Clinic 414

The Prep

Walking from the elevator, I found myself on a row of professional looking offices, and while I could not imagine where I had thought that my practitioner might work, the deep pile carpet of the corridor began to have a soothing effect on my nerves and spirits. It was a long corridor and at last I came to an oak door with no identification other than : “CLINIC : Suite 414” on a copper plate . With a trembling hand, I opened the door and entered into a receptionist area which had been tastefully and professionally decorated.

I had just started to settle into one of the glove leather sofas in the waiting room, when an office door quietly opened and a white-frocked middle aged man said, “Ms. Anne Broderick, I presume ? Won’t you come in please.”

I followed the Doctor into an office area which overlooked the park and took one of two chairs facing the desk.

“I’m Doctor Chadwick,” he began, “My practice specialty centers on the exploration and diagnostic treatment, if need be, of what might be otherwise be considered problems of a sexual nature. Your confidentiality is assured here,” he continued “ and I want you to feel completely comfortable in discussing the matter which brought you to us. Now how might we be of service to you ?”

“Well, Doctor, “ I began haltingly “ I’m thirty-five years old and have been married once. I’ve been divorced for about four years, sexually active and, well, I, ah, have a real problem, ah, with, ah , anal sex.”

THERE ! I’d said it !!

The words gushed out now “ My former husband would complain that I was just prudish and uptight, literally, and that I was denying myself, and him, another avenue of physical pleasure.”

“Have you ever tried anal intercourse ?” he asked.

“Well, once, but the penetration, if any, was very slight, and I told him to stop : it hurt too much” I answered in a small voice. “You have to understand ,” I went on “I was raised in a very restrictive and highly religious household … even nudity was ‘ wrong ‘ anal was equated with defecation …… sex, ANY sex was just not discussed.”

The Doctor considered this a moment then asked “ and why the interest now ?”

“Oh, I -have- noticed the beginnings of some very pleasurable sensations back there from time to time; the eroticism of it; but I don’t know where to begin.”

“ Not that uncommon, and so you have a curiosity about it, don’t you ?” he asked.

“And,” I allowed, feeling a little tingle of pleasure and dampness begin between my legs. “ I think I would like to feel the experiences after, perhaps, a little preparation so that I might know what to expect.”

He then asked about my sexual history, writing on a pad while I answered a number of questions and, finally, putting the pad down, he indicated that he had reached a decision.

“What we will do is to create an anal-erotic experience for you, while at the same time preparing you for the act itself. “

The Doctor started outlining his prescription,

“First, Ms Broderick, you will be given a brief physical exam, which will include both a pelvic and rectal , to make sure that our experience will be safe for you. You will then be prepared for the administration of dilators which will be introduced into your anus to both expand and relax the sphincter muscles. “

“So, let’s see how this goes for you and, well, if further visits might be required. If all that sounds satisfactory to you, my nurse will prepare you down the hall. Do you have any questions.?”

“I don’t think so.” I whispered, and deep inside an excitement started at the anticipation of the experience.

“Good !” and he spoke to his nurse on the intercom.

“Nurse, come and start Ms. Broderick’s program, I’ll give you specific instructions in a minute, thank you.”

“The nurse needs to take you through some preliminaries after which we’ll get together .” he said .

The door opened and an attractive, but professional woman, in a crisp white uniform, motioned me out and down an inside corridor.

The room, which the nurse referred to as an examination room, was large in comparison to the small cramped cubicles at my gynecologist’s office. Along one wall was a low padded table, covered with pastel sheets, while at the far end , with well its well-padded stirrups, stood the examination table, though this one had more movable sections.

A door at the far side revealed a bathroom, while the remainder of the equipment, sinks, cabinets and instrument trays were what I would have expected in a medical setting.

The nurse indicated a screened dressing area. I was then instructed to strip … completely … handed a cotton, patterned kimono, and a pair of-terri-cloth stretch slippers. I asked if I might use the bathroom and was told pleasantly “No, dear, that will be taken care of later”.

