Dr. Avery's Drugs

Tape Number One

Jody returned home after her yearly pelvic exam and closed the door. She wanted to shower immediately. She hated that annual duty. Erica, an acquaintance at the health club, had suggested she see a different doctor this year. Jody didn’t really want to change doctors, but her friend had been quite aggressive in her recommendation. Erica seemed oddly happy with Dr. Avery, kind of emotionally attached. Jody decided to give it a try. It was strange, though. At first the Doctor gave her the creeps, and his office help was just too cheerful. The entry questionnaire asked probing personal questions about her living arrangements that seemed unnecessary.

Dr. Avery had given her a shot before the exam, claiming it was some sort of vitamin shot or something. The exam went on too long. After the pelvic exam, he gave her a “skin cancer screening.” He touched nearly every square inch of her skin, talking non-stop. She ended up liking it. No, she didn’t like the exam. That ugly Dr. Avery didn’t excite her at all. His big knobby hands lacked that professional touch. But something about his touch seemed to bring her an odd sense of satisfaction, a sort of warm, happy feeling.

Then came what he called a “neurological functioning exam.” He had her stand in various postures, on one leg, raise her arms, lower them. He told her to sit, lay down, turn her neck each way. Some of the arm and leg motions he had her repeat multiple times. He talked continuously and carefully observed her actions. He frequently referred to notes in a small lab book. There was something soothing about his voice. Jody decided she liked Doctor Avery, but she couldn’t say exactly why.

At the end of the exam he had handed her two audio cassettes, a video tape and a shoe box. He looked her square in the eye and said with a disturbingly direct tone, “Listen to this cassette in the car. Go straight home. Don’t do any errands or talk to anybody the whole way home. Watch this tape as soon as you get home. Do not open the box until you get home.”

Jody left the clinic without checking with the office staff. Once in the car, she unthinkingly played the first cassette the Doctor had given her. It contained the Doctor’s voice, droning on with long technical terms about some medical topic she didn’t understand. She listened anyway, because there was something compelling in his voice. She had planned to get some groceries on the way home, but forgot all about it.

Once in her apartment, Jody tossed the tape, the box, and her purse on the couch and started for the bathroom. Suddenly she felt quite unsettled. A feeling of fear and longing combined with dizziness and a slight nausea overtook her and she sank onto the couch. Dr. Avery’s words came back to her, “… as soon as you get home.” She mulled over the statement several more times, unable to shake it.

“I don’t feel like a shower right now. I may as well watch it.” she thought. She stood up and hobbled over to the TV and VCR. She started it up and returned to the couch. Already she felt better. The picture started without any credits, just Dr. Avery sitting at his desk with his hunched posture and crooked, unshaven face, talking to the camera.

“Hello. In this tape we will complete your neuro-programming, begun at the office. You will carefully watch without interruption. Clear out an area in front of the TV to make room for the exercises you will be doing.”

Jody shrugged and moved the coffee table to the side and returned to the couch. It sounded weird, but harmless.

“Stand up and hold your arms out to the side.”

Jody sprang from her seat. The Doctor continued with a version of the neurological functioning exam like at the office. This time it was much more complete. Always at the verbal instructions of Doctor Avery, she raised and lowered her arms. She swung them in circles, one, the other, both at once. She bent over, squatted, ran in place. She lay on the floor lifting this leg and that, twisting and turning about. She looked up, down, left, right. She made funny faces, happy and sad. Each time something became tiring he had her switch to some other muscle group. Jody became drenched in sweat at the effort. Generous rest periods were prescribed, but the workout continued. Something compelled Jody to keep up.

The tape went on for three more hours until finally the Doctor was quiet for a moment. He said “The imprinting process should now be nearly complete. Please sit down and allow me to introduce you to the chemical interactions taking place in your brain right now.”

“This guy is a weirdo.” thought Jody. She reached for the remote to turn off the TV when the unsettling feeling she had when she first got home returned. Too dizzy to stand up she relaxed onto the couch and the feelings vanished.

