Donna's Enema Education

Warning: some of the practices described in this work of fiction could be dangerous. Those practices must not be engaged in without consultation with a knowledgeable and sympathetic physician.

Donna and I became lovers at around the end of her first semester in the junior year course I was teaching in gastrointestinal physiology. I very early on introduced her to the pleasures of anal play and anal intercourse to which she took enthusiastically and soon became a woman of three delights: the mouth, the vagina and the anus. After a class in which we had covered the therapeutic benefits of colonic irrigation and various kinds of enemas, Donna confided to me that she had never had an enema and that she wanted me to instruct her personally.

I told her that we would make a weekend of it, and that she should plan that her experiences would be not only healthful, but also highly erotic. In the course of our physical relationship I had learned that Donna loved to play the submissive to my dom and I instructed her that when she arrived at my place she should be suitably attired for that role. I explained to her that she would have to follow my every command and submit willingly to every aspect of the experience. With a slow, smoldering grin she agreed immediately.

Donna arrived late on the Friday afternoon at my secluded property in the countryside near the University. I was pleased to see her dressed all in black. She was wearing black vinyl high heeled boots under a black Carding trenchcoat, a colorful and tasteful Hermes scarf at her throat, her hands in thin, soft leather black gloves, and a natty black beret covering the long, glistening black hair. I welcomed her with a kiss, which was deep with longing for her, which she returned eagerly and warmly. I held out my arms offering to relieve her of her hat and coat. It was then that I learned how well she had complied with my directions.

One has to know a bit about Donna’s physical presence to understand the impact she is capable of presenting. First, she is of above average height for a girl of her age, perhaps 5’7”, and weighs about 140 pounds. She is leggy and very, very athletic and her entire body presents the sleek and powerful presence of a prime female athlete. Her buttocks are wonderfully elastic and firm without a hint of droop. Her legs are shapely and elegant. Her breasts are rather large, about the size of grapefruit (and not the little ones, either) with nipples which are about a half an inch in diameter and which protrude almost that much when she is aroused. Her nipples are sassily up-tilted, surmounting prominent aureoles, which are 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Despite their moderately large size, her breasts are bouncy and firm and exhibit delightful jiggles.

Donna is olive skinned, with lustrous straight black hair which falls halfway to her waist and on this occasion she had it done up in a provocative ponytail decorated in black leather and pearls. With her hair thus drawn back her strong features provided their full impact, with her smoldering green eyes, dark brows and her lush, full, kissable mouth set beneath a lovely straight nose with delicately flared nostrils. Her immense sexual impact is enhanced by her practice of keeping her genitals and anal area completely shaved and baby-girl bare. Thus the lush meaty folds of her vagina and her plump nymphae are displayed easily when she is aroused. Since she is nulliparous her vaginal canal is small, tight and wonderfully and muscularly elastic. Above this lovely little treasure she sports a large and protuberant clitoris and when her nymphae are peeled back one can see a rather large meatus urinarius hiding about 1/4 an inch below her clitty. This she loves to have sucked and licked almost as much as she does her clitty. Her anus is tiny but marvelously distensible and, like her vagina, powerfully muscled which makes her a joyful experience for her sodomist. There are large, pinky- brown pigmented arcs surrounding her anus and these are very erogenous for her and, when licked, set her off in squeals and giggles and buttock twitching. When investigated by an inquiring tongue her anus is always as sweet as a little fig and seems to beckon kisses when she tightens and relaxes it, like a little pulsating sunburst.

When I had divested her of her hat and coat, Donna stood revealed wearing a wide, black leather dog collar equipped with restraint rings. Below this she wore a black latex brassiere I had given her which was provided with holes through which the breasts had to be forced. The rubber then gripped her breasts circumferentially, causing them to be presented as firm, swollen globes pinkly suffused with blood, the aureoles swollen and the nipples thrusting out provocatively. The lower portion of this brassiere nipped in sharply thus beautifully emphasizing the swell of her hips and her fine buttocks. On her arms, the gloves came up to mid-biceps level, and her high-heeled black vinyl boots were revealed as being thigh high. The overall effect of the black plastic and shiny black rubber was to emphasize the erotic beauty of her confined and naked torso, hips, buttocks, crotch and thighs. She was truly a sight to behold.

