Part 1

I was walking with my friends to school one morning when they started to discuss this kinky bunch of guys who had just moved in to the house at the end of our block. I had heard people had moved into the house ,and everyone was quite surprised, as the house had remained empty for almost a year. It was a little run down, but otherwise I guess it looked okay. The house was in the only heavily treed area on our street which gave it a rather spooky appearance at night. We all joked that the house was haunted and we had best stay away so it was a shock to hear that someone was moving in.

No one seemed to know anything for sure about the people who had moved in other than no one had seen any women around just four guys . They seemed to be all quite young. Mother suggested they were all probably University students sharing the house to reduce their living expenses. Mother was right as we found they all attended the University in our town. I guess because there were only guys living there my friends assumed them to be kinky, whatever that was to imply.

Over the next several weeks the newcomers had spruced the place up quite a bit, and it was now looking respectable, what with the lawns all cut and trimmed and the window frames painted. I passed the house every morning while doing my papers.

I decided one day to see if I couldn’t interest them into getting a morning paper delivered. As I rode by the house I noticed someone sitting on a garden swing on the front porch. Now was the time to make my pitch so I rode up to the steps.

I was surprised to see the man sitting in the couch was almost naked except for very small bikini styled underwear. I was rather tongue tied not having expected to see this guy dressed as he was. I stuttered a bit .”Hi I’m Cory Mogden and I deliver the Tribune. I was wondering if you might like to have the paper delivered each morning, or only on weekends if you like,” I offered the option.

“Hi yourself Cory. I’m Cliff. We’re new here on the block and don’t know anyone yet. Where do you live?” he asked. He seemed very polite and was quite a handsome young man with a great tan and build. I couldn’t take my eyes off his bulging crotch. I guess it was obvious I was looking at him, and he walked over and shook hands.

“Yeah I think we could have the paper Cory. Are you on your route now?” he asked.

“Yes so you’d have your paper before breakfast, “I replied

“Do you always make your deliveries at this time? It’s only 6:30. You must have to get up real early huh? “he said smiling.

“Do you have a paper to spare”? He asked.

“Yes I do. Do you want to start this morning? “I asked delighted at having signed up a new customer.

I’ll need to get your name and address and phone number please,” I asked getting off my bike.

“Sure thing Cory. Come on in. The other guys are just getting up. They’ll be happy to have a paper, “Cliff said holding the door open for me.

I followed Cliff into the kitchen and there were two other guys sitting around the breakfast table and these guys were naked and made no attempt to cover up when I came in. I was introduced to them as I tried frantically not to look down. They must work out of doors or suntan a lot as they were tanned all over. No white spots where underwear would cover.

“Guys this is Cory Mogden. He lives on the next street to us and he is going to be delivering our paper. Cory this is Don and the dark haired guy is Peter. Mike is still in bed I would think “Cliff said.

“I’m sorry Cory I should have asked you if we embarrassed you being this way. We’re so used to it that it never occurs to us to think it offensive,” Peter volunteered.

“No . That’s fine. Doesn’t bother me,” I replied hastily wondering what else I could say.

“Want a glass of orange juice Cory? Just freshly squeezed?” Cliff offered.

“Sure that would be nice thank you, “I said knowing I was ahead of schedule, and these guys intrigued me.

“Come and sit down and tell us about yourself and our new neighbors,” Cliff asked.

I think I must have appeared a little seedy to these guys as I hadn’t washed for breakfast and there was still sleep in my eyes and my hair wasn’t combed . I was just wearing my Shorts and a T shirt.

How old are you Cory. ? No don’t answer let me guess. I’d say your twelve maybe thirteen huh?” Peter asked answering his own question.

“As you can see we are all into body building so we know a little about it, and I have to tell you , for a kid you got a nice firm solid build. I’ll bet you play sports huh?” Cliff asked.

I grew red with embarrassment.

“Yeah I do play a lot of sports ,and I’m thirteen,” I answered. ”But only last week, “I added

Everyone turned towards the doorway as Mike stood scratching himself and yawning. Mike looked to be the youngest of them all I knew I was wrong but he looked to be about 16 or 17 .

He was wearing a regular pair of cotton briefs like I wore. I quickly looked away because Mike had a huge boner which was protruding in the front . Everyone laughed and asked him he needed any help in getting rid of it. I grew red and looked away. I was starting to get an erection myself. Good grief what was happening here.

