Charlene’s ‘That-Time-of-Month’ Enema

For several days I’ve been getting increasingly tense. Each day I pace about anxiously awaiting the arrival of the daily mail. Nikki, my lesbian lover, has made me totally abstain from sex, promising to let me know by mail when it was time to pay her a ‘special’ visit. She told me that when word came from her I should drop everything and hightail it to her bedroom for a fiery session of lewd, wet lesbian sex.

God! I am horny! We normally fuck ourselves to exhaustion every night and often we have a juicy bout of ‘morning delight’ as well. But in preparation for this coming fuck session I haven’t even masturbated for nearly a week! I’m in a state of total arousal! My body is absolutely twitching with lust. It’s so bad that minutes after putting on a fresh pair of clean dry panties I found that the silky crotch panel is already soaked clear through with the copious flow of my musky pussy juices! My tits are like firecrackers, just waiting for her touch to make me explode with orgasmic ecstasy.

And now here it is, the expected long, pale violet envelope addressed with lavender ink in her familiar, flowing script. Nikki loves to send me sexy letters and I love getting them! Trembling with excitement I hurry into my bedroom to open the envelope and read her sexy message.

My knees shaking I sit at my dressing table in front of the mirror and prepare to read her message. But first I lay the envelope on the dresser top and, with shaking fingers, tear open my blouse to reveal my sexy lace and satin underwire brassiere. D-cup tits overflow the silky bra cups but I hardly notice with my excitement. Too horny to open my bra properly I grasp the elastic chest band and jerk the bra up over the sexy slopes of my lust engorged boobs. This allows the bulging tits inside to burst out of their lacy bra cups hot, nude and ready for action! As I read Nikki’s message I lustfully gaze at them whilst masturbating them, especially my hard, tingling nipples. Those nippies are hard as steel and sizzling as I open the fat letter and take out the single folded sheet of paper inside.

Unfolding the note I gasp as I see what she has sent…. Taped to the bottom of the page below her short message is a familiar reddish object… a very bloody, freshly used tampon! My lesbian lover is menstruating! For a long moment I stare at the tampon in erotic fascination as my knees quiver. Its stay in my lovers delicious sexy vagina has allowed it to absorb a considerable quantity of her monthly flow. Reddened with her menstruation the cotton plug lies flat and unfolded on the notepaper. Her delicious smelling menstrual juice has soaked it generously and my mouth waters as I think of the soft brown pussy that has contained this strange love gift. The pussy which awaits my oral lovemaking even as I stare at the tampon so recently withdrawn from within it. The removal string, which had dangled between her lush labial folds allowing Nikki to pull out the juicy tampon and send it to me as a sexy lesbian invitation to fuck, dangles before my bulging eyes “Oh my God!” I moan and with shaking hands I lift her sexy gift to my nose to sniff it taking in the erotic, earthy female odor of her monthly secretions.

Up between my thighs in the silky crotch panel of my dainty pink silk panties I feel a massive gush of vaginal sexual lubrication flow out of me, soaking my vulva and further drenching the already moist panty crotch panel. Warm and slippery my cum fills the dark crevice between the lush, completely shaved lips of my soft vulva squelching as I squirm in my lesbian sexual arousal. Again I lift the tampon to my nose and deeply smell its mysterious erotic fragrance.

With my free hand I reach up and fondle my titties. Cupping a meaty globe in my palm I swiftly flick the aroused, exquisitely sensitive, hard nipple with my thumb. My eyes fly wide open as the sensation from my nipples floods over me. Oh God! I’m so hot! Moaning softly I lewdly tweak my rubbery firm nipple. I moan louder in raw animal lust grasping the little joy knob between my thumb and forefinger rolling it erotically. Warm slippery cum floods from my cunt as I stare at the note and its contents.

Above Nikki’s tampon is her short message.

“Charlene, you douchebag slut! Hurry to me my little hot lezzie bitch! My cunt needs your mouth sucking on it! Wear your sexiest panties cause I’m gonna paddle your ass red as a firecracker when you finish eating out my pussy!”

Signed Nikki

Panties schmanties! In a flash I am out the door and on my way. I drop the note on my dresser and don’t even take the time to pull down my bra or close my blouse as I hurry, bare breasted, to the car. Once on the way I blush and rearrange my clothing lest spotting my bare massive titties drive some trucker mad with desire and makes him drive off the road.

Nikki lives only a few minutes away and when I get there I know she is expecting me. I see the curtain move in her window as I hurry up the sidewalk and let myself in with my key. Nikki’s apartment has a private entrance and is up a flight of stairs. As I close the door I call out “It’s me lover, your ‘douchebag’ is here!” I hear her giggle and say “OK my horny little slut! come upstairs and get your goodies!”

