Cheryl’s Night With The Doctors

You already know that I have invited one of my medical student interns to visit a little later this evening to practice giving a breast and gynecological exam on you, and to satisfy one of my fantasies of seeing another man intimately explore your naked body. You accept the fact that I am going to share you with another Doctor in any way I wish. Now, before a stranger comes into our home to see you totally naked, to touch your bare body, and to probe your exposed orifices while I watch, I must get you ready for our big night. This will be the first time I have shared your beautiful body with another, and there is the unspoken thought we both have, if it seems exciting at the time, that I may also share you sexually with this man. The thought of making you suck another man’s cock while I watch, to watch him fuck you deeply while I play with you and take pictures of it all, brings electricity to the air.

I have you strip completely in front of me, and stare at you, knowing that the bare body I am looking at will soon be seen in its entirety by a complete stranger. You are quite a desirable “patient”, 5’6”, 120 pounds, shoulder-length blond hair with slightly darker pussy curls, and large firm breasts with light brown areola and nipples. Yes, the “doctor” should enjoy this examination.

Since the doctor-in-training and I will be subjecting you to a complete female exam, I feel it is important that we clean you out internally. After all, we would not want to embarrass you by having any fecal matter attach itself to his gloved finger as he removes it from your rectum after your anal exam. I had considered for awhile that giving an enema to you is something he should witness and try, but I decided to spare you at least that embarrassment.

I tell you to kneel on the bed and lay forward onto your chest. This raises up your bare bottom and totally exposes your ass to me. I go into the bathroom to prepare the solution, and fill up a 2-quart rubber bag with tepid soap solution. I then hang the bag on its stand and kneel beside you. You watch with dread and anticipation as I put an examining glove on my right hand. I lubricate my middle finger and rest my ungloved left hand on your upturned bare buttocks. I spread open your cheeks with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand, exposing your bare anus to my view. You gasp and try to clench your cheeks together to block my view of your most private hole, but I do not let you. Your action causes me to bring my ungloved left hand down sharply on your exposed upturned bottom, and one spank is enough to bring you back in compliance. I tell you that there is no escaping this, and that if you do not struggle it will be over that much quicker, and that if you do decide to struggle further, your bare butt will be assaulted by my belt. You sigh, and relax your bottom, and I prepare to lubricate your private hole.

I dab a little lubricant at the opening of your anus, then slowly push inside you about ½ inch. I feel your sphincter grabbing my finger and you feel so hot and tight. I let your ass get accustomed to the invasion, and I slowly feel your tight anal muscle relaxing. That is my signal to continue my digital rape of your rectum.

I slide my finger in to the first knuckle, and with some moaning complaints from you, I turn it inside you to evenly coat your back passage. Satisfied that you are well lubricated, I remove my finger slowly, feeling your hole grabbing my finger as it leaves. You are now prepared to receive the enema nozzle back there. I put a little lubricant on the tip, and it slides effortlessly in you its full 4 inches. I open the valve a notch, starting a slow but firm flow into your bowels. I then open the valve slowly until it is open all the way. I see the rubber bag already getting smaller as the warm fluid flows into your insides. You start to squirm as you feel your bowels filling to capacity. I reach under you and caress your stomach to distribute the water, and you feel better. When all the water has entered you. I slowly remove the nozzle from your shiny bottom hole.

I kneel behind you and caress your bare bottom, and reach between your legs to stimulate your exposed pussy. I am hoping to take your mind off the need to expel, but it is difficult for you to relax under the circumstances. As I stare at the hair between your legs, I know that these bare lips, and pussy hair, and anus will be totally exposed to the intern very soon. I make you wait a full 5 minutes (which I’m sure seems like an eternity to you), and allow you to get to the bathroom. After you are done expelling the enema, I tell you to shower, paying special attention to your vaginal and rectal areas…the places the intern will be exploring a little later, and for you to join me when you are done.

The time is approaching quickly when the doctor will arrive, so while you are showering, I lay out the examination tools we will need when you are explored, and prepare the exam table with padding so you will be comfortable no matter what position the doctor thinks you should be in for a proper examination.