Cliff introduced Mike to me, who came over and shook my hand.

I stood up and Mike laughed and pointed to the bulge in my own pants.

“Well Cory I’m glad to see we aren’t bothering you any,” Cliff said laughing and pointing to me. I quickly sat down again. I apologized saying that I should get going and thanked them for the orange juice.

“Don’t apologize Cory, you’re a man aren’t you? Why shouldn’t you get a hard on if you want to?” Mike laughed. He was blonde and I don’t think he even shaved. I had to admit I had been turned on by these studs .

I had never been involved in anything sexual other than jerking off a few times in the shower. I had a special friend Caroline Hill, and she and I had been friends since elementary school. But what I saw that morning made me feel uncomfortable yet very inquisitive and ,horny if I may use that term.

I delivered their papers on time and usually made enough time to have an orange juice or a piece of toast with them. I was getting used to their nakedness or nearly so, and they never made mention of my hard on.

I was riding home one night after having played baseball at the community park. I was sweaty and needed a shower and a good nights sleep. I was pedaling past Cliff’s house on my way home when he yelled at me to come over. I rode up to the front steps.

“Hi Cory. How’s the boy ? You look sweaty,” he said. I wondered how he could tell as it was quite dark.

“Yeah I’ve been playing ball. I guess I stink huh? “I joked.

“Got a few minutes? Come on and sit down and I’ll get you a glass of lemonade,” Cliff said.

“I really should be getting home Cliff I need to shower before I go to bed,” I said.

“Come on, a minute ain’t going to hurt your smell any?” Cliff joked as he poured me a glass of juice.

“That sure tastes great. Thank you Cliff,” I said.

I asked Cliff if I could use the bathroom as I had to pee.

“Sure Cory . I’ll show you where it is, “he said as I followed him down the hallway. I said hello to the other guys who were sitting around the dining room table studying.

“Hi Cory old son, How the heck are you. Gee you smell,” Mike laughed as he held his nose. I laughed and explained where I had been.

I went into the bathroom and closed the door. The lock didn’t work, so I didn’t bother with it. I peed and as I flushed the toilet I noticed this big red hot water bottle on the back of the door with a long hose attached to it. I wondered what that was for but was afraid to ask for fear of showing how dumb I was.

I also noticed the shower was a special built one with spray jets coming out all along the sides. That would be some shower I thought. It was a big shower stall compared to ours at home.

“That’s some shower you got in there. I’ll bet you get a good shower with all those jets,” I said as I made my way out.

“Why don’t you try it out Cory. We wouldn’t mind and you need a shower bad,” Cliff said. I explained it sure looked inviting but then I would be putting on stinky clothes back on.

“You can wear some shorts and a T shirt of mikes. You guys are almost the same size,” Cliff encouraged .

“Go for it Cory. I’ll get you some stuff to wear home,” Mike said departing the room. I sure wanted to try out that shower but was a little scared at the same time. I decided to go for it. Besides I liked these guys and I needed the shower.

Cliff went with me to the bathroom and told me to undress as he would have to show me how to set the sprays. Somehow it didn’t bother me undressing in front of Cliff. Normally I would never undress in front of anyone not even my own mother. But somehow this seemed different and I wasn’t embarrassed.

Cliff turned the water on and made the necessary adjustments. “You sure got a nice build Cory, “Cliff said.

“Thanks Cliff. Coming from a guy with your build that’s a real compliment,” I said blushing as I stepped into the shower.

I had never felt anything so neat in all my life. There were many ways the water could spray on you. It could rotate around your body. It could spray up and down. It could spray ,or a jet stream and even pulsated to give you a massage.

“Turn the water off Cory, I’m going to spray some of this special soap on you ,then you wash it off when you turn the water back on,” Cliff said. Mike came in at that moment carrying a change of clothes. The soap and spray effect was terrific and I felt wonderful. Mike reached into the stall and turned a control which turned on the jets and the pulsating stream. I immediately got an erection as the jet of water hit my dork.

“Mike. Look what you did,” I said bravely pointing to my dink. Both he and cliff laughed. When I was finished Mike gave me a huge towel to dry off with and he helped me as well drying my back and my hair.

“Mike?” I asked, “What is that thing hanging on the bathroom door?”

“That’s to flush out your colon. It sends water into your intestines and washes out all the impurities and poisons that gather in there. We take one once a week or whenever we get plugged up?” Mike explained. I felt stupid when I asked how it worked.