As I started to undress, I heard her opening and closing drawers and cabinets , but resisted the temptation to peek out from behind the dressing screen. I removed my jacket, blouse and skirt, slip, and bra. Hesitating a moment, I slipped my panty hose down my legs and stood naked before the full length mirror on the wall. `

Thankful for the slim image there; still firm up-turned breasts with their now erect rose-bud nipples, the light brown bush of pubic hair and, turning around, ran a hand over my peach-shaped posterior. “Enough !” I thought and slipped into the kimono, which came to mid-thigh, and slippers. Having made up my mind to go through with this, robe tie held, I stepped out from behind the screen.

“Now, first I will need to take your blood pressure and temperature, so just sit down on the edge of this table and try to relax,” she said and smiled.

Slipping the black cuff over my arm, she counted down the blood pressure and then said, “Your blood pressure is perfectly normal, now I need to take your temperature.”

From a tray that I had not taken note of on the counter, she picked up the thermometer, a pair of latex gloves, and a tube of KY jelly.

Turning back to me, I had opened my mouth in anticipation, she said, “No, the Doctor wants your temperature taken rectally, so I’ll need to have you stretch out on the table and turn over on your tummy.”

She then helped me climb up on the table, turn over, and then, sitting on the table behind me, she turned up the hem of the kimono until it was resting just below the small of my back leaving my buttocks exposed.

I listened as she snapped a glove into place on her hand and then felt the cool latex-clad thumb and forefinger spread my buttocks from either side of my anus. I buried my head in my arms and blushed at the contact in so private an area, then had to stifle an involuntary sob as I felt a gloved and lubricant-laden finger enter my rectum to the second joint after which the bulb of the thermometer was held poised at my anus.

“Now, this may be a little uncomfortable for just a minute, so relax.” she said and with that I felt the bulb firmly pushed on into my bottom.

Once inserted she then placed the gloved hand across my bottom cheeks, holding the glass tube firmly between two fingers. I could feel the instrument resting in my bowel and then, after several minutes , felt the sliding of the bulb past my sphincter as it was withdrawn.

“Your temperature is also normal and now I’m going to give you an injection of a very, very, mild sedative in your hip, so why don’t you just remain as you are on your stomach.”

Turning my head I watched her pick up the hypodermic syringe from the instrument tray and, turning back to me, felt the cold alcohol swab on my left buttock as she prepared the site for the injection. Her technique was practiced, and I felt only the slightest sting as the needle entered my rump and was withdrawn a moment later. She then lowered the hem of the robe to cover my buttocks.

“Fine, now I want you to lie there while we get you ready for the next step. Have you ever had a colonic, or any other type of enemas ?”

“ Only once as a child, and then that was given to me by an aunt.” I replied, beginning to feel a strange, giddy anticipation.

“Well, your going to be administered two enemas this morning,” she went on, “ The first will be a cleansing enema which, as the name implies, will be started in the upper regions of your bowel. The second will be a more soothing, and lubricating, oil solution to prepare you for the dilation procedure.”

“I’ll need to have you assume,” she continued “ a position on your knees with your chest on the table, after which I’ll be lubricating your rectal area for the insertion of the nozzles.”

She grinned as she said, “you’re going to feel quite full as the Doctor wants a full quart for each enema !”

“Oh, by the way, ……. is the injection working ???”

“Oh yes, I feel really quite mellow.” I replied, while in my head the images conjured up by her description of the procedure were causing not unpleasant stirrings in my loins. A part of my repressed anal-erotic fixation had been curious about the feelings that might be provoked by submission to an enema, and now I was to find out.

The Doctors’ prescription was on target !

Eyes closed, I listened to the preparations being made and in a minute I heard a metal stand drawn up beside the table.

“OK, we’re almost ready now, so let me help you up to a kneeling position, she offered and, placing her hands on either side of my hips, helped me up so that I was now on all fours in the middle of the table.

“I’ll place a pillow under your head and now I want you to rest your chest on the table, and let the middle of your back relax… fold your arms up by the pillow.. that a girl. You’ll need to move your knees apart…… and bring them…… just a little forward … so your bottom is well extended.” she added.

The hem of the robe slipped down to my mid back leaving me naked from the waist down except for the slippers. The forced position had it’s effect and I felt the surprisingly warm office air on the delicate tissues of both my anus and the lips of my vulva as my most intimate regions were exposed.