I hurry up the stairs. Halfway up I see her step into view at the top step. “Oh my God!” I freeze stock still at the sight of her and gasp aloud. Nikki is totally nude except for an old fashioned menstrual belt strapped around her waist snugly pressing a large, snowy white Kotex pad firmly against her cunt. She always keeps her cunt pubes trimmed to a lewd short patch right over her full labia but now my eyes bug in lewd wonder as I stare at the sanitary pad she wears over her cunt. Nikki’s rich light chocolate brown body shimmers in the light. She has completely rubbed her skin with baby oil so that it glows invitingly as I stare at her with wide eyes and gaping mouth.

Her body is that of a voluptuous earth mother, she has a full C-cup bust capped with velvety brown pebbled areolas and almost black, raspberry sized nipples all just made to be suckled by a baby, me! My tits are bigger than hers but her nipples outsize mine hands down! I never get tired of fondling and sucking on them! Her hips are wide and flaring, inviting me to nestle down on them and jump her luscious bones. Best of all she has a lush bum that I never tire of worshipfully kissing and licking. The snowy white pad snuggled against her twat contrasts erotically against her rich brown belly which she is pushing forward obscenely and her lewdly splayed open thighs. Usually dominant with me sexually she looks at me and speaks “Come here ! Suck my belly button! Kneel between my thighs and worship my menstrual pad! Get your face in my crotch and rub up against it! Hurry, you horny little slut! I want your oral attentions! Now!”

My blood is pounding as I hurry up the last few stairs and fall to my knees before her. Facing her belly I stare hungrily at the snowy white pad nestled between her thighs up against her sex. Her hands cradle my head drawing me slowly up against it till the silky smooth covering brushes against my pouting lips. I just love the faint sweet flowery scent of a Kotex pad. Menstruation is never ‘delicate’ but the scent of the Kotex pads surely is. I could smell it forever! I just never get tired of it!

I close my eyes and rub my flushed face against the soft white pad stretched tightly over Nikki’s vulva. I passionately kiss it, mouth open to tongue the soft fabric wrapper as I murmur sweet endearments and worship the intimately situated sanitary napkin for some time. As I make love to it I am tenderly stroking Nikki’s thighs. As she begins to respond to my passionate kissing on her pad and the stroking of the smooth backs of her thighs with little sex sounds and writhing of her hips and ass I reach back and start fondling her glorious full ass.

What an ass she has! Generous and full with beautifully rounded globes forming soft love mountains on either side of her dark valley of hidden delights. I could touch and kiss and lick it forever! I have never figured out how I could be so lucky to find a lover whose body and sexual desires so perfectly match mine. Don’t get me wrong, we love sucking cunt as much an any lesbians anywhere but we really turn on to our asses!

Everything about them is hot for us. Both of us cum anally just as easily as we do when we lick each others clitties! We love everything about anal sex. Every time we have sex we do each others anuses. Even as I tell this I can see Nikki’s asshole in my minds eye. Her warm brown skin sets off the tight almost black puckered ring of her rosebud. God what an erotic sight! I always get a deep thrill when her bum cheeks are parted to give me a view of this succulent goodie! I bet I have spent thousands of hours eating out her ass. I’ve munched her butt in every possible position and loved it all. I lie on my back softly fingering my own slit as she straddles my head between her muscular thighs and my nose lovingly invades the crevice of her rump while my lips and tongue eagerly slurp at her brownie hole. She spends hours on her belly, legs spread wide apart and a rolled pillow under her hips to elevate her gorgeous brown rump to an extremely erotic position while I lie between her legs happily making passionate love to her bum.

But it isn’t just oral! We both adore being anally penetrated! Fingers tongues and Dildos insinuated up the rear passage make us wild with lust. The erotic sensation of a well greased rubber prong parting my butt cheeks and snaking into my crevice makes me quiver and get all wet sexually even just thinking about it! And the delicious slithery sensation of it probing and sliding up and down back there till it ‘discovers’ my clenched asshole is more than I can bear ( Sorry, I had to stop and masturbate – I feel much better now!)

Nikki loves sodomizing me and I love having her do it to me! Sometimes she is exquisitely slow and tender and at others she fucks me like a bull elephant in heat just Wham! Slam! In it goes and away she goes fucking me with it as I moan in agony! But whether I get it tenderly or sadistically, being penetrated back there by a big firm rubber dildo or buzzing vibrator is a super quick way to orgasm heaven!

And in the more lewd watersports department, getting and giving Enemas of all sorts is a big pleasure and shitting them out again is a sex thrill. We have filled our asses with practically everything in the house. Hot and cold water, soapsuds, piss, vinegar, beer, wine, whatever we don’t think will damage the bowels is fair game for our erotic pleasure! When the ‘madness’ strikes we indulge ourselves in deliciously nasty golden and brown showers. Even Farting is a sexy kick! That’s how anal we are.

