Doctor's Visit

By Redbttmgrl

She knew she shouldn’t have faked being sick to get out of that test but she didn’t think Uncle Steven would actually call the doctor.

Uncle Steven had been so kind since she had said she didn’t feel well, bringing her tea and toast in bed, giving her an aspirin, bringing the TV into her room; she had actually started to feel very guilty about lying. She lay in bed in her sky-blue flannel PJ’s, her dark hair framing her face and tried to look sick.

The doctor blustered in carrying his black bag. He was about fifty and handsome in a distinguished sort of way, followed by Uncle Steven.

“Well, well Carrie, your uncle tells me you’re not feeling well,” he said as he set his bag on her nightstand. “Why don’t you tell me where it hurts?”

Carrie replied, “Well Doctor, it doesn’t really hurt in, uh, any specific place, I just don’t feel well.”

“OK then young lady, let’s start by taking your temperature,” said Doctor heartily. “Would you please roll over onto your stomach and lower your pajama bottoms for me?” Carrie blushed a bright red, surely he wasn’t serious, she was seventeen for goodness sake, much too old to have her temperature taken anally!!

“Uh, Doctor I think I am old enough to hold a thermometer in my mouth,” Carrie said with a feeble, hopeful smile.

“Oh, I am sure you are little Miss,” replied the doctor shaking down the thermometer he had removed from his bag and pulling out a tube of Vaseline. “However since you are under 18 I’ve brought along my pediatric bag and unfortunately that’s the only type of thermometer I carry in there.”

Uncle Steven, who had been standing quietly in the corner admonished, “Carrie, no nonsense now, do as the doctor asks.” The doctor applied a glob of Vaseline to the end of the thermometer and Carrie looked at its glistening round tip in horror.

Looking over at her Uncle she had the feeling she had no choice and slowly rolled over, still under the covers, lowering her pajama bottoms to just below the bottom edge of her ass. (Please just let him reach under the covers to do this she silently pleaded to whatever gods might be listening). The doctor, however, reached down and pulled the covers completely off of her, then hooked his fingers into her pants pulling them to her knees saying, “Let’s just get these down a little further,” fully exposing her twin white round moons. Carrie blushed even more and pressed her face into the pillow.

She felt him sit on the edge of the bed next to her and squeezed her eyes shut as she felt his large fingers prying her asscheeks wide apart. She inwardly cringed as his finger gently rubbed some Vaseline onto her anus and gasped out loud when the tip of his finger tried to enter her asshole, she tensed up and he momentarily paused his intruding digit.

“Easy, easy Carrie, I don’t want to hurt you,” Doctor said. “Try to relax”. Carrie made an un-intelligible sound and squeezed a tear or two of humiliation into the pillow as the doctor painfully dug his finger (up to his second knuckle) into her to insure her hole was well lubricated. She was thankful when the finger was withdrawn, but her relief was temporary as it was replaced by the cold thermometer which he slowly slid in about 2 inches.

Carrie felt him get up and the doctor started talking across the bed with her uncle about the latest football game of the local state champions, all the while she knew she must present quite a sigh : bare-assed with a thermometer sticking out of her butt, as they casually had their conversation!

Finally, the doctor sat back down and said, “Well, let’s see what we have here.” Carrie felt her asscheeks spread again and the thermometer quickly withdrawn. She was quick to pull her pants up and roll back over, she hated the ‘yucky’ feeling in her anus from the Vaseline. “Well you don’t seem to have a temperature, it’s normal,” said Doctor raising his eyebrow at Uncle Steven. “Let’s check you out Carrie.”

Carrie thought nothing could be as bad as having her temperature taken but she was in for a surprise as matters continued downhill.

The doctor had her sit up and he looked in her ears and down her throat. “Hmmm, Carrie, your throat doesn’t appear to be inflamed, where did you say it didn’t feel good ?” asked the Doctor putting away his tongue depressor.

