Doctor & Nurses

By Anonymous

My friend, Doctor George Graham, is an internist who has a well established practice in a nice suburban setting. He has a varied patient list which grew larger and larger over time. He needed a full time nurse to help him attend to the growing demand placed on his time during office hours. Besides the usual requests to see the doctor, such as flu symptoms, upper respiratory problems, unexplained pain and whatnot, he also does physical exams for school and employment reasons, as well as for normal referrals or requests. I have to tell you, George is just a little kinky too. He knows that I know. And he knows that I’m just a bit kinky myself. So you can imagine what fun we sometimes have, but only in a very secretive way. This leads me to tell you about a couple of recent experiences we both had while working in his medical clinic this past week.

On Tuesday evening of that week there were two physical exams scheduled. The first (for 5 P.M.) was a 17 year old female student who needed a “sports” physical in order for her to participate in sports at her high school. I hadn’t recognized her name, ‘Amanda York’, but I took a special interest in her physical description taken by the receptionist when the appointment was made. : “5ft 8, 126 lbs., brown eyes, ‘chestnut’ brown hair….” last physical: “two years ago”…

Yes, this perked my interest a bit and I know it did the same for George. He hadn’t examined a young female patient since early last month. I know he often took great pleasure in this, and I did too. I took the appointment card into George and pointed out that we were expecting this young lady today and asked how in(c)depth an examination he was going to conduct for Ms. York? George just looked at me with those ‘knowing’ eyes and replied, “Depends Tina…I see she hasn’t had a physical for quite awhile, so a more extensive exam is most likely in order…..don’t you think so?”

I said “Yes indeed, doctor”. We were going to take pleasure in our work today, I could just tell!

Ms. York arrived right on time and checked in at George’s reception desk with the medical secretary. I peeked in at her through an open exam room door that looked out to the small waiting area. I was really pleased at what I saw. Amanda York was a stunning beauty. Very shapely in jeans and a nice red sweater. She appeared to be very nervous, but that was expected. After all, she was probably worried about the exam and what the doctor would be like. The secretary told her “please have a seat Ms. York, we’ll call you soon”.

I couldn’t wait. George was just finishing with a patient, so I decided to take Amanda back to an examining room now and get her “prepped”. My, my, this was going to be a welcome change from the mundane. I walked up to the front desk and asked Judy, our receptionist, if the next patient had arrived. “Yes, she’s waiting over there.” Ahem….”Ms. York?”


“Please come with me”.

Amanda raised her shapely frame from her seat and began following me down the hallway from the reception desk to one of our three exam rooms. She was right on my tail….I didn’t look back. I entered first, then held the door for her as she whisked by and into the room. I noticed that she smelled terrific too. I closed the door behind us.

I had her appointment card and information sheet on a clipboard as I asked her to take a seat on the chair next to the examining table. “Amanda, correct?”

“Yes ‘ma’am”.

“Amanda, I need to take a medical history from you before you see the doctor. Then I’ll ask you to disrobe and take a seat on the exam table here so I can do some tests….O.K. with you?”

“Ah….I guess so..”

“Just relax dear. Now, when did you last have a complete physical examination?”

“It was when I started high school in North Carolina. That was two years ago”.

“Was that a school physical too?”

“Yes”. “Did you undress completely for the exam?”

“No, I left my bra and panties on. “We’re you given a breast exam?”


“We’re you given a pelvic exam?”


“Well….. then its time to have a more in-depth examination, especially since you are going to be competing in school sports… the time since your last one, don’t you think so?”

“Well, I guess so…. I need the physical before the school will let me participate in any sport.”

She had this nice Southern drawl that just perked my interest in her even more. She certainly was very good looking. Long chestnut brown hair, very fine. She seemed to be a 35C and a 23 waist if I had to guess for accuracy; just a great shape, nice flat tummy and shapely hips.

“Well, Doctor Graham is very thorough and I’m sure you will have his best attention today to make sure everything is fine with your health.”

