Dr. Scott's Friday Afternoon

My wife Julie and I have both been doctors at the Winchester Clinic since graduating from med school a year ago. It’s a nice arrangement; we have been able to work together in our chosen profession, and we see each other all day long. We ride to work together which saves money on gas. Our goal is to get some of our school loans paid off and open our own practice someday.

Normally we both work the day shift, but a week ago one of the doctors on the graveyard shift was away at a medical convention and Julie agreed to work his shift. She was just leaving as I arrived for work that morning at 7:30. “It’s going to be a long boring day,” I thought. I enjoy working with my wife; we enjoy each other’s company and consulting on cases. There’s none of this ego stuff like with the other doctors. We’re friends and we try to help each other.

The day dragged on until about 2:30. We had a steady stream of walk-in patients, but were not overly busy. There was only a few people sitting in the waiting room at any one time. I went out to the receptionist’s desk where Karen, our receptionist, was in-processing a young mother with another child with runny nose fever, etc., etc. I scanned the waiting room to see what potentially interesting medical challenges might be waiting for me. I was bored of seeing kids with runny noses. Just as my eyes scanned the room, an attractive young woman in her late teens or early twenties caught my eye. She caught my attention because just as I caught sight of her, she uncrossed and crossed her legs, and I got a micro-second look at her panties. She didn’t even realize she had afforded me this glimpse. She was unaware I was even there, and she was intently reading a copy of People magazine. She was extremely attractive with her long brown hair; tanned body; and small, but very attractive breasts. She was wearing a short summer dress with spaghetti straps on the shoulders, and obviously not wearing a bra.

I stood there looking at her, admiring the very attractive young female. The thought crossed my mind, “I wonder what she is here for?” Just then, she uncrossed and crossed her legs again and I got a longer and better view of her white panties. This was becoming very erotic because she was unaware that this reasonably attractive young doctor in the white lab jacket was watching her. I felt myself becoming aroused. “Hmmph,” I thought, “Good thing Julie isn’t here.”

I went back to the exam rooms to see my next patient, but I couldn’t keep my mind off of the young girl who so unknowingly aroused me by letting me steal a look a her panties. I fantasized that when I walked into the next exam room, she would be my next patient. Not so, however; it was the little girl with the runny nose. I examined her quickly, although there was an added benefit of her young mother who was wearing no bra and who bent over on several occasions to retrieve her daughter’s clothing, exposing her very nicely formed breasts.

I couldn’t wait to get back out front to see the girl in the short summer dress with long tan thighs and white panties, but when I scanned the waiting room, she was gone. There were three other doctors working that afternoon. I wondered who was seeing her. Probably Dr. Rachel Bledsoe, our resident lesbian. “Damn,” I thought.

I looked at my watch. It was 4:45. Fifteen more minutes and I’d be out of here, on my way home to see if my wife, Julie, was awake yet. I was going to pretend I had some paperwork to finish up so I wouldn’t have to see any more patients, when Karen, the receptionist, spied me disappearing into my office.

“Oh, Dr. Scott. Could you please see one more patient today. I have a date tonight with Brad and I would like to get out of here as quickly as possible. There is just one more patient in Exam Room 3.”

“Okay, Karen, just for you. I wouldn’t want to put your sex life on hold, just because of your job.”

“Thanks, Dr. Scott.” she said with a perky little smile that should have told me something.

I knocked on the door of Exam Room 3 and without even waiting for a response, opened it and went in. Sitting on the corner of the examining table was the girl in the spaghetti dress. My eyes couldn’t help but look below her waist, imagining the white panties that I knew were just underneath that flowery summer dress. “Hello, I’m Dr. Scott.” My mind was racing. I was getting aroused already, and I didn’t even know what her problem was yet. “What can I do for you.”

“Oh not much,” she said with a casual smile. “I just got a new job and they require that I have a physical before I start. I’m in fine health. You can just sign this form off and I’ll be out of here, if you want.”

“Not a chance,” I thought. Maybe it was good that Julie was not here today. This was one of those opportunities that I dreamed about during those long nights studying complex medical texts. “Nope, can’t do that,” I said matter of factly. “We here at the clinic have our reputation to protect. Let me see your form.”

She handed me the form which, upon inspection, I saw was an opened-ended physical exam form, fairly generic, that had blanks to examine every part of the human anatomy. And I knew just which parts I was going to concentrate on.

“You’ll need to get undressed,” I said in my best professional tone. I handed her a white medical gown. “This goes on with the opening in the back. You can leave your panties on.”

“For now,” I thought to myself.

I stepped out of the room to give her privacy to undress and went to the back supply cabinet. We don’t use rectal thermometers any more, but I knew we had to have one somewhere. I went to find one.

Karen came back and saw me searching through the cabinet. “Can I help you find something, Doctor?” she asked.

“Yes, Karen. I’ll need a rectal thermometer and a tube of KY jelly in Room 3, please.”

