Danny Treats Me Good

by Sexraven

“You feeling ok?” Danny asked when he got to my apartment. I shrugged, feeling grouchy. I’d gotten off my period 2 days earlier, and really wanted to get romantic with him, but I hadn’t let out anything but pee into the toilet since the day before my period, making it nine days total, so I wasn’t feeling great.

Danny reached out and brushed his hand across my forehead, then caressed my cheek. “You’re not warm,” he said, closing the door and putting his arm around me, “But you just don’t look right.” He walked me to the couch and sat down, pulling me down next to him

He looked at me with those green-hazel eyes that drive me wild. “Okay, tell me,” he said, putting two fingers under my chin and raising my eyes to meet his, “Why does my little care bear look so miserable?”I bit my lip a little bit, thinking. Obviously, he knew I wasn’t up to par. Danny definitely knows me well enough for that. But how much should I tell him? We’re always totally honest with each other, but this is kind of embarrassing. Self-consciously, I wrap my arms around my distended stomach.Danny had been watching me. Sometimes we can read each other’s minds. Either that or we just know each other too well. He proved it was one or the other, though, by saying “Okay, tummy trouble. That narrows it down a little. Got the runs?” I had to giggle at that, because the way he said it sounded exactly like those “Got milk?” ads.

“Well, you don’t seem to be sprinting for the bathroom,” he decided, “so probably not. So what is it?”

I blushed to my hairline. “Baby, I don’t really want to talk about it.””Well, it’s not cramps,” he said, brushing a strand of hair behind my ear, “If it was, you’d just announce it plainly. And loudly.” He gave me a tender smile at that, showing he wasn’t really complaining about my unhappy and vocal reactions to my monthly female curse.

“Danny, I don’t really want to talk about it, ok?” I looked at him pleadingly. “It’s just something that needs to work itself out. We can watch a movie and cuddle.”

“Babes, you’re miserable. You know it and I know it, and I can’t stand seeing you so uncomfortable. If you’d tell me what was wrong, maybe I could help.” He looked at me critically for a second. “You’re holding your stomach, you look like someone hit you on the foot with a sledgehammer, and you’re pretty pale, but you’re not warm.” Rechecking, he slid his hand across my forehead again, with that tell-tale pause that meant he was checking to make sure I really wasn’t warm.

“Of course, we should probably take your temperature to make sure,” he added, wrapping both arms around me. He gave me a quick kiss and stood up. “Stay put, I’ll be right back.”

I watched him head for the bathroom. Danny knows my home as well as I do. He knew where to find the thermometer. I decided to try and get a bit more comfortable, so I stretched out on my back on the couch. I eyed my bloated belly, then adjusted my sweatshirt to hide it as best I could. Danny was already heading back with the thermometer.

“Ready?” he said, perching on the edge of the couch. I nodded and opened my mouth, trying not to make a face. I hate having that darn thing under my tongue. It always pokes me, so usually I just clench it between my back teeth. That also meant Danny had yet to get an accurate temp from me, but I was sure he had no idea, until he shook his head.

“Not this time, sweetie,” he said. “Last time I put this thing in your mouth, it came back at ninety-six degrees. That’s way below normal, and I know for a fact you were roasting that day.” I looked at him, surprised he had caught on to tha subtle trick. “You know better than to try to hide stuff, love,” he told me, taking my hand, “I know you too well.””I guess you do,” I said. “Ok, I’ll be good this time, I promise.”

“I know you will,” he replied, getting a mischievous look. “Because this isn’t going in your mouth.” He reached in his pocket and pulled out another item he’d grabbing in the bathroom- the tube of lubricant we use for anal sex. I’ve never minded him fingering me back there, I actually thoroughly enjoy that kind of play, but I’d never in my life had my temperature taken that way.

“Are you serious?” I said, not doubting for a second that he was.”I am,” he said. “Now come on, roll over and let’s get those pants down.” He set the thermometer and lube on the table and helped me turn over, adjusting me until I was on all fours, knees spread a few inches. Then he reached over and pulled my sweatpants down until my ass was completely uncovered.I looked up at him. “Danny, are you sure we have to do it this way? Isn’t this how they do it for babies?”

“This is the way they do it to be accurate,” he told me, smoothing his hand over one of my firm, pale ass cheeks. “Especially on naughty girls who don’t keep the thermometer under their tongues. So yes, we have to.” I was slightly alarmed at that. I was fairly certain that, what with everything that was already backed up down there, there just wouldn’t be room for anything else, even the skinny thermometer.

