Danny's Wild Night

by Sexraven

It was Friday night. Danny was going to be home from work soon, so I set up an evening of fun. As I heard his car pull in the driveway, I carefully arranged myself on the couch, casually reading a copy of Hustler. Danny walked in, closed the door, and stopped dead.

“Um, how was your day?” he asked, his eyes traveling from my bare feet, up my smooth legs and lingering on the sheer red lace teddy I wore.

“Hmmmm….” I said idly, “I’ve been pretty busy. Did some shopping, rearranged a few things. I have plans for tonight.” I got off the couch in one smooth, cat-like movement and moved towards him. He stood watching and licked his lips. I leaned in and kissed him softly, putting one hand behind his head as I used the other to begin unbuttoning his shirt.

“Baby, you’re a little over-dressed for this evening.” I finished unbuttoning his shirt and turned around, sauntering sensually towards the bedroom. I could sense him following me, hear him breathing huskily.

His eyes widened as he stopped in the bedroom door way and took in the scene. I had arranged a black mesh canopy, one of the day’s purchases, over the bed. Another buy was, I knew, standing out for him. A set of wrist and ankle restraints that went under the bed. I had other items concealed in a bag under the bed, but he wasn’t going to find out about those yet.

By now, he was naked, anticipating what I wanted. I took his hand and led him to the bed. “You spend all day in charge of that video game company.” I told him, pushing him gently down on the bed. “Tonight I get to be the boss.”

I gently pushed Danny back on the bed until he was laying down. I kissed him softly and began fastening the wrist restraints. Once he was secured, I leaned back.

“We’ll leave the ankles for later,” I said. “I need you to be able to move your legs for now.” I kissed him again, then began trailing kisses down his neck, down his chest, working my way further down. When I reached my goal, I gently lowered my mouth over his stiff, throbbing cock, sucking softly. I looked up in time to see him close his eyes and bite his lip. I backed away from his hard member and sat back, arching my back slightly to show off my breasts as they slightly strained the thin material.

“I have a lot of plans for you,” I said, caressing his thigh. “You’d better have a lot of energy.” I leaned over the edge of the bed and snagged two of my new purchases. I sat up and held them up for him.

“I have a treat for you,” I said, holding up a metallic purple vibrator. It was a small one, only about 5 inches long and an inch wide, but I knew he’d enjoy it. I held up a tube of anal lube in my other hand.

“Hold onto your knees and pull them up to your chest,” I instructed him. “And spread them wide.” I gave him a mischievous grin as he obeyed, holding his knees with his bound hands. I opened the lube and squeezed some on my finger.

Reaching down, watching his face the whole time, I began gently dabbing lube on his exposed asshole. He trembled a little, sighing softly. I began to slowly slide my finger in, then out, then in deeper.

Once I could easy slip my whole finger up his tight bum, I began lubing the vibrator. Danny watched me, licking his lips. I smiled and kissed his stomach. “Ready?” He nodded silently, and I began to gently slide the vibrator into him.

I slid the vibrator into Danny’s tight ass just a tiny bit, then stopped, letting him feel it. Then I pulled it back and pushed it in deeper, centimeter by centimeter. I continued that method, in, out, in a bit deeper and out again, until I had the whole thing in his ass.

I left it sitting there and slid up to kiss him, slowly at first, then deeper, more hungrily, our tongues darting together as we locked lips. When I pulled away, we were both panting. Danny was still stiff as an iron rod, and I could feel that the tiny lace thong I was wearing was soaked.

I reached down and turned the base on the vibrator, starting the speed on low. Danny quivered and twitched, then sighed. I began gently stroking his cock, watching his face. With my other hand I stroked his balls softly. I waited until his eyes were closed with pleasure, then reached down and turned the vibrator up to full speed.

I increased the speed of my loving hand job and went back to fondling his nuts. Within minutes he stiffened, froze, and his hot seed splattered over my hand and onto his stomach. I reached down and turned off the vibrator, gently pulling it from his now-opened asshole. I held it up and looked at him, putting on my best stern expression.

“Baby, this thing is awfully dirty after being in you,” I told him.”What did you expect?” he asked, panting slightly from his orgasm. “It was up my ass.”

“Well, I think your ass is a little dirty,” I said. “I think it needs to be cleaned out.” My mind was already on the enema equipment I had ready and waiting in the bathroom.