Karen looked at me with a look of amusement and surprise. “You devil you,” her looks said. She knew exactly who was in Room 3 and she also know my wife had worked the night shift and was home in bed.

“I’ll bring them in to you, Doctor,” she said trying to sound professional, but I could see she was also excited by what she knew was going to happen.

I went back into Room 3 just in time to see Miss Cheryl Brooks pulling the gown over her white panties. She turned, somewhat embarrassed that I had entered the room before she was ready. She stood there next to the examining table, not knowing what to expect next.

I quickly went through the usual medical history stuff and got her height, weight and other vitals. I explained that normally a nurse would do this, but since it was so late in the day, all the nurses were gone. Just then a knock on the door and Karen entered with the rectal thermometer and tube of KY jelly that I had requested. Cheryl Brooks looked at the items and started to blush. Before she could say a word, I said, “Miss Brooks, I’ll need to get a rectal temperature. Jump up on the table and lay on your left side, please.”

“Oh, my God,” she protested, “you’re not going to take my temperature rectally?!!”

“Yes, That’s what your employer requires,” I lied. It will only take five minutes and then it will be over. Just roll over on your left side.”

“But Doctor,” she protested, “I’m not a little girl; I’m a grown woman and it’s just you and me in here.”

“Well,” I replied,” If you would like another woman present, I’ll get our receptionist.” With that, I opened the door and called out to the front desk. “Karen, will you come in here a minute.”

Karen was just closing the filing cabinet and locking up the front office. She came into the room to see Cheryl Brooks standing there with a look of impending doom on her pretty face.

“Karen,” I said, “Miss Brooks would like to have another female present while I take her temperature rectally. Will you please assist?”

“OK.” said Karen, not believing what I was about to do. She stood motionless in the corner of the room, scared and yet very interested in what was transpiring. Reluctantly, Cheryl Brooks looked at Karen despairingly and climbed up on to the examination table and rolled over on her left side, exposing once again her white panties.

“Karen,” I instructed, “Will you please slide Miss Brooks’ panties down for me, just far enough for me to insert the thermometer into her rectum.”

Karen came over and nervously reached for Cheryl’s panties. I watched the look on her face as she slid them down over Cheryl’s buttocks. I could see that she was becoming aroused at this. I put a pair of latex gloves on and lubricated my middle finger with KY jelly. I spread Cheryl’s buttocks apart slightly, exposing her pretty pink anus. With my lubricated finger, I gently applied the KY jelly all around her anus. I did it as slowly and sensually as I could. I sensed that Cheryl was enjoying this, even thought she was very embarrassed, and Karen was obviously embarrassed but enjoying it too. “You’re next, kid.” I thought to myself. I let my finger slide into Cheryl’s rectum a few times and could feel her tighten each time I did so. This was really getting to be fun.

I inserted the thermometer gently. Cheryl whimpered just a little. “Relax,” I assured her, “This will only take a few minutes.” I held the thermometer in place for a full five minutes with her buttocks exposed and enjoyed this beautiful woman who was under my care. When the time was up, I removed the thermometer and handed it to Karen. “Record the temperature, please,” I asked her.

When she had wiped the thermometer and recorded Cheryl’s temperature on the chart, I instructed her, “Karen, will you please prepare an enema for Ms. Brooks.”

“What for?!!” cried Cheryl.

“Your company requires a complete pelvic and rectal examination. We’ll need to do a little cleansing before I can do the rectal exam,” I said, trying to hide my excitement. “Karen, let’s not use one of those disposable enemas, either. They take too long to work. I’d rather just use a quart of warm water with a little mineral oil in a regular enema bag, OK?”

“OK, Doctor.” She motioned to me that she wanted to talk to me outside of the exam room. I stepped out into the corridor with Karen, leaving Cheryl on the table. She reached around and pulled the gown over her still exposed buttocks as I left.

“Doctor,” Karen said, “I’ve never prepared an enema in my life! What do I do?”

“Let me show you,” I offered. “It’s the easiest thing in the world, and you should know how so you can assist me in the future.”

I told Karen to get the enema bag and meet me in the nurse’s office. When she arrived, I demonstrated to her how to mix the solution, fill the bag, and check the flow of the nozzle. This done, I handed her the bulging enema bag and asked her to carry it into Exam Room #3 and hang it on the metal frame that was part of the examination table. I told her I would be there in a minute.

I waited until she had re-entered the exam room and had time to hang the enema bag in its place. I tried to overhear any conversation between the two women. “I can’t believe this is happening!” I heard Cheryl mutter. Karen just looked at her, partly with sympathy and partly in relief that it was Cheryl and not her on the table.

I entered the room and said the Cheryl Brooks, “Cheryl, if you’d feel more comfortable, I’ll have Karen administer your enema.” Karen looked at me with an “Are you crazy?” look. I was thoroughly enjoying this entire encounter.

“Well, yes, I would, I guess,” stammered Cheryl. She was looking totally helpless at this point.

