Debbie’s Barium Enema

It was about three years ago that a very attractive young woman moved into my apartment building. I first noticed her at the pool; it was hard not to notice her she was that pretty. She had just the right combination of softness and firmness. Since we both went to the pool by ourselves, we often exchanged casual conversation. I learned that she was 21, single and worked in a bank. I told her that I was 25, also single, and was a nurse assistant. We were both casually dating but were not finding any men who were very interesting.

A few months after our first meeting, Debbie called me and said that she wanted to talk to me about a medical problem that she needed some help with. She was hesitant and nervous. I had no idea what her problem might be so I went up to her apartment early that evening to talk with her. She had been to see her doctor that afternoon. She said that she had always had a lot of cramping around the time of her period, but her period was so irregular that she didn’t know if it was related. Recently, she had been under a lot of stress at her job and was experiencing an “irritable colon.” To find out what was going on, her doctor had ordered a series of tests, one of which was a barium enema.

Debbie said that she knew what an enema was, but had never had one before. She was very nervous about letting a total stranger do that to her. She had no idea what it would feel like to have an enema or how she might react to it. I asked her if she ever had anything inserted into her backside because an enema would give her similar feelings, only much deeper and more intense. Debbie said that when she was a little girl, she remembers her mom taking her temperature rectally. It always gave her a funny feeling deep inside her when the thermometer went in. Also, when she showered or bathed, she would push a soapy finger part way into her anus to make sure it was thoroughly clean. She at first hesitated and then confided to me that she started to masturbate when she was a teenager. She found that it intensified her orgasms if she slid her finger up inside her rear when she came. She was very embarrassed and said that she had never before admitted to anyone that she “played with herself.”

I was touched that she trusted me enough to tell me her most intimate secret. I later learned that Debbie was as attracted to me as I was to her. She also told me that the doctor had inserted his finger and examined her rectum during her visit that afternoon. She said it felt really weird to have another person do that to her, especially when she wasn’t expecting it. She was embarrassed to think what else he might have felt up there since she hadn’t had a BM for a couple of days! I told her that doctors are used to that and they don’t even think about it. To him, she was just another patient (No way. Not with someone as beautiful as Debbie!)

The doctor had explained to her that her bowels had to be thoroughly cleaned out the night before the barium enema exam. She had a choice. She could do it with strong laxatives, or she could use a couple of cleansing enemas. Debbie knew that the laxatives would keep her up all night with severe cramping and diarrhea. She thought it might be a good idea for her to have the enemas so that she would know what to expect the next day when they gave her the barium enema. Since I was someone she knew and trusted, she wanted ME to give her the enemas! I could hardly believe that she was asking me to do this for her. I had often admired Debbie’s firm round rear in her bathing suit. I tried to imagine what those lovely cheeks would look like, bare and spread apart! Now my fantasies were about to come true. I wanted Debbie’s first enema to be a good experience for her.

Debbie thanked me for being so helpful and understanding. I thought to myself that I should be thanking her. She left it up to me to decide exactly how it should be done and that she would do whatever I told her.

For the next week, I couldn’t concentrate on anything except what was going to happen the night before Debbie’s appointment. I fantasized about every step of the procedure and how best to do it. I went shopping and bought a new red enema bag, a fresh tube of lubricant, some latex examining gloves and a box of baking soda. I packed these into a small suitcase along with some fresh white towels, a plastic sheet and a measuring cup.

When the night finally came, I went up to Debbie’s apartment. When Debbie opened the door, I nearly dropped the suitcase I was carrying. She looked so beautiful, and so vulnerable. She was wearing a bathrobe and she had let her hair down. She wasn’t wearing make-up, but she really didn’t need to since her complexion was flawless and she was flushed with excitement. She looked much younger than 21. Her bathrobe was wrapped tightly around her body. I was certain that she didn’t have anything on underneath. She lowered her eyes and quietly said, “I’m ready. Tell me what you want me to do.”

She showed me to the bedroom and the bathroom. I told her that I wanted to give her the enemas with her lying on the bed. I said that it would take me a few minutes to get everything ready and for her to wait in the living room. Anticipation is a part of the excitement of getting an enema and I wanted her to have to wait and wonder what I was preparing for her. I closed the bedroom door. First I turned down the bed and put the plastic sheet over the bottom bed sheet. Then I placed the towels on the sheet for her to lie on in case anything leaked.

I went into the bathroom and started running the water to get it to the right temperature. I was sure that Debbie could hear the water running and she would know what it was for. I mixed a couple of tablespoons of baking soda with the warm water in the measuring cup and put it in the enema bag. I refilled the measuring cup several times until the enema bag held exactly two quarts of solution just slightly warmer than body temperature. I opened the tube of lubricant and put on the examining gloves. Then I opened the bedroom door and told Debbie that I was ready for her.

