Childhood Games

By Brenda

Part 1

Susie stood at the fence and watched the little boy next door, riding his tricycle around the yard. She was dying to play with him but was too shy to ask. She knew that he had seen her but he said nothing. She went back inside and watched her mother roll pastry for a while, but soon could not resist going back to the fence to see if he was still there.

“Want to play?” he asked, riding up to the fence. She nodded. “I’ll ask if I can come over,” he said and rode off towards the house. Shortly, he was pedaling up the drive in her direction.

He introduced himself as Mikey and told her that his parents were dead and that he lived with his grandmother. The two youngsters played happily all morning and agreed to meet again after lunch and nap-time. Susie said she would come over to his house.

Susie’s mother was delighted that they had finally gotten to know each other and said that she had spoken to Mikey’s grandmother who was a very nice lady. It would be fine for her to go over later.

Mikey took her by the hand and led her behind the garage…. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” he whispered. Susie didn’t know what he meant, but when he slipped down his shorts, she understood. She stared in wonder at his penis and slowly removed her pants too. “Lie down and I’ll pretend to be the doctor,” he said, and she obeyed. He made her open her legs wide and pull her knees up. He examined her carefully with his fingers and then, licking one of them, he slowly slipped it into her anus.

“I like things up my bum, do you?” he asked, moving his finger around and in and out. She wasn’t sure - it made her want to poo. He removed his finger and asked her to do the same to him.

These games soon became a regular feature of their time together. They spent a lot of time hiding and ‘playing with each others bums’, as Mikey called it. Once he stuck his tongue into her and she had loved that.

On Friday afternoon Mikey announced that he had to go in early as it was enema night. Susie looked puzzled and when Mikey told her what an enema was, he was amazed to discover that she had never had one.

“Would you like to watch?” he asked. She would, so he went inside to ask his grandmother if it would be OK. Grandmother said it would be fine but they had better come in a little earlier so that Susie wouldn’t be late home.

Susie sat on a stool in the large old fashioned bathroom, watching in fascination as Gilda prepared to give her grandson his weekly enema. She lifted a large board and placed it over the bathtub, forming a sort of table. This she covered with a rubber sheet and towels. Then she took a large red hot water bottle from the closet and some rubber tubing and nozzles. She told Mikey to undress and get ready as she left the room, returning a few minutes later with a large jug of warm soapy water. She filled the hot water bottle and screwed in the stopper - but this one had a long, red, rubber tube coming out of it. There was a clamp half way down the tube which she checked to make sure the water wouldn’t run out.

Mikey was lying on his left side on the board with his knee drawn up and Susie watched as his grandmother applied a little Vaseline to his anus, slipping her finger inside and spreading the lubricant. Then choosing a nozzle she attached it to the tube and slipped it into the boy’s waiting backside. She released the clamp and the water began to flow.

“Does it hurt?” she asked, but her friend assured her that it didn’t and that it was very nice once you got used to it. Gilda stopped the flow from time to time to allow Mikey to overcome his urge to evacuate. Susie was strangely excited and longed to stick her finger into herself. Her friend must have been able to read her mind as, at that moment he asked Gilda to give Susie an enema too.

“Of course,” Gilda said, “but I must speak to her mother first and get her permission. I’ll ring her as soon as I have finished here.” So saying, she stopped the flow, satisfied that Mikey had taken enough. She removed the nozzle and replaced it with a rubber plug which made Susie giggle because it looked a bit like a baby’s pacifier. Mikey was told to lie on his back and hold on until she came back and she left to phone Susie’s mother.

A few minutes later, Grace came into the bathroom looking a little flushed and breathing hard, as if she had run all the way …. Susie noticed that she had stopped to put on lipstick and brush her long blond curls before coming over. Gilda was with her and while she helped her grandson on to the toilet and removed the plug, Grace started undressing Susie. She helped her onto the board and following Gilda’s instructions turned her daughter onto her left side. Gilda had refilled the bag and after washing the nozzle and dipping it in Savlon, she attached it to the tube.

Grace stood back and watched as Gilda applied Vaseline to her daughter’s anus and slide her finger in to spread it thoroughly. She found the sight strangely exciting and felt her nipples pucker as the moisture began to form between her legs.

Susie was nervous and Gilda soothed her gently as she slipped the nozzle into her. She worked it in gently, back and forth. She knew that the child enjoyed this as she had seen the games behind the garage, but had chosen to say nothing. Soon the child relaxed and she started the flow. Susie felt the warmth as it spread through her tummy - it was lovely. But soon the pressure built up and she had an uncontrollable urge to evacuate. She began to whimper and beg for Gilda to stop and let her go. Gilda stopped the flow and rubbed the child’s back, telling her to hold on and breathe deeply. She opened the clamp slightly and allowed the water to flow very slowly. This was the child’s first enema and she knew that she would not be able to take as much as her grandson did.

Mikey had finished evacuating in the meantime and had cleaned up. He stood watching his friend, fondling his ‘winky’ without fear of reprimand from his grandmother, who looked across at him and smiled. Grace looked at her, a slightly surprised look on her face. The older woman smiled at her.

