Cheerleader Prep

A friend of mine, Ken, works as a medical technician at a large Medical University Hospital in the Northeast. His job is in the Athletic Support Division which means that he works with the school’s athletic teams with the Trainers to provide basic medical assistance where it may be needed. I was visiting with my friend this past weekend and he had to work the football game on Saturday afternoon. He told me that it was no big deal and that I could come with him.

We showed up at the stadium about two hours before game time and he got all of his stuff ready in case there was an injury during the game. So that I would be permitted behind the scenes, he gave me one of his friend’s white and blue smocks to wear: “David-XYZ UNIVERSITY-MED TECH” was written in three lines on the smock.

We walked down the hall to the Med Tech Area. Somehow I thought I was going to like this as I slipped the smock over my shirt. I looked around and saw a large room with cabinets and sinks and a number of padded tables. This was the Treatment Room, where athletes are evaluated after an injury or prepared before the game. The phone rang and Ken answered it. He didn’t look too pleased with the information coming from the other end. When he was finished he sort of slammed the phone down and said, “Shit, just what I need!” The other Med Tech wasn’t going to show up and he had to go to the locker room to wrap ankles and that kind of stuff. So far, not so bad and the “on the field” duties he said I could help him with.

What had gotten him really upset is that the Cheerleading Coach wanted the Cheerleaders to be “prepped” for the cold weather and he just didn’t have the time. I said, “Well, couldn’t I help out with that?” Ken looked as though the burdens of the world had been lifted off his shoulders. He briefed me on what needed to be done, assured me that it was no big deal since they had all been through it before, and showed me where the various supplies were so that I could get ready.

What was I to do? Got ya! I was just this casual as he explained to me: “The weather has turned really cold and we need to insure that the Cheerleaders don’t get chilled, overheated, or hyperthermic. We give them a drug to maintain a constant body temperature and we check their temperature before the game, at half time, and at the end of the game before they go to shower. It’s just a little tough because the drug is in a time release rectal suppository and because they will be drinking on the field an oral temperature is not accurate so we take a rectal temperature; let’s just say that it’s a labor intensive pain in the ass.”

My response: “Yeah, sounds like it. But, you go ahead and get the team ready and I’ll stay back here and help you out.” NO PROBLEM.

There were 7 female cheerleaders and 4 male cheerleaders. I arranged the treatment tables one on either side of a screen and placed a rolling table next to each treatment table for the supplies: latex exam gloves, KY jelly, suppositories, thermometers, Kleenex. As I was finishing, the door opened and in walked this rather stern looking but attractive female of about 35 years old dressed in a warm up suit - the Cheerleading Coach, Ms. Barnes. If she’d just ease up a bit I might even want to fuck her! Behind her were…WHOA!…seven girls and four guys all dressed in the same warm up suit as the Coach.. Of course, I was going to have to do the guys as part of my “assignment”, but the girls…

“Here they are”, Barnes said. She stepped forward and handed me a form, “We’re running a bit behind so if you could get ‘em finished up quickly it would be great.” I looked down on the form and noticed that it was a record for each cheerleader.

“Let me see, 11 people, 4 minutes per temperature, two at a time….aaahh, that’s about 22, say we’ll be done in 25 minutes”, I responded.

Now I was going to see the bitch in her. “No way! I gotta have ‘em back in 10 minutes”, she bellowed. “Just have ‘em bend over the tables and do ‘em all at once”, she ordered and stormed out the door. I regained my composure and looked at these “kids” in front of me.

All of them fine specimens: young, good looking, and in fine physical shape, ready for me to penetrate their rectums. “Well, you heard her…let’s have guys to the right of the screen, girls to the left”, I instructed. I moved one more treatment table to each side of the screen. “Okay, two guys over each table and four girls over one table and three girls over the other”, I told them. They could figure out how things were progressing. They got into place pretty quickly, bending over the tables when I said, “You do know what I’m going to do, right?”

And, as if on cue, the all responded, “Yes”. “Well, then, let’s get those pants down”, I directed.

Interesting. I stood back so that I could see both the guys and the girls. The guys dropped their pants and their underpants to the floor, where the girls lowered only their pants to mid- thigh and left their panties on. They all wore white bikini underwear (I later found out that it was the coach’s regulation).

“Okay, when I come up to you, I want you to give me your name so I can check-off the form. It would really help if you spread your legs wide for me. You’ll feel me spread your buttocks and I’m going to insert my finger into your rectum first to apply some lubrication, then the suppository, then the thermometer, then - after the thermometer’s registered, I’ll use Kleenex to wipe between your buttocks. After this, pull up your pants and go back to Coach Barnes. Oh, guys, you’d better just wait until I’m finished with the girls or else you’ll walk right past them.” I heard a few snickers - maybe I should have just let that happen.

I rolled the table next to me and approached the first girl. The drill went like this: The girl senses my presence and said her name, “Amanda (dark brown hair)”. I pulled her panties down to meet her pants at mid thigh. Then I put on the latex exam gloves. I took the KY jelly and lubricated the index finger of my right hand and spread the girl’s buttocks with my left hand. I placed my finger upon her anus and waited for the initial flinch at the touch of the cool lubricant. After the flinch I was able to steadily insert my finger into her rectum. I’d twist it a bit and insert it to the first knuckle, then withdraw it.