“Cory . You fill the bag with soapy water, then you insert a nozzle which fits on the end of the hose into your bum. The water runs in and flushes your colon when you let it out,” he explained.

I was dressed in Mike’s clothes and they fit pretty well. He must have outgrown them. In fact they looked really cool. I thanked them for everything and said goodnight. I felt like a million dollars ,but I was sure horny. These guys were sure health nuts I thought. I never mentioned my visit at home and returned the clothes the next day.

As time went by we were becoming good friends. I liked them and they were nice to be around. They talked about all sorts of things especially if it concerned their classes .They were smart too.

I was playing ball one evening when Mike and Cliff came over to the dug out. They had come to watch me play. This was great. Imagine them coming to watch. I played my best that night and as luck would have it, I batted in two runs. They were impressed and they walked me home as I wheeled my bike along.

“Want a shower Cory?” Mike asked.

He didn’t have to ask me twice I loved their shower.

Mike adjusted everything and showed me in more detail how to

work it myself. Mike left for a minute and I turned the controls to pulsating jet and once again Up it came. I loved that feeling .I thought if I left it long enough I would be jerked off. I’d blow my top. I completed with the spray

and stepped out into the big towel Mike was holding for me.

“Cory you ever had and enema before?” he asked pointing to the apparatus on the door.

“No I haven’t. I think I would remember it if I had,” I said staring at the enema bag.

“Well anytime you think you’d like to try it, I’d be happy to give you one,” Mike said. “You’d love it as it makes you feel almost better than ever before.” He continued.

I dressed and told Mike I’d think about it sometime. I said so long to everyone and head home.

My school friends were all full of questions as to what the new neighbors were like, and noticing that I seemed to be good friends with them. I answered their many questions by telling them who they were. University guys pooling their resources while they went to University. I told them they were smart and really cool. None of them seemed too interested to hear more now that their ideas and imaginations had been put to rest. It was none of their business anyway.

For most of the time leading up to school end I carried on with my normal activities on the ball team and in soccer. I was often visited by my new friends watching with interest, my performance. I enjoyed that, especially when my parents very seldom came. On one occasion when my parents did come to watch a league final game, I introduced them to my friends. They came away very impressed with these young men. They thought it was great to see young men with enough initiative to work hard for their goals. I agreed. My father told me I should be like them when I got older. Little did he know how much I was getting to be like them even now.

Summer holidays came and Cliff and Peter took off for their homes. Both had jobs for the summer. Mike and Don stayed behind as they had procured jobs locally and besides they were taking a few Summer courses. I was at their place a lot although it wasn’t the same with out Cliff and Peter.

Mike and Don liked to go naked around the house especially before breakfast and before going to bed.

It was a stifling hot summer and there seemed no way to keep cool other than the shower and for fun, under the garden hose in the yard. That was great fun. After dark we would romp around the yard naked and soaking wet from spraying each other.

My parents announced one day that they were going to fly down East and we’d be away two weeks. I hated the idea of going to visit my Aunt and Uncle. Their kids were the worst pain in the butt you ever saw. My brother Chuck expressed his views exactly. “Mom I don’t want to go way down there just to fight with those jerks,” he complained bitterly.

“Cory you don’t want to go either do you?” He asked. I confirmed his sentiments.

“You’re going and that’s the end of it. We don’t have anyone to look after you so just make up your minds your going,” Mother chastised us.

I complained to Mike and Don about my dilemma.

“Cory if you and Chuck would like to stay with us, your welcome to. We’d be happy to have you both, “Mike said.

I asked him if he was serious ,and would he mention it to my mother. The talk went well and Mother finally agreed that we could stay. They were very outstanding young men, and she knew from my relationship with them that she could trust us with them. I was overjoyed both with my not having to go, and my being able to stay with Mike and Don. Chuck was happy he didn’t have to go with our parents.

I had already talked to Mike about Chuck and he was delighted. They met with Mom and Dad and came away satisfied with the arrangement. No one more than I. Mike seemed very happy as well.

I was going to have Peters room and Chuck would have Cliff’s. I wondered how I was going to break Chuck into the way things were done here and decided to just let things take their course. Chuck would learn or else.