Danny just put his hand on my lower back and sat down behind me. “It’s okay, sweetie, you know I’ll be gentle.””I know,” I said “This is just kind of weird.””It’ll be quick.”

“Okay, love,” I closed my eyes and tried not to think about it. Danny was quiet, I knew he was opening the lube behind me. I relaxed and let him spread my ass cheeks open, revealing my tight little asshole. A moment later, I popped upright. “What are you doing?!”

Danny held up his finger, shiny with lube. “I’m just putting a finger in to lube you up,” he said, sounding confused, “It’ll make the thermometer slide in easier. I’ve done this to you a million times, you know it’s okay. You love it!” He sounded a little hurt, and I felt my eyes starting to tear up a little bit, but I blinked it away.

“I’m sorry, you just surprised me,” I said, settling back into position, dreading the discovery he was now bound to make, “I thought you would just stick the thing in and that’d be it.”

“I’m just making it easier on you,” he said. “Especially since you don’t feel good. Now hold still, you seem tighter than usual.” I felt his finger rubbing gently over my exposed hole, then her started to press against the tiny opening in the center.

“Just relax, baby,” he said “I know you can loosen up more than this.” With that, he increased the pressure on my spot. I clenched it tight, hoping he’d give up, but suddenly I felt his thumb on my clit. I gasped softly with pleasure, he knows just the right way to rub me, and my ass relaxed, allowing his finger to slide in a tiny bit. A far cry from the way he usually is able to, sliding his whole finger in on one try.

“Aha!” he said. “I think we found the problem here.” He leaned over me, gently kissing the back of my neck. “When’s the last time you’ve been to the bathroom, baby? You’re all blocked up.” I mumbled something, hoping he’d assume a day or two and let it go.

However, as I’ve said, Danny knows we too well for words. “It’s been a while, huh?” he asked, running his free hand along my back, gently massaging me. “Sweetie, this is really bad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone this constipated.”

“I guess it has been a little while,” I said, “But like I said, not much you can do. It’ll just have to work its own way out.” I looked back at him. He still hadn’t moved his finger, it was still planted firmly an inch or so into my ass.

Danny looked me in the eye. “Wrong, sweetie. You’ve left this too long on your own. And there is something I can do.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, eying him. I know Danny wouldn’t do anything bad to me, but I couldn’t help being a little nervous.

“Have you ever had an enema?” Danny looked at me steadily, but I could see him suppressing a smile. Far from smiling, I wrinkled my nose and winced.”An enema?” I whimpered, “Are you kidding?””No,” he said “I’m serious. Have you ever had one?”

“Well……” I trailed off, shivering a little. “An ex of mine gave me one once, I think. He put water up my ass, anyway. That’s what that is, right?” Danny nodded, gently rubbing the back of my neck. “Well, he made this thing out of one of those cups with a straw on top, cuz, um…..” I trailed off again, blushing deeply.

“Is it possible you’ve had this problem before?” Danny prodded gently. I nodded sheepishly.”Um, I kind of have it, um, pretty often.” I confessed, looking at the floor. “I just never told you. It usually works itself out within ten days.”Danny’s brow wrinkled and he put his arms around me. “Ten days? Baby, no one should ever go that long without taking a crap. It’s not healthy, and it can’t be comfortable.”

“It’s not,” I agreed. “But it’s so embarrassing, and I took a laxative once and it made my stomach hurt so bad, I’ll never do that again!””Well, we can fix you up without laxatives, or your stomach hurting,” Danny said, kissing my forehead. “And we can do it right now.””But,” I began, then stopped.

“Go on,” said Danny looking deeply into my eyes. “But what?””But, isn’t that what an enema does? Makes your stomach hurt? When my ex did it, my stomach hurt for hours after. I felt like I was on my period, only with the worst cramps ever!” I shivered unhappily at the memory, then grimaced, clutching my stomach as a sharp pain went through me.”Well, he did it wrong,” my love told me. “First of all, it shouldn’t hurt at all. And a cup with a straw? What was he thinking?””The same thing you are?” I ventured.

“Honey, I promise, this will be different,” said Danny. He got up and took my hand. “I’ll be gentle, I promise.””But, isn’t there special equipment you need to do it? Like tubes or something?””Remember when I ran to the store to get you some chocolate when you had cramps?””Yes.” I looked at him, confused. Did he want to put chocolate up my ass now?

“Well, I’ve noticed quite a few times that you haven’t seemed quite yourself,” he told me. “And since you always rub or hold your tummy at those times, I took at guess at what the problem was. Especially since you never said anything. So while I was at the store, I picked up a few things in case you ever needed help taking care of it. I put them in the bathroom, just in case.”

