Dorm Room Exam

Hidden in the closet of the dorm room, he heard the door open and close, and he heard her walking around the dorm room. He heard her go into the bathroom and heard the sink running, then stop. He cracked the closet door and he could see into the bedroom - she was coming out of the bathroom, still dressed in her jeans and sweater, but she had taken her shoes and socks off. She stood in front of the mirror and ran her hands through her hair…and then he stepped out of the closet.

“Hello, Marissa,” he said, and he moved toward her quickly to close the distance between himself and the wall.

Marissa jumped and turned around quickly, but by this time, he had placed his hands on her arms and pinned her against the wall. She didn’t scream - it would do no good on the farm. She looked into his eyes and he took control of the situation right away.

“Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not going to hurt you, I’m not going to rape you or steal anything from you. This is just a simple house-call from the doctor. Do what the doctor says and you’ll be fine. Do you understand?”

Marissa shook her head “yes” as he released his grip on her arms. He stepped back and Marissa stayed in place. “You know that this is a doctor’s visit, right ?” he asked.

Marissa shuddered as she answered, “Y-y-yes, b-b-but what does that mean ?” she asked.

“It just means that I’m going to examine you to make sure everything is OK, and then I’ll leave,” he answered. Marissa stood there speechless. “So, the first thing that you need to do is take off your clothes,” he said.

Marissa started to whimper and tears began to roll from her eyes, but she did not move from her spot. He reassuringly grabbed her arm and said in a softer voice, “Hey, I told you I wasn’t going to hurt you and I’m not going to rape you. This is just like going to the doctor,” he said.

Marissa reached to the bottom of her sweater and began lifting up and over her head. “That’s it, like a nice girl,” he side as he watched her reveal her firm belly and then up over her bra and off her head. She dropped the sweater to the floor and stood there - in just her bra and jeans. “OK, OK, now the pants,” he instructed and Marissa reached for the button on her jeans, undoing it and then lowering the zipper. He thought he saw her panties as she lowered the zipper. There was a bit of hesitation now until he said firmly, “Continue.”

Marissa tucked her thumbs into the waistband of her jeans and slid them over her hips, over her butt, and down her legs - and, here were the panties! Yes, nice little white bikini panties to match her bra.

Marissa stepped out of her jeans and stood in front of him with her arms crossed and her hands in front of her panties.

He reached for her arm and led her to the bed. “No need to be shy dear, this is just a routine examination by the doctor,” he said, as he sat her on the bed. Then, he reached below the bed and pulled out his “supplies” that he had stowed earlier - a large black doctor’s bag and a white doctor’s coat. Marissa watched as he put the coat on and hung a stethoscope around his neck. He reached into the bag and pulled out a blue plastic tube, unscrewed it, and held a thermometer in his hand. He read it, shook it down, then read it again. “Let’s get an idea of your temperature - open up,” he said as he placed his hand on Marissa’s jaw. Marissa opened her mouth and took the thermometer under her tongue, closing her lips around it. He stood back and took in the view of Marissa sitting on the bed in her bra and panties as her oral temperature is being taken. He reached into the bag for his light instrument and shone it into her eyes - deep brown eyes, then into her ears, and up her nose. Marissa thought all of this was quite strange but she also was feeling more comfortable that this man WAS doing just like what he said and, actually, had a pretty good bedside manner!

Enough time had elapsed and he took the thermometer from Marissa’s mouth, and read it. “Slightly elevated - we’ll look at that later,” he said, and then he put it back into the blue case and back into the bag. He had a tongue depressor in his hand and he told Marissa to “open wide.” Marissa opened her mouth as he looked inside, pressing the tongue depressor against her tongue and looking around inside her mouth. He couldn’t help but wonder whether she’d sucked any cock…and then he felt the stirring in his loins as his own cock hardened and pressed against his pants. He finished, removed the tongue depressor from her mouth, and took a blood pressure cuff from the bag. Marissa knew what to do as she extended her arm for him to wrap the cuff. He pumped it up and took the reading - just like the doctor. He removed the cuff and put it back in the bag. “Lie back on the bed,” he told her and she did as she was told. He liked that. He stepped back and enjoyed the view of Marissa lying in front of him in her bra and panties just waiting for the rest of the examination.