But now at the top of the stairs I feel her knees tremble as I feel up her ass. When I start stroking my fingers up and down her dark crevice she slowly sinks to the floor and lies there legs spread for me to orally service her cunt. I kneel between her legs and gaze at her pad while I unfasten it from the plastic fastening tab. Slowly I peel it away from her cunt and lower it to the floor between her widespread thighs. She has obviously worn it for some time as it is thoroughly soaked in her menstrual blood. With a passionate groan I drop my face to her bloody vulva and begin lavishly lapping her. “Yesss!” she hisses through clenched teeth “Oh God! That’s it! That’s what I need! Lick my slit! Suck it! Eat out my bloody twat! Aieee!” she squeals as my tongue lashes the shaft and quivering tip of her stiff clitty. My intimate lezzie licking causes an immediate massive orgasm. Nikki’s sweet cuntal juices flow generously into my busily suctioning mouth. I drink every last drop of her offering as she grinds her belly into my face!

As somebody…. Actually probably lots of bodies, said “once is not enough!” soooo…! I eat Nikki for a very long time, each time she arches her back and lifts her orgasming lovely ass off the floor to meet my mouth I let her quiver and root against me for a moment as her cunt thrills her from head to toe. Then I ease up and let her come down a little - and then redouble my licking and sucking intensity to bring her right back to the orgasmic peak again! She must have a hundred orgasms while I lick her.

I just love eating Nikki when she’s menstruating! The taste of her cunt is vastly different from the rest of the month. Her blood gives a rusty tang to her copious flow of sweet slippery vaginal juices! Plus she is so hot when she’s on the rag. The minute her uterus starts to cramp up and bleed she goes sex crazy. The least little stimulation brings her right up to a screaming orgasm!

So now even though she is cumming repeatedly I know she is nowhere finished fucking and when she is initially sated she rises to her knees and then stands as I lick her yummy bloody secretions from the floor where we were lying. She turns her back to me and bends forward at the waist to thrust her gorgeous ass toward me, offering her delectable, generously rounded ass for my oral worship of her magnificent bum. I scrabble forward on my knees and eagerly begin to lick her ass globes and tongue her crevice. God but her is good to place my tongue against it. Her buns are warm as toast and licking them makes me crazy with desire to go inside her crevice and sample her puckered anal knothole. Soooo…! greedy slut that I am I part her buns and dive my face inside for a nice asshole snack.

Her anus is a beauty, large enough to take a very big dildo when I fuck her that way but not sloppy loose like some women’s are when they assfuck too much or use toys in their asses that are too big for them to recover from easily. I know how it is. If Nikki didn’t restrain me I would be loose as a boot there too. When she fucks me anally, which is very often, I get crazy and want her to violate me hugely with whatever she uses to penetrate me with! As soon as she stretches me wide open I want more! Bigger! Deeper! Thankfully she wont ‘ruin’ me even though I often beg her to.

Now though I am busy in her fragrant crack, licking her tasty warm anus. Her warm soft brown buttocks clasp my face inside as my taster swirls eagerly around the puckered rim of her brown hershey hole. Immediately she cums! After a few good anal ones she stands and refastens her dangling bloody pad saying “And now a little something for the slut!” She leads me to the bed and I grin hugely as I look about and take in her preparations. The black rubber sheet is on the bed and the wrist and ankle strap restraints are ready for me if Nikki wants to use them. Sometimes she likes to put me in bondage for my enema and leave me to writhe and beg to be released when the need to eliminate is threatening to force me to have a humiliating enema ‘accident’ on the rubber sheet.

On the bed lies Nikki’s cat-o-nine-tails with the wide rubber strips that snap and crackle viciously when she whips my body with it! It stings like hell but the straps never cut my skin so she can whip me to one wild screaming orgasm after another and in an hour or two the crimson burning hot skin she has produced with her lashing fades right back to normal! I love it! She often whips me! I beg her for it even. She lashes my inner thighs and belly as well as my ass and sometimes I beg her to do it right on my cunt and on my tits as well. When I’m in that mood I cum like crazy when she lashes my nipples and pussy slit!

The enormous clear rubber enema bag hangs above the bed with our favorite enema dildo nozzle on it ready to impale my ass and flood my bowels with her enema. Over in the corner stands the toilet with yet another bag filled and hanging ready to really bloat me if the first gallon sized dose wasn’t enough to please her majesty!