You finally finish your shower, and I hand you the clothes to put on. I tell you to wear your thigh-high elastic black stockings, which will be the only thing you will be allowed to retain when the exam progresses enough. The contrast of the black nylon against your pale skin is very sexy, and will provide visual pleasure to the intern and to me when we are performing your examination. To provide you a little extra modesty, at least for awhile. I allow you to put on a pair of your form fitting stretch pants.

The gown is not the flimsy paper kind, but a hospital gown, flannel cloth, with ties at the back. You turn around and I tie the strings in easily releasable bows. Although offering you some modesty for awhile, you and I both know that you will soon be spread out naked for both the intern’s and my pleasure. That excites me immensely.

Now all we can do is wait. We have a glass of wine, and I pour you a second to sooth your nerves. As this is becoming closer and closer to being real, I see you are nervous, and I must admit, so am I. How will I feel when I see another man feeling your bare breasts and exposed pussy in front of me, and…….. But I am so excited about this that we cannot turn back now.

The phone rings and you look at me in fear, yet I discern a little excitement also. I have told you that when the Doctor was about 5 minutes away, he would call and let it ring once. This is our signal that our evening is about to begin. I tell you to stand up, and I escort you over to the examining table, and tell you to lie face down on the table. I then apply your black blindfold, leaving your senses for the rest of the evening one shy. I pat you on your bottom and tell you I love you.

A knock on the door !!! The Doctor is here!! I answer the door, and greet him. He does not answer, because he has already been informed that he is not to speak at all during this evening’s “events”. This way, he will always be a “mystery man” to you. I have many students and you will probably meet them all in time. Every time I introduce you to a student, you will wonder. ”Is this the one that used my naked body and examined me so intimately?” You will never know.

He enters, and is wearing hospital scrubs, as I am. He dons a surgical mask and hairnet, which I have ordered so that as I take pictures of the evening for us to share later, he will be unrecognizable in them.

I explain to the Doctor that I have completed all of your vitals except your temperature. I tell him, “Since you’re here now, why don’t you proceed with that”.

The Doctor notices the rectal thermometer and lubricant among the gyno tools near the table, and proceeds to lubricate the thermometer tip and the index finger of his right hand. Meanwhile, I go to you and explain, “Cheryl, we are going to take you temperature rectally. I am going to untie your gown partially and slide your leotards down enough to allow this.” I untie the bottommost tie and spread the gown apart, exposing some of your back and your bottom encased in your stretch pants. I reach for the elastic leotard top on either side of your torso, and you obligingly lift your bottom a little, to allow me to slide your knit pants down to where your bottom meets your thighs. I then decide to pull them just a little further so just a little glimpse of the hair between your legs is showing, for the intern’s excitement and anticipation. Now you are laying there, your bottom upturned and naked, exposed to this stranger for the first time. I can tell you are awkward, knowing that two men are staring at your nakedness, but it is giving me pleasure letting him see you this way. To make your bare bottom even more accessible and exposed, I ask you to lift up and I insert a pillow under your pelvis. This nicely lifts up your butt to form a mound on the exam table, your bottom being the highest point of your lovely figure.

The Doctor comes to the side of the table and I feel you tense, knowing that he is going to pull your bottom cheeks apart… but then I tell you to reach back with your own hands, one on each of you cheeks, and spread yourself apart. It was bad enough that you knew you were going to be exposed to a stranger, but making you do it yourself, to spread open your private region, offering up you naked asshole to two men, is totally humiliating. You comply and reach back, taking hold of your bottom and pull the skin apart. Now the dark area between your cheeks comes into our view, and it is so stimulating watching you as if you were offering up your privates to a stranger and inviting him to explore you back there. He reaches to apply the lube on his finger to your bare asshole. Here you are, with naked spread bottom offered up to a young man, and you waiting for him to enter you there.

He inserts his digit into your butt only shallowly (I have told him you do not enjoy rectal exams, and advised him to stay shallow), enough to lubricate the inner surface of the anus so the thermometer will not catch on dry rectal skin. He then removes his slick finger and I ready the camera so I can document the entry of the thermometer. When I am ready, the Doctor slips the thermometer about 2 inches inside you, and I take several pictures. I allow you to release your cheeks and they contract to hold the thermometer inside of your rectum. We stand, and while having a drink, just stare at how you look, lying there with your bare bottom exposed and a glass shaft sticking out of your anus.