Marissa looked directly into his eyes as he put the stethoscope earpieces into his ears. She looked him over noticing his physical appearance (to report it later to the police?) - about 5’10,” 185 pounds, a full head of brown hair over his ears, and glasses with tint so she couldn’t really tell the color of his eyes. He was dressed in a dark blue polo shirt and khaki pants. As she looked at the pants she noticed that there was a bulge. Then she felt his hand and the cold stethoscope on her chest. She gasped and jumped.

“Sorry,” he said, playing the doctor perfectly as he moved the head of the stethoscope across her chest. He asked her to breath in and out, and to cough. He had her sit up so he could listen to her back, then lie back down again. He took the stethoscope and listened to her stomach; she noticed how light his touch was as he moved the head across her belly, and then he stood up and removed the stethoscope from his ears and put it back into the bag. Marissa was thinking this wasn’t too bad as he placed his hands on her stomach and began to press in certain areas, asking her if she felt any discomfort. She was beginning to relax and think she was being examined by a real doctor. But she tensed up when his fingertips went under the waistband of her panties and she raised her legs and rolled away. He firmly grabbed her arms and reminded her, “Just being examined by the doctor, remember?,” and she again lay flat on the bed. He continued to move his hands over her belly and again went under the waistband of her panties just a little bit. Then he stood up and said, “OK - now let’s do a breast exam,” and Marissa was reminded that the examination wasn’t over and she remembered seeing the bulge in his pants.

“Wait, wait,” she pleaded. But he was continuing as he pulled her by the shoulders to a sitting position on the bed. Before she knew it, he had reached behind her and undone the clasp so that the cups of the bra fell from her breasts. He took the straps and slid them from her arms and she went to cover herself until he reached for her arms - “I am the doctor,” as he lowered her arms. Marissa looked away as he took a breast in each hand, as if weighing them, then she felt him palpating each one separately. She knew to lie back when he pushed on her shoulder, and from past doctor’s visits, she raised her arms over her head. She felt him pressing on each breast and then, a bit different from past breast exams, she felt him running a fingertip over each nipple. She knew they would become erect, and they did. She felt him put a nipple between the fingers of each hand and lightly pinch it and pull on it, and then rub it with his fingertip. She still didn’t know what was going on, and she should be scared out of her mind with this weirdo who wanted to play doctor, yet what he was doing now was actually beginning to arouse her! And, then it was over.

Marissa looked toward he and saw that he was fumbling in the bag. He stood up with a tube of something in his left hand and a red cylinder, much like the blue cylinder that housed the thermometer, in his right hand. And, she looked down, and confirmed that there WAS a bulge in his pants. It was strange, because she was feeling comfortable with this “doctor,” but she wondered what was going to happen next and what was he going to do about the bulge in his pants. He said he wasn’t going to hurt her. He said he wasn’t going to rape her and then she began to get her thoughts straight. Let’s see after the breast exam comes the pelvic exam.

Marissa sat straight up and got forceful as she tried to swing her legs over the bed. He had thought things were going too well, but he had already placed the items in his hand on the nightstand and constantly stayed in a position to grab her if she tried to get away. Her legs were blocked by his as she tried to get her feet on the floor and that slowed her down enough so that he could get hold of her arms. “No you don’t! You’re sick!,” Marissa yelled as she tried to get away and began to cry. Was he going to have to spank her? “C’mon, Marissa, don’t ruin it for us,” he thought. He held a firm grip on her and wondered whether it was time to administer the sedative - but they’re so much more fun when they can “participate,” he thought. From his past experience, he knew that his patients get the screaming out of their system and then they remember that he has been very kind and gentle and done just what he said he was going to do. And, Marissa was no exception. He just kept holding her firmly and finally she calmed down and he laid her back on the bed. They know just what’s going to happen next, sort of, and they get themselves mentally prepared for it - just like during a visit with the doctor.

“Marissa, I want you to roll over on your stomach,” he said, as he reached for her far side to turn her toward him. Marissa didn’t ever recall lying on her stomach during a recent doctor’s visit but he now had the advantage since she had crossed beyond that hesitation point just moments before.