Nikki grins and says “I hope everything is just to your liking hon, cause you’re gonna be here a while! Now strip and get up there ready to get royally fucked! Hastily I tear off my clothes and climb onto the bed. I lie on my back while Nikki gets in beside me and begins to kiss me deeply inserting her tongue into my mouth as she fondles my tits. “Mmmmm!” She mutters “a succulent juicy titty! Just ripe for sucking and fucking I’ll bet!” She cups my generous boobie in her palm and the warmth of her hand makes my cunt spasm yet again spewing a fresh dose of cum onto the rubber sheets underneath me. Nikki expertly caresses my breasts. Her fingers trail over my mammaries in delicate circles, moving up my womanly slopes toward the waiting pebbled areolas and rubbery nipple. I moan hoarsely as my nipples stiffen under her stroking. I feel my areolas stiffen into raised pebbly rings popping from atop my boobs. My nipples too are hard. My aching hot busts are pointy pebble tipped lust cones.

With my tits ready for her enjoyment Nikki mounts me and presses her bleeding cunt down onto my tits. I shiver intensely as her warm vulva parts around my nippies and engulfs me inside her sex. We both are moaning in mind bending passion as my jugs penetrate her wet bloody slit and massage her dainty inner labia masturbating her in a lewd titty fuck!. My tits feel her vaginal sphincter clasping at my penetrating breast flesh as she lewdly fucks herself with my jugs. We moan and grunt as she roots around with the stiff tip of my titty in her fuckhole. Then she lets it slide up and down in her wet slit coating my boob with her blood streaked juices. Finally my rubbery nipple finds her stiff clitty and begins to rub against it. This is just too much! We both cum madly. Her bloody vaginal secretions thickly coat my boobs as she uses them like fat cocks to fuck herself! I think to myself “If I were only lactating I would administer a milk douche to her while my tits fucked her! Wouldn’t that be a kick?”

After a while my tits begin to soften and she says she thinks she needs something a little firmer. Now she moves up to straddle my face. Now eating Nikki is my absolute dream of happiness. And its especially nice when she’s on the rag. I look at her vulva as she mounts me. I absolute love it! Unlike mine which is always kept shaved baby smooth hers is trimmed to a short, curly thatch neatly trimmed so that it just barely covers her soft brown labia. I think it is the prettiest pussy in the entire universe!

Positioned over my face she reaches down and spread open her soft brown labial petals so that I can look hungrily inside her bright pink vulval slit. I adore her mysterious inner parts. Her almost black little labia minora make little love flaps which massage my tongue when I lick her. I can see her tight little pee hole and below it her vaginal opening which she holds open for me to see up into. And at the top of her slit there is her stiff clitty waiting for me to kiss and envelop in my lips sucking it and laving it with my velvet soft tongue till she explodes in orgasmic pleasure.

She knows how much I like to see her opened this way and patiently allows me to enjoy viewing her intimate parts for a few moments before she lowers her warm fragrant moist twat onto my face and allows me to eat her vulva. Oh my dear god in heaven! She is so warm and soft inside there! And her odor is so incredibly exciting. Musky but not crude those who think the odor of a sexually aroused woman is fishy have obviously never savored a really fastidious woman like Nikki. She is always clean and fresh and even during her period she is sweet and tasty. And her blood makes the sweet slippery fluid from her vagina taste exciting rusty and exotic! I slowly lick her savoring her warmth and odor and flavor. She stiffens as my tongue flicks over her clitty but I move away quickly so as not to bring her to climax too rapidly. Lower down a find her vaginal opening and insert my tongue into her as deeply as I can. I hear her voice dimly as I penetrate her “Mmmmm! Gooood!” she shudders softly and I feel her contract her sphincter around my swirling taster to encourage me.

Frantically I eat her even as she cums buckets full and bleeds for me. When she is temporarily sated she rises and I put the pad back in place on her cunt. Now our lesbian love bed turns into the punishment bed! Nikki straps me face down with a firm roll of bedding under my hips so that my milky white ass is thrust lewdly up in the air. “now !” she laughs “it’s time to give you a taste of the cat tails you like so much! Wouldn’t you like that?”

“oh God Nikki!” I moan “Yes! Yes Please!!! Tickle my ass with the cat! Do me till I scream! Till you see a river of my cum love juice on our bed”. “You bet I will !” Nikki replies goosing me lewdly on my bared ass as I lie before her submissively. I groan as her thumb penetrates my anal crevice and forces itself into my rectum right to the hilt! “I’m gonna whip your ass till you cum for me! Yes I am.” The cat hisses as she lashes it in the air then she jerks out her thumb and raises her arm and slashes the whip down on my tensed buttocks.


