The Light in the Window

I was walking along the beach at dusk one evening just after Labor Day soaking in the peace and quiet that always comes after the tourists have left and things return to normal. The solitude was deafening. Ahead, I looked along a row of seaside homes all closed up for the winter. The birds were flying south and everything was in its place.

Then, I saw what appeared to be a light about 5 houses ahead. As I walked the light became clearer and it was obvious that someone was still in the house. I thought that I had seen them leave earlier so I went over and approached to see who was still within.

Since this was the back of the house, and it was protected by large cedars, it was easy to come close to a window and look into the room that was lit. I came close as quietly as I could for fear that there were intruders who were not supposed to be there.

Looking into a large pane along the side protected heavily by the trees, I heard a mother and daughter, I guessed, talking in the living room. The window was partially open and I could hear what they were saying without them hearing or seeing me in return.

“Mother, I just don’t know what to do. My stomach is really upset.” The girl was sitting on a couch near her mother. She was dressed in cutoff jeans and a thin blouse that you could really see through. Underneath was a thin, white lacy bra that just barely held a set of what appeared to be fabulous tits.

“Well, dear.”, the mother replied, “I certainly understand how you feel but we do have the dinner engagement to go to this evening and you really should be there. Are you sure that you feel all that unwell.?”

The mother really looked like a mother. Her hair was done up in a bun in the back and she wore a skirt and blouse combination that made it impossible to tell if she had a body or not, other than a great set of legs. Just like in the films.

The girl was tall and thin, wearing a tee-shirt that really showed a great set of tits. She had long, wispy blonde hair and large, dark eyes. Her jeans were tight and showed off her round ass well along with great thighs.

“Mother, I feel incredibly awful. My stomach is churning and upset. I just don’t feel that I should go.”

“I can understand that dear, with all the trash food you have been eating lately. But you can still go to the dinner and simply nibble instead of eating while still making an appearance.” The mother raised her hand and felt her daughter’s brow to see if she felt hot. Another standard routine in the family films.

“Oh mother, you really don’t understand. I just can’t go to the dinner, that’s all.” The daughter began to weep slightly.

“What is it I don’t understand dear ? You are not making yourself clear. If your stomach is upset, a little Pepto Bismol should fix that up quickly. You will be fine. Please help me to understand you problem. “

I started to move away from the window thinking this was a small family problem that would go nowhere special when the daughter replied.

“Mother, it’s more than that. Oh, how do I say it? I haven’t gone to the bathroom for a couple of days and feel, well, you know…. all blocked up. That’s why my stomach is churning and turning over so much. I want to go in the worst way, but I just sit there and sit there but nothing comes out.”

“Oh, is that what it is dear? Well, we can fix that up with a little bit of laxative. You’ll be fine.”

“Mother, everything is so simple to you. I know I could take a laxative but I also know that it works when it wants to. I’m afraid it will want to in the middle of the dinner party. That would be awful.”

“I appreciate the problems dear, but there isn’t anything else I could… uh suggest …unless, uh well, I guess we could try an old-fashioned treatment and perhaps give you an enema. Now that I know the problem, A good soapsuds enema is probably the just the right solution for this. You know that an enema is sure to guarantee you to clean everything out quickly and you would certainly be OK by the time we were ready to leave.”

Suddenly my ears perked up. This just might lead to something interesting. I decided to stay put just where I was now.

“An enema, my God MOTHER! That’s gross !”

“You may think so dear, but as I said, a good hot soapsuds and water enema would appear to be the only thing that can solve your problem right now. You’ve had them before so you know how they work. I know you haven’t had one in a while, but I’m sure you remember them as a fast worker.”

“But mom, oh… dad will be home shortly, oh, oh, I’m so embarrassed. I should never have said anything. Forget the whole thing.” She curled up on the couch with her hands around her legs as she brought them up.

“Oh, Oh,” I said to myself. Better look around and be sure that no one coming toward the house can see you. I pulled myself in closer to the window behind the trees and shrubs.

“Now now dear. I’m glad you came to me. You are an adult and can do as you please and, knowing your problem, I would not force you to go to the party, but I know you want to go and the enema seems to be about the only solution. We don’t have to worry about your father, he was called to the city from the golf course and will not be home until tomorrow.”

“In any event, you tell me what you want me to do,” the mother continued, “but it appears that you need to do something whether or not you go to the party. You need to decide if you want the laxative, the enema, or even nothing at all. You make the decision. It’s all the same for me whether you want my help or not. After all, an enema is not the end of the world. You’ve had them all your life.”

“Mother, it’s just… well… you know that I really hate your enemas. That big red water bag and hose and everything. And the tube up my ass. The whole thing is GROSS! You gave them to me so often as a child and they were simply awful. Why sometimes i even thought I could taste soap afterwards. Oh, what am I going to do?”

She buried her head in her hands and began again to cry softly.

Finally, she raised her head again, and said, “OK, I know I have to go to the party so I guess your enema idea is the only decision that makes any real sense, if there is any sense to make of this really stupid situation I’ve put myself in.”

“All right, then, let’s go to the basement so that we have some privacy. There is the bathroom down there and we won’t be bothered by anyone coming to the door. If we get to it right away, everything will be done in plenty of time to go to the Pearson’s for dinner and no one need know except us.”

They left the room and I soon heard a door opening and people moving on steps. Then the light went on in another window just below the one at which I was standing. I went down on the ground between the bushes and peered in.

“All right dear, you go over on the couch and sit for a few minutes while I find where I put away the enema bag and hose and make sure everything is ready. It will only take a minute.”

“Mother, I, I, I’ve …well… ah changed my mind. Maybe I will take the laxative and take my chances. What do you think?”

“Now dear, you have to make a firm decision and stick with it. I will give you either the laxative or the enema. But if I start giving you the laxative, you must be ready for how it will work. If I give you an enema, you must take the whole thing so it will really clean you out well. You’re right about the laxative working when it wants. The enema may be a little less pleasant for a time, but, as I said, it will work right away and clean you out well. Boy you know that it does its work well! Either one is doable if we start right away. What will it be? Your choice.”

“ Oh, this is so hard. I guess… well… ah… I mean, Oh this is so hard…., all right, I guess you can give me the enema if you want.”

Her mother rose from the couch without another word and went to a cabinet next to the door to the bathroom. All the while, the girl’s eyes seemed to be glued to her mother. They followed her, as did mine, as she crossed the room and approached that long cabinet door, rummaged around with her hand under the towels on the shelves for a while and finally took out a long red box. Then she went into the bathroom toward the sink. From the tilt of the mirror over the sink, I knew that I would see everything she was doing.

“ I’ll be right back.” she said as she left the room.

She entered the bathroom and turned on the water taps in the sink and felt the water with her hand as it warmed. You could see a small amount of steam begin to rise as the water warmed. She took a large towel from the towel rack and wrapped it around her skirt, tucking it into the waist. Her face had a peculiar smile that I first took for an answer to a smart decision by her daughter.

Finally, she reached for the box at the side of the sink and removed the cover. Inside was a large red rubber hot water bag, like the one my own mother has hanging on our bathroom door, and a red hose with a black enema tip on the end. She took them from the box and placed them on the sink.

Testing the water again, she put the red rubber bag under the tap and began to fill it with water. When it mostly full, she took some liquid soap from a jar that was by the sink and squirted some into the top of the bag.

She took the hose and screwed it onto the opening of the bag, closed the metal clamp, shook the bag to mix the soap and opened the clamp as she raised the bag and opened the hose clamp. A small amount of fluid escaped from the tip of the hose into the sink. Then she closed the clamp.

Taking the bag and hose over her arm along with another towel from the rack in the bathroom and a big jar of Vaseline, she went back into the room where her daughter was sitting on the couch. She dropped the bag on the couch atop the towel. There was a slight water sloshing sound as she dropped the bag.

“All right, we’re ready now. You better get undressed and lay down on the couch over this towel.” She took the towel from below the enema bag and gave it to her.

“Mother, is all this necessary?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so, dear, it is. Now get undressed. You can leave your bra and panties on for now.”

The daughter began to slip out of her cutoffs and blouse. That really revealed the fantastic set of tits encased in brief lacy bra and as I thought, a great, round ass covered with very brief bikini panties.

“Now dear, lie down on the couch on your left side. No, better yet, why not up on the couch on your knees. Yes, I think that is better. “

The daughter got up on the couch on her knees with her ass facing me in the window.

“Now please slip your panties down and stay on your knees but bend over, spread your legs slightly, and put your head on the couch. “

When she did that, and spread her legs, I could see her pussy hair clearly outlined and her asshole.

“I am going to put some lubricant on your rectum so that the tube will go in easily dear… When I tell you, take a deep breath and let it out as forcefully as you can.” She opened the Vaseline jar that was on the couch and put the cover on a side table.

She moved from where she was standing and approached her daughter with the open Vaseline jar and some tissue in her hand. She put her left hand on her daughter’s ass and placed the Vaseline on the couch with the other. Next, she stuck a middle finger from her right hand into the nearby jar and pulled it back out with a large gob on her finger. Then, with her left hand, she spread her daughter’s ass cheeks to fully reveal and stretch the area of her asshole.

“All right, dear, take a deep breath and hold it. “ The daughter did.

“Now let is out as forcefully as you can.” A sudden rush of air was heard as the daughter exhaled deeply. At the same time, the mother inserted her grease-covered finger quickly and deeply into her daughter’s ass.

“Oh, mother! Did you have to do that!” the daughter exclaimed.

“Sorry about that. I can see why you are backed up young lady. This is a fairly big enema but the soapsuds should get everything moving and solve your problem. Yes, but I believe it will probably take all of it just to get things moving.” All the while her finger was moving around, in and out of her daughter’s ass, lubricating the back channel for the coming enema tube.

The mother finally pulled her finger out and wiped it with a tissue and just as quickly replaced the finger with the enema tube. Shit was clearly evident on the tissue as she dropped it on the couch.

She took the full red rubber bag and hung it high on a lamp hook hanging from the ceiling above the couch, and, without a word she opened the clamp on the hose.

“Mom, I can feel it going in. It’s so hot and I am beginning to get a cramp.”

“It will feel a bit uncomfortable darling, but that is why everything works. I’ll slow the flow of the enema down for a short time and you take some deep breaths.” The bag was only about half empty. she pinched the tube in the middle with her fingers. The daughter started to breathe deeply in spurts.

“Mother, this is so embarrassing. The cramps are going away I guess. Is it almost done?

“Yes dear, just a little bit more.” she said as she took the bag off the hook, held it even higher and began to roll and squeeze it to drain what was left. Finally, it was all gone and she closed the clamp and removed the tube. Her daughter quickly got up and went quickly to the bathroom.

The Confession

I could hear the water coming out with a loud gush. It seemed that it had really worked. Again, I had decided to leave when I looked through the window into the mirror and saw that the daughter had her hand over her pussy and appeared to be fucking herself with a finger with an odd expression on her face. Then she wiped her ass and pussy with paper and came back into the room. She still had on no panties and I could easily see her glistening pussy.

Her mother was waiting for her on the couch. The red rubber enema bag was there as well, lying on the couch with the tube coiled over it with some more of the tissue paper wrapped around and covering the tip. The daughter came in and sat down on the other side of the couch and faced her mother. The now empty enema bag was between them.

