“What are you doing?!” cries mom as she walks in my room. “Are those panties you are wearing?!” There I sit cross legged on the floor wearing a pair of pink nylon panties and holding a pair of blue ones to my face. My hard-on is very evident as it strains against the thin material. I’m so embarrassed I can’t even answer her.

“Are those mine or did you take them from your sister?!” she screams. “You filthy, filthy boy!” I start to answer her, but then start to cry as I realize just how angry she has become.

All the screaming has brought my older sister Lisa running upstairs. “What’s the matter mom?” she asks from just outside my bedroom door.

“Your darling little brother has decided he would rather wear girls panties” answers mom.

“I wondered why I seemed to keep losing them.” Lisa looks at me and then back at mom and says she noticed she was missing a few panties too.

“Did you masturbate while wearing those too? Well, we will just have to put a stop to your filthy little habit right now mister!” She orders me into the bathroom. “And stop your crying! Or are you that much of a sissy?”

She and Lisa follow me into the bathroom. “What are you going to do mom?” asks Lisa.

“I’m going to make sure he never wants to wear panties ever again.” She tells my sister to bring the big plastic pitcher from the kitchen cabinet. She orders me to lay on top of the counter with my stomach across the large oval-shaped sink.

“So you like wearing panties, huh?” She smacks my butt hard with her hand. “After we are done today I don’t think you will even want to see another panty, let alone wear one.” Mom walks over to the tub and starts the water running. Lisa returns with the 4 quart pitcher we use for iced tea and lemonade.

“Now what?” she asks. Mom takes the pitcher over to the tub and places it under the running water,

“Now we are going to give your sissy brother an enema while he wears his pretty little pink panties.”

I start to cry and beg and swear that I’ll never go into their rooms again. “It’s too late for that!” cries mom. She asks Lisa to swirl the bar of Ivory soap into the almost full pitcher of steamy water as she pulls the large red enema bag from the closet. “Make sure you get it good and soapy.”

“How many times have you done this?” mom asks me as she once again begins to spank my panty covered ass. I’m still desperately trying to get out of receiving the enema and answer her with a mumbled reply between crying. She hangs the bag from the shower curtain rod and fills it to the brim with the hot soapy water from the pitcher. Beads of soap bubbles cascade down the sides of the bulging red bag. She releases the clamp to allow trapped air to escape from the hose and long black douche nozzle. Smearing skin lotion on the nozzle she tells LIsa to push my panties to the side so she can begin the enema.

Mom pushes the large nozzle into my rectum until it feels as if it would pop right out of my stomach. Click goes the clamp. The hot soapy water starts its way into my intestines. She tells Lisa to hold the nozzle in my butt and then begins to spank my still partially panty covered ass. “Do you like wearing panties? Huh? Do you? Do you like getting an enema? Do you like this?” In between each smack of mom’s hand, Lisa moves the long nozzle slowly back and forth in my butt. The hot soapy enema flooding my ass and the feel of the panties rubbing against my prick start to give me an erection despite the pain from the spanking. As the bag slowly deflates back to its natural flat state, my belly begins to fill the oval space beneath me.

Again and again her hand descends upon my ass, making my cheeks turn bright red. The pain from the spanking is nothing compared to the cramps that now begin in my belly from the soapy water that is flooding my insides. Lisa says the bag is almost empty and I feel a spark of hope that this torture will soon end. Mom swiftly pours the remaining amount of water into the bag, once again inflating it to the full capacity. Lisa asks if I will be able to take that much and mom answers : “He’ll take all of it! And if he so much as leaks one drop we’ll just do this all over again!”

By now the soaped water has made its way into every corner of my gut and I have an overwhelming urge to shit. Lisa’s constant back and forth motion of the long enema nozzle and the pressure of the hot water has given me a very hard erection. It presses stiffly against the silky material of the nylon panties.

I am reduced to gasping for air as the pressure mounts from the soapy water churning in my tummy. My stomach has distended to the point where it is filling the sink cavity beneath me. Tears stream down my face as I continue to beg mom to stop. She answers each of my requests with another stinging slap to my already red and swollen ass, continually taunting me with “How does my panty wearing sissy boy like his enema?” At last I hear the enema bag gurgle empty signaling the end of my punishment.

I beg to be allowed to go to the toilet, but mom has other ideas. “Now that it’s all inside you we need to make sure it stays there for awhile! And I think I know just the thing!” she says as she heads out of the bathroom. Lisa stops buttfucking me with the nozzle and asks if I ever masturbated with one of her panties.

Before I can answer her, mom walks back in holding one of the candles from the dining room table. “Go ahead and answer her, you naughty sissy. I also want to know if you used my panties to pleasure yourself.” I stammer out a positive answer between waves of pain produced by the soapy water now filling my entire colon. “We’ll put a stop to that as well!” cries mom as she removes the douche nozzle from my ass. She tells Lisa to spread my cheeks further as she presses the blunt end of the candle against my asshole. Slowly I can feel its girth slip past my muscle as she pushes firmly down. Pushing about half of the candle into me, she stretches my asshole to the point where no water can leak by.

“Stand up!” she commands. I hold onto the counter top for support since my knees are shaking so badly and I feel very weak. “Doesn’t he look pretty in his pink panties? Look at how his stomach makes him look pregnant.”

Spotting my erection which is still pressing against the thin pink material of the panty, Lisa exclaims “And he has a hard-on too!”

“Okay sissy boy, show us how you pleasure yourself when you wear our panties!” says mom. “The longer it takes you, the longer you will hold the enema. Or do you like the feeling of the soapy enema inside of you?”

I take my dick in my hand and begin to pump up and down with my fist. Lisa and mom exchange knowing glances as Lisa moves towards her. Mom runs her hands across Lisa’s firm breasts as Lisa begins pushing mom’s skirt to the floor exposing her firm butt, covered by a pair of smooth white silk panties. Mom unzips Lisa’s dress and lets it fall to the floor as they lock themselves in a very wet French kiss. My hand is moving a mile a minute as I beat off to this show. Lisa bends at the waist to give me a better look at the green panty which covers her butt as she slips her fingers into mom’s crotch. Mom undoes her blouse and bra and lets them fall away. Her nipples are taut and point directly at me. She runs her hands lovingly across Lisa’s ass, stretching the filmy panty material tight. She rocks against Lisa’s hand, moaning loudly.

This is too much for me, for I begin to rocket a fantastic stream of cum into the air. The cum rushes out of me in one long squirt after another. Once I have finished erupting in the front, my long since forgotten soapy enema reminds me that I need to evacuate the rear. I barely make it to the toilet in time before the first cramp pushes the candle out of my butt followed by a stream of water and turds. Wave after wave of water explodes from my ass and I gasp as each cramp forces the dirty enema water out of my colon.

Mom winks at me, and leading Lisa out of the bathroom says, “Meet us in the bedroom when you’re done dear.” I nod and smile, knowing it will be a good day after all.