Unable to resist her I moved behind her and drew her close, cupping her lush breasts in my hands as I tugged on her nipples. She moaned and lay her head back on my shoulder as I kissed her neck and suckled her earlobes. In moments like this she was fond of affecting the middle-European student scenario and murmured, “Oh, Herr Doktor, please fuck me goot, ja?”

“Aber naturlich,” (But naturally), I replied and took her hand to guide her to the finished basement “playroom” and as I placed her on the “treatment table” I told her that I was going to have to conduct a very thorough investigation of her sexual health before administering the first of a large number of enemas. What I really wanted to do was worship her genitals and her lovely ass. As I stripped out of my clothing, she reclined provocatively with her high-heeled and booted feet resting easily, her powerful thighs invitingly parted to display the fact that her lovely pussy was already drooling in anticipation.

I moved between her legs and as I bent my mouth to her pussy, I could smell her wonderful clean, healthy female odor and my cock surged to a stiff erection which was reinforced as my tongue tasted the sweet, wonderful, gooey flesh accompanied by her soft moans and the feeling of her hands gently gripping my head, urging me to her. I continued to lick and suck until I sensed her near to orgasm and then shifted my attention to her perineum and anus by lifting her thighs, forcing them back against her breasts, and thus presenting her wide open gluteal cleft.

I devoured her. I sucked. I licked. I tongued, then licked and sucked some more, and then I fucked her little sunburst with my tongue. By this time Donna was writhing in ecstasy and I returned to her clit and in a matter of moments, brought her to a squirming, writhing, moaning, gasping orgasm. I rose from my place between her thighs and mounted her face, commanding her to suck my cock.

“Donna you are now about to have your first enema.” Her mouth greedily sucking my cock, she nodded her understanding. “When I remove my cock from your mouth you are to assume the position in which I just placed you, with your thighs spread apart and your knees to your chest. Do you understand?” She nodded “yes” while her tongue flicked delightfully on the underside of my cock.

“After you have assumed this position, you are to hold it until I instruct you otherwise and you are to use both hands to spread your ass open for me to do with as I like. Do you understand?” Again she nodded “yes”.

“All right. You may release my cock now and assume the position I have ordered you to take.” She clung to me with her mouth as I pulled my cock out of it, but did as she was told, and she looked very fetching lying there in what I call the “puppy dog” position.

Prior to her arrival I had prepared gallons of electrolyte balanced enema fluids which were contained in individually warmed and insulated containers with sight glasses measuring their degree or fullness or emptiness. These containers were mounted well over four feet above the table to provide more than adequate filling pressure if needed. The first container was equipped with hose, clamp and nozzle; the nozzle being a baseball bat shaped blunt plastic object with a major diameter of 1-1/2 inches. Made of white plastic it tapered at the hose end so that, once inserted fully, it acted much as a butt plug would.

To prepare Donna I moved to her anus and began to lubricate it with, first, one finger gently worked into the little orifice. As my finger slid smoothly into her I could feel her grunt a little to open herself to me as her buttocks moved seductively. “You’re a Good Girl, Donna,” I told her. I continued to finger fuck her anus, giving her a deep reaming so as to encourage her to relax and open to me. When I felt her dilating, I removed my finger and lubricated both it and the finger adjacent and, with them twined together, began to gently force her open even more.

I could tell that Donna was enjoying this ravishment because she did her limited best to thrust her anus against my fingers and her hands strained to spread her ass as wide open as possible. Soon I had my two fingers buried in her to the hilt and I slowly let them move so that they were beside one another instead of wrapped together, and proceeded to rhythmically cluster fuck her butt with the spread of two fingers.

By now her anal channel was becoming very warm and I could feel her peri-anal muscles squeezing my fingers as she wiggled her butt and moaned softly. I continued an insistent cluster-fuck of her anus and gradually felt her completely relax as her breathing became deeper. Burying my fingers in her to the knuckles I manipulated her anal canal; up/down, left/right, around and around as she continued to moan and thrust her ass against me. Finally, when I was certain she would comfortably take the nozzle with which I was about to plug her, I removed my fingers as I watched her elastic little sunburst slowly close. I picked up the big nozzle, released the valve to expel any air into the table drain until I had a clear flow. I closed the valve and slowly pressed the big blunt nozzle into her anus. The little rosebud seemed eager now to accept its violation and the big nozzle slowly disappeared into her bowels. When her anus had again closed around the narrow portion of the nozzle, I told Donna to grasp the end of it and fuck herself in the ass with it a little bit.