She slowly entered the bedroom. Her eyes grew big when she saw me holding the bulging enema bag in one hand and the nozzle that was about to go up inside her in the other. I told her to take off her robe and lie on the bed. When she opened her robe, the sight of her naked body literally took my breath away. Her body was even more spectacular than I had imagined. Her nipples were swollen and stood way out. They were reddish brown against the creamy white of her full breasts that were outlined by the tan line of her bathing suit top. She had a triangle of neatly trimmed light brown pubic hair that exactly matched the color of the hair on her head.

She lay down on the bed with the towels under her bottom. I positioned her so that she was lying on her left side and could watch what I was doing. I started to lube the enema nozzle. Then I turned my attention to her rear. Her cheeks were also creamy white and the tan lines made it look like she was still wearing the bottom to her bathing suit. I told her to spread her cheeks apart so I could insert the nozzle. She had a deep cleavage where her cheeks came together which made them seem larger and spread wider. Then her tightly wrinkled, reddish brown anus came into view. I put my lubed finger against the opening. I told Debbie to take a deep breath. I slowly pushed my finger up inside her to loosen the anal opening and to lubricate it.

Then I slowly withdrew my finger and inserted the enema nozzle. Debbie stiffened when she felt the nozzle go inside her. The reality of what was about to happen became apparent. She was connected to an enema bag filled with liquid that was about to flow into her. Her body trembled with apprehension and excitement. She closed her eyes and started to breathe deeply through her open mouth. Then I clicked open the clamp and started giving her the enema. Immediately her eyes opened wide and her nostrils flared. “Oh my!” she exclaimed, “I can feel it going in! My rectum feels so full; I don’t think I can hold it!” I stopped the flow and let the full feeling inside her rectum subside a bit.

When she said that she felt better, I started giving the enema again holding the bag a little lower so it wouldn’t flow in quite so fast. As the enema flowed up her left side, she started to breathe faster. She seemed in another world as the enema continued to fill her up. “So this is what it feels like to have an enema.” she said.

She watched in fascination as the red rubber bag I was holding slowly emptied and she got even fuller. I was afraid that she might get cramps, but if she did she didn’t say anything. I told her she was doing just fine and she gave me a big smile at the compliment. She said that it felt warm and very full in her tummy. She didn’t think she could hold any more but she didn’t have to. She had taken the whole bag full! I shut the clamp and removed the nozzle from her rear.

She got up from the bed and asked me if I would come with her as she headed for the bathroom. I noticed that her normally flat tummy had a definite bulge to it. She made it to the toilet and I could hear her expelling the enema. I went over to her and gently rubbed her abdomen to help her expel the enema. It was the only time she seemed self conscious or embarrassed. She said that she had never let anyone watch her have a bowel movement before. After about 10 minutes, she was completely empty. She was relaxed and said that she never felt so completely emptied out before. The enema wasn’t nearly as bad as she thought it would be. In fact, submitting to such an intimate procedure, and giving me complete control over her body and bodily functions kind of “turned her on”, she said. That was music to my ears! I told her, “It turned me on to do it.” I was rewarded with another big smile. I reminded her that she had to have a second enema as a part of the preparation for her barium enema exam.

She took a quick shower while I prepared another full enema bag for her. I also surprised her by taking off all of my clothes while she was in the shower. We went back into the bedroom and this time I had her lie on the bed on her back. I told her to draw her knees up so that I could reinsert the nozzle. Then she put her legs down and laid flat on her back with the enema tube between her legs and the nozzle deep in her rectum. Because she was so completely empty from the first enema, she said she could hardly feel the second enema going in. We just looked into each other’s eyes; and at each other’s naked bodies. We both realized just how badly we wanted each other; and that we would be sharing intimate moments such as these again!

After the second enema had finished going in and the nozzle was removed, Debbie just lay on the bed very still and closed her eyes. What happened next was just incredible! Debbie put her hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit! She came very quickly; moaning and arching her back.

I had never seen anything like it before! I was afraid that she might lose control and start to expel the enema, but she didn’t. When she started to relax, she went into the bathroom by herself and expelled the enema into the toilet. I started to clean up and put things away in the bedroom. But I didn’t get dressed. Instead I lay on the bed on the same spot where Debbie had just received her first enema.

When she finally came out of the bathroom, I treated her to the same scene that she had given me. I masturbated right there in front of her! When I came, she hugged me and the intimate feeling of our two bodies close together was indescribable. We just lay there together for what seemed a very long time. Then the time had come for me to get dressed and go back to my apartment. As I headed for the door we shared one final embrace and kissed each other’s full and open mouth. That was the beginning of a beautiful “enema friendship.”