The inch wide flexible rubber straps pop against my ass curling intimately against the tensed soft globes of my eager butt. The sensation hurts but more sexily than painfully. Nonetheless I howl in mock agony knowing that this heightens my perverse pleasure in being whipped by my dominant brown skinned lover. I also know that soon enough my pain will be vividly real and acute. I deliberately wriggle and sexily jerk my ass with each stroke as Nikki whips my butt. Each stinging stroke makes my ass skin tingle most pleasantly. Warm slimy cream from my vagina oozes erotically into my slit as I writhe passionately under the lashing. My ass is a potent mix of pain and pleasure growing more intense by the second!

The whipping continues and the heat and tingle grow till I feel my burning hot, sore ass will surely explode. But, hot as my ass is, my pussy is even hotter! I squirm under her whipping as a continuous stream of slippery sex juice flows from deep inside my vagina. I look at in the mirrors on the walls of our lovemaking room to watch myself being lashed and see my ass turning a delicious bright crimson. I know to that after when I cup my palms under my buns and feel myself up my buttocks will be burning hot to the touch.

Soon I am moaning and then screaming for mercy as I feel the tension inside that always tells me an orgasm is coming! In just a few more strokes I begin to orgasm as she lashes me. Each slash drives the intensity of the orgasm even higher and I enter a madly swirling kaleidoscope of pain and sublime sexual pleasure!

For several minutes I am in a state of mind searing sexual delirium and acute agony. My orgasm is one nonstop swirling blast of sensation beginning in my flaming hot sore ass and deep inside my oozing wet cunt and spreading through my entire body. Swirling bolts of blinding colors cloud my vision and for the duration of my climax I can contain nothing else, so huge and intense is my sensual pleasure. When Nikki tires she stops and slowly I come down to earth gasping and moaning softly. As I finish cumming we rest a few moments then Nikki leads me into the bathroom. She imperiously points to the tub and I obediently lie in it gasping softly as the flaming hot skin of my ass meets the icy cold of the porcelain bathtub underneath me. I watch entranced as Nikki steps into the tub and stands facing my feet so that I see, right before my face less than a foot away, the bulging rounded globes of her glorious brown ass.

As I stare at her voluptuous ass she leans forward, bringing her delectable buns to a fraction of an inch from my hungry mouth. She reaches forward and takes hold of the dangling hose from a bulging full 2 quart folding travel style enema bag. The bag is a pretty, feminine little yellow rubber folding type that I gave her early in our relationship when she said that she sometimes gave enemas to herself and would even be willing to occasionally, submissively take one from me. “Sometimes I need a little taste of submissiveness too” she told me “I’ll want a good firm hand spanking on those occasions also. Do you think you can do that?” I was attracted to Nikki because of her dominant nature but I managed to reply “yes I think I can!” and I had too on several memorable occasions.

A surging river of icy lust floods through my belly as I watch her reach back and spread her delectable brown globes for me to view. Inside her crevice her almost black puckered hole winks lewdly at me while she dips her finger in the Vaseline jar and lubes her opening for the enema bone. Round and round she swirls her finger then Pop! She inserts it in right up to the hilt and twists it to smear the grease inside her rectum. As usual the douche nozzle is attached to the hose. We never use the small enema tip. We think the douche one feels sexier, it’s bigger and longer! A drip of enema water leaks from the nozzle and I watch it slowly run down Nikki’s full buttock.

Slowly Nikki places the plastic nozzle in her crevice and rubs it tantalizingly around the rim of her anus. “MMMM!” she murmurs and slowly slides the greasy bone into her hiney as I watch spellbound. Now she leans forward and clicks open the clamp on the hose allowing enema to gurgle rapidly down the hose into her bowels. I watch silently as the enema rapidly drains into her ass. By the time it gurgles empty and the yellow rubber bag hangs limp and flaccid above her head I am almost hypnotized at the sight. Now she slides the douche nozzle out of her ass and lets it drop. She stands spreading her globes with both hands so I can see her anus. It bulges lewdly as she tries to contain the load of warm enema she has crudely forced into her rectum and lower bowels. She likes to take enemas fast so that she has a lot of painful cramping as she is flushed out. She says having severe bowel cramping while taking an enema makes it extra sexy and I heartily agree! I watch her struggle and see little dribbles of enema spurt out even though she clenches her sphincter tightly as she can to prevent its leaking out.

Knowing what she wants I beg her for a warm brown enema shower on my titties. “Please Nikki” I plead “Do it on my titties! Spew your enema out on my slutty body! Use me for your toilet! Expel your juicy load of enema on your loving douchebag slut girlfriend! Give it to me on my needy titties! Please!” Without a word I see her tense her muscles and a jet of brownish enema jets out of her rump and flies through the air to splash on my waiting tits. I am in heaven as she splatters shit filled enema rinsings on my chest till the entire enema is draining down my front and I am smeared completely with her dung. As she shits on me I use my hands to smear her poop on my boobs till they are completely covered with her load.