I un-strapped Danny’s wrists and let him sit up. He put his arms around me and hugged me hard, running his fingers along my spine. “You are a goddess,” he said. “I don’t know how you get me so horny.”

I pulled back a bit and looked at him. “You’re just going to get hornier,” I said. “Now roll over, you need to be tied back up. I just need you in a different position, on all fours.” Danny raised his eyebrows, but got into position. I restrained his wrists, then cuffed his ankles.

“I’ll be right back.” I headed for the door, swinging my firm ass as I went. I paused in the doorway and looked at him. “Don’t go anywhere!” I winked impishly as he made a face at me.

I quickly gathered the enema bag I’d filled with mineral oil, Danny’s enema of choice. I also snagged my freshly-washed butt plug. Then I returned to the bedroom. Danny’s eyes widened when he saw my burden.

I hung the enema bag on a hook by the bed, the hook Danny had hung himself for this very purpose. However, tonight I was going to be at the other end of things, so to speak. I set the butt plug on the nightstand, right by his head. He looked back at me as I moved towards his ass.

“Ready to clean up, sexy?” I asked. I took hold of the nozzle and slid it into his waiting hole. Then I released the clamp and let the oil start working its way into his belly. He grunted and twitched as he felt the oil rushing in, a feeling I knew well.

I laid down next to him as he took his enema, kissing his softly and stroking his face. “I love you, baby,” I told him.

“I love you too, honey,” he said.

Danny began to squirm a bit. “Honey, I’ve gotta go,” he said. I shook my head.

“You mean a big boy like you can’t hold it?” I reached over to the nightstand and took hold of the butt plug. “I think you need help.”

“But that’s yours,” Danny protested. “I bought it for you because your ass is so tight….” I put my finger to his lips, silencing him.

“I washed it, sweetie. Now just hold still for me, okay?” I slowly and deliberately lubed the plug, then pressed the tip to his quivering asshole.”Ready?” At his nod, I began working the plug into him. Slowly it slid in, until his ass clamped around the groove at the base. I patted his ass.

“That should hold you,” I said. “Now, I can see you’re enjoying this.” I slid a hand down to stroke his throbbing cock. “But I need some fun, too.” I began slowly un-strapping him.

When he was free, I slid to the edge of the bed. “Lay on your back,” I said, pointing at the bed. Danny shifted a little uncomfortably, unused to having the plug in his bum, then complied. I redid his straps, leaving him flat except for his penis, which stood straight up in a merry salute.

I stepped back from the bed and wiggled my hips. Danny stared. I reached down and slowly slid my thong off, waving it in the air before tossing it aside. Then I slowly slid out of my teddy, standing naked before him, my nipples standing at attention and my smoothly shaved pussy shining with my own drippings.

I employed years of horse experience and swung my leg over him in one smooth movement. Straddling his thighs, I leaned forwards and sucked on his nipples, one then the other. Then I slid upwards and got myself into position.

I sat absolutely still for about five minutes, the hot head of his member just barely caressing my soaking pussy. Danny strained at his bonds, trying to push up into me.

When I sensed he could take it no longer, I slowly slid down onto his waiting love stick. I sighed with pleasure as he slid into me, gently stretching the delicate walls of my steaming cunt.

I began riding him slowly, just grinding at first. To keep his attention where I wanted it, on me, I would pause for a minute or two until I felt him bushing his hips with desire, then would resume my slow, sensuous ride.I was really hot and horny, but I made an effort to hold back. Finally, however, I couldn’t take the anticipation either, and began riding him in earnest, sliding up and down his slippery pole. I could feel my juices oozing and squishing between us, soaking my thighs.

I rode him until I began spasming with a powerful orgasm. At the feeling of my tight pussy clenching his hard cock ever more firmly, Danny froze and blasted a hot jet of sperm right into my most delicate of places. I collapsed forward onto his chest, both of up panting. I sat up and slid off of him and undid his bonds so he could go release.

Before he went, he pulled back the blankets and guided me under them, pulling them up to my chin. He kissed my forehead softly. “I’m going to shower,” he said. “You take a little nap, then I’ll run you a warm bath.” As my eyes drifted shut, I could have sworn he had an absolutely devilish look in his eyes, and couldn’t help wondering if I was going to get payback later.

The End