Cruel Nurse

I am an air conditioning repairman. I work for a company that specializes in industrial and institutional installation and repair. I well remember a scene I witnessed in a city hospital while crawling on an inspection tour through some ductwork. I heard a noise coming from the nearest ventilation grill, so I peered through it to investigate. I could not believe what I saw.

A male patient about twenty years old was lying on his back with his johnny pulled almost up to his chest. Both arms were in traction, as was one of his legs. He looked totally helpless because of his casts and traction pulleys. An extremely pretty nurse was sitting beside him on his bed, and his genitals were totally exposed to her. She was a really well-built red head, and her body seemed ready to burst out of her short, tight uniform skirt. Her hair was up in a tight bun, and she was smiling. Her uniform blouse was tight across her big breasts, and she was wearing rubber gloves.

The patient had a huge erection, and she was gently manipulating him. His chest was heaving with each panting breath, and he was moaning. She sat there, prim and proper, pulling his foreskin up and down his stiff, excited shaft. His pre-cum was dripping all over her rubber gloves. She smiled as she skinned his excited penis up and down. The guy was really well hung. Her hand looked small on him, and his balls were bouncing with each stroke of her teasing hand. He started to begging her to make him come: “Please, please masturbate me. I haven’t been able to even jerk off for so long. Please let me come.”

She giggled and purred, “Oooh, poor baby. I’ll masturbate you and get your messy pre-cum all over my nice clean gloves. But I won’t let you spurt your goo. That is not how I have my fun. I just want to sexually torment you and tease your helpless genitals. I am going to do this to you every day. It’s going to be sheer torture for you, but fun for me. When my hubby and I fuck tonight and I’m creaming all over his stiff shaft, I’ll think of you - of how I abuse and tease your agonized prick with out relief. Your sexual agony will amuse me and make my sex life even more of a turn-on.”

I couldn’t believe what this pretty and innocent nurse with her cute, starched uniform and cap was saying. Obviously, she was a cruel and sadistic bitch who really enjoyed making her patient miserable and humiliating him. As I kept watching, she stopped her masturbation. She laughed at the poor guy’s groan of disappointment. Then she gave the guy a long, slow, hot and heavy enema. I could tell by the way the guy writhed and squirmed that she was making him suffer a lot. His inflamed cock was rock hard and pointing at the ceiling the whole time. Every now and then she would play with his bursting balls, telling him she was only helping him retain fluids. When she slid a bed pan under him, she made fun of him and humiliated him by rubbing and pulling his prick.

Then she cleaned him up. After that she tightened a blood pressure sleeve around the poor guy’s cock until he bit his lip to stop from groaning in pain; only then did she stop squeezing the bulb. Then she giggled cruelly and pulled the guy’s sheet back over him, leaving him like that. He was writhing in acute discomfort. He begged her to remove the sleeve from his penis. She said she would if he would do one thing for her in return. She said that she needed a foot massage, since his hands were in traction, he would have to use his mouth. She slipped off her left shoe and put her pretty, white, stocking foot in his face. “Now be a good boy and smell nursey’s stinky feet,” she cooed. The poor guy moaned and began kissing an sniffing her feet while she laughed at his humiliation. He kissed the ball of her foot and down the arch to her heel. Knowledge of his degradation was written all over his face.

“Ooooh, that feels nice,” she said. “Now, if you want me to do you a favor and free your poor cock, lick my toes.” The guy groaned as she curled her stocking toes and stuffed them in his mouth. Finally, she seemed to tire of her game. She put her shoe on, got up and stood by his bed. She reached down and exposed him again. His cock was stiff as a board and looked silly. Only two inches were visible above the sleeve she had put on him. She played with his balls. Then she pulled back the sheet over him. She ignored his sobbing pleas and told him she wouldn’t free his penis until the end of her shift in three hours. Then she opened the curtain around his bed and walked out, hips wiggling sexily. I couldn’t stand to see any more, so I kept crawling down the ventilation shaft on my inspection tour. I sure never forgot what I saw, and the strange thing is that I’ve always envied the guy.