Now, I’d get a suppository from the jar and, again holding the girl’s buttocks apart, I’d place the suppository against her anus. The same involuntary flinch followed by my steady pressure to insert the suppository. This time, however, I inserted my finger (and the suppository) the full length into the girl’s rectum and then I’d push a little to make sure that the suppository had traveled well into the girl’s rectum. I slowly (while enjoying it) remove my finger from the girl’s rectum and get a thermometer. I apply a bit of lubricant to the thermometer and hold apart the girl’s buttocks a third time. Her anus is clearly visible, having been penetrated twice in the last minute or so. I can place the thermometer against her anus and insert it without any difficulty. Once the thermometer is inserted, I step back and enjoy the view for a moment, then take off the latex exam gloves and move to the next cheerleader.

“Lisa (brunette)”…”Roxanne (brunette)”…”Ronna (light skinned black)”…”Juanita (Latino)”…”Chrissy (blonde)”…””Julie”…and so it went until I had seven female cheerleaders all bent over the tables with thermometers sticking from their behinds. The drill was no different with the guys except I noticed a few things: 1) The guys seemed more relaxed as I spread their buttocks; 2) their buttocks seemed to be more fleshy - their anuses were harder to identify whereas with the girls it was almost visible without having to spread their buttocks; 3) every one of them achieved full erection when my finger was inserted its full length.

“Darryl”…”Rob”…”Charles”…”Wayne”… I also noticed, from the perspective that I had, that all of the girls had closely trimmed pubic hair with NONE beyond the vaginal lips into the perineal area or anus (that’s no hair beyond the pussy lips up to the asshole).

Now, it was time to remove the thermometers. Back to Amanda, past the row of thermometer impaled behinds. Because the guys had achieved erection, I was curious as to whether there was an involuntary (or voluntary?) response from the girls to my probing of their rectums. As I slid the thermometer from Amanda’s rectum, I looked lower to her vaginal lips and noticed a slight separation - hard to tell. Lisa, about the same. Roxanne (a little wetness). Ronna (lips spread wide, pinkness obvious maybe due to her darker skin). Juanita (slightly separated). Chrissy (very much separated and wet). Julie (very much separated and wet). I took and noted the readings, then wiped between each girl’s (and guy’s) buttocks with the Kleenex.

Five of the girls just went along with what I had to do, but it seemed to me that Chrissy and Julie may have been a bit aroused. I noticed that, with both of them, there was a gripping on the thermometer as I removed it and when I was wiping between their buttocks they pushed back to me so that my finger would press against their anus, my thumb against the opening to their vagina. This would also cause pressure on their clitoris against the edge of the table.

After I would wipe between their buttocks, each girl would reach behind her and pull up her panties and pants before standing up, except Chrissy and Julie. Chrissy pulled up her panties and then stood up (and she looked nice standing in just her panties - I noticed that there wasn’t too much, if any, pubic hair protruding against the front of her panties); Julie stood up and faced me and before she bent over to pull up her panties I noticed that there was just a light triangle of pubic hair at her crotch. Then, it was panties up, and pants up. Incidentally, the guys were different, and actually kind of funny. They all stood up first, realizing that they had full erections. Watching them pull up their underpants and arrange their erect penises before pulling up their pants was comical. I sent them on their way and they all returned at half-time. Same drill, except this time I paid more attention to “sexual response”. Yup, Chrissy and Julie liked this as I felt them squeeze on my finger when I lubricated and when I inserted the suppository. And, I noticed a bit of wetness when I first approached them, a bit more when I removed the thermometer.

Game’s over. All the cheerleaders return and we repeat the drill. As I insert the last thermometer, in walks Coach Barnes. The cheerleaders seem a bit taken back and she walks past each one (the guys don’t seem to mind-hmmmmm), smacking them on the left buttock. “Good job, folks - hit the showers when you’re through and be in my office in 15”, she says and stands back to watch me remove the thermometers. She’s got things down to military order. I remove the thermometers and wipe the buttocks and each girl (including Chrissy and Julie) quickly yanks up their panties and pants and struts out of the room. Now, it’s just me and Coach Barnes.

“Hey, David - ever had it done to you”, she asks.

“What – that?”, I respond as Coach Barnes is holding the tube of KY jelly.

“In your ass – go ahead, drop your pants and spread ‘em”, she says as she pushes me over the table. Not knowing what to do, I lower my pants and I feel her yank my underwear and pants down to the floor. There’s a brief pause and I look over my shoulder. Barnes has taken off her top and pants and…what!…is lubricating a strap-on dildo standing there in “regulation” white panties and bra. Still, not a bad looking woman but it looks like it’s gonna be her who’s doing the fucking. She steps up to my ass and I feel the lubricated dildo work its way between my cheeks and touch my anus. “Aaarrgghhh”, I moan as the head begins its penetration, but Barnes clamps her hand over my mouth and steadily inserts it. I feel it going in its full length all the way to the end.

I moan and when she senses that my noise is over, she takes away her hand. “There, now you feel like one of the cheerleaders”, she says as she starts fucking in and out of my ass. She reaches around in front of me and strokes my hard cock. She fucks steadily in my ass and pumps my cock until I cum. She wipes her hand on my back and pulls out of my ass. I lie there gathering my thoughts, and my ass, as Barnes puts her warm-up suit back on. Walking past me, she says, “See you next game”.

Not a minute after she walked out, Ken walked in. “Oh, no…I forgot to tell you about Barnes…”, he said.