“Mom, that was some enema. Everything came out so quickly. You really did a good job. It was so big I thought it would never get all in. But it did what it was supposed to do and sure got everything moving. Boy, did it get everything moving. I feel so much better already. Going to the bathroom after this should be no problem just as you said.”

“A good, hot soapsuds enema does work like nothing else, that’s for sure. You don’t remember your grandmother, but she was a real master in the art of moving our bowels. When she had to give you an enema, she gave you an enema, and she gave then to us often, you remembered for a long time that something had happened.”

“Why one time when I was really backed up like you, she cleaned me out so well with two of her hot soapsuds enemas, I swear that I also tasted soap for days afterward. In fact, every time we stayed home from school sick, we knew that a big, hot soap and water enema with mother’s red bag was coming after everybody had left.

You continued to get them each morning and afternoon until you went back to school. She believed that keeping you cleaned out helped to get you well faster. Those soapy enemas sure kept us clean.”

“She also believed in volume. She filled the bag with hot water and soap. If she didn’t finish the whole bag before you had to go to the bathroom, you got the rest as soon as you came back from the bathroom.”

“None of your aunts and uncles ever wanted to be sick. We went to school unless we were really ill. She kept that red rubber enema bag on the door of the bathroom for everybody to see. We called it “Big Red”. In fact, that enema bag I just used on you was your grandmother’s”

“Do you feel better, now, dear?”, her mother asked.

“Yes, but…ah. well…ah…could we…ah…that is….well could we talk about it for a moment, ah… well…the enema I mean?” The girl shuffled on the couch.

“Of course, what’s is there to talk about?”

“Well…ah…I don’t know how to say it….well…ah” She reached down for her panties and began to fidgit with them in her fingers.

“What is it dear, we are alone. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Well, that is…ah….could you, I mean…would you, well….ah…oh, give me another big enema?”


“Oh Mom, how do I explain. This is so hard. Let’s forget the whole thing.”

“Now, now what is this all about. I can’t imagine you wanting another enema. All the time you used to fight me as a child when I felt you needed an enema. Even now, it was such a hard decision on the first one, I would never have expected you to want another.”

“Well…ah…you remember when I was a little girl and would eat apples over in the orchard and came home with a bad belly ache, you….you know, and, ah….well, ah…… you took me to the bathroom and told me to go move my bowels. Often I couldn’t, and you scolded me and gave me a big hot soapy enema over your knee when I couldn’t go right away. I remembered that sometimes you were so mad that you even put the enema bag and hose right on the counter by the sink to remind me that something else might be coming if I didn’t go. Sometimes, I even got a spanking as well. Oh, you know…ah… just like then?”

“I don’t understand dear, I thought you really hated my giving you enemas?”

“Well I do, I guess. I mean, yes…no…oh…I guess I have a confession to make. Well…ah…The enema you just gave me brought back memories of the other times when you gave them to me. I sat on the toilet thinking how, each time you gave them to me I…ah, well, I knew you really loved me in well…ah..a special way and I…ah well…ah…just knew you loved me. I sat in there just now and remembered all those times and I…ah…well…I just thought that…ah…maybe…ah you might, well…ah…like to give me another one like then. Oh, I don’t know…ah, I just…ah had this, well feeling that I needed you and it.”

“I always wanted that special love and I even…ah…well thought as a kid that if I tried…ah…to give them to myself to see If I could feel it again myself… It just didn’t work well and It didn’t ever feel the same as when you did it. it just, well wasn’t the same as you doing it to me.”

“I always wanted to say something to you about it but I was scared…ah…I mean…ah…. well, I thought you would think I was weird, or something. Those enemas made me feel so warm and loved, well…ah…I…ah…guess…I just …ah…loved…ah….you and…ah them.”

“Oh, is that it? I always wondered who was doing that. It became obvious that someone was experimenting with a wet bag and hose on the door all the time. But I thought it was your brother. He was always having so many problems with his bowels that I even gave him a big enema a couple of extra times when he was complaining about his stomach that I thought it was him. He but really didn’t need one sometimes but I thought it was him and tried to try to cure him of the problem. He always claimed it was not him that was using the bag but I didn’t believe him.”

“When you got them though, you usually kicked up such a fuss that I never suspected you. You were usually so full of apples and I got so mad about it that I just never thought about you being the culprit.”

“ I do remember giving you a spanking or at least a scolding for eating those apples and just knew you didn’t like to get those spanking of the enemas but I gave them to you anyway. Somehow I think back now that they were as much a punishment for your tricks as for cleaning you out.”

“I probably should not have given them to you so often but I did. Now, I don’t know what to say.”

“Sorry mom, it was me using your bag. I came to love getting an enema from you and looked for excuses, even when i hadn’t been to the orchard, I often told you I had. I really wanted those enemas and the spanking too, I guess. I just never knew how to tell you. I remember once that I even purposely ate a lot of apples and other things just so that when you did give me one a lot would come out so that you thought i really needed them. That day you gave me two big hot soapy enemas to get everything out and a big spanking in between. The spanking hurt but I loved it. Eventually, I stopped pretending because I thought you might catch on.”

“When I started my periods, and you offered enemas again as a means to stop my cramps, i was in heaven again because you thought they were normal. I don’t know why, but I also missed the spankings terribly, though. I just never found the right time to sit and discuss the whole thing with you. I thought you wouldn’t understand or think that I was weird, or something.”

“Eventually I just stopped having cramps and you stopped giving me the enemas. By then, I couldn’t think of an excuse although i came close a couple of times. I really missed them and almost asked several times but just didn’t have the courage. I used to lie in bed at night thinking of ways to talk to you about it and dreaming of all sorts of illnesses that I could have that might make a big hot soapy enema necessary. I just never had the courage although I often really wanted one.”

“Finally, one day about a year ago… Well, you remember, I was home sick and told you I hadn’t gone for a while. You gave me a bunch of milk of magnesia. I really wanted an enema in the worst way but just couldn’t tell you why or my secret would have been out. I kept saying that the magnesia stuff didn’t work. I was in agony waiting for you to go to the store before I went to the bathroom, hoping that you would come home and decide that I needed the enema after all.” She began to cry softly.

“I remember that day,” her mother nearly whispered. “I almost gave you an enema that day and was in the bathroom looking for the bag and hose when i saw the Magnesia. I just decided to give that to you instead. Besides, I couldn’t remember where the bag and hose had been stored.”

“In fact,”, the girl started again, “ Another confession, about six months ago I finally went out and bought myself an enema bag just like yours and began to give them to myself. I keep it hidden in my closet. You never go in there so you would never have known but I constantly worried that you might find it by accident before I could tell you myself about my… ah… needs. i even tried to give myself a spanking with a hairbrush but it didn’t work too well.”

“Please mom, would you do it for me …ah… just like then?”

“I don’t know. This is all so amazing. I just don’t know what to say. You really only needed the one enema. But, I guess in this case since you feel so strongly another would be OK. But this can’t happen all the time. Let me go get ready and you sit here for a moment.”

Her mother went back to the bathroom, prepared another enema and returned. This one seemed to have even more soap and more hot water. The bag was really full and had soap bubbles all over it. In her had, she also had the towel she had previously worn around her waist.

This time, the mother had also removed her skirt and blouse, remaining dressed only in her thin white slip and lacy bra. I could see that she had large, wonderful breasts, covered only by the very thin material of the lacy bra that was cut low, and SHE was obviously wearing no panties through the sheer slip since the dark hair at her crotch was evident. She seemed to be wearing a black garter belt or something similar that held up her dark nylon stockings and they contrasted against the slip.

She re-hung the red enema bag back on the hook on the lamp with the tube hanging down to the couch and put the towel she had carried from the bathroom over her lap.

“Get over here young lady. You certainly deserve the biggest, hot soapsuds enema of your life for everything you just told me and are going to get it right now! Imagine, not telling me about your enema fantasies as if I wouldn’t understand. You’re going to learn about telling the truth and sharing your problems right now. Never lie or hide things like this from me again, do you understand?”

Her voice had changed and was much deeper. She shook her finger in the air as the daughter came over to her. She placed a towel over her lap and motioned toward the girl.

“Get over my lap on this towel. You have been a very bad girl. This whole thing is just incredible. Particularly because you haven’t told me before. You deserve this big hot soapy enema and more for everything you have been doing secretly and are going to get the cleaning out of your life this instant. Maybe with this, you’ll learn to come to me for your enemas in the future. I do love you as any mother would and hiding things in closets is a silly thing to do. Do you understand?”

“Please mom, don’t give me another enema. I…ah…I… changed my mind.” The girl seemed to have real fear in her voice. My face stuck to the glass and my prick was really hard. I knew something unique was happening.

“Not on your life”, the mother continued. “ With everything you told me just now, I know this big, hot soapsuds enema is just what you need and want. You just get over my lap and we’ll see how much you need another one. Get over here right now.” Her mother’s voice was changing, getting deeper and deeper and her eyes were penetrating as if she was really mad. She almost seemed as if she was glad to be shoving another tube up her daughter’s ass.

The daughter quickly did as she was told. Her mother took more Vaseline and told her to take another deep breath as before and quickly inserted a finger in her ass. She was obviously moving it around in her ass. This time, she did not take it out right away. In fact, she pushed another one up her daughter’s ass and moved them both around. A small amount of enema fluid came out around her fingers.

“You surely do need another good hot soapy enema badly, young lady. There is a still lot of turd up there that needs removing. I’m going to take care of it and you right now. Just remember as well, that this is for your brother and all the hassles he had to take for your mischievous ways.”

She took the tube and pushed it up her daughter’s ass and quickly opened the clamp to let the water run.

In a very short time, the daughter started to move around on her mother’s lap.

“Mother, it’s going in very fast. It feels different, almost as if….oh my god….mother, I am getting a different feeling… I don’t know….”

Her mother began to spank her daughter’s ass hard with her hand. The daughter shrieked out with obvious pain and, at the same time, reached down with one hand and began to caress her pussy. She was moving about on her mother’s lap as if she was coming.

The enema was going in fast now, very fast. The mother continued to slap her ass hard periodically.

The daughter cried out. Her mother reached down to her daughter’s pussy, pushed her daughter’s hand away and began to stroke the pussy lips very fast. The enema was almost in. With her other hand, the mother took the enema tube and began to push it in and out of her daughter’s ass like she was fucking her with the tube.

In a very short time, the daughter screamed from an orgasm that would have awakened the whole neighborhood, if anyone were still around.

The enema was done. The mother pulled out the tube and the daughter ran to the bathroom where she sat quickly on the toilet and expelled all the water.

Her mother sat on the couch with the enema bag and hose in her hands. Her facial expression had changed to another look that I couldn’t understand right off. In a short time she also entered the bathroom and began to rinse off the enema equipment in the sink and hung it on the towel rack to dry.

“Oh mom, I am so embarrassed. I never thought it would affect me that way. I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about dear. More than once as I was growing up an enema affected me the same way. Your grandmother just never realized it. Besides she gave us those enemas so frequently that it was more of a chore with her than anything else. I’ll tell you a secret between ourselves. I loved them too. Still do once in a while.”

“Thanks for being you mom. And for understanding. If I ever need an enema again, I won’t be afraid to ask. Do you think I am really cleaned out now? Will I need another one?”