When 3 minutes have elapsed, we return to the exam table and the Doctor removes the thermometer. Reading it shows that your temperature is normal. Our earlier preparation paid off….the thermometer is clean of debris from your rectum.

I then help you to slide off the table and tell you to remove the leotards completely. You do so, being careful to work under your gown so your hairy privates remain covered by the gown, and that your stockings stay intact on your legs. I allow this temporary modesty, but we all know that, soon enough, you will have no modesty left at all.

I instruct you to sit up on the edge of the exam table with your legs dangling over the edge. I loosen the top tie on the back of your gown, and begin to slide it open, helping you take your arms out of the sleeves, assuring that your breasts stay covered (but only for now) and tell you that you may hold the gown over your chest while we use the stethoscope to listen to your heart and breathing. You do so, now having your back, shoulders, and upper chest exposed. We can see the start of the mounds of your breasts, and your vulnerability of exposing more and more of your body has progressed to yet another level.

The intern dons the stethoscope, and moves to you. He first listens to your back, and since he knows he must not speak, I tell you to breath in…then out…in then out as the doctor listens and moves the stethoscope cup all over your bare back. After a few moments, the doctor moves around to your front and places the listening cup on your chest just below your neck, then moves it all over your chest skin that is exposed, ending up just above the top of your gown you are holding so tightly over your breasts. I tell you that we have to listen to your heart just a little lower, so I readjust your gown so about ½ of your breasts are now showing, and the doctor places the cup on the top slope of your right breast. He listens for a moment, then moves to your left breast. As he is not wearing gloves, this is the first contact he has had between his skin to your yours. He is excited and I know the feel of your warm skin makes him want to see your bare breasts, to touch them and squeeze your naked nipples. And I will not keep him waiting any longer.

I inform you that we are now going to give you a breast exam. I ask you to lower your gown the rest of the way, place your hands behind your head, and arch out your breasts for us. You oblige by loosening your strong grip on the cloth of modesty, and as your hands go behind your head, it drops to your lap, and your bare breasts with their naked nipples now jut out at myself and this complete stranger to you is seeing this nakedness for the first time. Here you are, sitting there with your bare chest exposed, and two men leering at them, all three of us thinking of what will come in a moment. Two of us are anticipating your exam with excitement, and one with apprehension at the thought of a stranger touching them intimately in a moment.

I tell the Doctor, “Allow me to start her exam, then I’ll let you take over. I begin palpating under your arms, down the sides, and slowly work my way to the sides of your breasts, making little circles in your flesh. I then move both hands to your left breast, then your right and continue to press and handle your exposed mammary glands. The intern watches in awe as I kneed and squeeze your bare female flesh. Your breast skin is warm and soft, and I know the intern will soon be enjoying the feeling I am experiencing. I finally concentrate on your nipples, squeezing them and pulling on them to determine whether there are any discharges.

After a few minutes of feeling every inch of your breasts, I tell the Doctor to continue. You gasp at the touch of a stranger on your nakedness. The Doctor spends a long time touching and squeezing your breast skin and nipples. I take several photos of you exposed in this manner and a stranger exploring every square inch of your naked chest. I finally have to remind him that we must proceed with the next part of the exam. Ahhh..interns! They are not used to doing this to female patients, and do not look at these procedures so clinically as would one of my established and jaded colleagues. That is precisely why I chose an intern with whom to share you. I have no doubts that he is rock hard in his baggy medical scrub bottoms. But that is what I hoped would happen. What neither you nor he know that I am going to allow him to alleviate his erect condition inside of you very soon.

