Dawn's Enema

Now and then, my pal Al shares some of the most intimate details of his new marriage with me. We have known each other for many years, we both have been through good times and bad, and remained friends. He gets out of the house and visits “the boys” usually at a the “Brothers Bar” We had a couple of drinks and he started talking about Dawn. Dawn is more than half his age she’s in her early twenties. She is very cute and sexy. At times I think she is a little too much for him, but he loves her and is tolerant of her vain conduct Most of the time she act like a spoiled brat, often bossy and capricious. She’s about 5’7” tall, with long straight blond hair. She constantly wears very stimulating outfits. Tight pants always emphasize her extraordinary ass. The view from the front is equally stimulating. Her pants crawl up her crack to reveal pouting pussy lips. Creamy breasts are accentuated by skimpy halter tops. Her skirts are usually short. She seems to delight in showing off her body when other men are present. I’d be lying if I said she didn’t turn me on. Her body is in prime form, no doubt about that.

Al casually mentioned that Dawn was having problems with constipation. I responded right away by saying that she should have an enema.

“I don’t think that would help her.”

“Yes, it would, definitely.”

“I don’t know to much about it She has been constipated for five days now.”

I said that, “An enema would work and give her immediate relief. A two quart bag type would be the way to go. Forget about those Fleet enemas in the grocery store.” Then to some extent I playfully suggested. “Hey, I’d be glad to give her an enema, just let me know.”

That very night I got a phone call from Al, asking me for the help I offered.

“Dawn says she can’t stand it any longer. She will do anything for relief. I told her what you said, then she asked me if you can give her an enema.”

I couldn’t believe it. My friend was asking me to give his sexy wife an enema. I got a hard on just thinking about this very intimate event. I don’t just give enemas, I give erotic enemas. I was more than delighted to have this adventure introducing her to an erotically stimulating enemas.

I spoke to her on the phone and she agreed that it was time to do something. I checked to see if they had any enema equipment. She said no. Do you have a douche bag? Yes, OK that will do. I hung up the phone and quickly made way to their house. There was a lot of tension in the air. Dawn’s apprehension came from her predicament. Al was fidgety. Both of them uneasy because I was performing a very intimate task. I did my best to be a true friend and help with the necessary treatment. I did my best to quell the sensual feelings aroused by the situation.

“Let’s get started, Al get some towels and put a double layer on the bed. Dawn, show me the equipment you told me about.” She escorted me to the bathroom. This was the first time I had ever seen a tender side of her.

“Here this is what I have.” She produced a large douche bag. It did seem strange being in tight quarters with her showing me her douche bag.

“OK, that will do it.” I saw the nervousness in her eyes, and reached out and hugged her. “I just want to help you, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I’ve never tried an enema before, I heard they are awful.”

“Well, they can be if not done properly, but you should enjoy this one. I have a few unorthodox techniques.”

“I’m scared. what are you going to do to me ?”

“It’s very simple, really.” I took out the enema equipment, and explained the process to her. “The bag is filled with water, you lay on the bed, this nozzle is inserted in your anus. The water is released and it flows into you, then you let it out in the bathroom. It’s best if you take as much water as possible and hold it as long as possible. The first think you need to do is relax, so lets start out with a massage OK ?”

She agreed and we entered the bedroom where Al had things ready.

“Take off your clothes and lay down.”

She immediately complied by removing her top. Her firm breasts bounced as she removed her bra.

“How long does this take ?”

“Oh, about 15 minutes.”

She turned away while lowering her skirt. Revealing an exquisite ass, she turned back toward me. revealing her golden pubes and very luscious legs. I felt excitement having her obey my request without question. I became more excited as she laid down on the bed, her naked body stretched before me.

“Don’t worry Hon, This will have you feeling a lot better.”

I started to massaged her, I invited AL to help.

“Al start massaging her head and work your way down.”

“I’ll start on her feet.”

We caressed and stroked her smooth skin, four loving hands on her body prompted her to say, Gee, Al I could get to like this. As both of our hands drew closer to her ass. I worked her soft thighs, Al kneaded her ass. I placed my hands on her ass and we both worked there for a while. I had her roll over on her back. Al started on the feet. I massaged her head and worked my way down. When I got to her breasts, I very politely asked, “Is this OK ?” She nodded and I massaged her firm breasts. Her nipples became firm I sensed that two men massaging her voluptuous body turned her on.

“OK Al I want to spend some time on her lower abdomen,” so we both had our hands her pubic area. When we were done I gave Al instructions and had him fill up the enema bag He left the room.

I went to my bag and removed some latex gloves and a tube of K-Y Jelly. “OK Dawn I want you to raise your legs for me.” As she did, I savored the air around her emendated her essence. She was in a slight state of sexual arousal. I put on the gloves and placed a big glob of K-Y on my finger.

“OK, Hon take a big breath and then let it go.” As she did I inserted my lubricated finger in her asshole.

“OK, Just relax I want to loosen you up so this will be easy.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” she said

I literally finger fucked her ass. Al returned with the full enema bag and looked at me in utter disbelief. There I was with my finger fucking his wife’s’ butt. I continued with my finger penetration. I realty worked her anal sphincter. She began to squirm, I could feel her begin to push back I looked over at Al, he seemed to be turned on, if the bulge in his pants is any indication. I told him to hold the bag up high. I held the nozzle in one hand and pumped Dawn’s ass with the other. When she became warm and aroused , quickly I inserted the nozzle into a very willing anus. The entire length of the douche nozzle went in full length effortless. I released the clip, and the water bean to flow. Dawn, sighed with excitement and Al adjusted the tightness in his pants. She could only hold half a bag, so I explained that we should do what she could hold till she could hold the entire bag. I it would take several enemas to relieve her predicament completely.

It took four fillings before she held the whole bag. Each time the process was repeated with the same finger penetration followed be a wet nozzle. After her fourth enema of the evening, she emerged from the bathroom smiling. She walked over to me and placed a sexy wet kiss on my lips and said, “thank you, I feel great.” I suggested that she should have a series for two more days. She willingly agreed to let me redo the procedure for the next two days. Al was at work, so I was able to take a few liberties with his amenable wife. I became more sensual with my massage treatment. I massaged her anus, and very gently and slowly let my other hand massage her clitoris. I then licked and bit her nipples. She became very aroused, and submissively let me delight her. I never had sex with her, I just left her ‘hot and bothered’ for her husband to satisfy. She confessed that this was a very enjoyable encounter, and had no idea she could get turned on by an enema.

Al later told me that he appreciated my help. I wasn’t sure at first, but Dawn became so horny after that, it hardly mattered. I looked at him and said honestly, It was my pleasure to help out.