returned with a trolley with a pole on it, clipped to the pole was a red bag and connected to the bag was a long tube. Although Carol was scared, she did have a small thrill go through her when she saw the bag. “I will need a nurse to help me with this,” said the doctor. She left Carol on her own again while she made a phone call, but returned. Soon after a nurse joined them. “Now Carol, I’m just going to lubricate your back passage.”

As she did so, Carol asked, “How far is it to the loo?”

“Not far, don’t worry, just try to relax.”

Carol felt the doctor’s finger in her back passage. She started to flinch. “Relax Carol, every thing will be all right,” said the doctor. The doctor’s finger was going slowly round and round and in and out. The doctor noted that Carols vagina was getting a bit swollen. When the doctor had lubricated Carol, she put some KY on the end of the tube and put it very slowly into Carol. As it went in Carol felt it was like nothing she had ever felt before. Soon the doctor released the flow of water into Carol. As the water went in Carol, it felt all warm inside. She moaned softly and the doctor signaled the nurse to comfort Carol.

The nurse stood facing Carol and held Carol’s hand. “It’s all right Carol, it’s for your own good,” the nurse said.

After few minutes Carol said, “ I feel full.”

“OK, we will stop then,” the doctor said. Then she slowly slid the tube out from Carol and held some tissue tight to her back passage.

“I want to go to the loo now,” said Carol.

“Soon, when your enema has had time to work,” the doctor said.

While the doctor held the tissue hard against Carol, the nurse started to rub Carol around her abdomen. “This will really make the enema work,” the nurse said.

Soon Carol really wanted to go to the loo badly “Is it far to go to the loo?” she said.

“Do you really want to go now?” asked the doctor.

“Yes, lots.”

“Good. Well let’s sit you up then,” said the doctor. With the nurse on one side and the doctor on the other, they took Carol’s legs out of the stirrups and moved her down the bed. Then the nurse slid a bowl out from under the table. They sat Carol up and she realized what the “U” shape was for and what was to happen. The “U” shaped cut out now had the bowl directly beneath it.

Carol protested, “Can’t I use a loo?” But she knew she would never make it. The doctor and nurse helped Carol to sit over the bowl. They supported her on each side.

“Let it go now,” the nurse said. Carol took no second asking, and as she was supported on both sides, totally naked, she released a deluge into the bowl. Normally she would have died of shame going to the toilet, naked supported by two women, but she did not care, she had to go.

When the first deluge had gone, the nurse rubbed her abdomen. “Just to make her go some more.” Eventually she had lost all the enema. They helped her back down on the table, and put her legs back in the stirrups. While the nurse took the bowl away, the doctor cleaned Carol up.

“How do you feel now,” asked the Doctor.

“Exhausted,” Carol said.

“Well, I’m going to leave you for 5 minutes to get over your enema.”

“About this orgasm wash thing,” Carol started to say.

“Look, don’t worry, it will be over real soon,” said the doctor. The doctor left Carol alone but she had put a sheet over her to cover her embarrassment. Carol lay and thought she had been really embarrassed about what had been done to her, but she had to admit to herself, she did get a bit aroused when she received the enema.

Then the doctor and nurse came back into the room. The nurse put a clean bowl under the table and took the sheet off Carol and the Doctor sat down between Carol’s legs and put a new pair of rubber gloves on. Then she put KY on Carol’s vagina and the gloves.

“Do you both have to be here?” asked Carol.

“I’m afraid so,” the doctor said. “Now just relax.” The nurse had one hand holding Carol’s shoulder. The doctor started rubbing around the outside of Carol’s vagina and stroking her clitoris. Carol was starting to feel nice but she desperately did not want to orgasm with two women looking at her naked body.

“It’s not right,” she said out loud.

“Look Carol, you have a gyn problem and an intense orgasm and internal wash will help you, just let it happen,” said the doctor. After a while the doctor started to enter Carol’s vagina with her fingers, first one, then two, eventually three fingers were probing around Carol’s inside. The doctor continued to stroke Carol’s clitoris with her other hand. Then Carol started to come, first her nipples became hard. The nurse noted this and said to the doctor, “She’s starting.”

The doctor said to Carol softly, “Just let it happen, just enjoy it.” Then the nurse gently started to hold Carol’s breasts. This made Carol all the closer to coming. The Doctor could tell Carol was on the brink by her contracting vagina. Still Carol tried to hold back but soon she had to let go. As she started, her hips started moving rather violently and the doctor asked the nurse to hold Carol’s hips down. This only made Carol come more and more. Now she did not care about her situation, in fact she wanted to be naked in front of the doctor and nurse. All she wanted was to come and come. Carol started to scream with the intensity of the induced orgasm. The nurse put a cotton wedge in Carol’s mouth for her to bite on. She needed it, the orgasm just did not stop. The Doctor’s gloves were soaked in Carol’s vaginal secretions. This was the time to give Carol the vaginal wash. The nurse told Carol, “We are going to wash your vagina now.” But Carol did not hear her.

The doctor got a douche bulb, which was full of warm water and slowly moved it in and out of her vagina. This made poor Carol just come even more. The nurse was having trouble holding Carol’s hips onto the table. Then the doctor started to squeeze the bulb and sent the water high into Carol’s womb. She really convulsed on the table. The nurse was wishing they had used restraint straps on her. Then Carol began to cry, it was all too much for her to cope with and the doctor stopped using the douche on her. The douche tube came out and all the water ran into the bowl. Carol’s orgasm was ending. The doctor released her legs and the nurse wiped Carol’s forehead. The doctor went to write up Carol’s notes and the nurse cleaned up Carol’s lower region.

“How do you feel?” asked the nurse. “That was something else,” said Carol. The nurse covered Carol up with a sheet, told her to rest, then to get dressed and join the doctor when she was ready.

As she lay on the table, Carol was shocked, she actually had come with two women looking at her, and she had to admit it, she did not exactly hate the enema and it was better to be naked.

Soon Carol was dressed and sitting with the doctor. “Well Carol, you should find sex easier now, but you will have to come back here to have OIVW once a month for the next three months. Each time you come, do not have sex for seven days before and try not to masturbate.

Carol said, “OK doctor, thanks,” and left. As she left the doctor wrote restraint straps to be used on her in her file. On the way home Carol found herself looking forward to her next session.