The next thing she felt was his hands on her buttocks, spreading them apart. She tensed up when she felt him running the lubricated thermometer between her cheeks. “Don’t want another spanking, do you?,” he reminded her. She relaxed out of resignation and put her face into the pillow. He spread her cheeks wider and was able to see that small hairless opening she had for an asshole. He rubbed the remaining lubricant over her asshole and noticed how it quivered when the tip touched it. Marissa began to sob in the pillow. “Hey, hey, only little girls cry when they have their temperature taken,” he said - and then he slowly eased the thermometer into her asshole. When it was fully inserted, he twisted and pulled on it a little bit and he heard

Marissa’s stifled moan of humiliation as he then rubbed his hand over her buttocks. So nice and smooth, and how firm. He rubbed them up and down and ran his fingertips across them and between the cheeks. He could sense that Marissa had eased up because she stopped crying and the tenseness that he had originally felt in her buttocks was gone. He took advantage of this and slid her panties down and off her legs. From this vantage point, at the foot of the bed, the view was great - looking right up Marissa’s legs to see a thermometer between her cheeks. They were so firm that they clenched the thermometer tightly and the light brown hair below covered her pussy lips. Out of view, he reached for his hard cock through his pants - but no adjustment could be made. Sitting on the bed next to her, he removed the thermometer and wiped it with a bedside Kleenex. “Yes, still a bit elevated even rectally,” he said as he placed the thermometer back in the bag.

Marissa continued to lay on her stomach as he rubbed her buttocks then let his hand stroke the back of her thighs and come to rest on the inside of her thigh. “Are you doing OK?,” he asked.

“Mmmm-hhhhh,” was her reply, muffled by her face in the pillow. “You know what’s next?,” he asked.

“Mmmm-hhhh,” she answered. “What’s that,” he quizzed, as he continued stroking the inside of her thigh.

She raised her head up long enough to say, “The pelvic exam.” “That’s right, so why don’t you just roll over?,” he instructed.

Marissa turned over and displayed her full nakedness to him. She had her head turned away from him and her eyes were closed - the next to the last step of submission. He put his hands between her legs and pushed against them; she knew that it was time to separate them. She felt his hand lightly stroking her belly and kept reminding herself that this was going to be just like a visit to the doctor - except that last thing with the rectal thermometer was - well, it wasn’t too bad and, after all, it was medical. He noticed that there was light brown hair above the lips of Marissa’s pussy and it thinned out as it got lower. Since he remembered that she had no hair around her asshole, he guessed that the hair growth stopped at the bottom of her pussy. He’d know in a minute!

He ran his hand in her bush and separated her pussy lips at the top to take a look - her clitoris and urethral opening quite visible. With the fingers of each hand he moved along the outside of her pussy lips, separating them as he went towards the bottom, and then moving back toward the top. Now, her pussy was separated slightly and the lips were clearly defined.

“Marissa, do you shave?,” he asked.

Marissa turned her head and opened her eyes. “Down there?,” she asked.

“Yes, down there,” he answered.

She hesitated. “Ahhh…n-n-n, a little, aahhh, y-y-yes,” she finally replied.

“And when was the last time you did it?,” he asked, noticing that she was now looking him right in the eye - the FINAL indication of full submission.

“I usually just keep it trimmed now,” she said.

“Now?,” he asked.

“Like in the summer, I sha…,” and then she stopped.

“You do what in the summer,” he continued. All the while, he is rubbing one hand lightly across her stomach and with the other hand he has a finger on either side of her pussy lips, occasionally coming together on her clit.

She turned her head away from him, and he brought his fingers up and pressed them against her clit. “You do what in the summer?,” he asked again.

She looked at him and said, “I shave it all off.” This is when there will be no more resistance. She is naked and he has her to admit a very private detail while looking him straight in the eye. At the same time, her legs have separated a bit more and, although she won’t allow herself to move her hips in response to his rubbing, moistness is beginning to be secreted from the Glans of Bartholin.