“The greatest gift you can give your child is a complete acceptance of her body and the many pleasures it can give her. A mother should teach her daughter to be a sexual being and to know her body well.”

Grace blushed and found herself wishing that this woman had been her mother.

Susie was gasping as her bowels cramped and stretched with the unfamiliar pressure of the warm soapy liquid that filled them. She had the greatest difficulty holding on as the nozzle was removed and the plug slipped in. Gilda rolled her on to her back and began massaging her tummy in long circular strokes. After a few minutes she helped her to the toilet and finally let her expel.

“Did you like it?” Mikey asked her. She nodded. She had, and knew that she would like to have another next week. She hoped that she would be invited again or that her mother would now make it a weekly ritual.

The two women were cleaning up and putting things away. Gilda watched as Grace picked up one of the nozzles, running her fingers over the length of it slowly.

“Why don’t you come to tea tomorrow morning?” she said quietly. “We can get to know one another better - we are neighbors, after all.”

Part2 - Tea With Gilda

“I don’t think we need tell Daddy about this,” Grace told her daughter, as they walked the short distance to their house, after Susie’s enema session with Gilda. She smiled at the little girl and as their eyes met they both knew that they shared a special secret.

She told her husband, Peter, that she was having tea with the neighbor the next morning and as it was a Saturday, she suggested that he take Susie and Mikey on an outing. He agreed readily enough and said that he would take them to the zoo for the morning and then on to lunch before coming home. He enjoyed spending time with his daughter and did not mind taking her friend along.

As soon as she had everyone out of the house, she got ready for her visit with Gilda. The knot of excited apprehension in the pit of her stomach was confirmation that she knew that this would be no ordinary ‘tea’ party. She showered and rubbed perfumed body lotion over her breasts and thighs and wore her good underwear. Finally, satisfied with the way she looked, she left the house and walked the short distance to the older woman’s house.

Gilda greeted her at the door with a warm smile and taking her hand, drew her into the house. She was a fine looking woman, in her mid-fifties. Tall and statuesque, she had a perfect ‘hour-glass’ figure. Today she wore a pretty summer dress that buttoned down the front and showed a generous amount of cleavage. When Grace realized that she had been staring at this attractive sight, she blushed and quickly looked away. She realized that she was terribly nervous and that her hands were shaking.

“Come my dear, there is nothing to be nervous about,” Gilda said, putting her arm around the younger woman’s shoulders and gently leading her towards the back of the house. She opened the door to what Grace realized must be the spare bedroom and led the way into it. The room was simply furnished - a bed stood against one wall. It had been prepared with rubber sheeting and towels and Grace noticed that there were several coat-hooks on the wall above it, at varying heights. Next to it stood a table on which Gilda had arranged everything she would need to give Grace her enemas. In one corner there was a full length mirror and a chair.

“When I give myself enemas, I like to watch what I am doing in the mirror,” she explained. Grace’s fingers were shaking so badly that Gilda pushed them away and began undressing the young woman herself. She placed everything neatly on the chair and when, at last, Grace stood naked in front of her, she ran her eyes appreciatively over the beautiful young body.

“Mmmm. I’ve been wanting to get a closer look at this magnificent young body of yours,” she smiled, running her palms over the tips of the exposed breasts.

“I bet you never thought that the old woman next door is lusting after you, when you go out to hang laundry in that flimsy house-coat of yours.”

Grace smiled and shook her head and allowed herself to be led to the bed. Lying on her side, as instructed, she pulled one leg up to her chest, exposing the creamy expanse of her buttocks and the puckered ‘rosebud’ between them. Gilda slipped on a rubber glove and scooping up a generous amount of lubricant, she began massaging Grace’s anus. With firm circular strokes she spread the stuff around the tiny opening until Grace wanted to cry in frustration and beg her to put a finger into her. Almost as if she had read her mind, Gilda slipped a finger in and began massaging her rectum. She pushed her finger deep inside the young woman, noticing that she was slightly constipated and that she would have to prepare her if she was to get any water into her. She withdrew her fingers and picking up a large glass syringe, she filled it with a mixture of glycerin and mineral oil. She attached a rectal tube to the syringe and slipped it into Grace’s well lubricated anus. She pushed the plunger down slowly, letting the oils spread through the rectum and surround any solid matter that was lodged there. This would soften it and make it possible to get enough water into Grace’s lower bowel.

She left Grace to enjoy the pleasurable sensations of the oils spreading through her rectum and left the room to prepare the first jug of enema solution. She would start the young woman on a quart of warm soapy water and then would gradually increase the quantities in the second and third enema.

Returning to the room where Grace lay waiting, she filled a clear enema bag with warm soapy water. She selected a nozzle from her collection and hung the bag on one of the hooks above the bed. She dipped the nozzle into the jar of lubricant and slipped it into Graces now well prepared behind. Releasing the clamp on the hose, she let the water clear the way for the nozzle as she pushed it gently into the young woman’s rectum.