Looking back slightly beyond my bared and upraised rump, I watched as the nurse proceeded to hang a hospital-type enema bag on a hanger stand which had been placed by the table. The bag had a valve in the bottom to which was attached a length of surgical tubing.

From the tray she picked up another section of black flexible tubing about 18 inches long and about the size of my little finger. The tip at one end was smoothly rounded while at the other was a small double bulb, another inch of the black tube and then a connection.

Opening a jar of Vaseline, she coated the length of tube until it, and the bulb, was shiny , and then, holding the lubricated tube in one hand which she rested on my back, she dipped her gloved index finger into the Vaseline jar and moved until she was at the rear of my upraised bottom.

“I have to lubricate you well now; I’ll be introducing the length of the irrigator into your rectum after that. The small bulb will help you retain both the nozzle and the fluid while it does it’s job.”

“Now this may be just a little uncomfortable, but try to relax by breathing through your mouth.”

I gave a little involuntary start as I felt her forefinger enter my rectum and slowly work its way in a small series of in and out movements until she had entered me fully . She then slowly withdrew the finger and repeated the process with some more of the Vaseline.

“Now I’ll insert the irrigation tube and I’ll be slowly working it down inside you until I have the bulb in place, she explained.

I felt the nozzle pass my sphincter and really felt the tube as she slowly inserted more of it into my bowel. Finally she said that she was about to insert the retainer bulb, and I felt my anus distend to receive the small object as she firmly and slowly pushed it into my behind. She said that she was going to turn the flow on and, as she did, I could feel the fluid, somehow, as it started draining up into an area that felt as though it was somewhere near my diaphragm.

“This takes a few minutes, we don’t want to rush the process, and once you have taken this much I’ll have you retain it for a few minutes longer. Now you should start feeling full in a bit, but the retaining bulb will prevent you from expelling the fluid, so do try to relax. “ she called over her shoulder.

My abdomen was visibly swelling now and the Doctor chose that moment to open the door and ask how everything was going. I hid my head in embarrassment at the spectacle I must have presented, half nude with my rear high up in the air and the enema tubing sticking out from my rectum.

The nurse saved me from comment and said that everything was fine. She stroked my buttocks while we waited for the contents to empty.

I felt as though I would burst when she announced that we were done and, turning a valve at the connection point, disconnected the tubing that was inside me to the beaker. She told me to hold my position, breath through my mouth, and, a few minutes later, helped me slowly off the table and followed me to the bath room carrying the tube which trailed from my behind. Once inside I sat down on the toilet, and reaching up underneath me, she slowly removed the retainer bulb, following which I felt as though I exploded into the bowl even before she had removed the remainder of the tube.

My nurse was at the door when I came out, and after making sure that all was well, helped me back up onto the table where I was instructed to assume the kneeling position once again. The gloved and lubricated finger once more was introduced into my backside and I noticed with relief that the nozzle she was lubricating for this round was only about six inches long. I settled my head into the pillow and waited for the insertion of the tube.

“Now this one won’t be as uncomfortable as the last one,” she said, and then introduced the nozzle into my rectum. I felt the liquid drain into my bowel, and then, some minutes later, abdomen distended once more, made my way to the bathroom.

When I returned from the bathroom, I was motioned toward the examination table.

The nurse escorted me to the examination table, which she had covered with a pastel sheet. I sat on the raised bolster section at the end, then laid back assuming the pre-requisite position…. knees up, each slippered foot in a stirrup, thighs widely separated with my buttocks near the end of the table.

The robe had shifted up to around my waist and, except for the slippers, I lay naked from the waist down. Dr. Chadwick entered the room and stepped up beside me as I lay on the table.

“I hope that the cleansing enemas didn’t make you too uncomfortable, but for anal sex, you might find that you’ll be less inhibited if you’re not worried about cleanliness there. You can easily obtain any of the drugstore pre-bottled solutions and simply use it before you and your partner start making love .”

Continuing, he said, “I’m going to examine both your vaginal and rectal areas. I’m certain that we won’t find any obvious abnormalities; the nurse noted that you did not, for example, suffer from hemorrhoids as she lubricated you, but I want to make sure that there’s nothing else of note.”

Moving to the end of the table, he stepped between my widely parted thighs and rolled a latex glove onto each hand.

