My story begins during the summer between my 12th and 13th birthday. School had been out for about three weeks and as usual , we had attacked the days, playing hard, running around and the usual stuff that pre-teen boys find themselves into..

I started feeling a little tired and sluggish and apparently my mother noticed. She asked me one morning if I felt fine and I responded with the usual ‘I feel fine’. She felt my head and said I had a fever and that I should stay inside and rest. I wanted to argue but at the same time Id didn’t really feel like going outside to play. I lumbered off to my attic bedroom and started to mess around with my stuff.

An hour or so passed and my mom came upstairs. She again asked how I was feeling and I again said I was fine. She felt my head again and remarked that I was very warm. She said she was going to take my temperature..

She went back downstairs and returned in a moment with the thermometer. When I saw it wasn’t the baby thermometer, I was relieved and willingly complied with her commands to open up…After about 3 minutes she looked at it and said I did have a fever. And went back downstairs. I thought, ’well that was that..’ and went back to my play.

About 15 minutes later my mom yelled up the stairs to come down. ‘Now what’ I groused as I moved down the steps. The bath water was running and mom told me to get in the bathroom, take a quick bath and get dressed we were going downtown. I wondered aloud, ‘why’ and she responded that we were going to see Dr. James. I protested but of course but some 20 minutes later I was in the Dodge and headed to town. Dr. James was an old guy, big man it appeared with no hair and the glasses that had no rims. His office was in a big building on Main Street downtown and I hated going there. I didn’t like the smell of the place. But he had been our pediatrician forever.

We arrived and took out seat in the waiting area. Finally the nurse called us back and we went into the room. The nurse asked my mom some questions and my mom responded with answers and mentioned that my temperature had been taken at home and I had a fever and that I had been moping about for a day or two. The nurse, ( her name was Dolores, I think) said fine and that I should get undressed and sit up on the table. In Dr James’ office getting undressed meant everything but your underpants, even if you had a sore throat. So like a typical 12 year old, I didn’t immediate start the process. And my mom had to get on me about it. I slowly complied and finally ended up in my underpants and seated on the table with the white paper.

Dr James’ office was old and very creepy looking. And remember it always smelled like alcohol and baby powder. There were charts on the wall and an Eye thing with the big E’s . Along the back of the room was those glass windows you cant really see anything through except weird shapes.

Dolores re-appeared from nowhere and said that Dr James wanted to get another temperature and then he would come into examine me. She turned and opened the cabinet, got the thermometer ( I guess) and a white cotton ball or something and came over to me. She shook the thermometer down and looked at me. I opened my mouth and she shook her head ‘no’. She said we would take ‘our temperature in your bottom’.

‘Not the baby way ‘ I protested.. And Dolores said yes that’s the way.. She turned to my mom and said maybe Donnie needs a little help with this. And my mom stood and came to the table. I laid back in compliance to a command and then rolled over on to my stomach.

My mom reached in top of my underpants and slipped them over my butt and they came to rest just at the top of my thighs. She asked Dolores if they needed to be all the way off and Dolores said no that was fine.

The cool air of the office was like a breeze on my butt. Then I felt Dolores fingers spreading my buttcheeks and felt something cold, wet and a little sticky being swabbed on. I knew it was coming. The thermometer was next and up into me it slid. Dolores then popped my underpants up and there I lay . They chatted for a bit about the summer and the weather. In a few minutes, the underpants were back down a little, the thermometer was out and Dolores wiped my buttcrack with a tissue.

She said I could sit up and I complied. I was getting a little chill by now and shivering some I guess. My mom came and stood by me and rubbed my shoulders and back. As Dolores left the room once again, my mom reminded me of what my behavior was supposed to be in public. I said I would behave and that I was sorry. She again said to remember my manners.

In a couple more minutes Dolores and Dr James arrived. Dr James always wore one of those round things on his head and a white coat and bow tie. HE came in , said hello to my mother, and they spoke a bit. MY fever and sluggishness was again discussed and Dolores verified that I did have a fever on my most recent ‘temp’ as she called it. The Doctor took a wooden thing like a big popsicle stick in my mouth and looked at my throat, the ears, nose, mouth in turn and then started with the stethoscope. He tapped on my back and then laid me down on the table facing up. He prodded my stomach all around and even reached inside my underpants and pressed above my penis. HE asked me if I was going tot he bathroom and I was slow to say yes. He said #2? And I said not really. HE asked me when was the last time, and I responded with ‘ I’m not sure last week maybe?’ He responded with a doctor-sounding ‘Hmmm’.

My mom and the doctor chatted in that adult code they like to use around kids. And then he left the room. Dolores followed him out the door and I could see them talking through the glass. I asked my mom what was going on, and she said they are going to give me a treatment that would make me feel better. ‘ A treatment’? That usually meant a shot. I thought. My mom said that when Dolores came back in if I gave her any guff. I would get a spanking right there. I didn’t want that for sure and I remembered the time it took three people to give me a shot I didn’t want.