Ah, what a sight! She raised her knees a little and let her legs spread apart a little more and she reamed herself as she would with a dildo, the big nozzle squishing in her well lubricated butthole, sucking and slurping as she pumped it in and out of her butt. I was pleased to see that her lovesap was now slowly drooling out of her pussy and into the cleft of her ass where it added to the lubrication already there. While she was enjoying her self-abuse I opened the flow valve so as to admit a very slow flow since I wanted her to gradually become aware of the sensation of ful Little Nancyess and then the urge to defecate. I had admitted a pint when she became aware of it, “Herr Doktor! I feel as if I have to poop real bad!”

“Nonsense, Donna, your colon has just filled. Now do as I tell you. I want to you to perform an anal swallow. You do this by tensing your PC muscles just the way you would to squeeze my cock in your pussy, or you would to stop your urine. You will feel your anus contract between the cheeks of your ass. This contraction will force the fluid higher in your colon and you will feel immediate relief.” She did as she was told and I could see the nozzle twitching in her and rhythmically surging in and out between the cheeks of her ass.

“Ooooh, this feels sooooooo sexy,” she whispered as she twiddled the swollen pea of her clitty as it nestled in its pouty folds.

“You don’t feel so full now, do you?”

“Oh, no! I feel full…I feel female. Won’t you fuck me a little, please, her Doktor?”

“No, Donna,” I replied, “I don’t want to exert any pressure like that on your belly until you’re more experienced. I will give you a little fingerfuck if you like.”

“Yessssss, cmon, cmon fingerfuck me Herr Doktor! Make me come! Oooooooo I want it sooooo bad!” I inserted two fingers into her pussy and found it drenched in her girl goo and began to give her a nice fingerfuck, being careful not to put too much pressure against her tummy. In no time at all her hips were bucking, the nozzle was a-twitch in her ass, and the hose was flying about as she writhed in the grip of her pleasure.

I took a quick look at the sight glass on the container and saw that she had taken all but a tiny amount of the quart. I continued to finger fuck her while I positioned the soft plastic spray shield and drain of the treatment table close to her crotch. Then, when I sensed that she was over the edge and well into orgasm, I gently but firmly, and smoothly pulled the big nozzle out of her anus.

The results were most satisfactory. Donna screamed and spewed the entire quart as she thrashed and moaned in her orgasm and lay gasping on the table, “Ahhhhhhfuhhhhhhhck,” she moaned, “that was sooooo good!”

“Well, Donna” I said, “that was a very good start but it was a little “chunky” and I think another quart is indicated.” As I spoke I was rinsing and cleansing her lovely butt and at my words she wiggled her ass delightedly. “Ach, Herr Doctor, do viss me ass you vill!” and grinned wickedly at me as I commenced to lubricate her for the insertion of another big nozzle. When it was fully inserted and she was playing with it with complete unselfconsciousness, I started the flow and began the process of filling her pretty tummy again.

This time Donna began to manage her own treatment. At first lying on her left side and massaging her belly, making strong anal “swallows” and adding her own touch of bridging up on her feet and shoulders so as to tilt her pelvis at an angle to encourage flow into the upper portions of her bowels. This was a pleasant sight as the muscular effort required that her powerful buttock muscles be brought into play and it was a treat to see them clenching and relaxing as she worked hard at her enema.

All the while, she steadily filled and as time went on she began to masturbate with those typically female delicate motions of hand and fingers on her swollen little clitty. This was too much for me to bear so I moved between her thighs and began to lick the plump lips of her pussy and to tongue her inside and out as I gently buttfucked her with the big white plastic nozzle.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssss,” she whimpered and spread her legs apart so as to hold my head and face against her drooling pubes and I wallowed in her wonderful taste and the feel of her fine solid ass and hips grasped in my hands as I worked her over. Surreptitiously I increased the flow and intensified my oral caresses and soon she was bucking and heaving, grunting, panting, cursing and moaning and, once more, as she came I removed myself just as she reached orgasm and enclosed her crotch in the spray shield and drain.

Again, as she peaked, I slowly pulled out the big nozzle plugging her anus as she spewed forth a stream that was only lightly tinted this time. I thought to myself that with her lower colon clean it was time for Donna to go for the full treatment; her 1 gallon enemas and her debut as a lovely human fountain. But first my throbbing cock demanded release and as soon as she was cleaned up and her anus was lubricated I asked her to roll over.