I ask you to lie back and scoot up on the table so your whole body rests on the table. You have grasped the gown back around your breasts in modesty while you have repositioned yourself, but as you are lying there on your back, I pull the gown down to your belly button to expose them again. I tell the Doctor, “Why don’t you get started on the prone breast exam while I shoot some photos, and then I’ll join you”. He stands at the side of the table, and begins palpating your exposed globes very thoroughly while I document this part of the exam. In a moment, I return opposite the Doctor, and while he is examining your right breast, I begin the examination of your left one. Any doubt you had about whether there was indeed a strange man feeling you is settled as you feel 4 hands probing your bare breasts at the same time.

I tell the Doctor that we need to test the tactile response of your nipples. First I reach to your left breast nipple and start squeezing and pulling it firmly. I motion for the Doctor to emulate on your right breast what I am doing to your left. As we squeeze and stimulate your nipples, we also kneed your breasts with our free hands.

I then bend forward and suck your left breast nipple into my mouth, and indicate for him to temporarily remove his mask and do the same with your right one. He looks at me with a questioning look for a moment, making sure that I am directing him to actually suck my woman’s breast in front of me. I confirm that this is what I want, and he pulls down his mask, and takes your right erect nipple into his mouth. Perhaps for the first time he realizes that this “exam” has gone beyond medical training and on to a whole new set of possibilities.

Here you are, nude breasts exposed and two men suckling your bare nipples to see their erection properties. After a few moments we quit, and as we pull away, I can see the saliva of freshly-sucked nipples shining in the light. I take a close photo and hope that the wetness of your nipples will show up in the picture.

When we finish your breasts and are satisfied that you are without any abnormality, I pull the gown all the way down to the top of your pubic hair, and allow the Doctor to palpate your torso to examine your internal organs. He probes your abdomen thoroughly, although he rarely takes his eyes off your exposed breasts. He would not be able to stare this obviously if you were a real patient, but since you are blindfolded, he does not hide his excitement at you being half-nude beneath him. His hands end up at the top of your pudenda. About ½ inch of pubic hair is showing and he touches the silky hair as he probes and feels your bare body. I know he wants to see more. I also want him to see more.

I notice that just after I tell him we will proceed to the next phase of the examination, that he can no longer resist and his hand snakes under your gown into the patch of your hair, and his finger finds your slit. He then removes his hands from you, and I launch us into the next part of your complete physical.

I slide the gown back up to cover your nudity, and you hold it in place with your arm. I ask you to slide down on the table so we can proceed with your pelvic exam. I position your legs in the spread exam position, and lift back your gown so that your sexy stocking-covered legs, bare upper thighs and hairy pussy are totally exposed to us in the bright light. You look so sexy, so exposed, and the contrast of the black stockings against your white naked thighs is awesome. You are wide open down there, totally offering up your naked genitals to a stranger. I tell the Doctor. “I’ll begin the gynecological exam, and then let you continue as long as you wish to assure she has had a proper female exam”.

Both the Doctor and I put on examining gloves. You hear the latex snap and know that in a few moments we will be intimately examining you, both a complete stranger and myself. I sit down between your legs and reach to your bare pussy. I spread you open in front of the Doctor, and we both see your totally exposed pinkness, with moisture evident around your naked lips. He is watching very closely, his face as near to your bare crotch as is mine. I then expose your clit and explain to the Doctor that a slight touch here can be used to examine your nerve response. I gently touch and rub the little button and it responds immediately.

I then demonstrate the internal portion of the female exam by sliding my right middle finger slowly into your bare cunt hole until my knuckle is pressed against your butt cheeks, and twisting it inside you, stretching your vaginal walls and lubricating you at the same time. After some time of this with the Doctor watching very closely, I pull my finger out of you and tell the Doctor, “Now you may examine the patient in any manner you wish. And you need not hurry. Make sure the patient is examined to your satisfaction. We have all night.” I back off and the Doctor resumes my place between your splayed naked thighs. I hear you swallow as you prepare for a stranger to sit between your naked widespread thighs and feel your sex to his complete satisfaction.

I ready the camera and began documenting the whole procedure as a stranger intimately examines your exposed cunt in front of me…him pulling your lips apart and running his finger up and down your slit…..inserting one, then two fingers deep inside your nakedness…. whatever the Doctor wishes to do he will be allowed. He examines you for a very long time, and I definitely see a pronounced bulge in his pants. He is quite turned on and breathing rapidly, though he is fighting to cover up these feelings in front of me.