My mom stood there next to me and continued to rub my shoulders and back and I recall how nice that felt on my skin. Dolores came back in and asked my mom if we were ready and she answered with a nod. Dolores, busied herself at the cabinet. Dr James usually gave the shots so I figured I had time until he came back. Dolores was working at the sink taking things out and running the water. She was a fairly good sized woman I couldn’t really see what she was doing. She got a cart and put some items on it. Moved an armless chair to the table. She looked at me and asked me to lie on my ‘tummy’. I thought that odd and looked at my mom. Her look back was enough for me to know not to argue. Another ‘temp’ maybe? That wasn’t all that bad . Dolores pulled my underpants down some and spread my buttcheeks apart again. She then said to my mom, she thought we would use the ‘bulb’. She slipped my underpants ups again and said to roll over on my back.

Doing as ordered she went back to the cabinet, got something else from it and put it on the cart and wheeled it to the chair. She then said to my mom we were ready and would she help my slip off my underpants. ‘What ? I’ve got to take my underpants off? Why? Never for a shot.’

My mom again reached down, lifted the waistband elastic and tugged my underwear down, This time she didn’t stop, past me knees and then to the ankles and finally off. She folded them neatly. There I was ‘butt naked’ in front of my mom and Dolores. My skin started to feel hot and I know I was blushing. Dolores then said ‘sit up and come to me child’. My mom helped my up and off the table and pointed me in the direction of Dolores who was now seated in the armless chair.

When I was close to Dolores she reached out for my hand and pulled me top her right side. Then in one smooth motion she bent me over and onto her ample lap which I noticed was now covered with a towel. I was shaking or shivering a bit and she calmly said, ‘Now honey there isn’t anything to fret about’. I’m going to put some medicine in your bottom, its mostly warm soapy water that will help you have a B M and then you are going to feel much better. This is called an enema.‘ ‘Enema’ that was one of the code words that the doctor and my mom had used.

Oh god I thought. This is embarrassing and just like the last time my mom had giving me a bare butt spanking for acting up in church.

Dolores slipped on a rubber glove, the old yellow see through kind they used to use. She reached across my back and took the ‘bulb’ from the table. She daubed the end onto a cotton ball there and then filled it with the soapy water I saw in the pan.

In a moment the black slippery end of the bulb was sitting next to my butthole. Dolores said to breath through my nose and then in it went. At first t was a little uncomfortable but after a few seconds it was ok. She then said she would give me the medicine now and I felt the warm solution going in. She worked slowly at first and after about a minute she finished and pulled the tube out. I stated to raise up and she said ‘ No honey’ we aren’t done yet’

She proceeded to fill and empty the ‘bulb’ three more times. AS she would do it, her ungloved hand was lightly stroking my back and occasionally she would also rub my buttcheeks and talk to me softly. As I filled with the ‘medicine’ and her stroking and soft talk continued I started to feel different, I wasn’t nervous anymore but I was excited. And I noticed my heart beating. I felt very good and wasn’t embarrassed to be lying across this large woman’s lap with my naked butt sticking up in the air. When she announced that we were finished I was happy but sad at the same time. I stated to raise up again, and she again said’ No honey, we need to wait a few more minutes.. You just stay on Dolores’ lap and relax. She again started to rub my lower back but now she seemed to spend a little more time on my buttcheeks.. Back and forth around in circles…lightly stroking and touching them. She chatted a minute more with my mom, I don’t remember the topic.

She then said ‘ OK Honey’.. ‘Lets stand you up’ and she lifted me off her lap. When I stood up straight, I was embarrassed to find my little penis standing straight up and its tip was all read. I had erections before of course, but never in front of anyone while I was naked. I know I blushed again.

My mom saw it too and her and Dolores looked at each other. Dolores then said, ‘my, my it looks like Donnie liked the medicine’. Then the cramps started and I told my mom, I have to go to the bathroom. I looked around but only saw one other door in the room and that was the one that went to the hall to the building. Dolores said she would take me to the rest room in a minute and I needed to hold it. She slipped off her glove and took my hand, and started for the door. I said ‘But, I don’t have any clothes on…’

’Sshhh, now we are only going across the hall,’ and away we went, one hand in hers and the other trying to cover my bobbing, stiff penis. I was terrified that someone would be in the hall, but luck was on my side that moment. She led me into a little room with a toilet and sat me down. When it was clear that Dolores wasn’t leaving I decided I couldn’t hold onto it any longer and let it rip.

When Dolores was satisfied that I was finished She helped me up and then pressed my face and chest into her ample bosom and proceeded to clean up my backside. I almost felt like a baby again, someone pampering my backside like that and holding me close. When she was done she flushed the commode and out the door we went again. This time my luck ran out, my little hard on was gone but a little girl and her mom was walking in the hall to the waiting room. The little girl replied, ‘where is that boy’s panties, mommy?’.. I didn’t hear the mom’s answer but I was mortified anyway and suddenly very tired.

Dolores left me in my mother’s care, and even though’ I was 12 ,my mother dressed me and talked softly to me the whole time.

I never saw Dolores again after that. But I do remember that day.