When she drains empty finishing her expelling with a thunderous wet fart I beg her for a golden enema! “please Nikki, piss in the bag for me and give me an enema too! Please!” Still silent she takes the bag down and turns to face me. She spreads her legs widely and hands me the bag. “Go on slut” she says “Hold the bag for me to piss in!” I am nearly out of my mind with excitement but I manage o place the bag under her vulva and to hold it as she pees into it. I see the golden stream of her urine spew from her brown twat and fly into the enema bag. Surprisingly she nearly fills it for me and I hand it back to her to hold as with a contented sigh I thrust the bone which was just in her ass and is still warm from her body deep into my own.

Immediately I hear the click and feel the warm piss of my lover flowing into my bowels filling me with her golden nectar! It isn’t a huge enema but I take every little drop and when it is all inside me she lets me expel into the tub before we shower together. While we stand under the spray she fills the four quart bag and slips the bone into my ass!

This time I am much more filled by the enema and when I have drunk in the entire bag full I let it fly and it goes down the drain as we kiss and pet happily together under the flood of warm shower water. After I drain empty we step out and dry each other with soft towels. Nikki hands me a super absorbency tampon and tells me to insert it for her. Obediently I sink to my knees on the rug and when she parts her labia for me I carefully slip the plastic tube into her vagina and press the inserter tubs till the tampon slides out and into her vagina! “that was nice “she announces happily but I bet you’d still like to be fucked wouldn’t you?” Blushing I lower my eyes and shake my head yes as I mumble my agreement “Yes please, if you don’t mind!”

Her eyes shine happily as she reaches down and grasps my now soft nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Savagely she pinches it and pulls me along on my knees as she leads me into the spare room where the first part of my fucking will be done to me. As we go she is saying “Mind? You silly twit douchebag! Of course I don’t mind! I’m dominant Don’t you remember anything you silly slut? I never ‘mind’!” I hasten along as she yanks my nipple painfully till we are in the room where I see the ‘horsey’ This is a low horizontal bar with sawhorse legs. The bar is well padded with soft leather. I am pulled to my feet using my sore nipple as a handle then am made to bend over the bar while my wrists are fastened to the straps low on the horsey legs. Held down in this position I see my reflection in the mirrors which are completely around the walls. My tits dangle lewdly with the one nipple dusky reddish where Nikki has pinched it. My ass is lewdly thrust up in the air and now Nikki makes me spread my legs widely as she fastens them to the legs of the horsey as well. Completely immobile I wait while Nikki gets the dildo she will use to penetrate me with.

Blood pounds in my ears and thick streams of viscid cum flow down my inner thighs as I wait hearing her search through the collection in the drawer where we keep them. “oh yes!” I hear her exclaim and then panting with desire I wait for her return. And I wait… and wait… and wait! As Nikki tortures me sitting on our regular bed reading a story I wrote for her entitled ‘Fouress’. For long minutes I wait moaning in frustration as she makes me wait for it.

Finally she enters the room and I moan happily as I see what she has brought. Not one but two toys fill her hands. First is a monster buttplug that I know she will not use in my ass as it is four inches across at the widest part. This would completely wreck my anus but she regularly inserts it into my vagina which unlike my asshole Nikki says should be as loose as we can make it! In her other hand is IT, the 2” diameter 14” long jet black rubber double dildo! Grinning she sees that I am watching eagerly in the mirror. “well ! Do you like what you see?” I think we’ll just give both your holes a thorough filling before I take you to bed and give you a fucking over with the strap-on I have waiting for you in there!”

I know not to say anything and in any case don’t want to distract myself from the glorious sensations I am about to experience. First Nikki takes the ‘buttplug’ and places the tip of it against my vulva. I feel it force apart my smooth shaved, moist labia and slide into my dripping wet slit. I moan helplessly as Nikki slides it down till it reached the mouth of my streaming vagina. Pausing an instant she grasps the flared base of the plug and slowly forces it into my female passage. God but it is huge! It took months of stretching before I could accommodate it without shrieking in agony as my delicate sexual passage flesh was painfully stretched to its absolute limit by the monstrous invader. Finally one day it just popped inside and there I was with a four inch buttplug in my vagina! Since that day I have had it inserted into me more times than I can count. It is much easier to insert now but even so a four inch plug in a woman my sizes vagina is a considerable challenge!

Closing my eyes I concentrate as it slowly opens me up I feel every bit of sexual tissue contacting it thrill as it enters me vaginally stretching me like a baby in reverse. I pant Lamaze style as I reach my fullest opening and the massive rubber cone slowly slides completely into my intimate sexual passage, filling me far fuller than most women ever experience at least sexually (since childbirth doesn’t count as sex!) When Nikki feels the plug entering me she twists it back and forth to give me an extra fillip of sensation as it fucks into me. Now it is time for the extra good part! Namely my ass fuck!