He appears to be most thorough in the internal part of the vaginal exam, as he keeps going back to inserting his finger inside you. He feels at the top of your pussy hair while he pushes up inside your vagina, ostensibly so he can feel your uterus, but his top hand creeps lower, down to your clit. I say nothing, and you begin feeling the pleasure.

I explain to the doctor that there are two other positions that are sometimes used in the examination of a female’s vagina and rectum, and that I will now demonstrate them and allow him to try them also. I tell him that we will leave our right gloves on, and remove our left ones.

I tell you to lay on your left side on the table, and to bring your right knee up towards your chest, This position exposes your hairy crotch and dark anus totally. I instruct the doctor to reexamine your vagina internally in this position. He rests his ungloved hand on your bare bottom cheek and slides a gloved finger into your totally exposed hairy pussy, and I take a photo. I come to you and tell you that I am going to examine your rectum while the doctor continues your vaginal exam. I also rest my ungloved hand on your bottom and slide my lubricated finger into you, and now you have two male fingers inside you while you lay there naked, while two ungloved hands feel your naked ass. We both caress and rub your bare bottom cheeks during this double invasion. I know you don’t enjoy anal penetration, so I slide in and out only a time or two, then remove my finger from your butt. But a deep probing of your rectum will come a little later, by both of us. I allow the doctor to work on your vagina for another few moments, as I rub my cock watching you lay there nude and your naked cunt being totally explored by a stranger. After the doctor has examined you very thoroughly in this embarrassing position, I tell him that I would like to demonstrate a final position for a complete female exam.

I then tell you that I’d like for you to get up on your knees and bend over so your chest is resting on the exam table, in the position you assumed when I administered your enema. You are immediately embarrassed I have said this in front of the intern, letting him know what procedure I subjected you to before he arrived.

I help you get into position, and try to assure that your gown covers your buttocks while you are getting adjusted. Not for your modesty, but because re-exposing your bareness will give us another “unveiling” of the patient, which is an exciting part of the female exam. When you are ready, I move to you and tell you, “Cheryl, I know this position is the most embarrassing for a female to assume, but it is a necessary part of a complete exam”. With that, I part your gown, exposing your bare bottom and the clump of hair and vaginal lips between your legs to our view.

Your bare butt is naked and so deliciously exposed to both of us. Your hair patch swells between your legs, and your bare anus is in plain view. I tell the doctor that this is an ideal position to do vaginal-rectal comparative temperatures and to perform a bi-digital exam, and explain that this means the physician can enter both your vagina and rectum with two fingers of one hand, or one finger on each hand, and examine the vaginal-rectal sheath separation. I hear you gasp when I say this, thinking about the final humiliating invasion of your privates by this young man.

I pat your exposed bottom, and tell you to spread your thighs wider apart, and when you comply, we can see your whole slit from the rear, and your bare, still shiny, anus. I move behind you and I slide my gloved, lubricated middle finger deep into your cunt. Then the middle finger of my other hand, also well lubricated, poises at the entrance to your rectum, then slides into you much deeper this time than the other exams. I can feel the knuckles on both hands pressed tightly against your fleshy bottom area. I can go no deeper in either hole than I am right now. I squeeze my fingers together and can feel them almost touching through the thin separation of your inside passages. After a moment of this, I pull my fingers out of you, and gesture to the doctor to continue.

He moves behind you and enters you with both fingers simultaneously. I photograph the exam, and realize that I am really getting turned on watching you nude, and being intimately finger-fucked in both your naked holes as you are explored by a stranger half your age. After awhile, I stop the intern and tell him we must continue.

I tell you that we are first going to re-check your temperature in this position, and you sigh, knowing that I don’t mean orally, and that this will mean you will be totally exposed for a longer period of time while your temperature registers, butt high in the air for both of us to lewdly stare.