Chuck seemed less inhibited than I had been when I first started showering and walking around buck naked after showering. I was surprised at how easily Chuck was adapting. I wondered what else he knew that I didn’t. He surprised everyone at breakfast one morning by coming from the bathroom with a towel hung over his boner. Everyone broke up over his show and applauded his effort. Things like that were always going on.

I remember one morning I came into the kitchen naked as usual and Mike picked me up and stood me on a chair. He said, “Attention everyone. Look at this,” pointing to my dork. “Our boy has his first pubic hair on his tummy.”

I nearly croaked. Sure enough there was a little black hair starting to grow. I was becoming a man.

Every night I went to bed thinking about the shower and the way we horsed around in our nothing. It seemed I always had a boner. I chuckled to myself when I realized chuck’s dink was the same size as mine. I loved it here with the guys.

I remember waking up one night and having to pee. I went down the hall to the bathroom and there was Don on all fours on the bathroom floor with the enema hose sticking out of his ass. Mike was giving him an enema. They were not surprised to see me and told me what they were doing. I was allowed to take my pee but I just waited afterwards wanting to see what happened.

Don was making low moaning sounds but seemed to be enjoying what Mike was doing to him. I had a horrendous boner just watching. They never told me to leave so I waited. Eventually the bag emptied. Mike took the empty bag and refilled it and hooked the hose to it again and the bag was half empty again before Mike removed the nozzle.

It looked like a humongous thing that he pulled out of Don, who got up and started to rub his stomach. He had a boner too. So did Mike for that matter.

The three of us just stood there waiting for something to happen. I was all eyes and curious as heck.

“Okay you guys time for me to dump this poison. You don’t want to be here when I explode. Mike and I took the hint and departed.

I returned to bed, but couldn’t sleep thinking about what I had just seen.,

I had been in bed about half an hour when Mike came in and sat down on my bed. He saw my tent under my sheet and laughed giving it a flick. “Okay sunshine. I think you need a special shower. Come with Uncle Mike. This will help you sleep,” He said pulling the sheet off me.

Mike turned the water on and I stepped into the shower while he adjusted the jets. “I want you to stand right here,” he said positioning me in the stall. The one jet was directed to my dink and Mike stepped into the shower behind me and held me by the shoulders. I was getting that feeling like I had before like when I would jerk-off only the water was doing it. It wasn’t long before I broke into heaving spasms of my ejaculation, and for the first time something shot out of my penis. I nearly lost my footing in the shower if it hadn’t been for Mike catching me. He held me close to him as I finished my heaving.

“Thank you Mike I never knew it was like that. I never felt so neat in all life,” I exclaimed. Mike just smiled and turned off the water. I stepped out and was dried by Mike and his huge towel.

For once in a long time I did not have a boner. Mike was right. I went to sleep almost as soon as I hit the pillow. Wow what a night.

Part 2

Mike and Don drove me and Chuck to our baseball games as most of them were being played out of town. We had won the state championships. They seemed to be only to happy to use their weekends away with us. We even got to stay three days in a hotel .

Each night it seemed I was plagued with the thoughts of the enema bag hanging on the bathroom door. I finally made up my mind that I was going to try it out.

Several times I tried to bring the subject up at meal times but just couldn’t bring my self around to asking Mike to give me one. I was in the shower one morning when Mike came in and started to prepare the enema bag. Soap and some other stuff went in before the hot water. He shook it up and hung it back on the hook on the door, It was bulging and dripping a little from the large nozzle on the end, which lay on the floor.

“Who’s getting that one?” I asked timidly .

“Well Cory since you’ve been wanting one ever since you got here and were afraid to ask, I decided that this morning was as good a time as any. Now get out of the shower and I’ll give you the time of your life and you’ll feel like a new man - er (Boy) he laughed. Whango, I got an immediate boner. My desire was about to be answered and Mike had made it easy for me. Being honest although I was excited, I was scared stiff(Pardoning the expression)

“Okay Cory flat on your tummy on the floor and spread your legs wide apart. You can rest your head on your arm. Just lay still and take deep breaths. I want you to take it all and I’ll stop it whenever you say. But you have to take it all in order for it to clean you out. If not, I’ll have to give you another,” Mike instructed. “You’re going to love it Cory I promise.” Mike sounded convincingly.

I twisted over a bit so I wasn’t pressing too hard on my dork.

I felt Mike’s fingers spreading my bum crack and then I felt the nozzle being inserted. I nearly blew a load right then, and we hadn’t even started my enema.

