Doctor Seligmann’s Clinic

Dr. Gunther Seligmann’s great preoccupation with sex led him to invent various techniques and appliances, and these were invariably tested out on unsuspecting patients at his clinic in Marylebone. Ostensibly the clinic was no more than an ordinary nursing home for better-off patients under the supervision of Sister Johnson, but a number of rooms were reserved for special patients’ introduced by Dr. Seligmann. Apart from his medical degrees, Seligmann was also a something of a psychologist at a time when psychology was in its infancy, and in his hands it became simply a means of getting patients in to his power rather than a scientific discipline.

The daughter of a rich landowner who was having sexual problems in her marriage had been introduced to Dr. Seligmann at a country fete and she had been persuaded, by her husband assenting, to put herself in the doctor’s hands. Most conveniently for Dr. Seligmann she entered the clinic about the time he completed his first prototype of his ‘fucking machine’.

The doctor knew that the formidable looking prototype would probably frighten the girl if she was introduced to it prematurely so he decided to try out some other stimulating techniques for a few days before showing the machine to her.

‘Your trouble is undoubtedly frigidity,’ he told the girl whose name was Catherine, ‘but the difficulty is finding the cause it, whether it is merely physical or whether it had psychological origins.’ He was speaking to her as she lay on the couch in his study.

‘First of all I think I had better examine you, my dear,’ he said. ‘Will you take off your knickers?

The girl who had always been shy of letting her body be seen by a man, even her husband. certainly didn’t relish the idea of being examined by Dr. Seligmann, especially when no one else was present in the room; but she had given her word when she registered at the clinic that she would submit to any treatment to the doctor considered necessary, and she really had no choice but to do what he had asked her. Slowly she raised her skirt and then pushed down her knickers, taking them from her legs and putting them under the pillow on the couch.

The doctor went over to her and pushing her skirt back to expose her stockinged thighs and the girl’s shaggy labia in between, he moved his hand up from her knees, gently indicating that she should open her legs wider.

‘I think you do have some psychological inhibitions about sex, my dear, for you are obviously very nervous. But we must first find out whether there are any physical obstructions.’ His fingers slid towards her labia and he moved them up the length of her slit, gently prizing apart her lips. Then he inserted first one, then two fingers in her vulva.

The girl had never allowed even her husband to feel her in such a way and she began to react strongly to the doctor’s probing fingers, squeezing her legs together so that lie was unable to penetrate her any further.

‘Come, my dear, you must allow me to examine you,’ said the doctor, his lascivious eyes on her hairy lips.

‘No, no, please,’ she moaned. ‘It’s hurting me.’

‘No, that’s just your imagination,’ said the doctor, deciding that he would have to use one of his gadgets to permit him to make the examination.

‘I have a little board over here,’ he told her.’! would like you to lie on it. Maybe not so comfortable but you can place a cushion under your head.’ He took her hand and led her to a shiny wooden board, supported by four legs. He told her to lie down and when she had done so he quickly parted her thighs and using straps suitably placed on the hoard he strapped them down so that she was no longer able to close her legs.

‘Now you see, my dear, I can make a proper examination of your vagina.’

The girl lay, her face flushed with embarrassment at the way her genitals were exposed and knowing that she was now quite unable to prevent the doctor from touching her most intimate parts.

His fingers now penetrated her vagina and he reached up as far as possible, gently massaging the soft membranes as he did so. Finding that she made no kind of response he withdrew his fingers and moved them to her clitoris.

‘I am going to stimulate you a little,’ he told her as he felt for the miniature penis, ‘and I want you to relax as much as possible. If you feel sexually excited don’t try to prevent it - let yourself go. Have no fear, it is simply natural that you should feel excited when you are stimulated clitorally.’

For his period there is no doubt that Dr. Seligmann was a knowledgeable and perceptive sexologist. He had read all the works of Freud and Havelock Ellis and in many ways his thinking was way ahead of his time. But it was the incentive of having women in his power that had informed and fired his studies and research. He knew that behind the early Edwardian facade of respectability a great deal went on behind the scenes and there was much scope for a man who could claim to ‘cure’ sex problems.