As we both have just been inside your bare butt with lubricated fingers, no additional lubricant on your anus is necessary, and I easily insert the rectal thermometer inside of your bare bottom. What I do next no doubt surprises you, I put a little lube on my finger and enter your vagina from the rear. You then feel a thermometer going into your cunt. I explain that we need a comparative reading to be wholly accurate. While the thermometers are registering we stare at you, so totally exposed and humiliated with your bare hairy cunt and asshole on display with a glass tube sticking out of both private holes. Next, I produce 2 more rectal thermometers, and tell the intern to insert another one into each of your exposed holes, so we can check the calibration of all of our thermometers.

He lubes the tips of the glass rods, then slowly inserts another one next to the one already in your rectum. He does the same with the vaginal probe. We stand back to take in this sight, you lying with your bare butt in the air, totally exposed, and two thermometers sticking out of your spread anus and two out from your cunt, like flagpoles rising from your curly damp pussy hair.

After a few minutes, I remove all of the thermometers and compare readings, satisfied at their calibration. But by now the doctor and I are getting really hot using this pretty patient’s body in every way we wish, and we get ready to continue. I then tell you to resume the normal exam position. I suggest to the doctor that we need to do a speculum exam of the patient. I ask if he feels comfortable with this procedure. He says yes, and I remind him to be very gentle with you.

I pick up the stainless steel speculum, and while I am lubricating the surface, I tell him to go ahead and stretch your vagina a little by re-examining you internally with two fingers. I then hear you gasp as I tell him that he may do the exam without gloves. He excitedly pulls off his glove, anticipating how his bare fingers will feel way deep in your hot wet pussy. He leaps from imagination to reality as he spreads you wide open with one hand while he shoves first one, then two fingers into your naked crotch and I again watch his digits disappear up inside your cunt as he examines you. After he explores you inside for a few moments, I hand him the lubricated speculum, and the doctor spreads open your outer, then inner lips, and places the tip of the speculum at your vaginal opening. I tell you to relax, and he slowly begins pushing the device up inside of you. I photograph the slow entry. Soon it is buried deeply inside your wide-open cunt while two men leer down at the sight. He opens up and locks the speculum, so it stays inside you without our holding it, spreading you wide for our pleasure. The doctor takes a small flashlight and looks deep into your vagina, way up inside you. After several photos of you in this most exposed position, we remove the device, and watch your shiny bare pussy hole close back up.

I explain to you that the doctor and I are now going to test your sexual response. I tell you that I want you to stay on the examining table and masturbate your bare pussy in front of both of us as you lie there spread widely open to us, until you make yourself come, while we observe your reactions. You are shocked and start to protest, but I reassure that we are doctors and this is part of a thorough female examination. You sigh, accepting your fate, and your hand slowly moves down to your exposed and recently-probed hairy privates. You begin to rub your spread open pussy while a stranger watches you closely and rubs his own cock in excitement. As you are rubbing yourself, both the Doctor and I are feeling you all over..your breasts, your thighs, your bottom cheeks….

You start to rub faster and faster, excited by the fact that you are being watched by two men as you lie there naked rubbing your hairy pussy. Soon you tighten all your muscles…and you cum loudly in front of us.

I allow you to rest a moment, then continue. I have the intern sit on the stool and insert a finger into your hot wet pussy, and I have fetched our vibrator, which I turn on and apply to your clitoris as the doctor is finger fucking you. You come easily a second time for us.

I motion the doctor to get up, and then I stand between your widespread thighs and insert my right middle finger back up into you. With the fingers of my left hand, I began to rub your clit. I pump in and out of you with my finger, while rubbing your sex. This excites you, and you are about to cum again, but I want the doctor to make you come by himself. I allow him to take my place between your widespread thighs, and he repeats what I did to you.

Now it is a stranger who is finger-fucking you while he masturbates your exposed clit to try to make you come. I have moved up to the side of the examining table and pull down your gown. I bend down and begin sucking your soft breasts into my mouth. While he is working on you down there, I am sucking and squeezing your bare breasts and I kiss you deeply As the doctor is frigging your hairy pussy, I see him looking up to watch me suck your bare breasts.

I then hand the Doctor the vibrator, and motion for him to insert it up deep into your exposed pussy. I watch him do so, and as he fucks you in and out with it, I move down and start rubbing your clit. Soon you come for the us again, several times, in fact. I signal for him to remove his finger from you. We can both smell your female aroma of arousal, and we are both excited and ready for sex with this erotic female patient.