“The shot you received was not a vitamin supplement. It was a cocktail of several new drugs I’ve developed. I’m not really a gynecologist. I am a neuro-physiologist whose specialty is studying the chemistry of the brain, probing the way the human mind is formed in the anatomy, physiology and chemistry of the brain. I discovered a family of compounds that can have very specific effects on people’s minds. These compounds can be tailored into drugs that can guide and restructure the interconnecting pathways of the synapses of the brain. I have injected you with some of those drugs today.”

“The first drug affects a recently discovered part of the brain devoted to the emotions of loyalty, love, devotion, and obedience. When exposed to the drug, this part of your brain becomes imprinted upon the first person who touches you and talks to you. This biologic imprinting is sort of like what happens to newly hatched geese. They imprint themselves upon the first thing they see and assume it is their mother. Since I control everyone in my office, I made sure that was me. If it seems that I was being overly talkative and pushy during the exam, I was ensuring that this part of the drug’s effect was far enough along to continue without my actually being physically present. You are now hopelessly in love with me. Loyally obedient to me, you are now my devoted slave.” The good doctor smiled and folded his hands, sitting quietly.

Jody was revolted at that last statement. She stood up and switched off the VCR. Instantly she folded to the carpet and rolled into a ball. The nausea made her want to wretch, but she new she wouldn’t make it to the bathroom. She realized she felt a lonely longing to hear Dr. Avery’s voice again. She need to hear him. She just had to see his face. Her shaking hand reached for the remote and turned the tape back on. The nausea vanished and was replaced with a warm flush that spread across her skin. The Doctor sat quietly for more than a minute, smiling perversely.

He continued “Still with me, right? My patients usually struggle with that last statement. So I give them a minute to get back on track with me. Calm down and relax. Listen carefully.”

Jody’s pulse slowed down, her breathing evened out, and she focused her attention on the Doctor.

“That first drug has affected other parts of your brain. There is another part of your brain devoted to reacting to fear, pain, and distress. When you act to disobey me, the drug stimulates that part of your brain. You will experience increasing physical, psychological, and emotional distress until you submit to whatever command I have given you. Those commands do not need to be given by me personally. As is evident here, a tape, a phone call, or even a letter will do. What counts is that you know it is me. If you follow my instructions, you will be happy and content. If you disobey me, you will experience increasing pain, fear, and depression. Your misery will intensify until you submit to my command.”

“You have spent the last several hours listening to my voice and following my detailed instructions. That workout I just made you do had a purpose. The drugs are still in your bloodstream, and

will be for another six to eight hours, acting upon your neural pathways. All those seemingly pointless exercises were carefully planned to exercise every part of your body. Now every muscle of your body, every part of your nervous system has been flexed and operated according to a direct instruction given by me. I started with simple movements and moved toward complex motions coordinating large groups of muscles. In the end you used unconnected body parts in unrelated patterns of activity. Now, whenever I say to do something, it will seem completely natural to do it, no mater what it is. Your body is a puppet acting out my every wish. I hold the strings, you are my private toy.”

“Lets take you for a test drive, shall we? Listen carefully.” The Doctor’s voice became clear and forceful. “I want you to go take a long hot shower. At the end of your shower take a long and careful look at your pussy. Spread your legs wide and use a hand mirror. Say good-by to your pussy hair because this is the last time you will ever see it with hair. I want you to carefully shave all of the hair from between your legs, from your tailbone to your navel. Towel off completely and then come back to watch the next segment of this tape. Stay completely naked as you come back and finish this tape. Turn off this tape NOW!”

Jody jumped from her seat. The thundering nature of Dr. Avery’s last command struck a nerve. Off went the TV. “He’s crazy.” she thought. “There’s no way this could be true. I’m going to take this tape to the police.” Suddenly Jody felt very afraid. “I can’t expose the Doctor. That would get him into trouble, and I love him too much to let that happen.” This confused Jody. Love can be completely irrational at times. It made no sense to her that she should feel this way towards that creep. She just did.