I then spent about 10 minutes getting her medical history. I especially wanted to hear answers about her sexual experience, if any. She replied “no” to ever having sexual intercourse, but I just felt she was not being entirely honest with me on that one. But she did seem to be terribly nervous. I kept telling her just to relax and that there was no reason to get uptight. Then I gave her my little talk about making sure she felt comfortable during the exam by letting her know that I would be right here by her to assist Doctor Graham. I really don’t know if this reassured her or just made her even more uptight. I think it contributed to her being just a little bit more apprehensive. “How ‘thorough’ does this physical have to be?”, she asked.

“Well, you really are of an age in which the doctor will want to make sure you are free of the more threatening maladies of our gender, such as any signs of lumps in your breasts and that you are ovulating as you should. This will necessitate a pap smear and some other tests.”

“Oh….is it really needed? I’m not too keen on that idea.”

“Yes, you really are of an age now that you need these more extensive examinations, just to ensure that there are no problems. Don’t worry, I’ll be right here too. Doctor Graham is very good and takes his time. He is very gentle……not to worry. Haven’t you seen a gynecologist yet?”

“No ‘ma’am, I haven’t ever had to see that kind of doctor.”

She looked nervous as heck now. But, it just added to her natural beauty. I was growing more anxious to see Amanda without her clothes on…, I arrived at the part I sometimes like the best!.

“Well, you shouldn’t worry about it Amanda, Doctor Graham is a fine doctor, everything will be O.K. We’ll do whatever is necessary to make you comfortable, but it really is important for you to have a complete physical this time. Lets go over here and get you ready….” I led her past the examining table to where we keep a long table and a clothes stand.

“You can put your clothes here or hang them up dear. I’d like you to take everything off except your bra and panties. Then have a seat up here on the exam table, O.K.?” I was not going to give Amanda a gown to wear. If she asked about one, I was ready with an answer. But, she didn’t even ask me for one. “Yes ‘ma’am….I won’t have to take my underwear off?”

“No Amanda not right now. Eventually you’ll have everything off, but the doctor will let you know what to take off as he does the exam.”

I sat in the chair nearby trying to look a little preoccupied with my clipboard by scribbling a doodle here and there, but I really couldn’t resist taking in Amanda York’s beautiful body as she began to undress. She sat down and took her sneakers and socks off first. Then stood up and pulled that pretty v-neck red sweater slowly (I presume so as not to mess that great hair style….wavy, long, wispy) over her head, exposing very full breasts held by a nice satiny low cut black bra. Her nipples were definitely perking up, I noticed. She turned away from me for a moment as I watched her unsnap her jeans and heard her pull the zipper down. She then began wiggling very carefully while pulling her jeans down her hips past her shapely butt and down to her ankles. As she bent down to pull them off her feet, her ass was accented through matching satin black panties. She was adorable. What a shape! Nice tan too. George was really going to enjoy this examination! She turned to me and looked inquisitively in my direction.

“Fine dear. Right over here please. Sit right up here on the table.”

She seated herself on the examining table and I was now only inches from her scantily attired form. “Just relax Amanda. I need to take your blood pressure and temp.” I placed an oral thermometer in her mouth and then adjusted a blood pressure sleeve on her shapely arm. I smiled into her face as I pumped up the pressure sleeve. As I released the pressure to gauge the reading, I couldn’t help but notice those nipples perking through her bra. I took the thermometer from her mouth and recorded the reading. Her blood pressure was up…no doubt from nerves! “Very good Amanda. Just relax now, Doctor Graham will be in shortly. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I left the room with one final glance at this magnificent specimen. I’ll gave her time to think about what was yet to come. I went to George’s office and told him that our Amanda York was in her underwear and awaiting his arrival.

“Well, I guess we shouldn’t keep her waiting too long, should we? What is she to expect of my examination today, Tina?”

“She was told that this must be a more extensive examination Doctor, to include a thorough breast and pelvic exam. After all, its been two years and she is 17, almost 18 actually. I convinced her that this was very important at her stage of development. I also told her that I would be present during her exam.”

“Oh, good Tina, just fine. Are we ready?”

“After you Doctor.”

I grew apprehensive myself. This would be enjoyable. George went into the exam room before me and I heard a slight, faint gasp from him as he saw Amanda sitting on the table in her scanty undergarments. I entered right behind him.

“Hi Ms. York. I’m Doctor Graham. How are you today?”

