Dustin's Doctor Visit

Dustin was 16 years old - a good looking adolescent kid who was in his junior year of high school. He was a typical teenager, with a new driver’s license and a passion for cheerleaders and rock music. But on Friday, April 17, Dustin had to take a “trip to the doctor’s office”. This teenaged boy had a pediatrician’s appointment – to get his first physical.

Now going to the doctor was a new experience for Dustin - getting a medical check-up. His parents had never made him go before - but they had moved to a new state, and a exam was required of every student for entrance into high school.

At the age of 16, the last thing in the world teenaged Dustin wanted was a “doctor exam”. He was a typical adolescent guy -self-conscious and a bit embarrassed about his body, in the usual way – and he certainly didn’t want to get his maturing physique inspected during the course of a physical exam! But in order to be stay the eleventh grade in high school, each student had to have a health examination.

So his mom had made this appointment for him to go to the doctor’s office. The doctor was a pediatrician. And, in spite of all his complaining and protests, she told Dustin he had to go.

This was going to be Dustin’s first trip to the doctor in many years. He had not been examined by any kind of doctor since he was pre-school age. He had been to a pediatrician before he started to school, who looked at him with his pants down. As an adolescent, Dustin wanted to go to an adult doctor instead of a baby doctor to get his check-up. But his mom insisted that he go to a pediatrician again for this high school physical and, at age sixteen, the teenager felt very silly about being put through an exam by a “kid’s doctor”.

As a matter of fact, Dustin totally hated the thought of having to go for a physical at any kind of doctor. The teenager badly wanted not to go to any kind of doctor for a health check-up. He worried constantly about the upcoming physical for the entire 2 weeks in advance. He kept brooding about what the doctor might do – how complete an exam he’d have to get, and so on. He was particularly worried that he might have to drop his pants or have his dong checked.

When the dreaded day finally arrived, his mom drove him over to the Children’s Medical Clinic 9:00 am. At the doctor’s office, his mother went with him up to the reception desk.

“Dustin is here for his physical,” his mom told the lady.

“How old is he?” the lady asked.

“Sixteen,” said his mom.

“O.K. Is this a sports check-up or a general physical?”

“I want him to have a full physical,” his mom said. “Dustin needs a complete exam.”

“OK,” smiled the receptionists. “The doctor will look him over from top to bottom!”

The teenager felt red with embarrassment to be coming to a baby doctor.

After the secretary checked him in, his mom asked Dustin if he wanted her to go with him into the exam room while the doctor checked him over. Trying to appear self-confident, and trying to show that, at age sixteen, he was not afraid of going to the doctor or anything like that, he said “no”. He was very uneasy about the exam, but not-at-all thrilled about letting his mom watch him go through this thing. So, thankfully, she left him alone at the doctor’s office and told him to call her at home when they were done with him.

There were several other boys his age sitting in the reception area, about to have their physical examinations. Today was one of the scheduled days for physicals at this office, and there were 3 or 4 teenaged guys from his school (most of them fourteen to sixteen years old) seated in the waiting room – including two mothers with their adolescent sons. They all looked distressed, and none of the boys looked like they wanted to be there! Dustin was glad his own mom had not come and stayed with him.

An anxious-looking teenaged boy was called to go in before him. And soon they called Dustin’s name to go back.

“Dustin!” the nurse said, opening the door to the back. “You’re next. Come with me please.”

The boy got up and went with the nurse.

“Is your mom coming with you?” she asked him.

“Nah. She’ll come and get me when I’m done,” he told her.

As he walked down the hall, he noticed that there were four exam rooms in the clinic. Another boy was sitting in Room 2. The nurse took Dustin’s history (which took about 15 minutes) and made him a chart at a little desk in the hall.

Then, he was taken to Exam Room 3, along with the clipboard that had the data from his medical history.

When he got inside the exam room, the nurse told Dustin to sit in a metal chair.

“You’re sixteen years old, right?” she asked him again.

Yes ma’am,” he said.

“O.K., Dustin, you’ll need to take off your clothes now,” she told him. “Including your socks!”

“Pants too?” he asked hesitantly.

“Yes, Dustin. Take off all your clothes, including your pants … you can leave your underwear on,” she told him. “The doctor will be in to examine you in a few minutes.”

He stood up and waited for her to leave.

“Put your clothes on the chair,” she told him.

The nurse pulled a curtain across the door and left the room while he disrobed. This gave him time to check out the examination area.

When the nurse closed the door behind her, Dustin reluctantly began to undress.

“Jeez!” He really didn’t want to take off his clothes! He was afraid the nurse or somebody else might come in while he was unclothed. But he steeled himself - then went ahead and stripped – all the way down to his jockey shorts. Following that, he waited for the doctor.

After he had stripped and was wearing just his white jockey underpants, he sat on a metal chair and waited nervously, looking around the room. He could smell the odor of his bare feet, which he hoped the doctor wouldn’t detect..

Dustin noticed a large exam table, a cabinet with needles and bottles, and alot of items like swabs, cotton, and alcohol. There was a tray next to the exam table with a rubber glove, a tube of lubricant, some beads on a string, and a microscope slide with some Scotch tape (?) stuck to the top. There were also three glass hypodermic syringes on a nearby counter, with their needles resting on some cotton. The medicine inside was clear in two of them, and the other syringe was purple.

After seeing all of this, his seat became tense, and he started thinking, “Gee, what the hell is he going to do to me?”

Finally, a doctor came in the room. He said he was sorry for keeping him so long.

And, right behind the doctor, the nurse came in too.