She remembered her instruction to shower. The queasy feeling started to come over her, but the moment she started toward the bathroom, she felt much better. The tingling warm feeling of contentment made her smile.

The shower felt superb, and Jody lingered longer than normal under the spray. When it was over she looked down at her pubic hair and pondered her next move. She had never shaved her bush before. It sounded just too lewd. For a moment she decided against it. Her legs got weak and she sat on the toilet rather than fall to the floor. Her stomach muscles tightened and she felt confused. She relented and opened the medicine cabinet to get a new disposable razor. The very act made her feel better. She could suddenly think clearly and plan her next actions a little better.

She got a pair of short scissors from her bedroom and returned to the bathroom. She took the hand mirror to help her see what she was doing. “Take a long look…” the Doctor had said. Jody looked at herself, both with the hand mirror and the full length dressing mirror on the wall. Using the magnifying side of the mirror she examined herself for several minutes. The Doctor hadn’t said how long, but she was following his instructions and it made her happy and content to do it.

“Good-by, pussy hair.” she said out loud. With the scissors she snipped her bush down to stubble. Then using lots of lather, she began scraping away the stiff hairs. It was awkward for her. She had never used a razor this way before. She couldn’t hold the hand mirror right. She lay down on the floor and lifted her legs up wide against the wall mirror. She now had an excellent view of her crotch and a free hand. Carefully she worked the area around her anus, getting the sparse growth there. She wiped herself with a damp rag, then dabbed a little more lather to get a few stragglers. At last she was done. Not a single hair remained. She rubbed all around with her fingertips to make sure. She dried off and returned to the living room, compelled to see what was next on the Doctors tape.

“Well, you’re back. And naked, I see.” said the Doctor, chuckling and taunting. He couldn’t really see, but he knew. “Let’s lay down a few ground rules, shall we? While I proceed, I want you to take you right index finger and find your clitoris. Start rubbing it firmly. Whenever you feel an orgasm rising, I want you to stop for a few moments, letting the feeling pass. Then resume masturbating. Continue like that until I tell you otherwise.”

Jody hesitated, but only briefly. When she touched herself, the warm secure feeling rushed over her like a wave. She slouched forward on the couch with her knees wide, eyes fixated on Dr. Avery.

“First you should know that the effects of the drug cannot be denied or ignored. The ganglia in you brain and spinal cord have been chemically reshaped and that process is continuing at this moment. There is no antidote. It’s as simple as that, there is no escape from the slavery you are now in. You may never turn off one of my tapes while you are watching it. You may, however, pause the tape if I tell you to do something that will take a while to do.”

“You may never tell anyone of what I have done to you. I’ll repeat that so that there is no mistake. YOU MAY NOT TELL ANYONE, EVER, about the drug, or its affects on you, or how it was administered to you. You will never do anything to bring suspicion upon me and you will never do anything that may bring harm to me. I own you. You are my property and you will do anything and everything I ask.”

Jody lifted her hands away from her crotch, breathing hard. As she pulled herself back from the brink of an orgasm, the Doctor continued.

“You will continue with your public life for the time being. Go to school or work or whatever it is you do. Convince your friends and family that you have not changed. This will be easier than you think. Since I am telling you to do it, going to work or school will be an act of compliance with my instructions. The only change you friends may note is you will seem happier than normal.”

“Now let’s talk about the next drug I gave you. This one has affected the parts of your brain devoted to sexuality and morality. It has one other effect that I’ll explain in a moment, after you experience it. First I want you to masturbate yourself to orgasm. Pause the tape and keep your eyes on me while you do it.”

As Jody pressed the pause button, the Doctor showed a broad, lewd smile. He stuck out his tongue forming a small pointed tip. Jody stared at his flickering image while she rubbed her clitty briskly. The orgasm came very fast, unexpectedly so, after only ten or fifteen strokes. She kicked her lifted legs about and looked directly at the Doctor all through her ecstasy. She felt an intense rush of warm tingling flow through her body. Her whole body turned pink as every blood vessel dilated. As she calmed down from the high, she felt exceptionally clear headed and awake. She reflected on the fact that she had just masturbated in front of a paused picture of some ugly looking gnome. The orgasm had given her much more than the normal rush one usually feels. That was definitely a new one for her. Finally gathering her wits, she continued the tape.