Karen looked at me. “Doctor??!!” she half whispered, astonished at what I was getting her into. “I’ve never….”

“That’s OK,” I assured her, “Put on a pair of gloves and I’ll instruct you how to administer an enema. It’s part of your professional training.”

Karen fumbled as she tried to put on the tight latex gloves and I had to wait a minute or two for her to get both gloves on properly.

“OK, now come over to this side of the table,” I instructed. When she was positioned properly behind Cheryl, I stood discretely back from the table to give Cheryl some feeling of privacy, but in fact, I had a perfect view of the whole proceeding.

“OK,” I said, “Lubricate your finger with a little KY jelly and then lubricate the nozzle so the enema inserts easily.” Karen nervously followed my instructions.

“Now lubricate the patient’s anus, so you don’t cause any discomfort when you insert the nozzle.” Karen’s hand was shaking as she gently separated Cheryl’s buttocks and tenderly applied a small glob of KY to Cheryl’s already well-lubricated bottom. She was still well lubricated from me taking her rectal temperature.

“Now slowly insert the nozzle.” Karen followed my instructions. Cheryl wiggled ever so slightly as the nozzle was inserted to its full length.

“Now just hold it there for a minute to allow your patient to get comfortable with the nozzle in her rectum before you start the flow.” After a minute or so, I told Karen to release the clamp and start the flow of water into Cheryl’s bottom. Cheryl groaned as the water started.

“Cheryl,” I said, “Have you ever had an enema before?”

“Yes, when I was a little girl,” she replied. “My parents gave them to me and my sister. But I haven’t had one since I was fourteen…and never with anyone except my Mom or Dad looking.”

Karen held the nozzle in place until the enema bag emptied its contents into Cheryl’s rectum. “OK,” I said, “Now you can slowly remove the nozzle, but apply a little pressure to the patient’s buttocks to help her hold the enema.

“How long do I have to hold this?” asked Cheryl. “I have terrible cramps.”

I took the enema bag form Karen and told her to help Cheryl to the Ladies Restroom.

When Karen returned, I instructed her to rinse the enema bag, change the nozzle, and refill it. She looked at me, not understanding what I was planning to do.

“Are you going to give her another enema?” she asked.

“No, Karen,” I corrected. “I’m going to give you an enema. If you are going to be the office enema assistant, you will have to know what your patient’s are experiencing. When was the last time you had an enema.”

“I…well…ahh…when I was a junior or senior in high school, but a nurse gave it to me.”

“No matter. I want to give you one today before you leave. Go prepare your enema and I’ll meet you in Room 4. Meanwhile I’ll finish up with Ms. Brooks.”

Karen did not know what to say. She looked at me and I could tell a part of her was scared and embarrassed, but another part of her was looking forward to what I was about to do to her.

When Cheryl Brooks returned from the bathroom, I continued with a very thorough pelvic and anal examination and examined her breasts. When I was finished, I told her she could get dressed. I stayed in the room and pretended to fill out her forms while she took off the white hospital gown and put her dress over the now famous white panties. When she was dressed, I told her that everything appeared to be fine and to check back with me if she ever had any medical problems in the future. With that, I walked her out through the deserted waiting room and into the parking lot. I watched as her hips swayed under her dress as she walked to her car.

I went back into Exam Room #4 to find Karen sitting on the exam table with the enema bag in place. “Good girl,” I thought.

“OK, Karen, do you want a hospital gown.”

“No, not really.”

“Good,” I said, “Why don’t you just take your skirt and panties off.”

She did and I repeated the enema procedure with Karen, again instructing her as I did so. After I inserted the enema nozzle into her bottom and the water was flowing, I gently began rubbing between her thighs. Her pussy was warm and very wet. She groaned in ecstasy as the enema filled her and I massaged her swollen clitoris. Just as the enema was finishing, she reached a volcanic climax and shuddered from head to toe. I removed the nozzle quickly so she could make it to the bathroom in time. While she was expelling the enema, I cleaned the equipment and prepared to close the office.

After a few minutes she came back into the room to retrieve her panties and skirt. I watched her get dressed. “Did you enjoy that?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

She looked at me and smiled. “Yes, Doctor. But I may need you to demonstrate that procedure again.”

“I’d be glad to,” I smiled. “Now you better get out of here so you don’t keep Brad waiting.” She looked at her watch, not realizing what time is was. It was 6:10.

“See you Monday,” she said as she left.

I locked up the office and drove home, replaying in my mind the events of the past few hours.

When I got home, Julie greeted me on the porch in a long T-shirt with nothing underneath except her panties.

“Hi,” I said, “Have a nice quiet day?”

“Yes,” she said, “How about yours?”

“Oh, normal day,” I said, “another day helping those in need. Get dressed and we’ll go out and get something to eat.”

“Do you mind if we stay home tonight ?” she asked.

“Well, OK,” I said, “Anything the matter ?”

“Nothing major,” she said, “I’m just feeling a little constipated……..