The nurse handed him a tube of lubricant which he applied to his now gloved fingers. With one hand, he parted the lips of my vulva and, gently holding the lips of my labia between thumb and finger, worked down each side.

“You obviously take care of yourself. …. no lesions or gland inflammation”, he observed.

Holding back the covering hood of flesh, my clitoris was revealed and it, together with the area surrounding my urethra, came in for their share of diagnostic probings.

His finger traced the sensitive ridge sending a tiny chill of pleasure up my spine. No other exam had ever evoked that kind of response! Moving his hand down to the opening of my vagina, two fingers were inserted and moved up inside me until I felt them at the tip of my cervix. He then rotated the fingers, pressing against the walls of my vagina and uterus in each direction.

“Just breath through your mouth, Ms. Broderick …..and let yourself go”, he soothingly advised.

Withdrawing his gloved hand, the nurse handed him a vaginal speculum. The nurse once more told me to relax and I felt the instrument enter my vaginal cavity, then a bit of pressure inside as the sides were opened. The Doctor adjusted the work lamp and peered down intently.

After perhaps a scant minute, and withdrawing the instrument, the Doctor walked to the head of the table, “Everything looks just fine there, you’re a very healthy woman. Are we ready for the next step?”

I gave a thumbs-up and flexed my back, “Ready!”

“Good, good, …… I’m going to be examining your anus and rectal areas for fissures or any other problems, and for this, the nurse is going to adjust your position so that I have, ahmm, maximum entrance ….. nurse, if you will please?” and gestured toward my legs.

The nurse gestured with her hand, “Hmmmm …. I going to need you to scoot down a little farther…… there, that’s a girl.” and thus my buttocks were now off the edge of the table.

With a hand on my knee and another under my ankle, the nurse guided each leg back toward my head until it just about touched my breast. The stirrups were adjusted upward and to the rear, so that, after replacing each foot, I found myself in a jack-knifed position…my bottom fully extended in mid air; the lips of my vulva gaping open; soles of my slippers nearly parallel with the ceiling!

I could feel the air on my anus now that my buttocks were fully spread, and watched the nurse liberally lubricate the forefingers of the doctor’s right hand with KY jelly.

“I’m going to insert one finger, initially, to examine you as far up as I can without instruments, then I’ll introduce more as I feel you begin to acclimate to the exam. We’ll be changing your position once more for the dilators …. I know this isn’t very comfortable, but it will only last for a few minutes”, he explained.

I could only lay there while images of myself so very extremely exposed swirled in my head. Stepping to my now prominently displayed perineum he first probed around the perimeter of my anus, separating the opening on either side, after which he inserted his forefinger to the second joint, and rotated the finger at an angle to the rim.

“I’m just checking muscle elasticity at this point”, he said. I felt him continue working the finger up inside me until his hand rested in the cleft of my stretched buttocks. He then described a circle with his finger deep in my bowel, pushing at the tissue in either direction.

I was glad at that point for the enema preparation as I felt as though a bowel movement would have been imminent.

Withdrawing his finger completely, he said, “Excellent! Next, I’ll be introducing two fingers into your rectum; this to help you with the dilators later.” Placing one finger over the other, I felt the firm, insistent, pressure of the insertion. “I want you to push down on my fingers, as though you were trying to go to the bathroom, to relax your sphincter muscle.”

I strained as instructed and felt a hollow feeling as the fingers made their way up my rectum. I felt his hand at my bottom again, and then a pressure as he rotated the fingers in place. I could feel the moisture from the liquefied KY jelly trickle to my tailbone mixed with the perspiration from my exertions.

He paused for a moment, fingers still buried in my rump, then looked up at me. “I can see why you had a problem with anal intercourse; your rectal sphincter is very tight and well muscled.”

Continuing his movements, he added, “You, or your partner, need to be very generous with the lubrication….. I suggest, also, that you include graduated dilatation, which is what we’re doing now, as part of your foreplay until you really get the knack of relaxing this muscle.”

“OK …….three fingers; you’ve accommodated the two-finger stage without difficulty, I gather : a bit of fullness perhaps?” he asked.

“No it doesn’t hurt, I even think I’m beginning to like it a little,” I replied. In fact, the enforced exposure of my genitals and insertions were beginning to cause another sort of, very pleasurable and erotic, pressure.