“The pelvic examination would go a lot easier if you were shaved,” he says as he paves the way for what is about to come. Since Marissa has entered the final stage of submission, he doesn’t even expect any hesitation from her recollection that the pelvic examinations include an internal examination. From out of nowhere, she starts crying again, but this time she is still looking him in the eye. He has not seen this before and he doesn’t know exactly how to respond. He sits on the bed next to her and, while still stroking her pussy, says, “This is just a simple pelvic examination - the doctor has to know,” and his finger slips between her pussy lips.

“I’m not experienced - I’ve only done it a few times. Please don’t ruin me, please don’t hurt me,” Marissa cries.

He removes his hand from her pussy and stands up. “Now you stop that crying and let’s get on with it. Has any other doctor hurt you or ruined you,” he said - authoritatively?

“No,” she cried more.

“Then why should I? I told you what was going to happen during this examination, right?,” he asked. He wasn’t going to have things go sour now!

“Yes,” and she stopped crying.

“Then let’s continue. I want you shaved for the examination,” he said.

“You want me to do it?,” she asked.

“Is that how you get it clean?,” he asked.

“You mean shaved? Yes, yes, that’s how it happens,” she replied.

“Well, then, go ahead and do it,” he said, and he didn’t stop her as she rose from the bed. He had always had a fear of getting set up by a false sense of confidence at this point but Marissa stood up and he followed her into the bathroom. He noticed when she stood how pert her breasts were, that her nipples were erect, and when he followed her, how firm her buttocks were.

Once in the bathroom, he stood in the doorway. Marissa went to her closet and got a razor and some shaving cream. She ran water in the sink and wet a washcloth. With her back turned to him, he could still see her reflection in the mirror as she ran the washcloth over her pussy several times. Actually, his view was improved because he could keep looking at her tight butt while seeing the reflection of her pussy in the mirror. She took several handfuls of water and wet the pussy hair. She filled the sink with water as she took the shaving cream and squirted it on her fingertips. She took the shaving cream and, rubbing it across her pussy, worked it into a lather. She stepped over to the toilet, raised the seat and straddled it.

“Turn around,” he demanded.

“Are you going to watch?,” she asked.

“Yes - I am the doctor,” he said.

Marissa turned around and presented herself for his view. Straddling the toilet, he enjoyed the view of her firm breasts and flat belly, and her pussy covered with shaving cream. How many times in the past he has had to restrain or even sedate his patients to shave them. “Go ahead, do it,” he directed.

Marissa took the razor and pulled it across the top of her pubic mound, cleaning the razor in the sink after each stroke. When she had completely shaved the hair above her pussy lips, she took the washcloth and wiped the area clean of shaving cream and hair. Then she squatted more over the toilet to spread her legs. She shaved first along one side, rinsed the razor and then shaved the other side. She repeated this three times and then reached for the washcloth.

“Finished?,” asked he.

“I just have to wash off,” she replied.

“No, let me do it to inspect you,” he said as he moved toward her and took the washcloth. He soaked it in the sink and then pressed it against her mound, his fingertips against her clit. He moved his hand lower to cleanse the area around her pussy lips. He rubbed the area firmly and he felt her press into his touch. “Turn around,” he said. Marissa turned around and he was looking directly at her buttocks. Yes, how very nice and firm, he observed. “Bend over,” he directed. He rinsed the washcloth in the sink before noticing the fine sight in front of him. She was obviously in an aroused state because he could make out her pussy lips as she bent over the toilet. Her cheeks were so firm and tight, however, that he could not see her asshole without spreading them - which he did with one hand while he took the washcloth and moved it from front to back with the other hand. She had gotten all the hair and was as smooth as she could be.

“I have to…,” she started to say.

“What?,” he asked her, having his gaze into her pussy interrupted.

“I have to p-p-p-urinate,” she said.

“Stand up and turn around,” he said.

Marissa turned to face him and he noticed how her pussy lips, although in their aroused state, stayed close together. “Go ahead - you said you had to go,” he ordered.

She went to lower the seat and sit down but he stopped her. “No, stand - I want to watch you do it,” he said.