Catherine’s husband found his young wife very desirable indeed and he had been almost driven mad by her lack of response to his sexual advances. In the end he had resorted to force, only making matters worse. It was because he was so desperate to get his wife to accept him sexually that he had been ready to give the doctor carte blanche in dealing with his wife. In a parallel way Catherine was glad to accept the suggestion that she should see Dr. Seligmann for nothing could be worse than the nightly violence that she had to put up with when her husband took her to bed.

Sex frightened her, but her husband’s treatment of her was even more horrendous. She would be only too happy if she could overcome her ‘inhibitions’ - as the doctor had termed them - even though it meant submitting to a very distasteful kind of treatment.

That was a long time ago that her father had committed a terrible sin. It had been painful and unpleasant for her and the idea of sex had horrified her ever since. Nor had it happened only that one time for her father had come to her bedroom night after night, asking her to let him caress her and then lying naked against her, threatening to tell her mother if she protested.

Dr. Seligmann reminded her of her father, though she didn’t think he had any dishonorable intentions towards her. She was ready - at least at first to believe that he was genuinely concerned to help her. What she didn’t know was that Seligmann got a lot of pleasure from women like Catherine and they gave him plenty of opportunities to test out his ‘inventions’.

His fucking machine - a rapidly moving penis-like object fixed to a frame and driven by electrical batteries - was his special triumph and he was most eager to try it out on someone. Catherine seemed to him to be the ideal subject for his experiments. But there was no great urgency to introduce her to the machine as he would have plenty of time later for that. Now he could do more or less what he liked with the shy young woman.

He was feeling her clitoris and gently stimulating it. At first Catherine began to resist his caresses for they brought back memories of the way her father had touched her when she was a girl, but slowly she found herself giving way to sensations of a kind she hadn’t experienced before. As much as she hated herself for allowing it to happen she slowly relaxed completely to the doctor’s clever manipulation of her sex.

Dr. Seligmann was surprised at the token resistance she had put up and the ease with which he had been able to stimulate her for he recognized all the signs of sexual arousal. He would have to be careful or she would begin to think there was no reason for the course of ‘treatment’ to continue.

‘You seem to be quite excited, my dear,’ he told her. ‘That is good. But we mustn’t assume that it would be the same with your husband. Under clinical conditions you know that you have nothing to fear therefore you find yourself more ready to relax. What we have to do is to get you so used to relaxing and accepting sex as natural that you will go hack home and enjoy your husband.’

He was reluctant to push things too far at first and after a short session he un-strapped her and told her he would continue the treatment on the following day. lie knew very well that the girl had come so close to orgasm that she would be waiting eagerly for their next session together.

His success with his beautiful young patient had come as something of a surprise to Seligmann and he decided to try out one or two other gadgets the following day before bringing in the fucking machine. One of these was a clitoral stimulator of his own design, though it was similar to a number of similar gadgets invented during the later part of the Victorian period.

‘If you have no objection,’ the doctor said when she came to his therapy room the next day, ‘I should like you to remove all your clothes today. Don’t forget I am only a doctor trying to cure you so there is no need to feel shy or embarrassed in front of me.’

She was reluctant to appear naked before him but she remembered how excited she had been the day before and she was secretly eager for her treatment’ to continue. She wondered whether this time the doctor would stimulate her to the point of orgasm. She tried to think of him simply as a non-person, doing a professional job, obliterating from her mind any similarities between her father. If she could do that she felt she had nothing to fear or be ashamed of, and she was almost sure that she would at long last find the relief in orgasm that she had had such mixed feelings about for so many years. The idea was at once hateful and disgusting to her and at the same time strangely attractive and exciting.

She took off her clothes and Dr. Seligmann saw for the first time the full beauty of her plump, curvaceous body. He knew at once that he was going to find it hard to resist a woman with such magnificent breasts and rippling, fleshy buttocks, not to mention the shapely thighs and legs that he could now see were so beautifully proportioned to her body.

‘I don’t think we need to use the board today,’ he said slyly. ‘Just lie on the couch. I am going to try out a special stimulator.

The lovely Catherine lay back naked on the couch and the doctor bent over her, holding the clitoral stimulator in his right hand. It was rather like an egg whisk, but was fitted with a rubber ball on the end of a spindle, activated by turning a handle. The rubber ball had first been dipped in oil.