“Well good ! So, how about if we explore that a bit!?” he suggested. I nodded, he motioned to the nurse.

“My nurse is trained in massage …… and we do want you to be very relaxed!” he beamed.

“We’ll be pleasuring you with direct stimulation, I think you should enjoy that,” he smiled, as the nurse added more KY jelly.

At the last I blushed, thinking that I must be lubricating myself just thinking about it.

The nurse untied the belt to the robe and pulled it open leaving me totally open and naked on the table, a glistening coat of KY jelly shining at my bottom. …. and wondering if the warmth in the room was coming from me!

Changing gloves, she poured some light oil onto her hand and began to massage my neck then down to each breast …. kneading … stretching and rolling each taut nipple between her fingers, then moved down my belly to my damp pubic hair and inserted her fingers between and into the open lips of my vulva!

I had never been touched so intimately by another woman in my life! At the same time I felt myself yield to the insistent caresses being applied against my rising bud, and surrendered to it all.

The Doctor held all three fingers together, and I felt the tips slowly ease into, and past, my anus.

“Let’s feel a really good push now !” the Doctor ordered.

While the pulses from the massage of my clitoris built, I pushed my body down on the table to meet, and help my rectum open to, the welcomed gloved hand. I remember the doctor saying that all three fingers were inserted and, with his free hand, he guided my own to my anal region where I felt his fingers as they lay buried in my rectum and felt the rim of my anus in its tightly extended accommodation.

I covered my eyes with the back of my hand as he started an in and out movement. With each push past my anus, I could feel the gloved fingers working up my colon, the drumming of the nurse’s massage of my clitoris, my body arched on the table, and the spasms swept me over the edge.

The fingers were ever so slowly withdrawn. A drop of perspiration trickled down my forehead.

“I think that you’ve looked at a new horizon, don’t you?” he asked, rolling down his now slick gloves, with a grin.

I blushed furiously and could only blow a stream of breath through pursed lips in response.

Looking down, I couldn’t help but notice that my nipples were tightly erect; my bush of pubic hair lay in ringlets, damply matted with oil, KY jelly and my own juices.

The nurse, after a final caress to my nether regions, walked to the sink and washed her hands; came back with a warm washcloth. Using my exposure to advantage, she proceeded to carefully wash my pubic region; perineum and anus.

After patting me dry; she guided my feet from the stirrups, opened the table up and helped me stretch out flat, still naked, on the table.

“Why don’t you rest a moment, we’ll be re-positioning you in just a minute”

As I regained my senses, I happened to turn my head toward the instrument tray, the smooth, gleaming ebonite shafts had been lined up .

“Now to finish your treatment,” the Doctor was saying, regaining my wandering attention. “I’ll be inserting a series of graduated, increasingly larger, penis-shaped dilators into your rectum.”

“God !” I thought to myself “Can I TAKE any more ???!!!”

“I’ll need to have you turn over,” he continued, “onto your stomach, and I’m going to adjust the table so that your in a supported position with your hips well raised , and your head will be lowered. Your knees will be at either side on the cushion, er, straddle-style.”

I rolled over onto my stomach whereupon the nurse held me steady while the table was adjusted into position, my hips supported by a bolster section in the middle, while the padded end of the table folded down becoming a shelf. Kneeling on the shelf, my thighs against the table, the head of the table was lowered raising my buttocks. Placing a hand on the insides of my thigh, my legs were guided until my knees were well separated and I felt the room air once again on the now slippery surface of my rear-thrust buttocks, vulva and anus.

The doctor removed a case from the stand and set it on an instrument tray by my head.

“Here, let me show you these.” he said, and opened the case to reveal a series of what looked to be smooth penis replicas. There were about 10 in the case and ranged in size from that of an adult index finger to a monstrous one, a full three inches in diameter and to perhaps 12 inches long. Each was fashioned with a kind of bulb at one end forming a head and then flared out at the base.

I Guess my eyes betrayed my fear as I surveyed the larger sizes, for the Doctor said, “Don’t be alarmed, we’ll select perhaps three in a medium size for today “

The smallest dilator he selected was about the size of my thumb, a second which was about the size of a normal penis, and then a third which was a little larger. One by one, he lubricated each with a KY-type jelly, placing them in a plastic dish on the tray by my head.