I gently wash your external vaginal and anal area with a wet warm washcloth, preserving your inside lubrication to prepare you for the doctors effortless entry into you when I let him fuck you. You feel the coolness on your pussy and asshole as the water evaporates. I tell you that in a few moments we are going to continue our examination of your sexual responses. You are wondering…”If that’s in a few moments, what’s going to happen to me now?”

As your genital area is drying off, I tell the Doctor….”The patient has been generally well behaved during the exam, but prior to you arriving, she was obstinate and impolite. Before we go further, I feel she needs to be punished a little so she will cooperate more fully at her next exam..

I tell him to remove his pants and sit on the couch. I do the same, and help you off the table. We walk over to the couch, and I sit down next to the doctor. I bend you over my lap so your upper body faces the doctor and your face is in his lap. I tell you “Cheryl, I am going to spank you a bit, and while I do, I want you to suck the Doctor’s cock into your mouth to get him hard. When I have spanked you 20 times, you will reverse positions and the Doctor will spank you and you will suck me.”

I lift your gown to expose your bare bottom, and I watch as you find the Doctor’s hard cock with your mouth. I begin your spanking as I see his naked penis disappear into your mouth. While I am spanking you with one hand, the other hand caresses your crotch. After 20 spanks, I help you up, and you lay your bottom over the Doctor’s lap. He lifts your gown and gazes at your naked, now pink, bare butt.

I suggest to him that he place his hard cock straight up between your thighs, nestled against your soaking pussy as he spanks you. I tell you to open your legs and he inserts his cock up between your upper thighs so it is pressed against your crotch, and I order you to close your legs around his erection. You take me into your mouth as he begins spanking your bottom.

I have never watched another man spank you, and it turns me on immensely. As you rock from the spanking being administered, I know that his cock and your pussy lips are intimately touching and sliding against each other. And the feeling of my cock in your mouth as you are being whipped brings me almost to the brink of coming. But I must wait, and as the Dr finishes administering his 20 to your bare skin, I get up and leave you lying over the doctors naked lap. I want to shoot some photos, so unfortunately I tell him to spank you 3 more times while I take pictures of your first whipping at a stranger’s hand. I vow it will not be the last. I then help you get up, and as his penis slides from between your thighs. My God!! His cock is slippery and wet from your pussy juices and his pre-come. I am so turned on that I know I must watch this guy fuck you really soon.

I escort you into the bedroom, where our red light is burning, although to you it is just continued blackness through your blindfold. I lay you down on the bed, on your back, and remove your gown completely. I then pull off your stockings, and now you are lying totally naked in front of us. Although he has seen and touched your breasts and pussy and ass intimately, this is the first time he has seen your entire body naked all at once. He stares at you and you look so sexy, lying there nude in the red glow, blindfolded and knowing you are about to be fucked by a stranger while your man watches it and photographs the willing rape.

The doctor and I, staring at this naked patient in front of us get the rest of the way undressed. However, I have told the doctor to leave the hairnet and mask on so I may photograph what comes next without showing his identity. The mask will also prevent him from kissing you in the moment of passion. I think how strange it is that so far I have allowed this intern to feel and suckle your breasts, stick his fingers into your vagina, and masturbate your naked pussy, and I am about to let him fuck you while I watch, but there is something too “personal” about you two kissing. Oh well, that’s the way I feel.

I tell you that I am going to let the doctor have sexual intercourse with you while I observe and photograph your responses.

You gasp, because you were not sure it would go this far (nor was I), but we are both turned on, and I want to provide a stranger’s stiff cock for your pleasure this evening (and mine).

We both lie on the bed, one on each side of you, and we begin feeling you all over - your bare breasts, hands wandering to your thighs and pussy, rubbing your cunt….then you feel two mouths on your breasts as two guys, one of them a complete stranger, suck your nipples and squeeze your breasts I temporarily allow him to drop his mask). You feel the heat of two naked men pressing against your naked body, and four hands and two mouths all over you. Fingers are entering you down there into your cunt, and you can’t tell anymore whose they are. You no longer care anyway…you are the center of sexual attention and are in a dream-like yet very aroused state.