He parted her lips, felt for her clitoris and gently massaged it for a moment or two before applying the stimulator. He held it in his left hand, now, turning the handle with his right hand. As he did so the ball rotated rapidly and when he lowered it to her clitoris it induced in her the most exquisite feelings.

At first the contact was so rapid and transient that the sensations she felt could hardly be described as sexual; but as he slowed down the rotating ball, making contact with her clitoris, continuous, she began to feel that not merely her clitoris but her whole body was affected. She quivered delightedly as waves of desire seemed to engulf her body.

Dr. Seligmann was quick to note the signs and once again he was reluctant to bring the girl to a climax, especially so quickly. If he did so the girl would quickly come to the conclusion that, after all, she had nothing much to worry about and that if she returned to her husband she might find all was well.

‘I think the stimulator is having a marked effect on you,’ said the doctor; ‘perhaps we should switch it off for the moment.’

‘Oh, no, no, please! Please go on now,’ she pleaded as she felt the longed-for orgasm approaching.

‘No, that would be unwise, my dear,’ he replied as he switched off the stimulator and placed it at the side of the bed. ‘Now that we have almost certainly established that you have no physical problems in the way of orgasm we must be extremely careful how we proceed.’ He had only a few minutes earlier glimpsed an excellent argument that would justify him taking a role himself in her treatment and he was going to try it out on her.

‘You see,’ he went on, ‘what we really have to overcome is your psychological inhibitions. You might well climax quite readily with my little stimulator, but as soon as you get back to your husband and have to face tip to actual sex with him it might be quite different. The gadgets I use assist me in treating my patients but they must perforce take a subsidiary role.’

‘Then what is the next step in my treatment?’ asked the girl now eager to listen to him and follow his advice if it meant that it wouldn’t be long before she was enjoying orgasms naturally.

‘I think it is essential that you should be ready to accept the presence of a man in your bed a physical, living, naked man. And I am ready, in the interests of obtaining a rapid cure, to assume that role,’ he said, his eyes searching her face to see her first reaction to the suggestion.

She had compared him with her father and the idea of him getting into bed with her almost terrified her; at the same time she longed so much to achieve a sexual climax at that moment that she was prepared to risk almost anything to achieve it. If the doctor lay at her side just as her father had : alone, caressing and fondling her body, she might be able to re- live her early experiences and exorcise the massive inhibitions that had subsequently got in the way of relations with her husband. She might, she could see, have to re-live the horror of guilt and shame in order to get over the past once and for all.

Her thoughts were ahead of the doctor’s but her conclusions fitted into his plan to enjoy her body physically and possibly sexually and that was all that mattered as far as he was concerned.

‘All right,’ agreed Catherine after what seemed to the doctor an eternity, ‘I agree to what you say. I think I should now go a stage further and find out if I can be stimulated by an actual living man. But there is just one thing: couldn’t we get my husband to come to your clinic?’

The doctor smiled at her for he had anticipated such a proposal. ‘Good heavens no,’ he said. ‘That would be fatal. At the moment you are suffering from the severest problem in your sexual relations with him and a set-back now would prove almost irreversible. But if with another man you should find yourself inhibited then nothing would really be lost. We should simply have to start at the beginning again.’

She could see the force of his argument and she prepared herself for the doctor to assume the catalytic role she began to see was necessary.

She nodded to him and then turned away as the doctor started to strip.

It wasn’t long before he was lying naked at her side just as her father had done when she was an adolescent. She could feel his hardened cock against her buttocks, his hot breath on her neck, his hands reaching down her belly to feel the silky hair at the base of her pelvis.

The doctor’s hand reached further down until he was feeling her labia, drawing one finger up their length to part them, as he kissed her on her neck. She was tense but was doing her best to relax and submit to whatever was required of her, and even though it was hard for her to do it she slowly turned round to lie on her back, offering her naked body to the doctor’s advances.

He knew that he had to take his time. If he acted abruptly or indelicately she would almost certainly reject him and things would be worse than ever. So he took his time, continuing for some minutes to caress her genitals with the utmost gentleness and kiss her cheek and shoulders.

It was very much like her father, thought Catherine, except that he had kissed her on her lips as soon as he got into bed with her. It was that she feared now, for she felt sure that if the doctor kissed her it would be just like her father kissing her and she might hate it just as she had hated it with him.

