Dr. Cristoph

I am at home from work having called in sick the past few days. Living on my own in a new city, I haven’t yet acquainted myself with a new doctor. I called a friend, who recommend her GP. I call to make an appointment, however his receptionist tells me he is booked solid for the day. When I tell her who referred me to him, she tells me that he will call me back later on in the day.

I awaken from an uneasy sleep when the phone rings. “Hello this is Dr. Christoph. I am quite busy today but could see you in 15 minutes. Shall I expect you in my office then?” As I cleared the sleep from my eyes, I started to mumble that I didn’t think that I would be able to make it out of bed in 15 minutes, let alone into his office. “Well then Ms. Mill, as a special favor to our mutual friend, I could stop by your house on my way home from work, if that is better for you.” I thanked Dr. Christoph and gave him my address. Before I could ask him what time he expected to arrive, he was off the phone.

I dozed restlessly until I heard the doorbell ring at 6:15. As I pulled a robe on, I shook off a chill and proceeded to the door. As I unlocked it, Dr. Christoph appeared in a black wool coat, leather gloved, carrying a black doctor’s bag. I thanked him for coming and he asked me whether I would prefer to be examined in my bedroom or in the living room. I led him to the bedroom, as I felt it would be more comfortable there.

He motioned for me to sit down on the bed as he began taking instruments from his bag, which he had placed on my dresser. I felt like a child in his presence - he emitted a very fatherly quality, despite being just a few years my senior. With his coat off and stethoscope round his neck, he turned to me and began to ask me about my illness - onset, duration, symptoms. As I told him that it started with a headache and fever a few days ago and had progressed into multi-system mayhem since then, he listened attentively and nodded as I spoke. He began by looking in my eyes, ears, and throat, feeling the glands in my neck and taking my pulse. He then unbuttoned my pajama top to listen to my heart and lungs. He did not say a word - just continued about his business as if I was not there.

Dr. Christoph then had me lie down on the bed and he proceeded to palpate my abdomen, feeling some rigidity. He began to ask about my output over the past few days and I blushed as I told him that I had been constipated since the illness began. Again, he nodded but said nothing. He felt around again, and then told me that he wanted to do a rectal exam, just to rule out something more serious. He instructed me to lie on my stomach as he turned to his bag to get gloves and KY.

When he turned back to me, he saw me lying on my stomach but still with pajama bottoms on. He grew stern and sat on the bed. Without speaking, he pulled me over his lap and pulled my bottoms down simultaneously. As I began to question the professionalness of his actions, SMACK his hand came down on my backside. I turned around to question him as SMACK another hit descended upon my rear. He continued delivering the spanking until 20 smacks had reddened my posterior. He looked at me, with tears of rage pouring down my cheeks and said “in the future, please undress completely for a rectal exam.”

“Now then, before I begin the internal exam, let me take your temperature…” I began to stammer that no one has taken my temperature back there since I was a child and that I was quite capable of holding a thermometer under my tongue. Dr. Christoph chuckled as I felt his gloved and lubed finger penetrate my rosebud. I cried into the pillow as he held me over his lap, smearing lubricant in my rectum, and speaking to me as if I were a child. “There, there Ms. Mill, this will all be over in a minute…” And then he slowly and forcefully inserted the bulbous thermometer into my ass. As I lay like a rag doll over his lap he twirled the thermometer in my butt. As he was withdrawing the thermometer I sensed some moistness between my legs. I pushed my face further into the pillow, hoping that he would not see me blushing.

“Well Ms. Mill, you are indeed running a fever. We’ll just have to see what else is going on in that body of yours…”He continued to hold me over his knees as he inserted another well lubed finger into my ass and began to probe. He was silent as he worked, as if concentrating on creating a masterpiece. When he finally withdrew his finger, I knew that my cunt was showing definite signs of arousal. I was hoping that I would not have to move from his lap for quite some time!

But of course I did, as he sort of pushed me onto the bed (still on my stomach thankfully!) as he rose. He stripped off his gloves, fiddled around in his bag and then turned to me donning a fresh pair. He did not speak, but the weight of his stare caused me to turn and look at him. In addition to a sly smile, he was holding an enema bag. “Ms. Mill, where is your bathroom?” As I pointed him down the hall, I began to wonder why he had come so highly recommended.

Minutes later he returned from the bathroom carrying the enema bag full up with a wonderful smelling soap. He lubed the tip and hung the bag from a picture hook in the wall near my bed. He motioned for me to get over his lap again and he re-lubed my ass. He removed his finger, watched my hole close up again and then drove the enema tip in. As he asked me if I was ready he released the clip and I felt the warm water begin to fill my bowels. I soon began to cramp, and rather than rub my tummy, he slapped my ass (his hands were still gloved). When I asked why, he said that if the pain in my ass got bad enough I would forget about the cramp in my gut. Not pleased with his answer I lied and said it was working so that he would stop swatting my behind. As the bag gurgled, signaling that it was empty, he asked me if I would be able to hold the fluid in for 10 minutes. I said that I thought I would be able to. He agreed to let me try, removed the enema tip and prepared a butt plug, just in case.

I managed to hold in the solution, but he wanted to use the plug, so he inserted it, rather painfully, before I was to walk to the bathroom. He then eased it out and left me to expel my bowels. I must admit that it did feel good to eliminate the water, waste & gas, however I was still feeling ill when I returned to my room. I felt a little weak as I walked down the hall, and was headed straight for my bed when I stopped dead in my tracks. It seems that when I was relieving myself, the good doctor set portable stirrups at the end of my bed. He saw the shocked look on my face and calmly told me that he would feel more comfortable conducting a full exam on me, as I was a new patient. I reluctantly agreed, realizing that he was here in my home, had already spanked me, and could very well harm me if he so chose. I cooperated as he asked me to lie down on my back and scoot my legs down into the stirrups with my ass hanging right at the edge of the bed. He snapped on a fresh pair of gloves, and began first by palpating my abdomen again. He remarked that it felt better to him and would certainly make the rest of the exam easier now that I was empty. His fingers then traveled down to my bush, and finally he cupped my vagina in his hands and gave a little squeeze. “I like to get a good feel before I begin getting a good look” he said, with that same sly smile on his face.

He continued as any other doctor I had ever been to had. He examined my vaginal lips, and began to insert one then two fingers into my vagina. He felt around and then withdrew his fingers and lubed a speculum. As he inserted the plastic device I felt little discomfort. He expanded it and declared my cervix wonderful. After with drawing the speculum, he re-inserted two fingers and exposed my clitoris with his other hand. He began to rub it, claimed that he wanted to feel my internal muscle contractions to stimulation. I certainly gave him something to feel!

After a few minutes he withdrew his fingers, leaving me on the brink of orgasm. He ceased rubbing my clit and removed his gloves. He told me I could lie down properly on the bed, with my legs out of the stirrups. He sat by my side and looked deep into my eyes. After a moment of silence, he said that I was most likely suffering from a bad case of the flu. He told me to drink plenty of fluids and to rest. And that he’d be back tomorrow evening to check me again…