My apprehension started to build as, despite my earlier preparation, I felt the old fear surface. Rolling on another set of gloves, he walked to where my rear lay open, cheeks well spread by my posture.

I felt the gloved finger enter my rectum with a dollop of Vaseline and then he picked up the smaller of the dilators and I felt the smooth tip press into the ring of my sphincter and slide easily, with only a hint of urging, up into my bowel. At the same time the nurse turned down the room lighting so the florescent lights were now low with only a small focused light illuminating my exposed and upraised rear end.

The nurse then spread some more of the oil onto my back and buttocks, and I felt as though I could have drifted off to sleep with the movements of the dildo in my rectum.

The dilator was withdrawn, and the next one that I felt at my portal was penis-sized. I remembered to push down and soon I felt the bulbous head began to ease past my anal ring; then felt what I knew to be the head inside my bowel.

I was breathing though my mouth at that point and reached back with my hand, as I felt it slide home, to see how much had penetrated. I was pleased to find that it was almost all the way in to about it’s eight-inch length.

The nurse had moved to my buttocks, and began to knead the oil underneath and into my vaginal folds once more. The dilator was left in place and I could feel the deep fullness it provoked together with the excitement of the penetration. The Doctor started the in and out strokes, pushing to full length with each inward thrust, withdrawing almost to the tip of the device.

My heat had started once again and I could no longer contain my sense of excitement nor the urge to abandon myself to the pleasure.

“Doctor,” I said, turning my head, “I would really like to feel one of the larger dilators now,” not believing the boldness of my request.

I felt the sliding of the smaller tool as it was withdrawn from my rectum. As the next cylinder was selected, I stole back with my own fingers and felt the now dilated state of my anus, redolent with lubricant, moist from the insertions of fingers and instruments. I moved my knees close to the support pad and jutted my hips still farther up and back in preparation for the next tube.

The nurse moved to the end of the table and, placing her thumbs on either side of my anus, spread my orifice while another finger of Vaseline was introduced down through my anus deep inside. The dilator selected was ten inches long, maybe two inches in diameter and as it was lubricated I buried my head in my folded arms and had visions of the monstrous head penetrating my bottom.

I felt the head placed against my now lax muscle and then the slow steady thrust and further distention of my rear aperture it made its’ way down into my intestine.

As the Doctor thrust the instrument in, the nurse worked her hand down and three fingers into my vagina, keeping a steady rhythm going on my clitoris. I felt, seemingly, every inch of the dilator inside me and felt dizzy at the thought that this pole had penetrated such a small opening. Once again I had to reach back and confirm with my own hand the depth and size as the doctor worked the instrument in my bottom. I could only whimper as I felt the great shaft explore my very depths then; withdrawn, slowly, re lubricated and reinserted into my flesh.

I began moving in harmony with both the movement in my rump and the ministrations of the nurse at my vulva; having total, unabashed intercourse with this ebonite shaft in my rectum. Back against the insertion and then forward in perfect time with its’ withdrawal.

Stars exploded and spasms swept my body; my hands clenched the edge of the table and, in spite of myself I cried out when, at one deep thrust, I felt a release I had never experienced or even imagined in orgasm.

I must have passed out, for I awoke to find that I was now on my back, covered with a sheet, the table having been returned to horizontal.

The nurse peeked from around the door. “Oh, your awake now ! You’ve been napping for just a bit. That must have been something !” She said brightly.

“Now, we’ll just get you cleaned up, and your done !” And with that the sheet was removed and separating my legs, my genital and anal areas were gently cleaned off with a warm sponge. I was turned on my side, my buttock lifted, and an ointment was applied in and around my anus.

“That’s to soothe the tissues,” she explained. “You may take that with you.”

“Now the Doctor says you’re going to be sore back there for a few days,” she went on “So don’t try anything immediately, OK ?” She winked, helped me off the table to a somewhat shaky standing position, and then to the dressing area for my clothes. Right now, ‘it’ didn’t feel sore so much as warm and tingly.

Back on the street, I wondered idly if there might be some outward sign of my adventure, a difference in my stride perhaps ? No matter, obviously this was going to require some experience and I already had a-follow-up appointment scheduled at the “CLINIC : Suite-414”