“I’m O.K. sir….”, Amanda answered nervously.

“Good. Lets have a look at you then, shall we?”

George stood right next to Amanda as I stood back to the side and off a bit with the clipboard. I was a spectator during this portion of the exam, and I began getting excited already, as George began to examine her. George took out his penlight and asked Amanda to look straight ahead as he shined the dim light on her eyes. He moved her head gently to one side and examined her ear, then the other side. He then asked her to put her head back and used his nostril probe to view into her nose.

“Good. Very Good”, Doctor Graham said. George now took his stethoscope and began placing it on Amanda’s shapely back, asking her to breath in and let it out, breath in, let it out. I watched as George’s white jacket rubbed slightly against her bra. Amanda’s breasts rose and fell slightly with every inhale and exhale. Lovely, just lovely as he moved the stethoscope to her chest and over those full breasts. He had his hand on her back now, taking his time and enjoying it…..I could tell.

I knew that it was time for George to examine Amanda’s breasts now, so I moved closer to her as George began to explain that he would examine her breasts now. This was my signal to help remove her bra…..something I just couldn’t resist.

I heard Amanda ask if it was really necessary that she take her bra off? I heard George reply that it was.

As George looked into Amanda’s face while explaining that he would be checking for any signs of small lumps, I told Amanda : “let me help you dear”… I reached around to her back and unclasped her bra….I slowly slid the bra straps down her shapely arms and then finally off, freeing those full and magnificent breasts. She quickly crossed her arms over them as I placed her bra on the table with her other clothes.

“Its OK dear. You can put your arms down on the table now and let Doctor Graham examine you.” She hesitantly complied, exposing those beautiful breasts to our view. They were very firm and the nipples were perking right up. Her Areola was a light shade of pink and distinctive looking. She was a bit nervous, but I think my presence made her feel a little less apprehensive.

“Good. Place your hands on your head for me please…..arms up. That’s fine,” as Amanda complied with George’s instructions. George now started to feel her right breast around the outside, gently lifting that soft and shapely flesh in his palm, then slowly, slowly worked his way inside, gently rubbing and making smaller and smaller circles until he reached the areola and nipple. He then pushed slightly on her nipple and rubbed the areola ever so slightly. God, this was really getting me wet! To see George feeling those beautiful breasts! Now he was pinching the nipple! Oh my, Amanda’s nipples were standing straight out now, as George pinched slightly once, twice, three times!

He performed the same procedure on the other one while I stood at the side taking all this in. George was really enjoying his probing of her breasts. I was so tempted to touch, but I knew I could only watch this part of the exam. Amanda was breathing a little bit heavier and so I could tell, as a woman, she was getting a wee bit sexually excited from George’s probing hands and fingers. I can’t tell you what this did to me….I definitely felt some moisture in my crotch, and I knew Amanda was getting wet as well. “Please lie back,” George instructed his patient.

Amanda scooted back ever so slightly on the exam table and then stretched back, lying prone. She crossed her arms over her breasts, but I told her to just put her arms at her side, as Doctor Graham was not finished with his examination of her breasts. She just gave me a puppy dog look, but let her arms fall away from those gorgeous boobs! She lay prone and looked very helpless indeed.

George began his feeling touch again over each breast, taking his time once again on the areola and nipples. I could tell Amanda was growing more and more aroused by his probing fingers. She let out a very faint, but occasional moan…..ever so faint under her breath. She closed her eyes during this exam….I wonder what she was thinking about.

George now moved his examination lower and pressed lightly over her rib cage and abdomen. He slid his hand completely inside her panties and held it over her mound. Amanda gasped slightly. She was surprised by the doctor’s placing his hand in her ‘shorts’ like that. But George was very professional. I really enjoyed watching him move his hands adroitly over her shapely form, plying her soft flesh here and there.

“Take in a deep breath please,” he said as he pressed on her lower abdomen, with his one hand deep in her panties and the other on her left side, then her right side. I was beside myself.

George now moved his hands down her inner thighs, taking his sweet time for God’s sake. It was making me soooo hot to watch this. I could hardly wait ‘till it was my time to assist him with the more intimate part of her exam.

