Doctor Story

John was a registered accountant and at the moment working on the administration for doctor Johanson. He worked at the doctor’s office because it was more easy that way. At 16.00 PM the doctor came to him and told him he had to go, but that John could stay to finish his work, so he did.

After John completed his work he took his time to look around and went in the exam room. He saw the examining table and all kind of tools the doctor used. Wow, he thought.

What would it be like to be a doctor? He took a white coat from the hook on the wall and went behind the bureau of the doctor. He just sat down when the doorbell rang. He opened the door and saw a most beautiful girl, aged about 18 or 19 years old.

“Can I help you ?” he asked. The girl said she was from Sweden and was on vacation in the States. John invited her to come in and went to the doctors office. The girl came in and said to him : “Doctor Johanson, I am here on holiday and met a nice guy. I am really in love with him, but before we go any further I want to have the pill. I am still a virgin and a don’t want to get pregnant.” John figured she must think the he was the doctor!

For some reason he didn’t have the nerve to tell her he was just the accountant. Well I might just as well experience how it feels to be a doctor he thought.

“So tell me,” he asked, “You have not had much sexual experience at all? And you have never been on the pill before?”

“No,” she told him.

“Well, in the States we don’t give the pill without having a thorough medical exam,” he told her. The girl blushed, but said that that wouldn’t a problem since he was a doctor after all.

He told her to come in the examination room and to strip off her clothes only wearing her panties and bra. The girl went behind the screen and when she came back she was only wearing her white panties and bra. “Come and sit on this examination table,” he told her. Meanwhile he saw she had the most gorgeous firm tits and a nice ass.

When she was on the table, he took the stethoscope and placed it at her breast. He could feel the warmth of her body and noticed how firm her breasts were. After he performed this examination he told her to take of her bra and panties. The girl blushed again, but proceeded to do so. “Now lay back on the table.” He saw her nice nipples stiffening and noticed she had shaven her pussylips.

Wow that looked great. He felt his dick stiffening also. He went on with his examination and began to feel her breasts and abdomen. When he felt her breasts, her nipples became even harder! He took a nipple between his finger and thumb and began to roll it gently and then push it a little harder. The girl closed her eyes. Because she had never experienced a medical before, she thought it was all normal.

He told her to place her feet in the stirrups. She hesitated, but did so. He spread the stirrups to the widest position and now he could see her pussylips spread open. He told her he had to check her genitals and took a glove from the drawer underneath the table. Than he began to feel her labia who were nice and warm. He spread them and pushed the hood of her clitoris upwards so he could see her clit really good. That was the nicest little clit he had ever seen. He gently stroked her clit and it immediately grew a bit and became red. Then he proceeded and gently put a finger in her cunt. This really was a cunt that was never been used. It was very tight and after a little while he felt her hymen. When he pushed in a little further he noticed there was a small opening in her hymen and he pushed his finger all the way in.

He went in and out a few times and tried to put a second finger in. He told her to relax and because she was beginning to become a little wet, he managed to get two fingers all the way in. “Now I have to examine whether everything looks healthy inside.” he told her. Then he took the largest model speculum he could find! Because she was on her back with her eyes closed she couldn’t see the monstrous thing. It was really the biggest speculum there was, only used only occasionally.

He gently pushed it in sideways and then he met her hymen. “This can hurt a little,” he warned her and immediately pushed through her hymen. Now she wasn’t a virgin anymore. The girl felt the flashing pain and shrieked, but laid down, now with tears in her eyes. John opened the speculum a little and could see her womb. “This was great,” he thought. “Lets see if we can open this thing any further,” and he began to screw the speculum open bit by bit. Because she was so tight it wasn’t easy but finally it was open as far as it could. Now John was looking in a hole with a diameter of about 7 inches! Then he closed it again and took the speculum out.

“Now that you are a little wider, I will check you once again with my fingers,” he told her. And immediately he plunged two fingers in her cunt. He went in and out a few times and then inserted one and then another finger. Finally he also inserted his thumb and began slowly to work his hand inside her! When he was in completely he made a fist and the girl screamed again and fainted. He took this opportunity to give her a real good fuck. He was just ready fucking her when she became conscious again.

“So, we are almost done,” he told her. “Just one thing to check.” He sat down on a chair between her legs and opened her labia again. Meanwhile he took a syringe with medical glue from the drawer. He placed the tip of the syringe in her peeing hole and squeezed some glue in it. The girl did not really noticed this, but John knew she wouldn’t able to pee anymore.

“You can get dressed again,” he told her “And I will give you a prescription for the pill.”

On her way out John told her that it was possible she could have some problems with urinating because of the exam she had, but that he would be at the office until 21.00 PM. The girl thanked him and went out. John already knew he would see her again within a few hours.