“I think we’ll make that decision after we get home from the party, dear, but knowing you, and the way you eat, your condition will probably be even worse. We should be home by 11:30 and we’ll make the decision then.”

“If I were you and wanted to avoid another one, I would go easy on the food this evening at the party. Otherwise, you can expect another even larger one when we get home.

“Now, for your other problem. Get over my lap young lady.” She motioned to her daughter who lay down over her lap on the towel. As soon as she did, her mother slapped her ass hard, raising a red mark on her ass cheek. This slap was followed quickly by five more. The daughter’s ass was very red on both cheeks and she was crying loudly.

“Don’t you ever do something like this again, Samantha.” The spanking continued with her daughter crying even louder. “I expect you to come to me with your problems when you have them and not later.”

She stopped the spanking and began to rub her daughter’s ass softly, eventually rubbing the cheeks separately and moving her hand across her daughter’s as and down again toward her pussy. The daughter began to sob less and move slightly on her mother’s lap as her mother’s fingers moved down over her pussy and two fingers entered what was now obviously a very wet slit. Her fingers went in and out and the soft moans turned to loud gasps ans the girl came in a loud moan. Then she rested her hand and removed her fingers. The daughter lay there still for a short while.

“Why don’t you get in the shower so that we can get ready to go to the party. Oh, and another thing. You don’t have to hide your enema bag in your closet anymore. You just tell me when you want them. You can put your bag in your bathroom if you want and we’ll use that one if you want when we need to give you another. I’m sure that from now on we’ll be even closer because we share our little secrets. You let me know when you need more, anytime.” She patted her daughter’s ass as she began to rise.

“Of either treatment.”

“Why not lie on my lap again and let me check to see how we did.”

“Okay, mom. And, thanks.” The daughter lay back over her mother’s lap and her mother again caressed her backside for a few seconds.

“By the way,” her mother whispered, “Don’t worry about having an orgasm during an enema either. I often do when I take an enema when I feel out of sorts. I understand about….well… both the enemas and the spankings. i use the enema bag myself, as i said, and frequently for just the same things.” All the while she continued to massage her daughter’s ass.

The mother took some more Vaseline on her fingers and approached her daughter. She put her hand carefully on one ass cheek and raised it to expose her daughter’s asshole and put a finger against the hole. Then she pushed a finger inside and moved it around.

“You will probably need to go to the bathroom at least once more. There is still quite a bit of water and turd up there but i think we did a good job,” she said as she removed her finger and wiped it with tissue. The daughter stood up, kissed her mother on the cheek, rubbed her ass and went to the bathroom and pulled aside the shower curtain. She turned on the water and felt the stream to be sure that it was not too hot and quickly stepped in. In short order she was soaping herself and engrossed in her shower. Her mother looked over and smiled, took the enema bag to the bathroom, left it in the sink, and then dressed herself and went upstairs. I slipped away unnoticed.

Going Home

I kept on thinking about what I had seen and heard all the way along the beach as I went toward home. My mind was all mixed up. Why had I stayed to listen? More importantly, why and how did a mother giving her daughter an enema and a spanking give me excitement? Excitement over and above the sight of her incredible body. More importantly, the longer i walked, the more certain I was that I wanted an enema too. I just could not figure out what was causing all this new found excitement. perhaps it was her incredible ass.

My mother had given me lots of both enemas and spankings. And often when I was a child. In fact, even to this day, she still hung the big red rubber bag and red hose with the black bulb tip on the back of the bathroom door. Every once in while It would fall off the hook as I opened the door, particularly the hose, and I would pick it up to put it back. The red rubber smelled but was soft and the black tip was big with a bulb on the end, in fact it seemed bigger than the one the lady had used.

She stopped giving me frequent enemas when I was about thirteen, although I did receive them occasionally after that. The spankings also stopped about the same time. Prior to that I had an almost constant time with constipation. Enemas were frequent then, usually at least once or twice a week.

I still remember what I think was the first time. I was about four years old and was in bed with a cold. I had been in bed about three days and my mother was concerned. She called the doctor who came to house and examined me. I heard the doctor and my mother talking in the corridor afterwards. He told her that the cold was nothing to worry about but that a soapsuds enema was probably best to be sure the system stayed normal. I didn’t know what he meant.

Later, my mother came into my room and sat down by my bed and put her hand on my forehead to check and see if I had a temperature.

“How are you feeling, darling? You still feel warm.”

“Better mom. Could I have some water?”

“OK, but come to the bathroom for it. The doctor wants you to have something for your cold as well.” I got up and went with her to the family bathroom.

The bathroom was a large one with a tub in one corner and a toilet along the near center wall with a sink. Along the other wall were some overhead cabinets and two low hampers for soiled clothes underneath. In the far corner of the center wall was the washer and dryer.

“Darling, the doctor told me that he wants you to have an good soapsuds enema.”

I didn’t know what she meant but, as I looked around the room, hanging from the handle to the cabinet door was a big red bag with a hose coming out from the bottom. The hose was a long red one with some kind of tin clamp near the end and something black on the very end. The hose and tube were coiled over the handle.

“Come over here, dear”, my mother continued, “and take off your pajama bottoms. Then you can lie on your stomach over my lap.” I did as I was told.

My mother had her dress up and a towel over her lap. I lay over the towel as she began to rub my ass cheeks.

“This may feel uncomfortable, but it will help make you better.” with that she took one hand and separated my ass cheeks and I felt her finger on my ass with something wet. Then I felt a finger go in. Quickly, I also felt something else and then could feel the water as I heard the clamp snap. My insides felt warm and I could smell Ivory Soap.

The enema was over very fast and I went to the toilet. Mother washed the bag and hose and hung it on the bathroom door. That’s where I had seen it before. The enema made me go to the bathroom in a great rush as I could feel shit and water come out.

I came out of my daydream as I approached the house because I could hear mother calling. Since father had died in Vietnam several years before, mother and I were alone now. She looked to me for many of the things that father would normally do so I stayed pretty close to the house.

“Where have you been dear, I have been calling for over half and hour?”, my mother said as I came into the house.

“No place special mom, just walking along the beach.”

“Well then, why not go wash your hands and get ready for supper. It’s almost ready.”

“All right, I’ll be right back.”

I went to the bathroom to wash. In the mirror I could see the red rubber enema bag and hose hanging. I dried my hands and went over to it at the closed door. I had just touched it when I realized that it was wet–it had recently been used. This excited me even more as my mind flashed to my mother doing it to herself like the lady had done to her daughter. Suddenly, I had an erection and had to wait in the bathroom for it to subside.

I thought back again to a time that I was about 8. My cousin Alice, who was five years older than me, was staying with us and came home from school with a temperature. My aunt Mary put her to bed in the guest room and called the doctor. After she hung up the phone, she went to my cousin’s room and sat by the bed.

“The doctor says there is a bug going around and you probably caught it. It will take a day or two for it to pass so I guess you will be staying home from school. We better take of it quickly before you get worse. Come to the bathroom, I think we better give you a good soapsuds enema. That should keep the system clear and will make you feel better.”

“Oh mom, do we have to do that.”

“You know my rules, young lady. If you are sick enough to stay home, you probably also need a good cleaning out. A good soapsuds enema is the best thing for you. Even the doctor says that.”

“Mom, that old quack prescribes enemas for everything. Besides, we’re at Aunt Jane’s.”

“Don’t talk like that, Alice. You would think an enema was the end of the world. It’s just a little soap and water to help you go to the bathroom. Aunt Jane certainly understands, Billy gets them when he needs them and I’m sure she won’t mind if we use her enema bag.”

“Mom, I don’t need to go to the bathroom. I just went a few minutes ago.”

“Never mind, young lady. Mother knows best. Now get to the bathroom.” My cousin got out of bed and followed her mother to the bathroom. They thought no one was home.

I went closer to the door to hear. I could hear the bag and hose banging as Aunt Mary took it off the hook on the door. Then, I looked through the keyhole in the door. My cousin was sitting on one of the low hampers near the toilet. Aunt Mary was at the sink running water. She filled up the enema bag and screwed on the hose. Then she hung it on a hook on the closet door.

“All right, we’re ready. Come over here, over my lap.”, she told my cousin as she put a towel over her lap. Alice came over to my aunt and raised her nightgown as she lay over her lap. Her ass was facing me.

Aunt Mary took some Vaseline and placed her finger on my cousin’s asshole and began to push her finger into my cousin Alice’s ass. Then she slid the tube alongside the finger and it was in also. Finally, she took her finger out and wiped it with tissue.

“We’re going to start.” She said as she opened the clamp. Just as she did I lost my footing and slipped. I banged the door post slightly and my aunt looked in the direction of the door. She quickly turned back and continued the enema. As it was almost done, she took the bag off the hook and raised it higher. My cousin was crying and nearly screaming for her to take the tube out. Then it was done.

Aunt Mary closed the clamp and removed the tube. She put the bag and hose in the sink and Alice rushed to the toilet. It got up to leave as she was beginning to get rid of the water. I went to my room real fast. I was just ducking into the door as my aunt came out. Safe.

“Come on dinner’s ready.” I could hear my mother as I came out of the haze. My erection had mostly subsided.

“OK mom, be right there.” I left the bathroom and went to the kitchen for dinner.

I think my mother sensed that something was different in my expression this particular evening because she quickly asked if everything was all right. I answered that it was and started to eat my dinner but kept on thinking about the girl getting an enema and also my mother doing it to herself.

“Mom, why do you still keep the enema bag hanging on the bathroom door,” I suddenly blurted out without thinking while i was fooling with my mashed potatoes.

“Whatever brought up that subject? You have some of the strangest ideas for conversation,” my mother replied.

“Oh, nothing.” Nothing, yourself, stupid, I was saying to myself. I realized as I spoke that I should not have said anything at all.

“Nothing yourself. Something is the matter, I have sensed it since you came in but what in the world have you been thinking about today if you suddenly ask about enemas. You haven’t even had one for a couple of years. I’m surprised you even remember them.”

“It’s really nothing mom, I just wondered, that’s all”

“You finish your dinner and we will finish the discussion after dinner.” She went back to her meal and I continued to pick at mine. It seemed like an eternity went by as I knew we would have to continue the discussion whether I wanted to or not. My mother was single-minded when she was concerned or interested and she looked up from her dinner frequently in my direction as ate our meal.

She didn’t say anything directly after dinner but waited until we sat down to watch the evening news before began a conversation and brought it up again.

“OK”, she started, “now what is this about the enemas? where did you ever get the idea on something like that? Well, I am waiting?”

“Well, I….ah…that is…ah…well…you see.”

“Come on now, what’s this all about ?”

“”Ah…well…I haven’t…ah…well…you know…been going to…the bathroom real good that past couple of days and I…ah…remembered you…that is…ah…I remember you used to give them to me as a kid.”

“OH, is that all…How on earth did you remember that?”

“Well, you do keep that old red rubber bag and hose thing on the door. I came in to wash my hands and sat down to try to go to the bathroom and saw it hanging on the door.”

My mother looked at me curiously and then continued to read her paper for a few minutes. I noticed that she seemed to smile a bit at the mention of the bag.

“Jim, how long has it been since you last had a bowel movement?”, she asked as she finally looked up from the paper.

“Oh, I guess ah….well. that is…ah…about 3 days.” My voice trailed off.