Nikki prepares me with a thoughtful session of anal foreplay. Her fingers stroke my cheeks making gooseflesh form on them as I enjoy the intimacies she takes with my sexy bum. I groan in pleasure as she teases me by sliding her fingertips up and down the length of my crack. She squats behind me then reaches forward with both hands to grasp my dangling breasts milking them with her strong fingers while her mouth darts forward to rain a shower of wet butterfly kisses all over my buns. She flicks at my nipples and I shiver and strain at my bonds trying to force my ass harder against her face.. “does my little girl like that?” she coos seductively “let Nikki give the little girl a titty treatment!” she takes both of my sensitive nipples in her fingers and pinches them hard as she plunges her face into my crevice and begins licking my puckered anus with her firm wet tongue. I howl in pleasure/pain and bucked wildly in my bondage as she twisted and rolled my sexy little titty nubbins. She continues this while I howl in orgiastic delirium.

After that humongous orgasm she waits a moment then picks up the double dildo and walks around in front of me to show it to me. “See this ?” she asks holding the glistening black tip of the cock shaped dong in front of me about three or four inches from my mouth. “You better open your mouth and suck it good and get it real wet and slippery cause I’m gonna force it right up your ass” I couldn’t want anything more but I go right into my ‘terrified virgin cunt’ act.

“Oh Noooo!” I howl “Don’t do it to me! Don’t put that horrible dingus in my nice little hiney hole! You’ll bust my cherry! I don’t want you to rip open my maidenhead” Oh nooo!”

She forces the dildo into my mouth and harshly makes me suck it as she speaks “Shut up slut! Suck this fat rubber cock or I’ll jam it totally down your throat till you choke! And you don’t have to worry about your stupid virginity cause I’m gonna stuff this up your ass!” She forces it into my mouth till I gag violently then continues “So there! What do you think of that? Do you like the taste of rubber cock?” She twists the dildo in my mouth against the back of my throat and I gag violently again. “Have you ever been sodomized before? Do you know what will it be like having a big rubber cock slowly insinuated between those milky white bum cheeks? How will it feel when I force it into your brownie hole and jam it deep into your asshole?”

Pulling the wet rubber prong from my avidly suctioning mouth she walks around behind me and slaps my ass with the thick floppy shaft. WHACK! I jerk convulsively and wait. And then I feel it! Just the daintiest touch at first as Nikki slides the dildo up and down my crack teasing me with it mercilessly till I burst out feverishly “Please Nikki darling if you love me at all FUCK ME! Give it to me! Please! I NEED it in my ass! I want it so bad!” She laughs and says “Patience slut! It will be stuffed fully into your ass soon enough! For now just let me enjoy diddling you!”

I moaned as she slowly inserts it between my buttocks and places it against my brownie hole. “Yes! Fuck me!” I shouted “Rape it into me! oh god! Puhleeze!” She pushes in a little and I feel it opening my hole. The erotic pressure is incredibly intense as she pushes it in a fraction of an inch then lets it slide back out as I struggle to keep it inside me. Again and again she fucks me with each stroke going inside a teensy bit further. I moan dementedly as the strange perverse desire to have my ass painfully buggered drives me mad. As the dildo forces my anus open wider and wider the stretching begins to be quite painful and the sensible woman part of me wants it to stop and worries if the stretching will tear me open and damage my body. What if I bleed terribly and have to go to a hospital and explain that my lover did it to me sodomizing me with an enormous black rubber dildo! The shame and embarrassment will just kill me!

But the other part of me, the perverse part wants it! The bitch knows how hot being fucked in the ass is and how great it feels when the thing finally bursts through her straining sphincter and on into her ass. She knows how gloriously, completely fillingly satisfying it will be when the pain subsides as her body adjusts to the size of the fat invader nestled in her well stuffed rectum. How fabulous it will be when the huge shaft begins to slowly slide on and on into her bowels filling her till she feels (and secretly hopes will happen) that it will finally completely fill her and burst from her mouth at the other end of her many yards long GI tract. And when it reverses and slides out of her ass like a humongous firm turd. How erotic! It feels like taking the biggest sexiest dump ever!

And so it is. I am strapped helpless over the bar with wrists and ankles firmly bound so that I wait, ass high in the air, my cunt stuffed full of the monster buttplug, for the final insertion of the rubber dildo whose penetration will drive me over the hump to the delicious perverted orgasm I crave with every cell in my bitches body!

In! Out! In! Out!

I Moan!

In! Out! In! Out! In! Out!



Deeper and deeper!

I Groan!

Blinding pain in my ass!