Carrie was starting to get worried. What would Uncle do if he realized that she wasn’t really sick.? “Uh, I don’t know Doctor, I just feel kind of achy, I think I’m getting a cough too,” she lied, trying desperately to look pale and pathetically clearing her throat.

“Hmmm, lets check your lungs and your lymph nodes then,” said the Doctor pulling a stethoscope from his bag and putting it around his neck. He reached for the buttons of her pajamas saying, “I’ll need to unbutton your top, this material is a little too thick for me to hear through clearly”.

Carrie’s blush was back, she was mortified as the doctor spread the pajama top wide open and her firm white young breasts popped into view. The doctor nearly cupped her left breast and placed the cold stethoscope directly on the side, her rosy nipples responded by growing hard. “Breath in deeply for me Carrie, then slowly let it out,” said the Doctor. Carrie’s breasts trembled as she did so and the Doctor listened from various parts of the front and back of her as Uncle Steve looked on.

“Well, there doesn’t seem to be any congestion in your lungs, they’re clear as a bell!” said the Doctor as he put his stethoscope away. “Let’s see if any of your lymph nodes are swollen.”

Carrie had pulled her top shut and started to button it up when she heard the doctor say, “We’ll need to remove your shirt dear,” as he pulled it off of her. He had her lay on her back and put her arms above her head, palpitating her neck, then her armpits and sides of her breasts, muttering all the while, “Feels normal.”

Carrie was reverently wishing that she had just gone to school that day and decided that she was actually starting to feel sick after she saw the thundercloud look on Uncle Steven’s face, she knew he was starting to suspect that she wasn’t sick at all. That thought flew from her head though, when she heard the doctor asking her to raise herself up a bit so he could pull her pants down! What on earth WAS he doing now, she wondered, but felt she was in no position to argue. Carrie lifted her butt up and the Doctor pulled her pants midway down her thighs, exposing her puffy dark pubic hair to all eyes in the room! She was now naked from the tip of her nose to practically her knees, Uncle Steven and the Doctor were seeing her bush and her breasts, she wanted to die of humiliation! The doctor began probing in the area right above her exposed mound and Carrie closed her eyes and kept her legs tightly together, willing him to be finished, the probing seemed as if it went on and on though.

Finally he stopped and said, “Well, well young lady, I need to speak to your Uncle outside for a minute,” and both men stepped into the hallway and closed the door. Gratefully Carrie pulled her pajama bottoms up and sat up to put her PJ top back on. She wondered what the doctor was saying to her uncle, she hoped he would pronounce that she had a rare painless form of something that would clear up in a day or two. She wondered what Uncle Steven would do if she was declared well, it was not something she wanted to contemplate.

Conversation in hallway…

Uncle Steven : “Well, how is she Doc?”

Doctor : “Healthy as a horse Steven!”

Uncle Steven : “I suspected as much! I had doubts when her school called and said she was missing a big test today but I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt!”

Doctor : “Well should we move on to plan B as we discussed earlier?”

Uncle Steven : “Yes, thanks Hal, I appreciate this”

Doctor : “Glad to help out Steven. I’m sure Carrie won’t be faking a sickness again any time soon!”

Carrie had just gotten her arms back in her top when the doctor walked into the room. “Carrie, I have spoken with your Uncle, I believe you have a type of flu that has been going around,” said the Doctor.

“Whew,” thought Carrie, very relieved. “At least I won’t be punished for faking a sickness! It was almost worth that embarrassing examination!”

The doctor wasn’t finished speaking however. “I have found the best cure for this flu is a good enema, a shot of Vitamin B and a rectal suppository every 4 hours until the patient feels well again,” continued the Doctor.

Carrie stared openmouthed at the doctor, surely he was joking! What had she gotten herself into? She started to stutter about how she wasn’t really feeling too bad right now and couldn’t he maybe wait until tomorrow, she would probably be feeling much better then - when Uncle Steven walked in with a big brown enema bag. Carrie looked at the bag and started crying. She had gotten a few when she was younger and hated them!