As the warm water flooded her insides, Grace remembered the almost forgotten sensations of the only other enemas she had ever had. Her grandmother had come to stay for a while when she was a child of six or seven. The old lady, for that is the way she had seemed to Grace at the time, had immediately inquired about her BMs and had asked her mother how often she administered enemas. Never, her mother had admitted and Gran had looked disapproving and made sure that Grace had an enema at least once a week during her stay. She was brought back to the present by Gilda’s soothing voice.

“Good girl, just relax, breath deeply…. that’s right. Do you like it when I move the nozzle in your bum?”

“Mmmm.” was all that Grace could say as she struggled against the urge to evacuate that was gripping her bowels. Mercifully, the last of the enema ran into her just as she thought she could not hold on any longer. Gilda removed the nozzle and slipped in a tampon. She turned Grace onto her back and began massaging her tummy in large circular strokes. After about 5 minutes, she helped her to the toilet and left her to evacuate in private. As Grace removed the tampon a torrent of water and waste poured from her body and the pleasure of release was almost as great as the pleasure she had felt receiving the enema.

When she returned to the bedroom, Gilda was ready for her. Two large bags of enema solution hung from hooks above the bed, their long hoses looped over them. One had a long rubber tube with a strange fluted bulb near the end. Gilda told her that this was a inflatable nozzle nozzle and that it would ensure that she took the full contents of the bag without leaking. Grace lay on her side again and Gilda lubricated her anus again. She slipped the inflatable nozzle in, twisting and turning it as it went in. She pushed it in as far as it would go and then she inflated the bulb. Grace felt her rectum stretch to accommodate the increasing volume inside it. When Gilda was satisfied that it was firmly lodged, she released the clamp and the warm baking soda enema began running into Grace’s waiting body. When she had taken half of the enema, Gilda turned her onto her back.

Grace was panting as her bowels filled. The first enema had cleared her lower bowel and rectum and now the water reached further up, softening waste that had accumulated during the years since her last enemas. She could feel the water move up and gurgle in her gut. Gilda sat on the bed beside her and gently caressed her breasts, teasing the nipples till they stood erect and puckered. Grace longed to feel Gilda’s mouth on them, but did not dare ask.

There was about a third of the enema to go and the pressure was becoming almost unbearable. Grace began to beg for release but instead Gilda made her turn over onto her right side and the pressure eased a little as the water flowed up and filled the rest of her bowel. Gilda massaged her back and spoke soothingly to her while she tried to breath deeply and relax.

At last it was over and she was being led to the bathroom once more, the inflatable nozzle still in place. As she lowered herself onto the toilet, Gilda deflated the bulb and pulled it from her bottom. This time Gilda stayed with her as she evacuated the enema occasionally massaging her belly and pressing down on it to help the water move back down the gut and out. Grace felt quite drained when it was over and she thought she must be pounds lighter - she said so and the two women laughed and agreed that this was a more pleasant way of shedding pounds than dieting.

“This last one will be easier dear, its sole purpose is pleasure,” Gilda smiled, as Grace lay down again. She tested the temperature of the water in the bag that still hung on the hook above the bed. It was fine, cooler than the others had been, and she had added a little lemon juice to the water - Grace would be experiencing some wonderful cramping, especially if a little of the baking soda solution remained in her gut. She made Grace lie on her back, across the bed this time, with her buttocks on the edge of the bed and her knees drawn up to her chest. In this position Gilda had perfect access to the hungry little hole that awaited her nozzle, and the neat folds of the young woman’s labia.

Grace no longer felt embarrassed about displaying her most private parts to the older woman - she felt safe and completely unthreatened. She watched as Gilda attached a thick black nozzle to the tube. It was slightly curved and had a bulbous head. Gilda dipped it in the jar of lubricant and applied some to her anus and rectum. Gilda placed the black tip on her anus and with gentle but firm pressure, turning it this way and that, she slowly slid it in. It stretched the sphincter, forcing it open and Grace realized that if it were anyone else inserting it, she would have been in pain instead of transient discomfort. The nozzle stretched her rectum as it made its slow progress into her. Once in place, Gilda released the clamp on the hose and the cool water began flowing into her.

Grace was taken by surprise when she felt the cool water - she had been expecting the warmth of the previous enemas. It did not take long for the cramping to start. She gasped and moaned. Gilda began moving the nozzle in and out of her and she began to breath faster and moan with pleasure. Oh, how good it felt. Working the nozzle with her right hand, Gilda parted the young woman’s labia and finding her little love bud engorged and ready she began massaging it gently. Grace arched her back and as the last of the enema ran into her deliciously cramping gut she climaxed as she never had before.

Later, when she was dressing again and Gilda sat watching her, the older woman asked: “Have you told Peter about this?”

“No, of course not,” Grace replied.

“I think you should, and the sooner the better,” Gilda said seriously.

“Oh, I couldn’t, he would never understand.”

Gilda shook her head and getting up she took the young woman by the shoulders and looked at her affectionately. “I think you’re wrong. I think he loves you very much and may surprise you.”