Marissa squatted a little bit and the urine started to flow. He reached out and held the top of her lips apart so he could see it coming directly from her urethra. “Very nice,” he commented. When she was finished, she reached for the toilet paper but he grabbed her wrist. “I want to make sure you’re clean before the internal,” he said. He took the washcloth and wiped across her pussy several times. Marissa reached back and flushed the toilet, then she let the water out of the sink and rinsed the bowl clean.

Marissa turned to him, totally trusting that he was not going to hurt her. After having her temperature taken rectally, shaving in front of him, and having him watch her urinate, she had already committed several final acts of submission. He stared into her eyes as she walked past him back into the bedroom. She went to get back onto the bed but he stopped her.

“Wait! - what do you normally wear to bed?,” he asked.

“A T-shirt and my panties,” she replied.

“Put your T-shirt on,” he ordered.

Marissa walked over to the dresser and pulled out a T-shirt, and put it on. He liked seeing how tight her butt got when she raised her hands over her head to put on the T-shirt. It fell over her breasts and came to rest about halfway over her buttocks. When she turned around, her shaven pussy was just barely visible below the hem of the T-shirt. As she walked toward the bed, she stooped down to pick up her panties. “No, you won’t be needing those - just get on the bed,” he told her. Marissa got back on the bed and lay on her back. The T-shirt raised to just above her pussy lips. “Spread your legs and raise your knees,” he directed as he got things from the bag. She watched him pull them out and lay them on the nightstand - exam gloves, KY jelly, speculum. “He said he was going to do an internal - does it really matter now?,” she thought.

Had he not gotten her to the highest level of submission she would have been brought tears - or worse, screaming and panic which may have turned into an out of control situation. But Marissa was past that stage. She watched as he methodically put on the examining gloves, and took the KY jelly and the speculum with him to the foot of the bed. She had raised her knees and he reached between her legs to separate them - looking at the bald pussy before him. He took the lubricant and put it on his finger, then applied it along her slit. She felt him running his finger up and down her slit as he got it very lubricated. He held her lips open with his left hand as he used the finger of his right hand to trace around her pussy lips and apply more lubricant. He spread her lips wider and slowly eased his finger inside. He could feel her tightness, and he felt her muscles tighten as his finger entered her. His finger was only inside to about the second knuckle when Marissa tensed up and he felt resistance. Marissa was too scared to say “stop” and she half-trusted that he wouldn’t continue until she was ready. He eased his finger in and out, spreading the natural lubrication and KY jelly until he had gotten his finger the full length inside of her. He moved it around - from side to side and in and out, and then he removed it. He got the speculum.

“I’m going to insert the speculum,” he told her.

Marissa looked so good lying before him, it was hard to imagine that she was so tight. He placed the duck-bill blades of the speculum at the entrance to her pussy. He made a mental note of how far in the speculum could go to equal the length of his finger to the second knuckle. He slowly inserted it, and Marissa spread her legs more. She gasped when he had gotten too far - he pulled out a little bit, applied a bit more lubricant, and then eased it inside. Turning the speculum, he opened it and looked inside. Oh yes, it was pink, and it was flushed. He studied her pussy carefully, having never experienced one this tight before especially in a patient of at least 20 years old. Marissa lay still as the instrument held her open. “Hmmmmmm - change of plans, here,” thought he. He closed the blades of the speculum and removed it - noting how Marissa’s pussy lips closed shut even though aroused. By contrast, pussies that had been fucked usually stayed separated to reveal the opening. Marissa kept her legs spread and her knees up, as if expecting something else.

“You know that wasn’t a thorough pelvic,” he told Marissa.

“I know,” she said.

“What else has to be done?,” he asked her. He wanted her to say it.

“You need to…I have to…,” she stammered.

“Yes?,” he continued.

“You have to put your finger into my behind,” Marissa spoke quickly, not wanting to admit it.

“Yes, I have to do a rectal exam,” he told her. He took off the exam gloves and put on a fresh pair. “I want you to turn over on your hands and knees - rest your shoulders on the bed so that your buttocks are in the air,” he instructed her.