“I think I’d notice stuff like that appearing in my house,” I informed him.”Well, you didn’t baby.” His eyes now held a glint of mischeif. “You know that top shelf in the bathroom cupboard? The one you never put anything on because it’s too high up and you don’t want to bother dragging a chair in? It’s up there, all the way at the back. Now, are you going to let me help you?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “I really hated it last time.””That’s because you haven’t had a real one yet,” he said. “I know how to do this. I promise, it won’t hurt. I’ll be gentle, and you might even enjoy it.”

“Okay,” I agreed, reluctantly. “But what do I do? Should I change or take a bath, or, anything?””Well, I have to get things set up for you first,” he said. “So why don’t you come lie down and relax a little.”

I assumed he was kidding about the relaxing, since I was nervous enough to jump out of my skin. But I let him help me up. He scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom.”I can tell you’re already miserable enough,” he said, laying me gently on the bed. “So we’ll make things nice and easy for you. Now, let’s get those sweats off.”

“But-“ I began. He put a finger to my lips, silencing my protest.”Sweetie, I know every inch of your body. I’ve seen you naked a million times. It’s all right.” I laid back and allowed him to help me out of my sweatpants, then sat up to let him pull my sweatshirt over my head. I was fully naked, my nipples stiffening as the cooler air hit them. Danny dipped his head and ran his tongue in circles around my left nipple, then gently guided me back onto the pillows. He lifted the blankets and pulled them over me.

“I don’t want you to catch a cold while waiting to get your constipation fixed,” he said, kissing me softly. “Now just stay put, I’ll be right back.”I snuggled under the blankets, listening to him rattling around in the bathroom. I heard water running, then it stopped. Danny emerged with a large red rubber bag. Attached to it was a long tube, with a thick black nozzle at the end. The bag was bulging and making wet, sloshing sounds.Danny must have seen my eyes widen. “It’s not that much water, baby, and we’ll go nice and slow.” He sounded so calm about it, like it was no big deal. I kept staring. “Hon, how much water did your ex use?””Well, it felt like about a gallon, but the cup was one of those little ones, you know, the kind for taking coffee in the car. So it can’t have been more than a cup and a half.”

“Love, you need a bit more water than that to fix you up.” Danny hang the bag on the bedpost and sat next to me, taking my hand. “You can take this much water. It’s not really as much as you think. And I’ll be right here with you.” He stroked my cheek about leaned over, opening the top drawer in the nightstand. He pulled out my small butt plug, and another of out tubes of lube. He noticed me looking. “You need to hold the water, sweetie.””Hold it?”

“Keep the water in. Give it time to work.” Danny smiled at me. “You’ve had this in you a million times. It’ll just help you keep from letting go.””Oh.” I thought about that. I truly enjoy having him make love to me with my butt plug stretching my tight little ass, especially when he plans to replace the plug with something else when he’s done wit my tight pussy. Having my plug in didn’t sound to bad, and it wasn’t a big one.

“Now, we’d better get started before the water gets cold.” He slipped the blanket off me and leaned over, hugging me gently. “You’ll see, everything will be fine. Now roll over and get up on all fours.” I complied, with Danny making minor adjustments to my position. “Spread your knees a little more, good! Now rest your head on your arms.” He slipped a pillow beneath my belly. “This will help you keep your position.”

I was shivering at this point, and rather tense. Danny uncapped the lube with one hand and began gently massaging my back with the other. After a minute or so, he stopped the massage and spread my smooth, rounded ass cheeks open, revealing the tight pucker between them. I felt the coolness of the lube, then his finger began slipping into me slowly. He worked it in and out, slowly loosening my tight hole. I sighed and relaxed, this felt just as good as it ever did.

After about five minutes, he pulled his finger out. I pushed back towards him, not wanting it to end, moaning softly at the feelings in my most secret, sensitive spot. He placed a hand on my ass. “Easy, babe. We can’t keep doing that too long, you still need your enema.” I whimpered, my pussy was dripping wet, warm juices sliding down my thighs from his careful attention to my ass. I watched him lustfully, admiring his body, as he began lubing up the nozzle.

“Ready, baby?” He kissed the back of my neck. “Don’t worry, this will be nice and easy for you.” Reaching around, he once again spread me open and started sliding the large, slippery nozzle into my tight ass. I moaned softly as it stretched me open, then sighed softly as he wiggled it a bit, seating it as he wanted it.Danny waited a minute, rubbing my back lightly. “See, that isn’t too bad, right?”

