Creative Nurse Gives Her Patient an In-Depth Exam

The first time I saw Nurse Lori was about a month ago, when I went to my doctor for my annual checkup. As I sat waiting on the examination table, in walked the most incredible woman I had ever laid eyes on. She had long flame-red hair, smoldering green eyes and a brilliant, mischievous smile. She stood about 5’10” tall, and her crisp nurse’s uniform did little to hide her gorgeous hourglass figure. I must have been just staring at her dumbly, because she finally explained that she was the new nurse and that she would be checking my vital signs. I had a sneaking suspicion that she would find my blood pressure much higher than usual on that day.

Over the next few weeks, I used every excuse I could think of, including a tiny splinter in my thumb that I could have easily pulled out, to go back to the doctor. I was obsessed with Nurse Lori, and I wanted to see her as much as possible. Finally, on my 6th visit in just a few weeks, I summoned the courage to ask Nurse Lori on a date. She politely declined, flashing me that curious smile. I was crushed. But then, on my way out, she slipped a note into my pocket. It said to meet her at the doctor’s office that Sunday at 8:00PM.

She looked fantastic! She wore a skintight, midthigh-length nurse’s uniform, and the top few buttons were opened enough to reveal her white lacy bra and some phenomenal cleavage. She greeted me and told me to go into the examining room and change into a johnny, saying she would be with me in a few minutes. My cock was already rising in anticipation.

Nurse Lori soon returned and told me to lie back on the table so she could shave my pubic area. I was surprised, but I didn’t object. She fitted my legs into the stirrups, then turned a handle on the table that y legs further and further apart. I had to inch myself down to the edge of the table to keep from being pulled apart. She then came around and told me that she would have to strap me down so I wouldn’t hurt myself. She ripped my gown open down the front, exposing my chest and growing erection, and placed the first strap across me just below my nipples. A second strap was fastened just above my waist. Taking one of my nipples between her fingers she gave it a little twist and said, “Now we are ready to start.” I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.

Nurse Lori turned another handle, raising my head slightly. She then sat on a stool between my legs and placed a small bowl and some shaving supplies on a cart next to her. “Do you like what you see?” she asked. “How does this make you feel? Not that I have to ask, I can see for myself.” She was indeed referring to my cock, which was now pointing at the wall straight behind my head.

After hearing Nurse Lori snapping on a pair of latex exam gloves, I saw her putting some KY jelly on it. In this exposed position, it didn’t take me long to figure out where that was going. And I was right as I felt her push the tip of it against my asshole and then push it steadily inside. She stood next to me, while keeping two fingers on the thermometer to twist it around in my ass, and rubbed my thigh with her free hand. After t four minutes, she removed it, read it, and placed it on a stand next to the exam table. Nurse Lori then took a metal probe and smeared KY jelly on it. Slowly, she eased it up my ass. She must have been keeping that thing in the refrigerator, because it was as cold as ice! She then leaned forward and began licking lightly at the head of my cock. In no time at all the combined stimulation became too much for me and I told her that I had to come. She said that if I did she would be very mad and I didn’t want to risk that, considering the position I was in.

She then began to shave me. First she took a washcloth and began to wash me. When I was good and soapy, she saved my pubic region clear of any trace of hair. She told me to raise my ass so she could remove the probe, then shaved my ass and all around my asshole. The sensation was incredible. When she walked to the sink, I had a perfect view of her long legs and great ass. With her back to me, she asked if I liked what I saw from that angle. She said if I was a good little boy, I might just

Nurse Lori then announced that it was time for my enema. She greased up her finger and put it in my ass, working it in and out. She looked down at me and asked if I had ever had an enema before. When I told her no, she said that I would definitely enjoy her enema. She slid the nozzle up my ass and turned on the water, and I felt the warm solution filling me up inside.

She then came around to wipe my face with a damp cloth. Her large breasts hovered just inches above my face. I desperately wanted to touch of her uniform, revealing her magnificent breasts encased in the white lace bra. I could practically hear them screaming to get out! She cupped my breasts in her hands. I could see her big nipples harden, and she began to tweak them gently.

Then she stuck her mountains of flesh right in my face and told me to suck them. I thought I would explode. Here I was, strapped down to a table, legs spread apart, no clothes on, a hose shoved up my ass and two being fed to me. I arched my head up and began to nuzzle with all the force I could muster.

Nurse Lori pried her incredible nipples from my hungry mouth in order to check the enema. She took out the nozzle, but then I felt something larger being eased in. When I asked what it was, she told me it was a butt plug to help hold thing sin. I said I didn’t know how much longer I

My face was about even with her crotch, and I could smell her musky scent wafting into my nasal passages. I watched in awe as she removed her uniform and bra. Nurse Lori stood over me in just a white garter belt, white stockings, and white lace thong panties. Just as I was thinking how much I wanted to taste her luscious pussy, she stripped off I knew what to do. I began to lap furiously, taking in her womanly essence, burrowing my tongue in her folds. She gasped and began playing with my nipples, first raking her sharp nails across them, then tugging on them roughly.

She bent over and managed to swallow my cock into her mouth, sucking intently. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer, but my mouth was too full of pussy to say anything. She must have sensed my urgency, just as I could sense hers. She started pumping faster and harder, all the while savagely on my face. Just when I couldn’t stand it any longer, she reached around and pulled out the butt plug, releasing the pressure inside me. I cam like never before, screaming and thrusting my hips. Stream after stream of hot come shot all over Nurse Lori’s face and chest. I felt her body spasm as she reached her own climax, and she collapsed on my chest, her drenched and quivering pussy resting on my face.

After a moment’s rest, Nurse Lori removed the straps and began cleaning me up. She left me alone, telling me to get dressed. But my underwear was nowhere to be found. In their place were her white thong panties, with a big wet spot soaked through the crotch. I inhaled her aroma and then slipped them on, relishing my special token of the evening’s events.

When I went into the waiting room, Nurse Lori gave me a light kiss on the lips, patted my cock affectionately, and said she thought I could use another checkup the same time next week. I agreed that was just what d. My next appointment is only a few days away now, and I can’t wait to see what new procedures I might require.