Mike released the clip that controlled the water flow and I felt the rush of soap suds rushing up my bum. Oh what a feeling. I had never felt anything like this, and it wasn’t long before I asked Mike to stop it for a minute. I was laying relaxed waiting for my cramp to leave, which it did, when I heard Chuck who had been standing in the doorway, asking me how I liked it.

“What are you doing Chuck can’t you see I’m busy? Get out of here,” I said as Mike unclipped the clamp and the water once again pushed its way up through my innards.

“Well how do you like it. Isn’t it neat. Gives you a boner too huh?” Chuck asked laughing. He was on his hands and knees peering into my face. I had to laugh even though my stomach was filling, I wasn’t suffering to badly. I could now see what they meant when they told me I would feel great.

“Chuck how do you know what it feels like? I asked.

“Well I already had two of them, one from Don and one from Mike. I had a belly ache from being constipated and Don gave me an enema after school one day. You were playing ball. Pretty neat huh?” He asked again still kneeling down looking into my face.

“Get out of here you dinger,” I scolded.

“How’s your boner Cory?” he asked.

“I think I have had enough,” I told Mike.

“Okay Cory just a cup more and your done,” Mike said as I heard the bag empty. He instructed me to roll over on my back and he would massage my stomach. My boner was almost four inches long and pounding. Chuck made a grab for it, but Mike caught him and told him he was next so not to get too frisky.

“Just what the doctor ordered Huh?” Chuck said ,as he took the bag off the hook and handed it to Mike to refill with the mixture.

I was really exploding on the toilet when Chuck got down on all fours with

his little butt pointing into Mikes face. I nearly blew it when I watched the nozzle sliding easily into Chucks small hole, and watched as the bag slowly lost its bulge as it emptied itself into my brother. There was something dripping from my penis as I sat there. What a great day and I was feeling as good as they said I would. Horny as heck though.

Part 3

Chuck and I were having the times of our lives, being spoiled silly by Mike and Don, and were enjoying every minute of it. The guys were very nice to us and half the time we were kidding around and making jokes about almost everything. Mike was always playing some sort of stunt on one of us. It wasn’t as though there were no rules and that we could do anything we wanted ,there were and we knew how far we could go before the axe fell. Mike was really the one who laid the law down and made sure we were in bed at the proper times and that we were showered and clean and neat to start each day. There was always a glass of orange juice and a slice of toast ready for me before I left to do my papers. I was never late. Mom was never up when I got up at home.

I guess that was being spoiled. Chuck was always one for leaving his clothes exactly where he took them off, but not so here. “Clothes on the floor, Television no more.” That was Mike’s little rhyme for Chuck. I always liked a tidy room, and especially when it wasn’t my room.

One of my elderly customers was waiting for her paper one morning, when she asked me if I delivered to the new neighbors down the street. I explained that I did and asked her why she wanted to know.

“Well young man, I happened to know your parents are away east and you and your brother are staying with those young men. I’m not the only one who knows you are staying there. How could your parents allow you to stay with those questionable people. You don’t know anything about them.” She went on admonishing me for something that was none of her business. I had a few just like her on my route.

“My Mother and father know Mike and Jeff and the others, and agreed to allow us to stay while they were away visiting my Aunt, whom Chuck and I don’t like very much. I’ve been good friends with them ever since they moved in and I started delivering papers there. They are very nice men and are good University Students,” I offered in rebuttal.

“Well all I know is what I hear tell and what I see with my own eyes. Two young boys should not be living with four young bachelors, University Students or not.” She said as she took her paper and went inside .

“Why in the world should we not stay with Mike,” I thought as I carried on with my papers. I never mentioned my conversation with the old lady, to Mike . It didn’t mean all that much to me one way or the other until one day when Mike was picking Chuck and I up from our soccer game. He had been busy with his studies and wasn’t able to stay for the game. There were a couple of men talking to the coach and to some of the parents. I felt they were talking about Chuck and Me the way they kept looking over at us, and even pointing. Well something was going on and I decided to tell Mike about what the old lady had said and about the two men at the soccer field.

“It’s okay Corey. I saw them too. Beets me what they were up to, but your telling me about the old lady, that does concern me. Does she think we would harm you or neglect you?” he said as we got in his station wagon and drove off his place.