I nodded, a little reluctant to admit how much this was suddenly turning me on. Danny kissed the back of my neck softly, sending electric shivers through me.”Time to get started, baby,” he said. “I’m going to let the water start flowing it. Tell me if it hurts at all.”There were a few seconds of silence, nothingness, then I felt a rush of warmth in my lower belly. With a gasp of surprise, I snapped my head up off my arms and opened my eyes wide. Goosebumps broke out across my body. Not only didn’t it hurt; This felt GOOD!

Danny smiled knowingly. “I had a feeling you’d enjoy it, if it was done right.” He started lightly rubbing my back, moving back to my smooth round ass. He ran his hands over my ass for a bit, but I had to interrupt this wonderful massage.

“Baby, I’m full now,” I said. “I think that’s all I can take at first.”He continued stroking my white globes. “Just relax and let it keep flowing,” he said. “You’ve hardly taken anything at all. Does it hurt at all?”I shook my head. “I just feel really full, and I have to go.””I think I can make this easier,” he said, leaning over my back. “Let’s take your mind off that water for a bit and see how you do.” I nearly jumped out of his arms as his thumb found my sensitive clitty and began stroking it softly. One finger slipped easily into my sopping pussy.”I think someone’s enjoying this,” Danny said, sliding his finger in and out while continuing his gentle attentions to my clit. “You’re really wet, sweetheart.” I moaned, trying to push myself back onto his finger. “Easy, honey,” he said, placing his free hand on my lower back. “You don’t want to lose the nozzle, do you? Then we’ll have to start all over.”I whimpered a little at that. Sure, I was enjoying the warm, floaty feeling from the water, and I never refuse having Danny play with me, but I was really starting to feel full.

“Sweetie,” Danny breathed into my ear, giving me Goosebumps all over again. “You’re halfway there. Just hang in there, okay? It can be a little challenging the first time, but I’m right here.””Oh baby,” I panted, “It feels good, but I feel like I’m going to explode! How can I take more?”

“Let’s see if we can help things along,” said Danny “I’m going to stop the water, and we’ll try a different position.”The pressure in my tummy stopped building, and Danny gently helped me reposition, holding the nozzle with one hand so it wouldn’t pop out when I moved. “Just get on your back, baby, just like that, now spread your legs, right, like when I examine you.” He reached in and spread my knees a bit farther apart. By this point, I was soaking in my own juices straight down to my knees, and the bed was damp with my thick nectar. Danny rubbed his hand along one slippery thigh, smiling down into my eyes.”Okay, I’m going to start the water again,” he said, and I almost immediately felt the renewed flow of warmth. “Now, to help things along, I’m going to massage you. That’ll help move the water around and break up whatever’s inside you.” He began slowly massaging my distended tummy. I realized I looked like I usually do on a bad PMS day, all big and bloated.Danny continued his gentle massage, which did, in fact, ease the pressure a bit. In what seemed lie no time, he had stopped rubbing my belly. “Guess what, love? You did it. A whole two quart bag of water is now inside you.” I moaned softly, my belly was really full by that point. Danny reached over and took hold of the nozzle.

“Okay, hon, I’m going to hold this here for a minute. I want you to lift your legs and put your knees by your ears.” I complied, usually an easy task, made difficult by the nozzle still protruding from my sensitive ass and the water filling me up.

“Now, just squeeze your hole tight for me, like when I try to pull out and you’re not ready.” I obeyed, clenching my pulsing little hole, and he began to pull back on the nozzle gently. “Good, keep squeezing, hang on. There! Good girl!”

I felt the end of the nozzle pop free from my intimate opening and squeezed tighter. Danny set the nozzle on a towel and reached for my plug. Somehow he’d managed to lube it and have it ready without my noticing. He placed the tapered tip against my throbbing ass and just looked at me. I nodded my consent- we’d done this many times. Slowly, gently, he pressed the plug into me, filling my tight rectum, until my tight ring clenched around the groove at the bottom.

“Now what?” I asked, trembling with the effort of holding the water, the huge array of new sensation, and plain simple desire.”We wait,” said Danny. I think he was quoting a movie, but I never did remember which one. He laid down next to me and tucked the quilt around my shivering body. He slipped one arm under my neck and pulled me close, guiding my lips to his with his other hand. He kissed me thoroughly, until I began panting, a sure sign I’m about to orgasm.Danny pulled back and looked deeply into my eyes. “Okay, sweetie, you can go now.” He helped me off the bed and to the bathroom, where I let out what felt like about 3 gallons of water.When I was finally done, I stumbled back to the bedroom, slightly dizzy. Danny was waiting with his arms open. I crawled into them and snuggled close. He kissed my forehead and nuzzled my neck.”Ready for the rest?” he asked.