The doctor was moving over until he was looking down on her instead of lying at her side. He looked Into her eyes and detecting her fear of him he desisted from making any further advance, contenting himself with resting his head against her right breast. The girl felt relieved that he had not kissed her and tried to relax to his fingers, now gently titillating her clitoris.

Slowly she began to feel roused and the presence of the naked body at her side was no longer objectionable. If only he would bring her to a climax without kissing her, she would be happy, and perhaps she would be half-way to getting over her problem!

It was at that precise moment that Seligmann made a false move. Carried away by the beauty and sexual appeal of her luscious body his lust began to get the better of him and almost as soon as he had made up his mind to try to respect her feelings he did the very opposite, parting her legs and clambering between them, his rampant cock against her swollen lips.

The suddenness of his move took her by surprise but she was able to close her legs and resist him. ‘No, no,’ she gasped, ‘I can’t, please leave me.’

He knew at once that he had made a mistake and that he would have to be brutal with her or desist altogether. Managing to control himself he moved to her side, telling her that she had nothing to worry about and that he wouldn’t hurt her.

The following morning Catherine went back to the therapy room, ready to admit to herself that she had perhaps been foolish not to let the doctor make love to her. But she had really had no choice, for her reactions had been involuntary: she had seized up as soon as he had got on top of her.

Doctor Seligmann knew that he had had a narrow escape from alienating the girl altogether and was relieved to see that she seemed to bear him no malice when she came to his room. It might be wise to make no reference at all t~) what had happened.

‘I think we will start with the clitoral stimulator again,’ he said, ‘and see what happens. I have one or two other ideas I might try out on you later.’

He had said nothing about the need for an ‘actual physical man’ and she felt considerable relief. If only he would use his stimulator until she actually came, she would be perfectly happy.

The clitoral stimulator, the rubber ball rotating rapidly, was applied again to the girl’s clitoris, and once again it produced the most delicious effects. And then when the speed of rotation was reduced and the ball was pressed a little more firmly against the sensitive flesh, Catherine began to feel she was moving towards a climax. She closed her eyes, her legs widely parted, and she began to press herself hard against the stimulator.

The doctor had decided that it might after all encourage her if for once he let her enjoy the excitement and satisfaction of orgasm even if it was induced artificially.

‘You want to climax, don’t you ?’ he whispered as he manipulated the stimulator. ‘I am going to let you, my dear, but remember what I said before, sooner or later you have to accept the presence’ of a man.

‘Yes, yes, I know,’ Catherine gasped as she began to come close to orgasm. ‘Yes, but let me come this time . . . I want to . . . desperately.’

And then, a few moments later, Catherine, her body writhing to the feel of the stimulator, came in a shattering orgasm, the equal of which she had never experienced in her life. ‘Oh, oooooh, my god, oooh . . . I’ve come,’ she moaned as she felt the waves of delight flow through her and assuage her pent-up longings.

The ‘doctor took the stimulator away and stroked the girl’s head as she lay relaxed and content on the bed. He wondered how she would react to him now that she had actually enjoyed an orgasm in his presence. He was beginning to realize that she was going to prove a difficult patient, for she was clever enough to relax to an artificial stimulus but not to a man’s physical presence. He would make one more effort to induce her to allow him to make love to her, but if he failed he would resort to the fucking machine which he had not yet tried out on any of his patients.

His hand moved to her breasts as she lay still enjoying the aftermath of orgasm. She was dreaming of the possibility of such an orgasm being brought about by her husband so she was in a receptive mood when she felt the doctor lie at her side again and begin to caress her breasts. Gradually she felt the stirring of her sex again and, her eyes closed, she found herself relaxing to the doctor’s caresses.

He had chosen another way of stimulating her, one that her father had never attempted, mainly because her breasts had been small and undeveloped when she was only thirteen. She quickly responded to the gentle massage of her mammary glands and to the way he took her nipple between his finger and thumb. The nipple swelled to his touch and already she felt the excitement spread from her breasts to her genitals, making it natural for her to relax and part her legs.

Her eyes were still closed when the doctor bent over and took her nipple to his lips for the first time, licking it and then drawing it into his mouth, giving her the most delightful sensations.