Mother came over to sit beside me on the couch. “Are you feeling all right otherwise. You haven’t had these problems in several years. I thought you had outgrown them.”

“I’m OK mom, I just feel backed up, that’s all.”

“I think I better call the doctor.”

“No mom, I’m OK. Everything will probably be all right tomorrow.”

“well, I think we better not take chances. Why not go to your room and lie down for a while. I wish you hadn’t waited so long to tell me about all this.”

“OK mom.” I got up and left. Went to my room, turned on the TV and started to read a book.

A while later, I heard mom going down the corridor and enter the bathroom. She closed the door. A minute or two later, I heard the door open again and thought I could smell soap. She walked out and right into my room carrying the red rubber enema bag on her arm.

“Jim, I think we had better get you cleaned out right away with a good soapsuds enema. You know how you used to be. I don’t want you to be feeling badly and I don’t want to be calling the doctor unnecessarily. This may be just what you need.”

“Oh, mom, do you really think this is all necessary. I’m really sorry I said anything.”

“No, I am glad you did. This enema should make you feel better right away. Now turn over and drop your pants. Mom knows best.”

I did as she asked and she came over to the bed and dropped the red rubber bag and hose on the bed. Then she took a tube of Vaseline that she had, spread some on her fingers, and reached for my ass cheek, separated them and ran both her finger and the enema tube up my ass. I heard her pick up the bag and the click off the tube clamp. It was going in and it was hot.

I looked back at her and could see she was holding the rubber bag over me and the red tube was coming down behind me and disappearing into the crack of my ass. The pressure was beginning to mount in me and I felt great. My prick began to rise ever so slightly as the water continued to flow.

Later that Evening

My room is on the second floor of the house and faces away from the living room. About eleven I went out the window and climbed slowly down the trellis that used to have roses and went off down the lane toward the house I was at earlier.

I got to the house just as the lady and her daughter were coming into the drive. They went into the house quickly arm in arm and closed the door. The lights went on in the living room and, through the window, I could seem them come and go up the main stairs. I looked out and lights to the bedrooms went on and then out again in a short time. Back at the window I could see them come down the stairs and come in and sit down. Both were now wearing nightgowns which were very sheer. Neither appeared to wearing anything underneath.

“Mom, that was some party. All the people and food and everything. Too bad dad wasn’t able to be here.”

“Yes, it was a good time,” her mom said, as she sat next to her daughter on the couch. “You certainly had a good time. You would never know that you had a ‘problem’ earlier. How do you feel now?”

“I feel great, I think. Those enemas really worked. My stomach ache is mostly gone. I did stay away from most of the food, though, just in case…oh…you know. But, I must admit, my ass is still a little sensitive from the… well, ah spanking.”

“Yes, you did do well on the food and I would expect that the spanking might still be sensitive. A spanking is meant to get your attention. Unfortunately, It also hurts, although i did not spank you nearly as hard as I could. perhaps we will say that the first time was simply meant to see if you really wanted one from me. I think that it is time for bed now. How about you?”

“Oh, I thought I might…well stay up for a while. Do you think we could…well…talk for a while…if you…don’t mind.”

“Sure, what would you like to talk about.”

“Well, this is…ah…really…ah…hard. But I’d sorta like to talk about…ah…well…earlier…this evening if you…ah…don’t mind.”

“Oh. Well, OK, the floor is yours.”

“Well…ah…this is…ah….really… well… you… know…really hard.”

“Then let me start. You wonder how I feel about your confession about liking enemas and spankings and how you felt after them. Is that right?”

“Yeah…I…ah…guess that’s it. After all, those feelings came out with my really needing that enema. I asked for the second one…well. because…well…you know. I felt that you really loved me to give them to me. I always loved you but…ah…it just seems that… well… getting an enema and a spanking from you was something special between us…you know…real love.”

“Samantha, an enema is a perfectly normal way to solve a problem with constipation. Although I did give you spankings as well as a child, they were an expression of dislike for what I thought you were doing after I told you not to. I grew up in a family that used both frequently. I was really surprised to learn that you had grown to somehow like them. That was certainly not the reaction intended when you were over my knee at age 10.”

“As I said to you earlier, your grandmother thought an enema solved everything, to include cramps during your periods. For me they even solved some early needs to feel, well, what sex was like. You experienced that this evening. Many young women have that feeling with an enema as they do with spankings. That’s one reason why it is not good to get either of them very frequently, particularly the enemas. Many young women, and men, begin to associate them with sex.”

“Is that bad?”

“No, not necessarily. many men and women use them as a part of sex. For a man, particularly, the water from an enema entering gives them an erection and they do much better at sex. Others use spanking as foreplay before sex for the same reason. Your father likes an occasional light spanking. So do I, I must confess. Your father knows how to do it just right.”

“Wow, do women get the same feelings?”

“Yes, sometimes, just as you did this evening.”

“Well…uh…then, if they are not harmful and…ah…they give you good…ah feelings…why are they bad?”

“Enemas are not bad when used as they are intended and spankings should not be so hard that they damage. Enemas should not be used so often that the person cannot have a normal bowel movement. Then they become bad. As I said, they even help in some cases to arouse a person to want to have sex. You should never think of them as bad. But as I said, they should not be used too often or the person will become dependent on them.”

“Spankings start out as something needed for child discipline but they can become a sexual need as well. That’s all right as long as they are used as foreplay and not as something more forceful to the point that they injure rather than redden and tingle emotions.”

“I think I understand now. But i still think that in our case they show a special love between us, don’t you?”

“Darling, I agree that love is expressed in many ways. If getting a hot, soapsuds enema or even a spanking from me makes you feel better and feel loved, then they are good for you. I will be happy to give them to you once in a while if you want.”

“Thanks mom, just one more question. When you were giving them to me and you put your finger in my vagina as I was coming, how did you feel?”

“I thought you might ask that question. Sometimes women feel more comfortable expressing themselves and acting out their sex fantasies with other women. Some people call that lesbianism, or the love of women by women when they do it frequently. Others just feel that occasionally they want to express themselves to someone else and they need help. Often, this to a friend or, as in your case, a mother. You were just beginning to get feelings of sex this evening and I was here to help you along. That’s not bad.”

“ A woman should be proud of her body and be willing to share it when necessary for love. You are my daughter. When you were a baby you got your milk from my breasts before you got a bottle. I shared myself with you. That is the love between a mother and child. Sometimes a mother does things to care for her child, like an enema when they are sick.”

“ Other times when discipline is required, a spanking may be necessary if other means do not work. For women, particularly, no one is closer than her mother. Besides being women, they… well… better understand the feelings that they have better than men. i will always think about you as my little girl, and if my little girl needs me to giver her an occasional enema or spanking then that’s what I’m here for. Just not too often as I said.”

“Oh mom, I do love you.”, Samantha said as she moved over closer to her mother and snuggled her head between her mothers breasts. The look in both their eyes made it obvious that something important had happened between them. They both sat there for a long time just caressing each other as a mother and daughter.

‘Your breasts are so wonderful to be close to. I feel so little again, just being able to be close to you and snuggle as I did as a child. i feel so comfortable with you and loved. Let’s always be close this way.”

Finally, her mother moved slightly and began to caress her daughters leg as she kissed her lightly on the cheek. She moved her hand up and down her daughter’s leg and then up under her dress, kissing her on the forehead and neck as she did so. Samantha arched her body outward and separated her legs slightly as her mother came closer to her daughters pussy.

At the same time, Samantha began to move her hand over her mother’s dress and moved the top down so that her bra-covered breast was visible. She kissed through the bra for a few seconds and then moved the lacy bra cup aside and sucked softly on her mother’s breast for several seconds. In a few moments, she moved her head over to her mother’s ear.

“I love your breasts, mom.”

“I’m here for you dear,” her mom whispered softly. You just do what feels good for you. Suck them if you like. It feels good for me too. You’re my little girl and I love you. i will always love you in special ways as long as I’m around. So you just enjoy our love anyway you desire.”

“Mom, I think I need another enema. Would you please give me another big hot soapy enema. I need it right now.” Samatha whispered softly, almost whimpering.

“I thought you might,” her mother said as they moved apart and stood up. “Let’s go do it now.”

They left the room and the light went on downstairs. I moved to the window behind the bushes.

Samantha went over to the couch and took off her clothes. This time she removed everything quickly. Her mother went right to the bathroom and came back quickly with the red rubber enema bag over her arm. The thin nightdress that she wore allowed the light to shine through and show her now evidently great body.

Samantha rolled over on the couch and her mother quickly shoved first her finger and then the enema tube up her ass. The water started to flow. Her mother hung the bag on the lamp and lifted her daughter’s leg to roll her over on her back. When she did, she began to caress Samantha’s breasts and legs and finally began to insert a finger in Samantha’s pussy. The daughter arched her back pushing her pelvis higher and was obviously enjoying the whole thing.

With the enema about half done, the mother sat down on the couch and motioned for Samantha to move again and lay face down on her lap. With the tube still in, her mother began to spank Samantha hard on her already reddened ass. Samantha screamed, but it sounded more of a scream of delight rather than pain. She continued to push her finger in and out of Samantha’s pussy and then started doing the same with the enema tube in her ass.

Finally, the bag was all in. The spanking ended in a loud moan by Samantha. her mother removed the tube but then replaced it with her finger, first one then another. She continued to furiously push her fingers in and out and Samantha’s asshole which seemed to widen and open to receive them. Then she stopped.

Samantha ran for the bathroom and soon water and more shit was pouring into the toilet. Her mother collected the enema equipment hanging from the lamp and entered the bathroom.

“Was that how you wanted it, Sam?, her mother asked.

“Oh, yes, mom. That was just great. Thank you.”

“Each time you need an enema, it will always be this way. If you want something different you will tell me. Right?” Samanta did not answer.

They went back to the bedroom after Sam wiped her ass and sat on the couch with her mother’s arm around them. Samantha snuggled close to her mother and again drew close to her breast.

“Mom, that was so good. Your fingers …ah… felt…well… so…ah…good… up there…ah… in both places…you know…….” Her voice trailed off. She snuggled again close to her mother with her mother’s arm around her.

This time, her mother loosened the ties of her nightdress and reached down for her left breast which Samantha began to suck. Her mother caressed her back and then moved her hand down toward her thighs. Her hand gradually began to move toward Samantha’s pussy and finally one finger then two began to enter.

“Sam, I love you”, her mother whispered in her ear. “Let me make you feel good again.”

Without another word, her mother rose from the couch and pulled her house dress over her head. As I thought, she was naked underneath the shift dress. Samantha also took off her clothes and then they sat back on the couch and resumed their petting in earnest. Samantha moved over and kissed her mother on the cheek and then on the lips. The first kiss moved into another and they kissed deeply as Samantha’s mother’s hand moved back to her pussy. Samantha did the same and they were both fingering each other.

She rolled over on her mother’s lap and then the spanking resumed in earnest. Her mother really reddened her ass with the smacks to her bottom. All the while, another hand was fingering her asshole, first one finger then two more. In short order, Samantha moaned loudly again in a screaming orgasm.

“Mom, is this how women are supposed to feel after an enema and a spanking?”