Then POP! In it goes at last!

Nikki pauses for a couple moments while I hang over the padded bar panting and with tears flowing from my eyes as the pain in my asshole slowly subsides. My god she has assfucked me again! I love it! Its so huge! And I’m so full! My slutty ass has just died and went to heaven! I manage to speak. “Oh Nikki Thank you! It feels fabulous!”

She laughs as she always does. “ Charlene, you are one insatiable BITCH!” I close my eyes and concentrate totally on the sensations in my ass. Now that the pain is gone there is a glorious sense of fullness in there and as Nikki slowly slides the dildo in deeper and deeper the fullness gets better and better as well. She is slow and careful and the effect on me is absolutely wild! Soon there is over a foot! of rubber dildo inside my butt and now she begins to slide it out again! The feeling is incredible much like taking a really satisfying shit but much better because one practically never has a turd the likes of this one! My entire bowel sends happy, happy messages as the dildo slides slowly by. When it finally slips entirely out of my ass I feel my sensitive bunghole closing shut again around it. I wait, knowing that it will be inserted again and how great that will be, for this time I am opened fully already and the penetration will be pure sex pleasure!

And there it goes again! Forcing me open, still slowly, sliding inside me a few inches before being slipped slowly out again for another insertion. I love this part! Being buggered is my absolute favorite part of this act. The sensation of a dildo opening me in anal penetration is mind blowingly erotic! Nikki does it to me many times, slowly picking up the tempo till she is slamming it in and out of me as fast as she possibly can. Each stroke is only four or so inches but the feeling is absolutely glorious!. By now I am cumming non stop and howling my pleasure like a banshee!

When Nikki finally decides to end this delightful activity and she releases me from my bondage I am nearly spent. She helps me totter to the bed and we rest for some time but nearness to this chocolate goodie always turns me on for more and soon I’m fiddling with her butt and begging to be allowed to suck her fabulous nipples again. But Nikki decides to be perverse and do something else! I suddenly find myself again face down on the bed with the big roll of pillows under my hips while she straps on her favorite dildo this one has a plug that fits inside her vagina while she uses the other end in my ass. But its no real pleasure this time for me. My asshole is sore from the pounding it just took. But Nikki reams me with it till the end inside her finally brings her to her own orgasm.

After she cums she says she’s sorry I’m so sore but offers me a final treat before we turn off the lights and get some much needed sleep. Eagerly I beg her for whatever she has in mind. “I think a nice warm four quart enema run inside real slow and deep would soothe your hiney and maybe while you take it you would like a juicy pussy snack and a nice vibrator in your hole instead of that dull old buttplug.”

She gets out the enormous clear four quart bag we got from Beth Tyler and fills it with warm water in the bathroom while I lay on the bed rubbing my pussy and listening to her prepare my enema. She comes into the room with the bulging heavy bag hanging from one hand and the other on her brown hip. She stands in the doorway, a picture of pure sex with the bag ready to go and her nude light brown body glowing softly in the dim room light. She hangs the bulging bag on a hook above our heads and gently parts my buttocks to insert the nozzle into me.

With me hooked up she takes the vibrator in her hand and kneels over my face facing my feet. Her thighs cradle my head and I look up at her twat in joyous anticipation. The tampon string dangles out but is really a sexy sight and I can’t wait to begin. She leans forward and massages my slit with the vibrator, sliding the vigorously buzzing pleasure pole up and down inside me there till I can hardly contain it. She inserts it deep into my vagina and fucks me with it while she reaches back and opens the clamp on the hose. With my face buried deep in her delicious soft cunt I pause my lovemaking and sigh contentedly as I feel the first gush of warm enema flood into me. The bag slowly drains a warm jiggly river into my belly as it fills me hugely and we both cum over and over in a long languorous lezzie fuck while my belly swells out like a preggo woman’s. The vibrator inside me brings me effortlessly to dozens of orgasms one after the other while my lips and tongue do the same for Nikki.

When the enema is finally completely in my bowels we return to the john and Nikki watches me empty as she likes to do. Perverse as I am I never liked this and she does it to assert her dominance even in the matter of enema elimination. Gush after gush bursts from my bowels. I finally drain empty and pass a huge wet fart which resounds in the bowl. Nikki decides to wipe me herself and when she is satisfied she leads me back to the bed where I am placed on my back in the missionary fuck position while she removes the now bloodied tampon from her vagina.

Grinning she gently pushes her bloody plug deep inside my vagina saying “Tell me when you get your next time-of-the-month dearest Charlene. I want to taste your menstrual offerings too. And by the way. When you give them to me, I’m due for a hard over-the-lap spankingG too. But for now Good night darling.”

And with those words she turned out the lights and we fell asleep.