“That was great, wasn’t it? and quick, too. It illustrates another change the drug has had on you. Your sex drive has been intensified. That will manifest itself in several ways. You now want to have orgasms much more frequently than ever before. And orgasms will always happen fast for you. Your body will have an orgasm with only a small amount of stimulation.”

“Since the drug has mostly removed any sense of morality you used to have, you now see nothing wrong with masturbating. It feels good. You like to do it. Nothing much else matters.”

“There is another effect this drug has had on you. There is now a direct link between the orgasm center of your brain and the part of your brain that releases endorphins. For every orgasm you have you will be rewarded with a dose of endorphins. Endorphins are like opium based drugs, morphine, heroin, and the like. They make you feel good and are really quite addictive, yet they don’t give you that doped-up spaced-out demeanor. Right now your brain produces endorphins only in small quantities. But within days it will increase its capacity. As you become more tightly addicted to them you will always be able to get more by briefly rubbing your own pussy. You will become a junky with unlimited access to the source of your addiction. Just press your love button for another dose. And since endorphins are a completely natural product of your own body, there are no bad physical side effects that will ruin your health. No stealing to get money, no needle tracks, no overdoses, no trips to detox.”

“The pleasure you now get from masturbating is physically addictive. Within a week you will find yourself masturbating more than once per hour. That frequency will keep getting higher and higher as time goes on. Whatever your sexual habits were before, you are now an over sexed horny slut who can’t keep her hands out of her own pants. There is a quirky link between this drug and the first imprinting drug. Since you have masturbated your self to your first orgasmic dose of endorphins, and will many times more before the drug wears off, your mind has been imprinted on your own actions as the relief of your addiction. Your body will only react sexually to your own hands. Even if you did have sex with some man, WHICH I FORBID, it would not be pleasurable to you. For now you will continue to live alone with your hands and your dildos as your only sexual release. After an extensive training period, I will take you away from your current life to serve me. I will administer another dose of the drugs and re- imprint your sexual habits. If you are lucky I might imprint you to be addicted to sex with me. Or I might make you addicted to having sex with a different man each and every time. I could make you only able to have an orgasm by having sex with three men at one time, one in each hole. You’ll do ANYTHING for another fix. No, make that: you’ll do whatever I want for another fix.”

“Welcome to my harem. It’s too late, you cannot escape. The deed has been done. This is what I want you to do next. For the time being, I want you to keep to your regular schedule. While you are being trained, continue to go to work or school or whatever it is you do. No one must know what is happening to you. Most of your brain has been unaffected. Your personality is intact as is your memory and intellectual capacity. You will still go to work, and your friends will not notice much difference, except that you seem happier than you used to. You must not have any sexual contact with anyone else. If you are dating, you will break off with whoever it is.”

“I want you to begin thinking about all of the women you know or see on a regular basis. Make a private list of the most beautiful ones. Then rate them for the following categories. I think you will recognize yourself in this list, for it is how you were chosen to serve me. The first part of the list is obvious. Rate their beauty. Separately consider hair, face, tits, ass, and legs. Then rate their package as a whole. Don’t worry about personality, because with my drugs I can shape someone into whatever I want. In fact, I get a cheap thrill out of tormenting stuck up bitches. Then screen your list for availability, no married women or permanently attached types. They are too tricky to disengage from their personal lives. Also screen for overall health and athletic fitness. Keep your list just that, a list, but continually update it and refine the order. In the future I may have you lure someone on your list into my trap.”