Chuck and I would sometimes sit and watch Mike and Jeff doing their assignments. It was interesting how methodically they went through their books. Mike took the time to show me how to study. How to make notes and to use them wisely. They sure knew a lot, and Chuck and I learned a lot from them.

“The old lady been bothering you any more Corey?” Mike asked. “Nope I haven’t seen her since that one day.” I replied.

“That’s good. Okay you guys bed time . Get your showers and pillow time,” Mike ordered.

Mike and Jeff were not joking around in their underwear like usual, so Chuck and I followed their example, although I missed running around in my birthday suit. Made me kind of free. We either wore our undershorts or our soccer pants. I wanted us to play around as we usually did.

One morning I was picking up my papers from the Paper Shed, when a car pulled up and two men got out and approached me. I wanted to run, but they had me hemmed in.

“Are you Corey Mogden?” the one guy asked.

“Yes sir I’m Corey what do you want?” I asked

“We just want to have a little talk with you before you start your route okay?” the other man said

They motioned me to their car.

“I can’t go I have papers and I’ll be late,” I replied beginning to shake.

“We’re police officers Corey and we just have a couple of questions to ask you about where you’re staying . We know your parents are away for a couple of weeks. All we want to know is how things are going. They treat you right? Being guys they don’t play around do they? Have they ever touched you or your brother? We’ve heard some complaints that you might not be safe with those men. All we want to know is, is everything alright with you two kids?

“What do you mean are we okay? Why shouldn’t we be ? What do you mean do they ever touch us ? You mean do you think they are queers or something ?”I snarled sarcastically.

The two looked at each other then one said. “Just doing our job Corey. Someone suggested there might be some hanky panky and we were just checking that’s all,” the older man said.

“Our friends are the nicest guys we have ever met, and look after us like they were our parents. They would never think of doing anything to us. We are their friends. They’re looking after us as a favor to my brother and me. We didn’t want to go with our parents, and they gave us permission to stay with Mike and Jeff. Cliff and Don are away until University starts again. “I replied. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Look I have to get onto my route. Come to the house if you have any more questions okay? Can I go now?” I asked starting to get on my bike. They nodded and I left. I was still shaking. At first I thought I was going to be mugged then I am questioned by two police officers. I

I finished my route and headed to Mike’s. They knew I had something on my mind, but I wasn’t about to tell them. It would be too upsetting. I decided forget it. I stripped and headed for the shower. The guys were in the kitchen with Chuck having breakfast. When they saw me heading for the shower , they started to laugh and asked me why I had looked so glum when I came in.

“I need an enema. I got a belly ache and I guess it was bothering me.” I said heading for the washroom.

“Mike followed me and took down the enema apparatus.

“Okay sunshine. What’s really on your mind. I know you better than you think I do and their is something bothering you. Come on tell Uncle Mike.” He laughed as he continued preparing the enema.

I explained about the old lady on my route, and then the two police officers on my paper route earlier. Mike laughed as he sat down on the edge of the tub.

“Corey do you think any of us would ever do anything to hurt you? What I’m doing for you is for your health not because I’m a Homo. Corey your a neat kid, and I think the world of you. You’re like my kid brother. We are good friends right? Let them ask questions, we have heard it all before, in fact we have already been approached about you and Chuck staying with us. I invited anyone to come into the house and see for themselves and to talk to you both I knew what was bothering you when you came in, I just didn’t want to upset you by talking about it. Now lay down and let’s fill your butt.” Mike laughed.

“Mike. Thank you for everything. I wouldn’t want to hurt any of you guys either. You are our best friends and no one is going to ever spoil that. Can you stop it for a second, ?”I asked as my stomach started to swell.

When I came in for my breakfast I was getting the royal treatment. Everyone was waiting on me hand and foot. Serving me my pancakes and milk. I felt like a king.

“What’s the big deal with you guys. What have I done to deserve this special treatment?” I asked. “I already got my special treatment already.” I laughed.

“Corey we just got word from the sports center. You have been selected sportsman of the year. Congratulation Corey old man.” Mike shook my hand at the same time lifting me up and standing me on the chair. He pulled down my shorts and yelled.” Hey guys I wanted to show you our young man. Look a whole bunch of fuzz. Our boy is growing up,” Mike laughed as he pulled my shorts up again.

Everyone was killing themselves by this time. Everything was like it used to be. Chuck was wearing nothing and bouncing around like a new born baby. I had never seen him so happy. Even at home, he was never like this.