“Rest of what?” I wanted to know, drowsing slightly.”The second half,” he said, rubbing a hand down my naked body as I trembled against him. “We have to make sure you’re really clean.”I was beyond disagreeing at that point. The first one was fantastic, how bad could a second one be? Danny slid out of bed and got me tucked in and comfy. “You just rest, baby,” he said, kissing my forehead. “I’ll get everything ready for you.”I snuggled under the warm blankets while he walked back to the bathroom. I heard him rattling around, and my eyes began to drift closed. Before I could fully doze off, Danny had returned. He had a funny balloon-type thing in one hand, and a large bottle in the other.”This will be a little different,” he told me, sitting on the edge of the bed and setting his stuff down. “We did water at first to get the main parts out. This,” He held up the bottle for me. “Is mineral oil. It’s nice and slippery, and you’ll enjoy it even more than the water. Plus it’ll finish the job the water started.”He held up the balloon thing. “This is an enema blub,” he informed me. “I’ll fill it with the oil, slide this nozzle in, and squeeze it. That will force the oil into the cute little ass. It’ll go in a bit faster than the water, but it won’t make your tummy hurt at all, it’ll just feel good. Sound ok?” I nodded.

Danny put the bulb down and kissed me soundly. Then he gently pulled back the blankets. I moved to get on all fours, but he stopped me. “Different position,” he said. “Remember how you laid on your back before so I could massage your tummy?” I nodded, still a little sleepy.”We’re going to use a position sort of like that.” He took a pillow and had me lift my ass. When the pillow was under me, he produced some silk scarves from his pocket. “Now, you help you keep your legs in position, we’re going to tie you up a little.”Danny grabbed one ankle and slowly guided it upwards, tying my foot to the headboard. He did the same with my other ankle, so my legs were pulled above my head and spread wide. This left my ass pointing upwards. Then he reached for my hands.

“Ok, now just to make sure you’re a good girl, we’ve got to get these hands tied, too,” he said. His voice had that unmistakable huskiness that means he’s horny as hell, so I wondered how much I actually needed a second enema, and how much of this was just for fun. He secured my wrists to the bedposts, leaving me spread all the way open, at his mercy.”All set,” he said. He opened the mineral oil and dipped the nozzle in. The sucked up a full buld, then slowly inserted it into my waiting hold. He didn’t need to lube me at all- Between the slippery oil and the fact that my tight back end was now relaxed, stretched, and slightly open, it slid right in with no problem. I twitched and sighed with please, then was hit by an immediate, gripping orgasm as I felt the thick oil rush into me. I bucked and moaned, writhing on the bed as Danny continued filling my ass with oil. Then he went back for a second refill. Again, pleasure as he inserted the nozzle, tingling throughout my nether regions, my asshole pulsed and throbbed, and I came as the oil entered my ass.Danny removed the nozzle again, moving in front of me. Sometime along the way he had taken off his pants, and his cock stood out in front of him, hard and erect. I knew immediately where it was going.”You’re pretty lose already,” he said, slipping a finger into my opened hole. “I’m not sure your plug is big enough to help you hold this. Besides, I haven’t added the special ingredient.”

With that, he slid himself into my waiting ass. I moaned as I felt my ass stretch farther than it had all day, my tight hole gripping his throbbing member as he slowly worked it deep into me. He began gently thrusting in and out, reaching a hand down to play with my soaking pussy. His fingers in my other hole was too much- I began cumming and cumming, twitching, bucking, and howling as I was overcome with orgasm after orgasm. Danny kept grunting and thrusting into me.

He rammed into me as hard as possible and froze. I felt the unmistakable throb of his penis releasing into me, and the jet of hot sperm against my sensitive insides. I screamed his name as I came a final time, then flopped back, limp and drained.”We’d better let you get emptied,” he said. He reached up and untied me, then slid one arm under my legs and the other around my chest, keeping his thick, sexy cock imbedded in me. He carried me to the bathroom and guided me gently of of him and on the toilet. I released and just sat there with my eyes closed.

“Are you done?” I nodded- I’d never felt so empty in my life. Danny gently helped me up and guided me into the shower. He scrubbed me down, holding me in his arms and supporting my half-dozing weight as he cleaned us both up. Then he towel me off and scooped me off my feet. He carried me to the ed and tucked me in, climbing in beside me.

“You were very good today, honey,” he said, wrapping his arms around me as my eyes slid closed. “But I think we’ll need to do that again tomorrow to make sure you’re really clean.”