She did with a smile of invitation on her lush mouth and I mounted her as she spread her ass open for me and I forced my cock into the silky tunnel of her anus.

Later we took a break and had a light snack and refreshments and discussed Donna’s education.

“I love the feeling of being filled, of being violated that I get with an enema,” she said. “It makes me so hot and horny and my anus tingles and my pussy gets all gooey and my nipples swell up as if they were going to burst!”

I explained to her that for the remainder of her education she would be restrained in the stocks to make certain that she could not escape her fate. I told her that I would be administering two quart and one gallon enemas to her and that her genitals would be fondled and toyed with, and that she would be taken vaginally in doggy fashion, and that her breasts would be tormented by the application of the suction cups of electrically driven breast pumps which would combine simulation of the sucking behavior of an infant with periodic strong vacuum to stretch and enlarge her nipples.

As I explained these things to her, Donna sat spraddle legged and fondled her fat clitty as she listened. When I asked if she had any questions or reservations she told me that she would like to have two friends, Angela and Little Nancy, join us so that she could be subjected to having her tits sucked by two females and to having her pussy licked by two females and to being fucked by two females. I saw no objection to this and immediately phoned the two women who joyously accepted the invitation. They arrived about an hour later and I shall describe them so that the reader can envision the scenes that follow.

Angela is a sleek, dusky mixed race woman of near feral appearance. She is long legged with a fine, slim little ass, a pussy with lush, meaty lips of a nearly purplish hue when aroused, very large and very upright breasts with large, dark nipples and aureoles, a sensuous mouth and provocative face, all this surmounted by “large” hair.

Little Nancy is nearly her exact opposite. She is studying as a ballerina and has the nearly prepubescent build you would expect with not a spare ounce on her petite and girlish frame. Her legs are long, her little bubble butt as solid as a soccer ball, a sweet little naked pussy and virtually no breasts; only slight swellings tipped with tiny aureoles and little nipples which were equipped with piercings to emphasize their protuberance. Her hair is light brown, perfectly straight when not coiled on top of her head, and her face reinforces her cat-like grace giving her an overall feline affect.

Both Angela and Little Nancy immediately stripped out of their clothes and gathered around Donna with me in order to participate in her education. I asked Angela to spread Donna’s buttocks open and asked Little Nancy to lubricate her. This they did and Little Nancy’s little fingers were soon buried to the hilt in Donna’s anus, making slick sucking noises as she impishly cluster-buttfucked her.

With Donna on her belly, her ass spread wide by Angela, I lubricated the big double-bulb inflatable nozzle enema nozzle and, signalling Angela to spread her anus open, began to screw the thing into her butthole. Donna was sweetly relaxed for me and the nozzle and inner bulb slid easily beyond her internal anal sphincter. I closed the valve on the pump for the inner bulb and gave it four full strokes to inflate the inner bulb maximally. As I did so, I saw the action slightly pull the inflatable nozzle deeper into her bowels.

Next, I inflated the outer bulb in the same manner and soon the lovely cheeks of Donna’s ass were cupped around the bulk of the outer bulb with the remainder of the assembly dangling from her butt. I asked Donna to get to her feet and told the women to affix the breast pumps to her nipples. This procedure was delayed somewhat by the fact that the two girls were fascinated by the way Donna’s breasts were forced into big round globes by the braziere and soon two eager mouths were busily sucking Donna’s tits and getting her nipples nice and spitty for a good vacuum seal to the pumps. By this time, love sap was running down the insides of Donna’s thighs.

I had to intervene since the scene was getting pretty steamy and told the girls to hook her up and turn on the suction. Soon the pumps were whirring and purring and Donna’s nipples could be seen moving inside the cups with the increase and decrease of vacuum as the pumps suckled her.

Now Donna was ready to be placed in the stocks. We clamped her in place with the padded neck and hand holes and chained her dog collar to it and her ankles to rings in the floor, her feet spread far apart so that her buttocks and genitals were maximally exposed. As she was thus restrained, her meaty breasts swayed and twitched with her every movement and the surging, jumping suction lines. Meanwhile Angela and Little Nancy busied themselves placing padded mats and cushions around and beneath Donna so that they could be comfortable while teasing and fondling her.