Marissa was a little surprised. She had been having pelvic examinations for the last 4 years. She usually remained in the stirrups and the doctor just slid his lubricated finger inside while she was in that position. She lowered her legs and turned over, getting into the requested position. He stood back and continued to admire the view as his cock throbbed in his pants. He reached down and stroked it and then approached her. She hadn’t seen what he had gotten out of the bag - a Fleet enema. He spread her buttocks with his left hand and used the index finger of his right hand to place lubricant against her asshole. He massage his finger against it until he felt the initial involuntary resistance go away. He removed his finger and placed the tip of the enema nozzle against Marissa’s asshole. The lubrication and massage that he had done, combined with the lubricated nozzle, allowed the nozzle to slide in before Marissa could question it. Her question came when he squeezed the bottle and she felt the solution going into her bowel. She had never been given an enema, she only vaguely knew what one was - and for this reason, didn’t move as he emptied the bottle into her.

“Ooohh, Ooohhh, I’m getting some cramps,” Marissa cried. “Rub your belly,” he told her as he emptied the last of the contents into her. Marissa reached under her and stroked her belly. He emptied the bottle but kept the nozzle inside for two reasons: 1) so she’d keep it in longer; 2) to enjoy this view of her ass longer. Marissa continued to rub her belly until he sensed that she would no longer be able to hold it.

“OK - now when I take out the nozzle I want you to go right to the bathroom. Sit on the toilet and keep rubbing your belly and try to hold it in some more,” he said as he slid the nozzle from her ass. Marissa got up quickly and ran to the bathroom. He chuckled to himself as he watched her strut across the room. He heard her in there moaning and groaning as she expelled the enema and he knew that she was going to be “busy” for a few minutes.

He took off his shirt and then his shoes. He took off his pants and stroked his cock through his underwear. There was a wet spot where pre-cum had been leaking. He took off his underwear and let his cock spring free. It only got this hard when he did examinations. It never got this hard was he was having plain old boring sex. He stood in Marissa’s room and stroked himself. The he went into Marissa’s dresser and got out a pink bra and matching pink panties. He put on the bra stretching it across his size 38 chest. He took the panties and wrapped them around his cock and stroked it some more. Then he stepped into them, stretching them out until he could get them over his ass and around his hips. He pulled them down in front so that his cock was free. He stood there in Marissa’s bra and panties and stroked his cock.

Should he? Could he? This could be the recklessness that may get him into trouble one day. He didn’t have time to finish his thought. He heard the toilet paper roll moving and Marissa called out, “I’m finished. What do I do now.” She was thankful he hadn’t wanted to watch her expel the enema - take a shit - no matter what she’d been through, that would have been horrible.

“Wipe yourself real well and use the wet washcloth, then come out here,” he told her. He heard more toilet paper, then the sink, then the flushing. He stood next to Marissa’s bed, holding the tube of KY jelly in one hand, and rubbing his cock through the panties with his other hand. Yes, he was dressed in Marissa’s underwear with his very hard cock sticking out from her panties. He had gotten another pair of examination gloves out and laid them on the nightstand. “What’s going on here?,” Marissa asked when she saw he in his outfit. “Hey! That’s my underwear!,” she exclaimed. But, she was so dumbfounded and startled that he prevailed with his reassuring approach. “I said I wasn’t going to hurt you and I haven’t. I said I wasn’t going to rape you and I haven’t. And now I’m going to do a rectal exam on you. Now get on the bed on all fours again.”

Marissa got on the bed on all fours and presented her bottom for the rectal exam. “Like this?,” she asked.

He didn’t respond. He had put on a fresh pair of exam gloves and was lubricating a finger. She felt him spread her cheeks and then she felt his fingertip against her asshole, but this time she felt pressure as he slid his finger inside. He slid it in slowly, twisting it and turning it as he did - much like when he had inserted the thermometer. When his finger was all the way inside she could feel his finger tip move from side to side, feeling for the parts of her that weren’t accessible when he had been in her pussy. Then he started moving his finger in and out. He was really getting charged up and, as much as he was enjoying the rectal exam, he had to get off.

He slowly removed his finger from her asshole, but still kept stimulating her on the outside, while he opened the suppository (it was designed to sedate the patient and would cause them not to remember the last few hours prior to the exam).