As we both fondle your nakedness, your hands travel down to hold and play with both of our cocks and balls and there is a total heat of sex in the room.

I leave the doctor to work on your breasts, and you feeling the doctor’s hairy genitals and I kiss my way down your torso to your naked pussy. I lie between your thighs and press my mouth to your wet hole. I enter you with my tongue, and then lick your slit on the way up to your clitoris. I concentrate there, sucking and licking and rubbing your sex while I watch the doctor’s mouth work on your nipples.

I tell the intern to kneel by your face and for you to suck him while I am eating you. You feel his cock against your cheek and open to receive him. You suck his erection into your mouth, and he slides in and out of you. I get up from between your legs and photograph you sucking a stranger in front of me.

I then get very close to the action and you know I am just a few inches away from where mouth meets penis. I take a close-up photo of you sucking a complete stranger in front of me while we are all naked. I can’t believe what I am watching….my woman naked with another man and sucking his ready cock to get him nice and erect so he can fuck you silly while I watch and take pictures, and rub my own cock in excitement of what I am watching. One of your hands have found their way around his bare buttocks and the other to feel and squeeze his testicles as you move your mouth up and down his hard shaft. I hope that this is as much of a turn-on for you as it is for me to watch.

After you have made the intern very hard, I tell the intern that it is now time that he fucked you properly. I tell you get up on your knees, at the edge of the bed, doggie style. He is very hard and excited as he comes to the bed and stands behind your upturned butt and pussy. The doctor applies a condom, then, in a brief moment, he enters you, the same vagina he and I have probed all evening….and he is fucking you, fucking my woman. I take some pictures of a strange cock fucking your insides, and then I kneel by your side and reach under your stomach to rub your clitoris as his penis pistons in and out of you. I then slide my body under your head and motion you to suck me while this stranger Fuchs you deeply.

I look down at him fucking you, his hands on your bare bottom, his balls slapping against your pussy as he Fuchs in and out of you, and I can see your breasts ripple each time he shoves deeply into you. You are moaning at the feel of a stranger’s hard cock inside you, fucking your widespread cunt so deep, and my cock inside your mouth.

Judging from his increasing pace of thrusting into your cunt I can tell that the doctor is getting ready to cum, so I tell you both that I want to watch you couple in the missionary position to assume the missionary position (although I am doing this for you, as you have told me that in your fantasy you want to be fucked by the stranger with him lying nude on top of your nude body and fucking you hard between your thighs in your sloshy bare cunt so you can feel his hairy chest on your bare breasts).

He pulls out of you and I can see his erection shining in the red light with your female juices and his own. You lie on your back with your thighs spread wide and your knees bent, awaiting his cock’s entry back into your pussy again. He settles down between your legs and enters you quickly. You are so wet that he slides in all the way with one stroke. I tell him to support himself on his arms for a moment so I can shoot some pictures of his big cock going in and out of your bare pussy, and then I back off and let you two do what comes natural, continuing to take pictures and jacking off. You wrap your legs over his to pull him deeper as his naked body grinds into yours, his chest crushing your bare breasts, his cock deep in my woman’s bare pussy.

I am close to cumming watching my woman being fucked naked by a stranger, and hear you moan, and cry out in what I recognize as a powerful orgasm. This pushes the doctor over the edge, and he starts cumming violently inside you. I make myself come at the same time, all over the bedspread.

The doctor collapses on your nude body and rests for a few moments. You are both breathing deeply and are coated in sweat at your workout.

Then, as quickly as he entered our world, the doctor rolls off of your naked body to your left side and I lie by your right side, caressing you. He gets up, gets dressed, and quietly leaves us alone. I remove your blindfold, kiss you, and tell you how much I love you. I think of the sex we will have when we look at these pictures later and remember this night…over and over and over…..

I stare at your well-used pussy and anus, and get excited thinking the activity it just underwent. I always will remember that. My finger finds its way into your pussy, and in this position we drift off to sleep, dreaming about our next encounter.