Little Nancy took the initiative and positioned her little pussy right in Donna’s face as she reclined on one of the padded supports at the front of the stocks. Soon Little Nancy was mewing with pleasure as Donna licked her. With that pleasant background music, I taped the big inflatable nozzle in place on Donna’s behind so as to keep it clear of her perineum to the extent possible in the event that I wanted to fuck her or one of the girls wanted to eat her out, finger fuck her or give it to her with a dildo.

I vented the air from the supply line from the insulated enema container, closed it off and connected it to the inflatable nozzle. I re-opened the valve and let a very slow flow commence filling Donna’s belly with a half-gallon of fluid. As she kneeled in the stocks, her buttocks flaunted and her bare genitals exposed, I was moved to gently insert my thumb in her pussy and enjoy the wet gooey sloppiness of her pleasure. I cupped my hand over her pubes with my thumb deeply inserted in her and massaged her urinary meatus, her clitty and her nymphae with my hand.

Donna moaned and went at Little Nancy’s little snatch with renewed enthusiasm while Angela occupied herself with squeezing and fondling Donna’s bulging swaying tits. In a little while I noticed that Donna’s anus was rapidly “swallowing” and I asked her, “Are you in discomfort?” She nodded “Yes,” so I ceased to pet her pussy, reached between her legs and massaged her tummy gently.

“That better?” I asked. “Oh yes!” came the reply muffled by the speaker’s proximity to Little Nancy’s now-gaping pussy. I looked at the gauge on the enema container and saw that she had taken a bit over a quart before exhibiting any distress; a good sign. My instrument check was interrupted by cries and squeals from Little Nancy who had reached orgasm from the expert treatment of Donna’s tongue and who was ramming her crotch into Donna’s captive face and writhing as Donna showed her no mercy in return.

As soon as Little Nancy had regained her senses she sat up and moved her padded bench away from the front of the stocks so that she could kneel and kiss Donna and to lick her own girlish goo off of the hapless woman’s face. When she had finished Donna’s tongue bath and kisses she and Angela asked my permission to suck Donna’s tits.

I told them that was fine but asked that they come and look at something first. Pointing between Donna’s spread thighs I showed them how full and round her tummy had become. Chuckling I said, “I think mommy Donna is about three months along now and would probably like to have her tits nursed on, right Mommy Donna?”

In response we could see Donna’s pussy twitch and drip as she replied, “Oh yes, please come suck me right now!” Nancy and Angela immediately moved low padded benches into place beneath Donna’s torso and took pleasure in pulling the suction cups from her nipples, more exactly her big red nipples which were now juicily protuberant and inviting to the suckling mouths of the women. Angela and Nancy went at her with a will while I resumed stoking her in the crotch. In no more than a few moments Donna began a series of low whimpering moans and her vagina began to clench as she approached orgasm.

“Oooooooh!! Suck me, Fuck me ahhhhhhh God Oh Oh Oh Oh Shiiiiiit!” she moaned as she went over the edge and the powerful contractions of her pussy pulled the bulb of the inflatable nozzle tight between the lovely bulbs of her ass and her pussy clenched on my thumb in a grand spasm of pleasure.

Angela and Nancy were not about to give her any mercy and intensified their attentions to her tormented breasts and so I continued to frig her pussy as she went from one orgasm to another. Her belly was now quite distended and as she came for the third time I noticed that the entire half gallon had entered her bowels and the column of fluid was rising up and down in the hoseline as her pussy and anus clenched in joy. I signaled the girls to give her a break and succeeded to the extent that they left her titties and both came to take turns licking her thighs and pussy to reap the sweet sap of their efforts and this, of course, drove Donna into another orgasm.

When they were done with her, I closed the flow valve from the container and disconnected the hose from the inflatable nozzle. I then proceeded to massage Donna’s gravid belly while explaining to her that I was moving fluid sufficiently high in her bowels so that when I released the inner bulb of the inflatable nozzle she would not immediately have an urgent need to defecate. When she told me she was comfortable and not in any feelings of urgency, we moved a portable spray booth up to the stocks to catch and contain her expelled fluids.

When the booth was in place I slowly vented the inner bulb and soon the bulb and nozzle slid out of her anus smoothly accompanied by a little trickle of clear fluid.