His hand soon strayed to her vulva and he began to stimulate her clitoris. Catherine quivered in every limb, her whole body aflame with desire. In no hurry, but sensing that he was quickly bringing her to a pitch of such excitement that she might be ready to accept him, the doctor placed one leg between hers, ensuring that she would not easily seize up and push him away.

She recalled that her father had once got as far as putting one of his legs between hers, using his knee to pry open her legs, and it was the memory of that moment that now alerted her to the doctor’s intentions. As much as she desired sex she knew that she could never allow the doctor to seduce her.

She allowed him to continue to suck her nipple but was ready to resist him if he tried to get both his legs between hers. Dr. Seligmann knew that he was perhaps closer to getting his way with the girl than ever before, but aware too that one false step and he would lose out. It was only very gradually that he started to work his second leg between hers.

When he did so Catherine at once protested. ‘No, no,’ she pleaded, ‘I can’t go through with that. Please don’t.’ As she spoke she brought her legs closer and pushed the doctor from her breasts.

The fucking machine was Dr. Seligmann’s proudest invention and now that he could see that lie had no prospects of making love to Catherine he was ready to try it out on her for the first time.

Catherine, who had been impressed with the way the doctor had treated her after she had rejected him, had agreed that she should be the first patient to be given the benefit of the new invention. He explained to her how it worked and showed her that she was able to control it herself if she wished, though he insisted that on the first occasion he would have to operate It

‘In essence,’ he said, it is a penis on the end of an oscillating rod, the movement of the rod being control led by either of two handles, one for the operator and one for the patient.

With these introductory words Dr. Seligmann wheeled the machine into the therapy room.

The large frame, on four wheels, was moved over the bed where Catherine was lying. When it was approximately in position, the turn of a handle lowered the operating part to the right level: a man-sized penis, made of a rubber composition, was poised two or three inches from the girl’s vagina.

‘Lie on this pillow,’ said Dr. Seligmann, and the girl took the pillow and tucked it under the small of her back.

‘Now,’ he said, ‘I am going to turn this handle to bring the tip of the penis to your lips.’

As he did so the penis moved forward until it was just touching her labia. ‘Please part your lips,’ said the doctor.

She held her lips apart and edged forward a little so that the artificial penis wedged itself between them.

‘I am going to start turning the handle,’ said Dr. Seligmann. ‘I want you to keep still and try to relax, the penis will move in and out of your vagina, at first quite slowly and then much faster.’

He began to turn the handle which was on the right side of the machine, one turn being enough to move the penis through a complete cycle - into the girl’s vagina and out of it.

Catherine felt the large object enter her, penetrate her deeply and then retract, a cycle which was quickly repeated.

Gradually it moved more easily as she began to lubricate it with her juices and when Seligmann was satisfied that it could be engaged more rapidly he started to turn the handle more quickly, changing into another gear after a few turns. Now one turn was equivalent to four thrusts of the penis.

Catherine was to all practical purposes a virgin though her hymen had been ruptured long ago. She had never felt what it was like to have a penis or a penis-shaped object moving in and out of her vagina and she lay back relaxed to the fucking machine’s advances, confident in the knowledge that it was not a real man’s flesh that was invading her. Eagerly she edged forward as the tempo of the penetrating object increased and she began to feel the sensations she knew would lead to an orgasm if continued long enough.

The penis begin to move faster and faster as Dr. Seligmann moved the handle more quickly and changed into the next gear of which the ratio was .5 to 1. Every time he turned the handle through one complete turn, the penis now entered the girl five times.

Catherine had never experienced anything to compare with the sensations she was now enjoying; her whole body quivered and writhed excitedly, her body on fire with desire, as the penis continued to stimulate her. Her eyes were closed and she tried to imagine that it was her husband who was fucking her.

‘Are you enjoying it, my dear?’ asked the doctor, whose eyes were concentrated on the object leaving and entering her vagina.

‘Yes, lovely,’ gasped the girl as she wriggled on the bed and arched her pelvis to meet the artificial penis’s thrusts.

A few minutes afterwards Dr. Seligmann was congratulating himself of the success of his invention for Catherine was in the throes of a stupendous, thrilling orgasm, her whole body pulsating with delight as her secretions dribbled from between her lips and she cried out ecstatically in a climax she had wanted for so long.