“Yes dear. Many women feel this way after they have had an enema and a spanking, particularly from another woman. I often hoped and dreamed that my mother would do the same things for me but she never did. We were very close but she never understood my…well…needs…ah…yes…my needs. I always wanted her to…well…use her fingers…ah….” The tears came down now from her mother but she continued. “You know, somehow tonight, I thought…well… I was my…ah my mother and you…ah…were me and your pussy was…ah…mine and ah…well…ah your asshole was…ah mine. Oh I just don’t know what to say.” Then, her mother had the beginnings of more tears in her eyes.

Samantha sat for a few moments and then kissed her mother on the lips. I was clearly a different kind of kiss and it lasted several seconds. Her mother put her arm around Samantha’s back like an embrace. Finally, their lips parted.

“Mother, I feel that we really understand each other and our… well… special needs. You understand.”

“yes, I think I do. Now, go get rid of your enema darling.” Her mother looked at her with very loving, soft eyes.

I left the house to return to my own very confused about the latest events.

The Next Day

The next day was Saturday. We always sleep in. I got up around nine and went to the bathroom and there, on the door was the wet bag and hose from the night before. It still smelled of soap. I washed my face and went down to breakfast.

Mom was in the kitchen making ham and eggs at the stove as I came in and sat down.

“Well now, how about breakfast, you must be hungry.”

“As a matter of fact,” I said, as I thought about the bag and hose in the bathroom, “ I actually have an upset stomach and don’t really want very much. My stomach really feels like a big gas bubble.”

“That’s odd. After that big soapy enema you got last night you would think there wouldn’t be very much left up there to cause an upset stomach. If you don’t want anything to eat, why not go lie down on the couch.”

“OK, mom , that’s a good idea,” I said as I left.

About an hour later, mom came in and sat on her chair. For the first time, I began to think of her as a woman as well as my mother. I noticed her large breasts and slim body. She was only 35 years old and still looked as good as the girls downtown. SHE Sat down to read the paper and her dress hiked up a bit as she twisted get comfortable in the chair.

With the paper in front of her she could not see that my eyes had traveled to her legs and up to her knees. Her legs were slightly apart and I could see up her dress to her thighs. Then she shifted again and I could see her crotch. For the first time I noticed that she wore no panties and her pussy hair was plainly visible. The hair seemed really moist like mine does when I am just out of the shower. Then the paper rustled and I closed my eyes as she moved the paper to look down at me.

I guess it was about 30 minutes later that she finished reading the paper and got up to leave the room. She walked toward the bathroom and went in. I heard the toilet flush and the water run for a few moments. I got up from the couch and went to my room. As I was passing the bathroom, I heard my mom call out.

“Everything OK, dear.”

“Yes mom, just thought I’d go to my room for a while.”

“How’s your upset stomach.”

“Still there, I think.”

“All right, then, take it easy.”

I went into my room and sat down to read. A few seconds later, mom came in. She had the full enema bag in her hand and a jar of Vaseline in the other.

“Perhaps that enema last night wasn’t enough. You might be coming down with something. I better give you another good hot soapy one just to be sure.”

I noticed that she had changed into a robe, perhaps she was going to take a shower or something. It was unusual.

“All right, then, get undressed and roll onto your left side on the bed. I think we can do it here rather than the bathroom.”

I got undressed and did as she told. She moved toward me and put the enema bag down on the bed and took the jar of Vaseline, opened the cover and took out a large blob on her finger and came close to me. She pulled down my shorts and raised one of my ass cheeks and moved her finger to my asshole. With a single push, in it went and she moved it around for a few seconds.

“Better get you well-lubricated so that the tube goes in easily.” She continued to move it around and hit on a bump in there that she started to rub. Then she pulled it out and replaced it with the tube. My prick began to harden. I hoped she wouldn’t notice. I could hear the snap of the clamp as the enema started to go in. He was holding it high in her right hand.

“Does it feel OK, dear,” mom asked. She began to rub my stomach with her left hand. “This should help it go in easier.” She continued to rub in circles and went lower. I hope she doesn’t discover my prick.

She did.

“What have we here? Is the enema getting you excited? Well, I guess you are old enough to get those feelings. It will be over soon.”

My head turned slightly and I noticed that mom was hanging over the bed and, through the robe I could see that she really wasn’t wearing anything underneath. The robe was open slightly and her large firm breasts were clearly visible. While I tried not to seem as if I was looking, I noticed that she seemed to have her hand in the bottom of her robe and seemed to be stroking her pussy. I turned away so to be sure that sat she wouldn’t know I had looked.

Finally the enema was in and the bag was empty. I started to get up and turned toward mom. She had pulled out the tube and put it and the bag on the end of the bed.

“You know, honey, I saw you just now looking down my dress at my breasts. No one has seen them since you father left a long time ago. I also saw that you noticed my stroking my vagina. I’m still young and have feelings….and…” She began to weep softly and sat down next to me on the bed. “You are so young but have such a large……no… this is not right…oh….you have such a large prick and I…… well…I need….it…”

With that, she took off her robe and she was naked. I wanted to get up to get rid of the enema, but I also saw that my mom had a wonderful body. Even better than either Samantha or her mother. Her breasts were large and rounded and firm and didn’t seem to sag at all like Samantha’s mother. The area of her pussy was matted with dark hair which seemed to glisten as if damp. She pushed me back on the bed and put her hands on my prick and began to stroke it softly.

“I really need you. I know it’s wrong but I need you.” She seemed to be talking to my prick more than me. Then she got up and moved onto the bed and sat astride me, lifted herself up and quickly sat right down on my prick… I could feel her wetness and the warmth inside her. She began to move up and down on my prick in rapid strokes.

“Oh, This feels so good! I’m…co…om…ing.” She moved in rapid gyrations up and down my prick and grabbed her tits furiously as she swayed back and forth. I could see from her eyes that she was in some kind of trance. I came quickly myself as my prick spewed wave after wave of come involuntarily into her body. Soon, she was spent and lay down over me in a sort of rest.

She fell asleep on my bed. I got up long enough to get rid of my enema and climbed back into bed. I lay there for a few minutes thinking about what had happened. Just as I started to doze off, mom moved over and snuggled close to me. I buried my head in her breasts and began to suck slowly on one as we both dozed off.

The Drugstore

The next day was a normal day for me at the store. I went to work early at the hardware store and spent the morning working on outside displays. About eleven, Samantha and her mother walked by. She looked over at me as if she knew me but wasn’t sure. They walked next door to the pharmacy.

“Mother,”, she said as they passed me, “Could we please go to the pharmacy.”

“Why dear,” her mother answered.

“Well, I need to buy a few things, you know personal things.”

“Oh, all right. I needed to go to the hardware. Anything special.”

“I guess so, “ she whispered. “ To be honest, I need a new enema bag. The other one leaks and I don’t want to have a problem if you have to use it.”

“Oh’” said her mother. They walked along to the pharmacy. I waited a few moments and followed them making sure that it would not appear that I was following them.

Having entered the store, they walked slowly around the aisles, looking at several things. Samantha picked up some deodorant and some sanitary pads as well as some candy. Her mother also chose several things. Just as it appeared that they were finishing, Samantha walked up to the pharmacist. “Excuse me, but….”, The man looked at her.

“Yes, ma’am, can I help you?”

“Well, yes, I need to buy, well, an enema bag. But I don’t seem to see them on the shelves.”

“Yes ma’am. We have a large selection. Over this way.” He showed her the way to a back aisle with a high narrow display. Every possible kind that you could imagine.

“Is it to be used for enema or douche?”, the pharmacist asked.

“Primarily for enemas, her mother answered before Sam could get in a word.”

“Well then, we have three kinds.” he picked up a set of boxes from the shelf. “This is an open top type’” he said as he opened the first box and showed them a blue bag with a white hose coiled on top.

“The next is a combination bag which can be used for either enema or douche as well as a hot water bottle.” When he took the cover off this box, inside was a large red bag with a red hose and black tips. The third one had a similar bag with just an enema tip. It seemed slightly larger.

“This bag holds three quarts,” the man said as showed the box with the large red bag inside. it also had a red rubber hose.

“We’ll take that, “ the mother spoke out.

“A good choice. Should last many years. made in England. Finest material. That will be $12.95.”

“We need these other things as well.” The mother opened her purse and took out her billfold as they approached the check-out counter.

“We’ll see how long it will take to break this in.” her mother said in a low voice to Samantha as they left the store.

I followed them out a few seconds later and saw them walk down the street toward the hardware store.

Another Turn

“Well, you certainly outdid yourself this evening, young lady”, said the mother.

“Well, I….That is… ah….”

“Never mind the excuses. It was just barely a week since you cried and said that you didn’t feel well before we left for Mr. and Mrs. Seaton’s dinner so I had to give you an enema to clean you out good and get you there. You go to dinner tonight, and eat like you I don’t feed you at all. Everything in sight.”

“Oh, mom. I feel just fine.”

“Get down those stairs. We’ll see how well you feel.”

The daughter and mother went down to the basement where I had first seen them. The daughter went over and sat down on the couch. The mother entered and went right to the bathroom.

“Get that dress off and lay face down on the couch, young lady.”

The daughter quickly took off her dress and was standing there in only her panties and hose. She had no bra under the dress and the hose were the self-holding up kind that do not need a garter belt, like in the skin mags.

“ Mom, I’m really OK. I feel just fine.”

“Take off the panties”, her mother added as she turned from the cabinet with a rubber glove on her hand, the pink kind that you do dishes with. In her other hand was a tube of something that she had begun to put on the fingers of the glove.

She moved over to the couch and pushed her daughter over her lap. She sat on the couch and spread her legs apart so that her daughter’s ass was just above her knees. With the other hand, she moved her daughter’s ass cheeks apart with one hand while she placed one of the gloved fingers on her daughter’s ass.

“We’ll see all right how well you are doing.” As she spoke she literally shoved the finger up her daughter’s ass and moved it in and around.

“Just as I thought, full of shit. You certainly need another one of those big soapsuds enemas that you like so much young lady.” She removed the pink gloved hand and pushed a finger of the glove in front of her daughter’s nose. The shit on the glove was obvious.

“You stay right there. I’ll get everything ready to really clean you out this time.” Her mother went to the bathroom and took the enema bag and hose off the towel hook where it was hanging and began to run the water. If it was possible, it seemed to be even hotter than any time before. She squirted a lot of soap into the bowl of the sink and shortly began to fill the bag with a large glass that was by the sink.

“Mother, please….don’t give me this enema,” the daughter began to cry softly as it was obvious that she was about to be violated. “I don’t need it and won’t do it again”, she wailed.

“Shut up in there and get on the couch”, her mother replied. She now had the bag full and was running water through the tube.

The mother came out with the red rubber bag in hand. This time, she put a large black cover over the couch that looked like a rubber sheet. it covered the whole couch.

“All right, get up on your hands and knees and get your head down on the pillow.” She moved to do so and her mother came right in and shoved the tube up her ass without any warning. The enema bag was hung on the hook from the lamp and the clamp was released. The enema seemed to go in very quickly. The daughter moved her hand to her pussy. She began to stroke her clit furiously.

“Go ahead and play with yourself. This enema is very hot and soapy and should teach you not to make a fool of yourself in front of me and the world. You’re a real asshole to be telling me on one hand that you like enemas and other things and then filling yourself up with all kinds of shit. That’s really stupid, even for you.”