“Okay, Fraulein Donna, it is your chance to be a fountain now, so let it rip when the spirit moves you!”

“Oh, dear Professor, please play with my pussy while I build up a pressure because I want to be coming when I expel!” she replied. I needed no second invitation and began to sensuously rub her clitty with the tip of my finger and was rewarded with the little series of moans and animal cries that signaled her approach to orgasm.

Suddenly we could see her anus bulge outwards and spread open and a liquid stream of colorless fluid shot out of her ass and arched smoothly into the booth. Then as she approached the end of the first shot the fluid began to color, as I had expected it would. It was time to release her and let her vent the rest of her load into the potty.

After some refreshments and electrolyte replenishment, our little student was ready to go again. This time we placed her on the treatment table, again in the puppy dog position and began to fill her tummy with electrolyte-balanced fluids for the last time. To entertain Donna as we filled her belly, Miss Angela took her position by sitting on Donna’s face and offering her the drooling treasure of her lush pussy to lick and suck. Miss Nancy meanwhile busied herself by toying with Donna’s bulging and upthrust breasts by licking, sucking, pinching and tugging until Donna’s tits were blushing with pleasure. For my part, I took a seated position between the noble columns of Donna’s thighs and proceeded to give her tender and intense oral sex.

As her belly filled, I occasionally ceased my attentions to clitty, nymphae, and sweetspot to frig her in the ass with the big inflatable nozzle and to gently massage her tummy to aid the distribution of fluid throughout her bowels. For this session I had connected her to a two gallon reservoir so I continually checked to see how much she had taken. At this point she had reached the one gallon point and, as I was about to raise my head from pleasuring her pussy, I heard both Donna and Angela crying out as they both had orgasms and was amazed at the wetness Angela spurted all over Donna’s face and the wetness with which Donna flooded mine as she came.

After we had wiped off and settled down I asked Donna if she wanted to continue filling. “How full am I now?” she asked as she peered at me over her swollen tummy. I checked the gage and answered, “Five quarts.”

“Ohhhhh, it feels so good but I think I want to be a fountain now,” she answered. I was confident that Donna was now full of clear fluid and so we prepared to position her for her performance, relying only on the floor drains in this white-tiled room to deal with her production. I placed a padded mat on the floor and assisted Donna to it, preceded by her bulging belly and bulging tits.

“Wait a minute,” she said. “I look like I’m pregnant, don’t I, with this belly and with my titties all bound up like this?”

“Yes, you do, and very nicely I might add,” I replied.

Donna then told us that she wanted to be photographed in her condition and after a discussion we decided that “dressed” as she was we would portray her as the “Bound Madonna”. I subsequently took some stark black and white photos of her bound in leather straps, her elbows drawn tight behind her back and her wrists bound as well. This pose emphasized her swollen breasts, her big round tummy and the gaping wet treasure of her drooling pussy. They were magnificent!

That done, we assisted her to the mat and positioned her and the camera to record her debut as the Fountain Girl. I positioned her so that her anal canal was at 45 degrees to the horizontal so that she would achieve maximum range when she spurted. After she was properly positioned knee/chest, I massaged her tummy to alleviate pangs of urgency and slowly removed the inflatable nozzle from her anus.

We saw her contract her belly, heard her intake of breath, and heard her deep animal grunt as she bore down and, suddenly, a clear, glittering stream of water arced out of her anus, high into the air to spatter to the floor at least six feet away. It seemed that she spurted for 30 seconds, but of course this was impossible. In any case, as her flow died away we heard her repeat the process and another clear stream shot forth. After a brief pause, another came but with much reduced volume, and we decided that her performance was a total success. The cameras later verified this with stunning expulsion shots from a variety of angles.

Now once again her svelte self, Donna retired to the Necessary to relieve herself of the rest of her load and to attend to her hygiene. In the meanwhile Angela and Nancy invited me to play with them, so I took Donna’s place on the treatment table and was soon enjoying being smothered in Angela’s dusky and fragrant crotch while little Nancy fondled my balls, finger fucked me in the ass and sucked my cock.

Distracted as I was, it took me a little while to realize that it was not Nancy’s finger in my anus but an enema nozzle and that I was slowly being given a filling. I continued my works since the whole process was enjoyable and little Nancy skillfully kept me on the edge and filled and emptied my lower colon about four times. It was at this point that Nancy seemed to go nuts and began to suck my cock with great intensity and skill bringing me to a crashing orgasm, as Angela also reached her limit and drenched me with her come and goo as I lay trapped between the soft columns of her thighs.