Uncle Steven handed the bag to the Doctor who went to the bathroom that was attached to her room, Carrie could hear the water running. Uncle Steven sat down with her on the bed and wiped her tears, saying it wouldn’t hurt to get an enema. Why was she crying?

“B…But Uncle Steven, I re…really feel much better, I don’t want an enema and I’m afraid of shots , ph leeeze - can’t he give me some medicine?” bawled Carrie. Uncle Steven hugged her and stroked her hair, “Now Carrie, I’m sure the doctor knows best -he says this will make you better very quickly , you don’t want to feel sick anymore, do you?”

Carrie knew she had no choice but to literally ‘take her medicine’. If she told Uncle Steven she wasn’t really sick she was in for it another way, he had threatened to beat her bare butt with a belt if she ever lied to him and she had a feeling he would do it (he had done that once before and it was an experience she swore would not be repeated!)

Still….an enema?…and a shot? (she really did hate shots)…..and what was a suppository?!?

“Now Carrie, let’s take your pants off so they ‘re not in the way,” said Uncle Steven standing up and gently pushing her back on the bed then pulling her pants off as she raised her legs in the air. Carrie blushed. Again Uncle Steven was seeing her naked from the front! Although he had occasionally pulled her panties down when disciplining her it had always been AFTER she was in position so he never saw her pubic mound (until now!). She pulled the covers up over her and Uncle Steven smiled at her as the doctor came out of the bathroom with the now VERY FULL bag.

“Well, I think I’ll need your assistance here Steven, would you mind holding this?”

“Certainly,” replied Steven standing up and taking hold of the bag. The doctor got out his trusty tube of Vaseline and liberally lubricated the long nasty looking black tip as Carrie watched in horror from her temporary haven under the covers. “OK now Carrie,” said the doctor pulling her covers down, “Turn onto your side and bend your top leg up for me.”

Carrie gulped and obeyed saying as she turned, “I don’t think you need to use that whole bag doctor. Really, isn’t that an awfully lot of water ?”

Uncle Steven cut in, “Now young lady I think the doctor knows what he is doing, you just do as he asks.” Carrie felt her leg being pushed further up and buttocks being spread, then the greasy black tip poking at her tight hole, she tensed up and made little noises of shock as the doctor painfully forced the nozzle in, it snaked its way far up inside of her. She gasped when the warm soapy water started flooding her bowels, as she grew fuller she started to protest, “Oh, please doctor, please that’s enough I can’t hold in that much.” The doctor merely placed a comforting hand on her hip and said “ok, now, now, we’re almost done” as he reached down and adjusted the nozzle asking Steven to hold the bag higher. The more water that went in the more distressed she became and when she started to cramp she began to squirm and beg to be allowed to go to the bathroom.

“Now Carrie, you’ve taken the whole bag, I want you to hold that water for a full 5 minutes to make sure we’ve gotten all of the impurities out of your system,” said Doctor. In spite of her cries and protests and groans that she HAD to go, she couldn’t bear it, she KNEW she would burst any second, they made her wait the full 5 minutes, Uncle Steven came over and squeezed her cheeks together (with the nozzle still inserted) to help her hold it in. It was a relief when she was allowed to dash to the bathroom!

She was completely humiliated walking out of the bathroom, she soon forgot about everything though when she saw the needle the doctor had pulled out of his bag. “Oh no,” she said backing toward the door preparing to make a run for it until Uncle Steve grabbed her arm.

“No, I don’t want a shot - I hate shots!” cried Carrie trying to twist away from his grip.

Uncle Steven grew very stern, “Carrie, stop this nonsense, you’re acting like a child! Lie face down on the bed now or I’ll have to punish you right here!”

Carrie wasn’t really listening to what her uncle said, all she could see was the needle - she HATED getting needles, especially in her ass! She continued trying to pull away and before she realized what was happening she found herself thrown firmly over the left knee of Uncle Steven, his right knee came down over the backs of her legs to keep her in place. So distracted was she by the needle potentially coming at her butt she didn’t realize she was getting a spanking instead until the first blow cracked down across her cheeks.