“At your next opportunity, go downtown to lower Eighth Street. Be sure to wear something sexy. Find an adult book store named Freddy’s. Go in and spend a half an hour browsing the shelves, looking at the magazines. Then go the person at the register and tell them you would like a package from Dr. Avery. They will know what you mean. He will give you some “training materials” that will include another tape of detailed instructions from me. The other tapes and magazines will demonstrate to you how sluts like you behave. Watch the movies over and over, memorize the magazines, mimic every pose of every model. Practice parading your sexual anatomy in front of a mirror. When you think you have carefully copied every pornographic thing you will see and are sure you can demonstrate your skills, call my office and arrange for an exam. If my staff thinks you are good enough, they will set up a personal audience with me.”

“For the next twelve hours I want you to stay on your bed and masturbate continuously. Set up a mirror by your bed so that you can watch yourself. Spread a shower curtain on the bed and cover your body with oil. In the box I gave you is a small collection of dildos. Have them with you and use them all. Set up a tape player and listen to the second cassette I gave you. You must hear my voice, follow my instructions, and experience dozens of more orgasms to complete the process.”

“Bring yourself to another orgasm, now. Have fun, my horny slave! And remember, you love me.”

As the tape ended, Jody picked up the pace between her legs, Moments later she had another wonderful orgasm, smiling and shivering from the sensational wave of endorphins that coursed through her blood. She was intellectually repulsed by what she had just seen on the tape. But she could not deny it. She did love the Doctor. Whatever he may have done to her without her consent, it was OK. He couldn’t possibly be wrong.

Her appointment had been early on a Friday afternoon. Jody had already arranged to take the rest of the day off. She had no reason not to do exactly as the Doctor had instructed. After only the slightest feeling of unrest prodded her, she went to the kitchen to get the bottle of cooking oil. She took down the shower curtain for the bed. She removed the large mirror from her dressing table. After several unsuccessful attempts, she secured it to a chair at the foot of her bed with tape and string. She emptied the box onto the bed. Six different dildos landed in a pile. She picked up the largest one, shaped like a real human cock.

Jody paused for a moment, looking at the bed, the bottle of oil, the mirror, and the dildo in her hand. “No.” she thought “I’m not going to do this.” She collapsed suddenly, missing the bed and landing on the floor. “No!” she resolved one last time to beat this sick thing the Doctor had done to her. Migraine like pain formed in her head. “No, I will not!” she said out loud. This sent stabs of pain up the full length of her spine. Finally the fear, the pain, and the self doubt won the struggle. As she crawled onto the bed, the horror vanished and her mood bounced right back. Yes, it felt GOOD to do what the Doctor commanded.

She put the cassette into her bedside tape player. It turned out to be a continuous loop cassette, playing for about fifteen minutes and repeating without rewinding. It contained Doctor Avery in a long, lewd monologue. He talked about sex in the most disgusting, detailed way. He talked about his ownership of her. He called her rude and humiliating names. He listed filthy things for her to do to herself. He described what he was going to do to her when she had completed her training and was reprogrammed into his private sex slave. He told her about the things she would for him, alone with him, and with his other harem slaves.

Jody looked at herself in the mirror. She watched as she did things to herself that would have horrified her mother, had she known. She brought herself to another orgasm every few minutes. The drug stayed active in her body for another eight hours before her metabolism neutralized it. By then her mental processes had been irreversibly programmed. The Doctor had told her to stay on her bed for twelve hours. She could not even leave to go to the toilet, and at one point even urinated on her hands and legs. This only excited her more, causing yet another grunting orgasm. When the obligatory period was finally up she passed out from exhaustion. The tape played on, and all night long Jody’s mind repeated the same nasty dream.

When Jody woke up the next day, she discovered another cruel side effect of the imprinting process. Not only was she addicted to frequent masturbation, but she found she could only derive pleasure from it and succeed when listening to the tape of the Doctor degrading her and watching herself in a mirror. She made a copy to play in a micro-cassette player and carried a hand mirror in her purse. That way she could serve her addiction in restrooms and in her car. Jody frequently would sneak away from her desk at work to get another hit of the endorphins she now craved more than food. Since she get herself off with just a few firm finger strokes across her clitty, she was never away from her desk for long. No one noticed anything except that silly smile and that contented, freshly fucked attitude she always seemed to have.