“Oh. mom, I’m getting cramps.”

“Stop whining like a baby. You really deserve this enema and the soap and water is going to clean you out good this time. You should have thought of the consequences before you stuffed yourself like a pig.”

The enema went in quickly and was soon over. Instead of getting right up and going to the bathroom, the daughter rolled over on her side with her head toward the couch and held her stomach. Her mother pulled out the tube and took the bag and hose to the bathroom where she threw them in the sink.

Then a weird thing happened. The daughter stayed on the couch as her mother began to undress in the bathroom. She removed her dress and slip and was down to a very brief pair of panties and a strapless bra which barely encased her large tits. Both were black. She was also wearing a black lacy garter belt which held up her stockings.

After undressing, she came out of the bathroom and went to the closet. She rummaged about for a few seconds and came out with another belt and a large object that appeared to look like a prick. She attached the prick to the belt and put on the belt as she came over to her daughter.

“Oh no, what’s that mother?”, the daughter wailed as she saw what was happening and the big prick-like thing on the belt coming toward her.

“Get over the arm of the couch.”

“Please mother……”

She moved slowly to get over the large arm at the end of the couch. Her mother was smearing some of the Vaseline on the prick as she came closer. She moved toward her daughter and was finally right behind her. She separated the daughter’s ass cheeks and began to push on the prick. I could barely see, but it looked like….she was shoving the prick up her daughter’s ass.

“Oh mom, not there. It hurts. I have to go. Please don’t do it to me this way.

“Feels bad, does it. This, my dear is a rubber prick. Not a very large prick but nonetheless a prick. You must have had larger ones up there by now you slut. You’re going to take this and like it. Besides, with all that soap and water up there it should go in easily.

I should have thought of giving you these enemas before this. This prick is the same one I use on your father when he deserves it. he needs a prick up his ass now and then to remind him of his place. Now just stay there and get what you deserve. Since you told me about your desires, I have put a lot of thought into our discussions. This should show you whose boss. It’s even better at that than an enema or a good spanking.”

She pushed extra hard and the prick disappeared all the way into her daughter’s ass.

“Mother…it…hurts. Please take it out.”

“Not on your life, dearie. You deserve this more than you know. Maybe the next time, if there is a next time, you will pay attention to what I tell you. From now on, every time you disobey, this is what you get. A big hot enema and this prick up your ass.”

The mother started moving the prick in and out of her daughter’s ass and, at the same time, began to massage her own tits as she moved her pelvis. The daughter was furiously frigging herself at the same time. Both came in a frenzy in short order. I had never seen anything like it my life.

“Well bitch, that should teach you to fuck around with your mother. Had enough?’

“Y…e…ss. PLEASE take it out, it hurts.”

Her mother eased the prick out of her ass and the daughter rushed quickly for the bathroom. She began to expel the enema just as she reached the toilet. Her mother came in to join her still wearing the prick and belt.

“I guess that will teach you not to screw around with me. As i said, do it again and you will get more of the same and not so gently. Perhaps one of these days I might let your father fuck that tight ass of yours just like he does mine. What do you think of that?”

“Please mom, what you do to me is one thing but dad must never know, Ok?”

“Well then, do what you’re told and he need not know. Now finish shitting and get back out there. You’re going to service me before we go to bed.”

“What do you mean?”, she asked.

“You’re going to make me come for once. I’ll teach you how to chew pussy well. Then you can do me when I want. Little girl, you’re going to be my sex toy. You will lick and care for me any way i want. When i want, you will get enemas, spankings and the dildo and enjoy it. You will do anything I want when I want it. Do you understand?”

“Yes…I…ah …I think so. Mother why are you doing this to me?”

“Because I know you want it as much as I want to do it to you, you slut. You like enemas do you, well I like my pussy licked and you are the licker.”

“All right mom, be right out.” She sounded resigned to her fate.

A few moments later the daughter came back out of the toilet. Her mother had taken off her bra and panties and was lying on the couch with just the garter belt and hose.

“Come over here.”

“Coming mom.”

“You might not but I sure will. You’ll do this right or you will be getting enemas and the dildo until you float away. “ The daughter mounted her mom with her mom’s head at her pussy and her own pussy over her mom’s head. Her mother quickly pushed a finger in her daughter’s pussy and began to frig her. The daughter began to kiss her mother’s legs and stomach and finally began to lick her pussy. Both were in a high state of excitement.

The mother began to moan loudly and began to lick her daughter’s pussy and then went to her ass. She began to nibble and suck on it and seemed to be pushing her tongue inside.

“I love the way you suck,” her mother moaned as she was obviously enjoying herself. “You still have some of that enema inside, shit on my face.” He daughter let go with what mostly appeared to soapy water which covered her mother. She did not seem to mind and again began to suck on her daughter’s ass. Both were very close to coming.

“Do it again,” screamed her mother, and the daughter let out some more water and what appeared to be loose shit. From her mother’s face, she seemed to really enjoy it. I came in my pants.

Finally, her mother screamed with enjoyment and the girl rolled off onto the floor.

The mother stood up and went again to the cabinet. She took out another object that looked like a pear.

“Come here, Samantha.”

The girl came over to the shit-covered couch.

“Turn around.” Samantha did so and her mother pushed her back until she bent over. Then the mother smeared some Vaseline over the object and shoved it quickly up Samantha’s ass.

“This is a butt plug. i want you to wear it to bed tonight to remember our evening and also to understand that you now belong to me. I will tell you when to take it out.”

“Yes mother”, the girl replied still weeping slightly.

“Now go to bed.”

The girl stood up and started to walk wobbly up the stairs with the plug still in her ass, the end visible. Her mother went to the bathroom and started the water running in the shower.

She threw the enema bag into the sink and started to enter the shower but then got back out and came over to the sink. She filled up the enema bag and got down on the floor and stuck the tube up her ass and let go the clamp. As the water entered, she took one hand and began to frig herself.

I slipped away while she was still using the bag on herself and returned home with a great hardon still in place. It gradually subsided as I reached the house and climbed the trellis to go to bed. It was the most exciting evening of my life. I decided then and there that I had to meet this family, especially the daughter.

I Meet Samantha

Early Sunday morning, I was walking alone as usual along the beach when the girl in the basement came out toward the water.

“Hello,” I said as she came along side me in the sand.

“Hello, my name is Samantha. I an staying at the Abbott house for the season.”

“I’m Jim,” I answered quickly.

“Isn’t the water beautiful this time of day?”

“Yes, it is, and quiet as well. That’s why I walk here so early.”

“Sorry if I interrupted.”

“No, quite the opposite. I am glad to have someone to walk with. This time of year there are only those few that live here year- round and no one else is my age.”

“I know, I’ve looked around town and there really isn’t very much to do.”

“You’re right. Most people go up to Harbortown for their excitement.” I looked over at her she had long blond hair and long well-shaped legs and thighs as well as large tits that were clearly visible through the tee-shirt she was wearing. It was obvious she had on no bra. As we walked her tits seemed to get even larger as her nipples stuck out through the shirt. The short wraparound skirt just barely covered her ass.

“My mom and I stay here mostly. We expected to have a house in Harbortown by now but something happened and we are staying at the Abbott’s for a while. Mr. Abbott works with my dad.

I extended my hand and we walked for a while along the beach, eventually, hand in hand, got to the other end near the protected cove.

“Want to go swimming,” Samantha asked as we reached the cove.

“Sure I have a suit under my shorts. I sometimes come down here to swim so that I can be alone.”

“OK, lets do it.” She stripped off her shirt and skirt revealing a bikini bottom but not a top and ran for the ocean. “Hey, wait a….”

“Its OK, I never wear a top. What’s the matter you never seen breasts before. Come on in.”

I joined her in the water and we began to swim. We went out to the buoy that marked the channel and back. She walked from the water and lay down on the beach to get some of the sun that had come up while we were in the water. I came out and stared at her breasts the whole time and finally came up next to her.

“Come on, lay down. I won’t bite. You don’t have to stare at my breasts, they won’t go away.”

We lay on the beach for a considerable time looking at the sky and saying nothing. Periodically, I looked over at her breasts and her long thin body and wished that I could fuck her.

“You know, I really know a lot about you. I have been asking around for the past few days since I really wanted to meet you.”

“How did……”

“Oh, it was easy,” she broke in. “I knew you were around since we saw you in the mirror the other night looking in the window when my mother and I were in the basement and I was getting an enema the other night. Then I saw you again the pharmacy when mother and I were buying me a new enema bag. You must have gotten quite a show. Did you jack off? Or are you just a peeper who likes to look at girls getting enemas?”

“Uh….n….no, I mean….”

“Oh, its OK. My mother wasn’t really sure that someone was there, but I saw your face. You really looked like you were amazed. Don’t be embarrassed. I liked it.”

“But……” My words trailed off.

“”You see,” she continued, “My mother and i have developed a weird relationship. She prefers women, and I like enemas and assfucking.” That makes it easier for both of us. I prefer men but if it gets me an enema and an assfucking once in a while I will act as if I like her coming on to me.

My face must have gone beet red as she was talking because she began to laugh.

“Really, it’s OK. I don’t mind if you look, although i would rather have you fuck me if you want. You still did not answer my question, Do you like enemas?”

“Yeah, I love enemas.” I answered with assurance. There was no sense in lying.

“How about one now? Nobody is home at my house.”

My prick had hardened and must have been obvious through my shorts. Nonetheless, we got up and walked toward her house. Walking toward the path from the beach, we began to discuss our likes in enemas.

“What about you, when did you begin to like enemas?,” I asked her.

“Oh, I guess I was about three when I got my first one over her lap in the bathroom. I was sick at the time and she thought I was constipated. It was the first time I remember that I saw her big red bag and hose. I liked it so much I just sort of stayed constipated. It wasn’t hard to figure out the symptoms she wanted and I just brought them up periodically.”

“Eventually, I asked so frequently that she got used to giving me enemas and anytime she was thinking that I had a problem. She would just pop up with red rubber bag and hose in hand in my room and shove the big tube up my ass.”

“When I was about eleven, I started having periods and cramps and that was even better for getting them. She thought they were just the thing for reducing cramps. I didn’t have to fake that I was backed up anymore. In any case, I don’t think it would have mattered, especially with what I know now. She really gets off on giving them to me. What about you.”

“The situation is really similar except, of course, that my mother isn’t into them. i started to realize that they felt good and just started asking for them once in a while, but not too often to get her suspicious.” I didn’t mention anything else about my relationship with Mom. Better left to later.

Soon we were at the house and entered through the back garden. No one was home. We went to the basement where I had seen all the action several days before. I went over and sat on the couch. She went to the cabinet and took out the long red box and took out the bag and hose. Then she came over to the couch where I was sitting.

“Isn’t this a beauty! It was my grandmother’s. See the red hose and big black tip. The newer ones don’t have a tip like this with the big bulb on the end.” She was obviously proud of it.

“Ok, then. Take off your clothes and I’ll get everything ready. You are going to get the enema of your life.” She walked off toward the bathroom and I could hear the water running in short order. I began to undress.

“Do you like soap?”, she yelled.

“yes, I do.”