“YOW” she cried out and then “OW, OW oh NOOOO ,OW! as Uncle Steven administered several hard blows in rapid succession to the crest of her ass. “If you are going to ACT like a child I will TREAT you like a child,” he growled, sending down about 15 more hard, stinging blows to her writhing backside. She blubbered and begged him to stop, he did not until she promised not to act like a baby. Uncle Steven let her sit up then, he held her on his lap wiping her tears, her burning bare ass pressed against his rough pants.

“OK now, are you going to be still and take your shot like a big girl?” Carrie nodded, not trusting herself to speak. She watched in silence from Uncle Steven’s lap, as the doctor took the syringe out of it’s paper. When he removed the plastic cover and Carrie saw how big the actual needle was she began crying again and the doctor said, “OK Steven turn her over,” as he filled the syringe with the liquid vitamin.

Uncle Steven sat sideways on the bed and put her over his lap as she had been before with his one leg covering hers so she couldn’t move, her head and upper body were on the bed, his hand was firmly at the small of her back. Sobbing quietly she lay still knowing there was no avoiding the shot.

“OK now Carrie, it’ll be over before you know it” said the doctor soothingly as he pulled a chair up right behind her. Carrie heard the rip of paper as the doctor opened the alcohol swab and then a cool burning across the plumpest part of her bright red right buttock as he wiped the spot he would shoot. It spite of her resolve she began to struggle, oh it was too awful to just lay here with her ass offered up like this, knowing that any second the doctor would give her the painful shot.

“Carrie,” said Uncle Steven sternly, holding her firmly and Carrie began sobbing anew and lay still, conquered. She whimpered hopelessly, then shrieked as the needle was plunged into her already burning asscheek.

“NOOOOOO” she shrieked but it was too late, the needle was painfully in and she was given the shot. Even when the needle withdrew it still hurt terribly and she continued to bawl as Uncle Steven patted her back, comforting her until her crying lessened.

She had nearly forgotten about the suppository until she heard the doctor mutter, “Now where did I put them ?” She still didn’t know what it was but the fact that Uncle Steven had not yet let her up from his lap didn’t inspire confidence in it being something pleasant. She heard the doctor go into his bag (his bag of tortures she thought to herself grimly)and rattle around, then say, “Ah, here they are! Steven, you should insert one every 4 hours for at least the next 24 hours.”

Carrie twisted her head around and saw the doctor removing a large gelatin-like capsule from a bottle.

“What’s that for ?” Carrie asked in a shaky voice.

“Oh, this is medicine Carrie, it’s administered by inserting it in your rectum where it will melt.” said the doctor.

“Oh, I don’t think I need that doctor,” said Carrie.

“Now, now were almost done” said the doctor leaning toward her again. He spread her cheeks wide and Carrie felt the cold capsule pushing at her hole. She squirmed a bit and gasped while quietly saying, “Oh, no, no please I don’t like it, take it out. please….please…oh no! oh no, it burns - take it out!!” as he pushed it far up inside of her and Uncle rubbed her lower back saying, “Ok, ok it’s almost over, it’s…. “. She squirmed and made protesting sounds as it was shoved as far inside of her as his thick middle finger would go. When the finger was all the way in her, he wiggled it trying to get the suppository a bit further in. Carrie moaned in distressed.

“Well Carrie, I think you’ve received all of your medicine for now,” said the doctor finally rising and winking at Steven. “You may need another enema tomorrow, but your Uncle can take care of that along with the suppositories. Let me know how she is doing Steven.”

They left the room, the doctor patting her head and Uncle Steven kissing her forehead and turning out the light on the way out. Carrie lay feeling her ass, still hot and sore from the spanking, her right cheek was really sore and had a painful lump from the shot, the melted suppository burned inside and left her with that yucky feeling of being sticky between her cheeks! (and she’d get another in 4 hours! and probably another enema tomorrow!).

This had definitely NOT been worth avoiding a test!