By the time my cock and I both quit twitching, I finally realized that Angela had slipped a dog collar on me and that Nancy had inserted a inflatable nozzle in my ass. At this point, Donna made the scene.

“Und now, my dear Professor, it iss your turn und vee are goingk to blace you in zee stocks und I vill haff my vay wiss you!”

This said the women restrained me in the stocks and when I was bound in place, I watched Angela giving Donna another big enema, pumping her full with a Higginson surge pump syringe as I felt considerable warmth in the area of my cock and balls. It soon dawned on me that Nancy was pressing very warm wet cloths against me there and it soon became clear what her purpose was. She wanted my scrotum and penis relaxed so that they could be bound in a strap to present them for her pleasure as a bouquet of male flesh. I must admit that the sensation of having my anus filled with an inflated inflatable nozzle and my cock and balls tightly bound along with the knowledge of my helplessness was highly arousing.

The next thing I felt was Nancy applying lubricant to my nipples and the next thing after that was the strong, insistent tugging of the breast pumps sucking my nipples to engorged masses.

Now finished with her enema, Donna positioned herself so that I could see that another inflatable nozzle dangled provocatively from between the cheeks of her lovely ass. I saw that it was connected to a short length of hose, the red bulb of a Higginson surge pump and a connector for another inflatable nozzle as Donna spoke, “Und now, Herr Professor, vile you eat Anchela’s black pussy und vile Fraulein Nancy sucks your cock I, Herr Professor, am goink to giff you an enema from mein own special supply vitch effen now is warming in my belly und vitch vill shortly be pumped into yours!”

As little Nancy busily licked and sucked my bound balls and sucked my cock and the pumps tugged away at my nipples and my tongue roved the tasty depths of Angela’s twat, I sensed Donna moving behind me and felt tugging at my asshole. I knew that what was happening was that Donna was connecting her Higginson to my inflatable nozzle and, sure enough, I soon heard the sound of her squeezing the Higginson and felt the pulse of warm fluid from her bowels entering mine. As she filled me, Donna used her free hand to manipulate the inflatable nozzle in my anus so that she gently reamed me while she filled me and the whole sensation was highly erotic. It felt as if she was straddling the outer bulb of the inflatable nozzle and humping it with her pubes as she pumped my innards full of her warm cargo.

“Ach, mein Donna! It feels ass iff you are fuckink me und fillink me at zee same time!” I quipped around the fat nymphae of Angela’s pussy.

“Ja, Herr Professor, I am makink you mein own liddle butt pussy!” I was in 7th heaven what with all of this and little Nancy’s expert mouth suckling insistently at my drooling member. It seemed that Donna had hit some magic spot in my rectum for my cock was continually dripping, oozing and this was accompanied by wonderful sensations that were much like a continual orgasm. As Donna pumped away in my ass she wrapped one arm under my belly and drew me to her snugly and, with her free hand, ripped the twitching suction cups off of my nipples and proceeded to pinch and tug them.

Little Nancy was so intrigued by the sight of my nipples, now as big as strawberries, that she left off nursing on my dripping cock and put her mouth to whichever nipple Donna was not at the moment torturing. While she was at it, she sweetly frigged my cock with one hand as she nursed on my titties. By this time Donna had nearly emptied her bowels into mine and had to attend to the Higginson pump and I felt the burble of the last of her fluid accompanied by a healthy Donna-fart being forced into my guts as the pump squished away in Donna’s hand.

At this moment both Angela and I came and my stiffly bound cock spurted semen all over Little Nancy which she gleefully licked up as Angela thrashed and moaned under the loving ministrations of my mouth. When we had all caught our breath, the women released me from the stocks and good naturedly kidded me about my swollen belly, calling me Professor Mommy and teasing my big nipples while they conducted me to the potty and slowly gave me the release I needed to spurt Donna’s huge load out of my bowels.

The exertions of the evening had tired all of us and so, after the girls bathed me, we all fell into my huge bed to sleep the sleep of the sated. From that day forward, Donna’s pretty asshole was always ready to be flushed and penetrated and she became not only an expert Pathica but also an enthusiastic Klysmaphile as well.