A Discussion with Mom

As I walked back to the house, I wondered how of what my conversation with mom would be like. After all, we had had sex the night before. It was obvious that neither of us had done something like this before and my mind was moving in a whole bunch of directions as I tried to sort out how I felt. Mom was in the kitchen as I reached the back door.

“Good morning, hon. How did you sleep?” She asked as I entered and sat down.

“Mom, I think we should talk.”

“Yes, I guess we better before things get out of hand. I’m sorry about last night, everything was just overtaken by events. So much has been happening and then, your peeping on the enema episode down the street and then your needing another one.”

“I guess I just got carried away, since…well…you see…sometimes…when I feel a…ah…need, I…. well… use… ah… an…enema for gratification. It makes me feel better. I have no one to have sex with since your father died and, well, you asked why I keep the bag and hose on the bathroom door, it…well…because I use it…in…well…ah…place of sex. It makes me feel good.”

“A warm soapy enema can really make you relax and feel good inside and the water and tube is…well…ah…like a prick up the ass. I guess you are old enough to know. Your father and I liked anal sex once in a while. You would have been took young to remember him really. He was a fine man who worked hard and loved me and, when he went into the service, and then died, I lost everything I ever wanted, except you. Oh, I don’t want to discuss it anymore just now.”

“It’s ok mom, I think I understand.”

“How do you feel this morning. Want some breakfast?

“Sure, I feel great.”

“All right then, go clean up and I’ll make breakfast for you.”

I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and face. The enema bag wasn’t on the door as usual. I looked around and found it in the shower with another tip on it, a bigger one, slightly curved on the end with a lot of holes in it. Mom had been using it.”

Another Enema Surprise from Mom

Several days later, I came home from school and went in through the kitchen door. It was about three in the afternoon. Mom was sitting at the table reading the afternoon paper and drinking her coffee. She smiled as I came in. She was wearing a loose- fitting yellow dress.

“Hi, honey. How was school?”

“Oh, OK,”, I answered, and sat down at the table.

“Mom…….” I started to talk but couldn’t continue.

“What dear?”

“Well…I… that it…ah…well…could we…I mean could you…” My voice trailed off.

“What are you trying to say, dear?”

“Well, could you….ah…welll….give me a big soapsuds enema.” I blurted it out.

My mother looked at me for a few moments and then began to smile slightly. She came over to me and put her hand on my brow and then hugged me closely to her breasts. They hardened as my head touched them. It was obvious that she was wearing no bra. I moved my face around so that my lips felt her nipples through the blouse just like a small child.

Feeling a suddenly overwhelming urge, I sucked like that small child through the top of her dress. Then, without saying a word, she reached down and began to open the buttons on the top and I began to suck in earnest on these massive breasts that I had come to love.

“Are you sure you are feeling OK? You don’t seem to have a temperature.”, she spoke softly into my ear.

“I …uh…well….” I still felt smothered by her breasts. her pink nipples seemed to be rising to meet my lips.

“That’s all right, dear. If you think you need another enema, then I’ll give you a good big one. You go to your room and get ready for me and I’ll be right in with the big red bag.”

She stood away from me and I realized that, for the first time I seeing a woman who was no longer my mother but had become a lover that I wanted in the worst way to fuck. She stood with her dress open and her breasts bare and her look was one of sheer sexual want. My mind was a mass of thought that was confusing. After all, this was not the normal way to do things. I went to my room excited about the possibilities of my new relationship.

A few minutes later mom was in my room with the familiar red enema bag over her arm. The bag was very full and the hose coming out made it look like a serpent of red with black fangs.

“Are you ready?”, she asked . “Turn over.”

“OK mom, “ I said as I turned on my side.”

She put Vaseline on the tip and began to wiggle her finger up my ass and she stroked my insides for a few moments before she inserted the tip. Then it was in, the snap was released and the enema began to go in very fast. She began to rub my stomach and soon arrived at my now hard prick which she began to massage with slow strokes up and down its shaft.

“Feeling better.” She took my hand and moved it to her pussy. “Rub me there”, she whispered softly in my ear.

I began to rub her pussy and felt an opening and put my finger inside. I could feel that it was wet and warm and seemed to suck up my finger. Shortly, there was room for two.

“Oh, Tom, it feels good”, she purred as my fingers went in even further. In and out they went in a rapid rhythm. I forgot that she was giving me an enema. Then she moved around and took off her dress. She was naked underneath. The enema was in.

She took out the tip and moved over my prick while she threw the red rubber enema bag on the bed. Slowly, she allowed my prick to enter her body. It felt warm and tight inside her and she began to move up and down in a rhythm that made my prick even harder.

“Do you….think…you could, Oh……” she moaned as my fingers were moving from her clitty to her back and them down to her ass. I began to rub her butt and then slid my finger down to her ass just as she had done to me. It could feel the rosette of her asshole opening to meet my finger and shoved one of my pussy-wet fingers in her ass.

“Oh…OH….OH…that feels GOOD!”, she moaned and then shouted. I started to removed the finger but she urged me to continue. Soon, a second finger joined the first. Her asshole just sucked them up and held them tightly.

“Could you… oh……put your prick in my ass.”

She took some Vaseline with her finger, moved mine aside, and shoved it up her own ass while putting some more on my prick. Then she lay down on the bed on her stomach with her ass in the air.

“Put it in……PLEA…SE……” she moaned. I moved over her and held my prick on the edge of her asshole.

“Put it in……N….O……O….W”, she moaned again.

I pushed my prick to her asshole. it just seemed to open up and my prick slid easily inside.

“Oh, that feels….so…o.o.o GOOD”, She yelled. My prick was inside now and I instinctively moved it in and out just like the lady had done to her daughter with the dildo.

“Oh, fuck me….hard.” my mother moaned as the prick went in and out even harder.

I pushed and stroked and soon felt the come rising in my prick. I shot a big load into her waiting asshole. We both came at the same time. I fell over her back. We both lay there spent for a few moments.

“Your father was never as good,” she said as my now limp prick began to come out of her asshole.

“You know, I had a feeling that something was going to happen today and I took an enema myself and douched this morning just to make sure that I was clean up there for you.”

I knew now that we were going to be special lovers and not just mother and son. Our old relationship was gone. I was a man–her man now.

Remembering the enema, I rushed for the bathroom and got there just in time. I sat and shit and thought for a long time.

Another Surprise

Several more days went by before I had any chance to spend time with mom. I was in school and she had taken a job with the department store downtown on the day after our last episode. By the time she came home from work, I had already had supper and was usually studying or even asleep. It could make a relationship very difficult but she needed the money for the house and I understood.

Finally, it was Saturday again and we were both home. I was in the living room reading the paper and then a magazine and she would come in periodically as she went about cleaning and dusting.

That particular day, she wore a brief shift dress, sort of like a tent only really baggy. She bent over once in front of me and I could see from the side of my book that she was wearing nothing underneath the dress. I pretended not to notice and moved around to make sure that she did not see my rapidly strengthening hard-on from where she was in the room. In a few minutes, she left the room for the kitchen.

I went off to the bathroom to piss and, when the bathroom door was closed, saw the now familiar red bag wasn’t on the door. That wasn’t unusual since mom took it into the shower to douche frequently and I looked into the shower to see if it was there.

Was I surprised when I saw that it was full on the tub hook and the red tube coiled over the hook as well. I was so preoccupied that I did not notice that mom had entered the bathroom and was standing behind me.

“You are really getting a thing about that enema bag, aren’t you?”, she asked.

“Yes,” I answered startled as I realized she was in the room. “How come it’s filled?”

“Well, I thought that it might be needed today, so I filled it just a few moments ago. I have been meaning to ask how you were, with all your ‘stomach problems’ and all.”

“I guess I’m OK….”, my voice trailed off.

“Don’t you think we better check,” mom asked?

“Sure, I… guess so.”

“Well I have a surprise for you today. How about we play a fantasy. You were always interested in the nurse in the doctor’s office. I bought a nurse’s outfit. Let’s play doctor’s office.”

It all sounded exciting to me.

“OK, then, take off your clothes and get ready for an examination.” I quickly undressed and in short order had on only my BVDs.

Mom went over and sat down on the hamper. “Come over here for your examination, now.”, she said. I moved over to the hamper.

“Take of your shorts and lie over my lap.” She had put on her nurse’s uniform while I was undressing, complete with white hose, and was sitting on the hamper. I lay over her lap and could feel the cloth of the uniform on my skin.

Mom took a glove out of her pocket, one of those plastic ones like the doctors use, and stuck a finger in some Vaseline she had handy. Then she took the gloved finger and went for my asshole, quickly burying her finger in my ass. She rubbed my prostate and it felt great. My prick hardened immediately.

She removed her finger and I could tell from the shit on the glove that I was about to get that enema. Mom lifted me off her lap and stood up as she took off the glove.

“You certainly are full of turd today. I guess we better do something about that.” She began to take off the nurses uniform and underneath wore only a garter belt and her white hose.

“Over the hamper, young man. You need a good cleaning out.” She took the enema bag off the tub hook and hooked it again on the closet handle, high above the hamper. “Get ready,” she said as she stuck the tube up my ass. I was in heaven. I could feel the water going in fast and it made my prick even harder. All the water was in what seemed like no time at all. I could feel her pulling out the tube and headed right away to the can to let it out.

“Mom, you sure give a great enema. You know how to make a guy feel good.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” mom said as she began to stroke my prick that was stiff enough to fly a flag. “You sure have a big prick. I’m glad that you like enemas. You take after me. One of these days, I will let you give me one. Right now, I want that big prick of yours up my ass.”

A Return Bout

Jackie,” I heard Mom say as I came through the front door. “Could you come here please after you drop your coat and books.”

“OK, mom, Where are you”, I yelled through the front corridor.”

“Here, in my bedroom,” she replied.

“OK, coming.”

I walked down the corridor that goes from the front door to the back, throwing my books and coat in my room. As I approached mom’s room I could smell a pungent odor that certainly wasn’t perfume. The closer I got, I finally realized that it was Vick’s. As I entered the room, I recognized that she had a vaporizer running and was under the blankets and sick.

“Jackie, dear, could you go to the store for me. I have a terrible cold and the doctor left a prescription to be filled. Would you mind?”

“Of course, not”, I answered and took the prescription and left to get it filled. It took about half an hour to get it and I returned directly.

“Back, Mom,” I shouted as I came through the front door. I took off my coat and went to her room right away with the prescription.

“Thanks Jackie. I appreciate your coming right back. Could you get me a glass of water”, she said as she opened the package and took out the prescription bottle. I went to the bathroom and got the water, stopping briefly to look at the old enema bag on the door. I fingered the hose and then went back to Mom’s room with the water.

“Here it is Mom.” I gave her the water and started to leave to go read the paper.

“Oh, one more thing Jackie. I hate to ask but…well…I really feel awful and… well…could you… that is… would you… give me an enema…if you have the time of course.” i stood back a little bit. Although mom had done them to me often, including our sex sessions, I had never given her one. I knew how to do it from watching her but still had a queasy feeling about it.

“OK …well…I guess so…if that’s what…you want.” I sort of stammered through the line.

“I would do it myself, but I feel so weak in the legs with this cold and I just don’t think I could do it. You don’t mind do you.”

“Well, I guess not. You give them to me so I guess I could give one to you, especially since you’re sick.”

“Thank you. Now go get it ready. You do know how to do it, don’t you?”