He took care to go slowly over her shapely legs, calves, each foot and even her toes were not overlooked by George! He lifted and bent each leg at the knee joint, parting the crease of her panties at her crotch to reveal light brown pubic hair. Whew! This was too much.

“Well Ms. York, everything seems just fine,” the doctor said. I could detect a very visible sigh coming from Amanda. I really believe that she thought the exam was over at this point, but I knew better. This was the part I couldn’t stand waiting for..

“I’m going to examine you internally now. I’ll ask Tina here to help me if you don’t have any objections.”

“Oh… oh…. oh…. oh” Amanda said ever so quietly it seemed to herself. She was definitely uptight about what was to happen next. “Ooooooh, please, aren’t we done now?”

“Amanda”, I said in a reassuring voice, “Doctor Graham is very good and I’m sure he won’t cause you any discomfort during this part of your exam. Just relax; I’m right here to help. It will be O.K. Believe me, I’ve been through my share of these examinations. Just relax. You’ll be fine.”

“Lets remove your panties now, Amanda. Nurse Shroeder can help.” I stood over this beauty and finally got my chance to put my hands on her young and supple body. I put my fingers inside the waistband of her panties and gently slid them down her hips. She lifted her cute behind just enough to allow me to slip them over her thighs and down to her ankles where George pulled the black satin panties off her feet.

He placed her last vestige of modesty over on the table with her other clothes. What a bod! She was now stretched prone on the examining table completely naked to us. What a delicious shape! What smooth skin, slightly tanned as evidenced by the white of her breasts, and now her totally exposed pubic area! She was clenching the sides of the exam table out of nervous embarrassment, no doubt, but in doing so, she gave us such a great view of her fantastic nude shape.

I wanted to do the exam myself, I was getting so hot.

Doctor Graham took a little time to actually explain what he was going to do during his examination. I knew that Amanda probably didn’t want to hear it and only wished it was over, but George drew out his explanation while I admired our nude patient.

“So many young ladies are apprehensive because they don’t know what the doctor is doing down there,” George was telling Ms. York. “Nurse Shroeder here will help me during my exam and I will be probing and feeling internally to check your vulva, labia, ovaries, and rectum. If you stay relaxed, there will be no discomfort.”

“Just scoot down on the table a bit and part your legs for me please….we won’t use the stirrups for this.” George said as he pulled on a latex exam glove.

Oh George was so good at this as he parted her legs. He waved me to stand over Amanda’s pubes and press on them. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I placed my hand over her pubic mound and then slid one of my index fingers right over the top of her slit, near her clitoris. I felt how very moist her slit was and looked at a glistening vagina, that indicated to me she was really excited while George began inserting first one, then slowly two fingers inside her vagina. Oh, I was really getting wet for this! And Amanda!

I could tell from feeling her deep breaths with my one hand on her lower abdomen and the other inside the top of her vagina, holding the labia back slightly and viewing that moist love canal that she was getting very aroused and was probably going to cum right her under our probing hands! She tried to conceal this fact, but we could tell. George just probed deeper and deeper; and Amanda grew more moist and excited.

When George inserted a jellied finger inside her rectum, while probing her vagina, with me pushing on her clitoris….well, it was just too much for the lady! She definitely had an orgasm right there, but tried really hard to hide the fact. No way we didn’t know it, because it was our plan anyway. We just went on with a professional demeanor while she squirmed under our probing fingers!

When we finished, Doctor Graham told her she could get dressed now. I stayed with her for awhile, because I was so excited myself. I think George had to go beat off, I just know it. Amanda laid there for about 30 seconds or so after being told she could get dressed. She was so wasted! What a magnificent body.

I brought her clothes over to her and handed each item one at a time so she could dress at the examining table. First her panties, then her bra. She was so beautiful, I was hoping we could examine her some more. But when she was dressed, I asked her to stop at the receptionist’s desk to get her receipt and paperwork. I asked if she had any questions, she said “No, ma’am, thanks……I hope I don’t have to have an exam like that again soon!”

As Amanda left the clinic, I noticed that our second appointment was waiting. He also was here for a physical for school requirement and I was going to do the entire exam….Besides, George was just too preoccupied in the bathroom right now!