“I think so…well. … sure, I know how.” I went off to the bathroom and took the bag and hose off the hook and started to run the water. i felt it to be sure that it didn’t feel too hot and then filled the bag and ran some water through the hose. With everything ready, I went back to mom’s room. She had rolled over on her side with the cover over her.

“All ready.” I said as she pulled the cover off. She had on a short nightgown that had ridden up over her thighs and she pulled it even higher as I approached with the bad and hose.

She had a jar of Vaseline on the nightstand and the cover was open. i took some on a finger and approached her. She reached down and pulled up one cheek of her ass and I could see her asshole.

Nervously, I went over to her and tentatively placed my finger on her back and then thought that it was simple and my finger approached her asshole. I quickly shoved a finger up and got the Vaseline on and around her hole and then inserted the tube. I held it up high and opened the clamp so that it could start running.

“Oh, could you stop for a minute. I’m getting a cramp.” I closed the snap for a moment. In a few seconds, she said she felt better and I opened the snap again and the rest of it ran in. i removed the hose and put the bag on the bed with a tissue around the tube because it had some shit on it. She ran for the bathroom.

When she returned to bed, I went to the bathroom and rinsed out everything and hung it back on the door. Then I went to the kitchen to make some supper after asking if she wanted anything.

I looked in later and she was asleep so I went to bed.

The Relationship Develops

The next morning I awoke late because there was no school and found mom in her robe in the kitchen. She still looked pale but she was making some breakfast and drinking her coffee so I guess she was better.

“Good morning, honey. How are you today ?”

“Fine, mom, how about yourself.”

“I feel much better dear. I guess the medicine and the blankets and everything cleared most of the cold up. You really helped and I appreciate it.”

“Oh that’s ok mom. Happy to help.”

“It took some courage for you to give me that enema. It helped. You know, you are really becoming more of a man each day and I think you’re wonderful. “ She came over and hugged me. I just couldn’t help, it got a hard-on. Even with the robe I think she sensed it. She held me even closer and moved her lower body closer to me as if she were grinding herself into me. Then she kissed me. She reached down between us and began to caress my prick through my pajamas.

“Another member of the family heard from. Breakfast won’t be ready for a while and you seem very tense. How about a little relaxation?”

“What do you mean, mom?’, I asked puzzled.

“Well, I just thought that perhaps I could say thanks for your help in a special way. Any ideas?” The twinkle in her eye told me she wanted to have sex in our ‘special way.

“Gee, I guess I have been tense lately. It really gets you down. I think that I might go back to bed for a little while and relax. You might be right there, i am tense.” I walked out of the room and into mine and got back into bed. The room was still dark as I got under the covers.

In a few moments, I heard mom come into the room. Then I felt her coming over to the other side of the bed and get in. I reached over to say something and felt her leg. She was naked and pushing over close to me.

“I thought I might come in to keep you warm, “ she whispered and she came behind me and snuggled close. “Feel better.”

“Yes, I answered,” as she came real close.

“Anything else I can do for you”, she whispered low in my ear as she began to rub my back through the pajamas. She rubbed in circles on my back starting at the neck and gradually rubbed lower and lower still she reached my waist. Then she rubbed softly around the waistband of my pajamas and moved her hand into them and began to rub my ass. It felt really good.

Soon she was rubbing my asscheeks and spreading her fingers so that she could grasp my cheeks. I thought I felt a finger move toward my asshole. I was right, she rubbed closer and closer and a finger finally found its way to my asshole. Her finger circled around it and then began to probe inside slightly. She pushed it in and then out.

“Now I know why you are so tense,” she whispered. “I’ll bet that you haven’ been going to the bathroom as you should have you?”

“Not really, sometimes it takes a day or so.”

“Then how about a good warm soapsuds enema. That always reduces the tension.” She had reached around to my prick and was stroking it with her hand. The other was still on my asscheeks. She pushed another finger up my ass and the movement in and out of the finger matched the stroking of my prick. I was really getting hard and excited.

“Yes….I….think that ….an …enema… would….do …it. OH, Mom, I need an enema bad. A big one just like you do best.”

“I’ll be right back. I have it all ready.”

She was back in a flash with the bag and hose and literally threw the blankets off and she went with the Vaseline for my asshole. Soon the enema was going in, and fast. Before it was even over, she turned me over on my back and was sitting on my prick… It felt so warm and wet as I sank into her pussy.

She closed the clamp of the bag and pulled out the hose and began to ride up and down on my prick, faster and faster. She was close to coming in a very short time. I pushed her off and turned her over and sank my prick, now covered with her pussy juices, up her ass. She pushed my prick in and out her ass. it felt so tight. It really felt good. Finally she came and I rushed for the bathroom.

She walked in as I was shitting. “Feel better now. You got cleaned out two ways to Sunday today.”

Samantha’s Party

Samantha spent most of her day in school. She attended the community college nearby studying art. The rest of her time was spent either fucking on the beach with whoever wanted to get laid or at home with her mother.

One Tuesday afternoon she arrived at home about four. Her mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner. She was dressed in a thin print dress that clung to her body. From her movements, she was wearing only the dress.

“Hello, mom”, Samantha said as she entered the kitchen and spied her mother.

“How are you this afternoon, darling”, her mother replied.

“Everything is just fine.” Samantha sat down at the kitchen table. The sun shone through her mother’s dress and Samantha decided to have some fun. In a short time, her mother came over to the table, close to where she sat.

“Gee, you look nice today mom.”

“Why thank you dear.”

“That is a really comfortable looking dress.” As she said it, Samantha raised her hand as if to pat her mother on the arm but, instead, stroked down her back and ended up with a handful of her ass.

“Samantha, really. Someone could come in.”

“No one is coming in this time of day mom. And you have just a wonderful ass. I enjoy stroking it. Over your dress, it feels so silky.” Then she reached down to the hem and raised her hand again under the dress, this time caressing her mother’s ass directly.

“Samantha, please stop.”

“Oh, come on mom. You know you like it.” She moved her hand between the cheeks of her mother’s ass and still stroked softly. Finally she reached slightly forward and brushed lightly against her pussy hair before removing her hand.

“Please don’t do that, Sam.

Sam replaced her hand on her mother’s ass and caressed each cheek in turn while casually brushing the crack of her ass with the tips of her fingers. Her mother began to get turned on and moved her legs apart slightly and bent forward ever so slightly toward the table, as if to get a napkin. When she did, Sam moved two fingers even deeper into the crack of her ass, finally touching the rosette of her asshole. With her finger nail, she began to massage and scratch slightly.

“OH, it feels good”, her mother moaned softly as Sam suddenly pushed and buried her finger up her mother’s asshole.

“It does, huh. What does it really feel like mom.”

“Ah…well…ah…it…ah…feels like a big enema tube up my ass. Yes, that’s what it feels like. Move it around some more.”

“Sure, if that’s what you want.” Just as SAM said it, she pulled it out quickly.

“Put it back”, her mother moaned.

“Not on your life.”

“Please. put it back.”

“No. I won’t and you can’t make me.” Sam looked shyly toward her mother as her mom, obviously excited by all the attention being paid to her asshole, quickly replaced Sam’s finger with her own and moved it in and out.

“You’ll be sorry. I need this.”

“Then do it yourself. I hope you get off on it.”

Her mother pushed and moaned and then came. She pulled out her finger and shoved it under her daughter’s nose.

“You’ll be sorry. Get to your room, right now.” Her finger was speckled slightly with shit.

“All right, mom. See you later.” Sam seemed to smell her mom’s finger and then got up to leave the room and walked down the corridor toward her room. As she turned into her room, she could see her mother come out of the kitchen and follow her down the corridor. Sam closed the door as her mother went into the bathroom. She stayed in there several minutes. Sam assumed that she was pissing or frigging herself, or both. In any event, she went on with her own thing.

Some time later, there was a knock on the door. Her mother entered.

“Sam, can I talk with you.”

“Sure mom, what can I do for you.”

“Well, I’d like to talk about this sex thing between us. I am concerned that you are making too much of it.”

“How mom, after all you are the one that started everything with those enemas and the dildo thing.”

“I know, and I’m sorry I did. This kind of thing is not good for you.” She came over and sat on the bed. “You need to be more adjusted and get out with boys your age.”

“What makes you think I don’t?”

“Well, I’m sure you do but it seems, well, that you prefer me over them.”

“I must admit mom, your pussy and asshole taste better than them anytime. “

“Oh stop being filthy.”

“Sorry mom, but I do like getting it on with you, just like your little girl. Why right now, I feel very constipated. I must confess that I have been holding everything in for three days waiting for you to give me a big soapsuds enema.”

“Why, you can get one anytime you want.”

“Because I know that you like to get shit on. I thought maybe an enema in the shower with both of us and then I could really dump on you. I know you like it.”

“But you dad…well…he will…be…soon.”

“no mom, I saw dad at lunchtime. He has to work late. Actually, I think he’s fucking his secretary. The one with the big tits and ass. I’ll bet with that big, round ass, she really likes getting an enema and an occasional prick up there.”


“Well nothing, do you want to or not…?”

“It’s just….”

“Just nothing. Let’s go.” Sam walked toward the bathroom. Her mother followed in short order. As she walked into the bathroom, the enema bag did a dull thud on the door.

“That’s going to get a real workout this evening.” Sam said as she took it from the hook and rehung it over the shower head in the tub.

She began to undress almost immediately, taking off her jeans and blouse. She was nearly undressed when her mother entered. The look on her face was wondrous and she began to feel her daughters tits through Sam’s bra.

“Stop, now. Get undressed and let’s get to it. Sam started the shower spray and the room soon began to fill with mist as the hot water began to fog the room. Sam removed her bra and panties and stepped into the shower and adjusted the heat of the water to be comfortable.

In just a second or two , her mother had undressed as well and entered the shower. They began to feel each other’ bodies and finally kissed long and deep. Her mother reached toward Sam’s back and began to rub softly in circles over her back and buttocks, finally reaching her ass.

“You feel so good’”, her mother exhaled, obviously excited. Her hands were softly caressing Sam’s ass cheeks.

Sam, who had been stroking her mother as well, remained silent.

“I need you,” her mother said as she pushed Sam down toward her pussy.

“I need you too,” Sam said. Right now I want a big soapsuds enema up my ass so that I can show you how much I love you.”

Her mother took the enema bag off the hook and put the top over the shower and began to fill the bag with warm water. soon, it was full. She connected the tube.

“Bend over, so that I can get the tube up your ass.”

Sam bent over and her mother pushed the enema tube up her ass and opened the clamp. The water flowed in quickly and soon was all in.

“Lay down in the tub, mom. I want to let go, but first, I have a surprise for you. Sam reached behind the shower curtain and came out with her mom’s large rubber prick. “Turn around and bend over.”

Without saying a word, her mom turned around and bent at the waist. Just as she did, Sam separated her cheeks and literally pushed the prick up her ass.

“How does that feel, mom?”

“”Oh, it feels….great…”

“OK, now get down in the tub.”

Her mother lay down in the tub and Sam sat over her chest and let go with a large volume of water and turd that covered her body. First one wave then another of her enema shit came out all over her mother… Much of it washed away quickly from the shower.

Her mother, ass full with the dildo, had her hands on her pussy and clit and was furiously frigging herself and moaning softly.