Now, at this Dustin grew very unsettled – to see that the nurse had come into the room for his physical! He had been thinking that it would just be the doctor. The youth quickly put his hands over his lap (even though he still had underpants on), since he was a teenaged boy, and a female nurse was present – looking straight at him!

“Hello Dustin,” the doctor said.

“Hello,” he said.

“How are you doing today?”

“O.K., I guess,” the boy replied, eyeing the nurse nervously. (He’d have felt a lot better if he had some clothes on.)

“How old are you, son?”

“Sixteen,” he said.

“Going into the eleventh grade this fall?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And … you’re here for what? Your high school physical?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Dustin’s mom has asked that he have a complete physical, doctor,” the nurse said.

“O.K., well, we can do that. Do you have any medical problems, Dustin? Ever been in the hospital?”

“No, sir.”

“O.K., good.” The doctor said Dustin was going to be getting a general physical exam. It would be a routine high school check-up – from “head-to- toe”. He explained that the check-up would take about thirty minutes or so..

The doctor then washed his hands while the nurse pulled a piece of thin, white paper over the exam table.

Dustin’s heart sped up when he looked over and saw the paper getting pulled onto the table. The clock was ticking and it was now almost time.

“How long since your last physical?” the doctor asked, as he dried his hands.

“I’m not sure,” the boy said nervously. “I guess when I was a little kid.”

“Why so long?” he asked.

“Uh, I don’t know,” the boy replied awkwardly. “I’ve just never been sick or anything.”

“Teenaged boys just don’t like coming to the doctor!” the nurse smiled.

“Well,” the doctor said, “we’ll start today - and get you on a schedule of doctor visits and check-ups every six months!” the doctor said.

At sixteen, Dustin was quite embarrassed at the prospect of getting this physical examination. He was particularly concerned that a nurse was going to be in the room while he was being examined - sitting there wearing only his underpants.

“O.K., get up on the table,” the doctor told him.

First thing, they wanted Dustin to hop up and sit on the side of the examination table, which he did. He sat in his briefs with his legs dangling over the side.

The doc checked his eyes, ears, nose, and throat.

“Open wide and say, ‘a-a-a-h’,” the doctor told him.

“A-a-a-a-h,” Dustin said. The doctor stuck a wooden stick down his throat and made him gag a little.

Then the doctor to his stethoscope and listened to Dustin’s heart and lungs. He used a rubber hammer to hit Dustin’s arms and knees two or three times, while the nurse made notes on the chart.

“Lie back, now.” The doctor pushed on his tummy while he lay on his back. This first part took about five or ten minutes. The nurse took his blood pressure while he was lying there on his back.

All of this was pretty harmless. But, of course, it was rather embarrassing to get it while he was wearing only underpants in front of a female.

Next, Dustin was told to get up and go through door off the exam room into a bathroom.

“Let’s get a urine specimen from you,” the doctor said, handing him a plastic cup. “Pee in this and bring it back to us.”

The doctor sent him in the bathroom, and Dustin had to pee in a jar that had his name on it. The doctor waited outside for him as he pulled out his penis and peed in the cup.

After he got the urine specimen, it was back to the exam room once again.

When they got back in the room, the doctor told Dustin it was time to do the main part of his physical exam.

“Alright, we need to have a look at the rest of you!” the doctor said. He glanced over and winked at the nurse.

“What’s next?” Dustin mumbled, scared out of his mind.

“Need to look at everything, now!” said the doctor.

The nurse straightened out the paper on the exam table. It had become wrinkled during the first part of Dustin’s check-up.

“Take the rest of your clothes off, Dustin,” the doctor said.

“Huh?” Dustin probably looked confused at.

“Slip off your underpants, Dustin!” the doctor said to him.

When he heard this, Dustin was shocked out of his mind - he turned red as a beet! At the age of sixteen, the shy high school youngster found himself totally embarrassed. It was bad enough to have to undress to his skivvies in front of the doctor! But now he was being told he was going to have to take off his underpants, too! And he was going to have to do it in front of a

female nurse! His face turned bright red when the doctor told him to get out of his briefs.

In spite of the fact that a woman was going to be in the room, the teenaged boy had to strip – completely naked.

“Uh … I gotta take off my underwear, too?” he grimaced in disbelief.

“Yes. Slide your jockey shorts off and put them on the chair!”

“Aw, jeez!” he moaned incredulously.

“Don’t be shy,” the doctor said. “Get the shorts off please.”

Very unenthusiastically, Dustin put his hands under the waistband of his briefs. He looked up at the doctor and nurse, then reluctantly lowered his underwear. He pulled them down his legs, and climbed out of the skivvies. With face flushing a bright red, he folded and put the white jockey shorts on a chair along with his other clothes. When he had removed his underpants, the adolescent stood there in the middle of the room butt naked – feeling completely humiliated. His teenaged dick was sticking out - dangling prominently in the open. Sixteen-year-old Dustin was totally exposed – right there in front of the nurse!

They looked him over for a few seconds - from head to toe – while the teenaged boy stood there naked in front of the two of them, uncertain about how to act. Then the doctor made him climb up and lie on his back on the exam table.

“Lie down on your back on the table,” the doctor said. He wanted to look at Dustin’s entire body, as he lay there unclothed. Red-faced with embarrassment at having to strip and appear naked, the boy lay back on the table and

underwent the examination completely in the raw.

Sixteen-year-old Dustin was now thoroughly mortified. There he was - a teenaged boy with a driver’s license – having to lie there butt-naked in front of a woman! He lay on his back, with his unruly teenaged dong sticking straight up in the air. His undershorts were lying useless on a chair along with his pants, shirt, and shoes.

“Don’t be too embarrassed, Dustin,” the doctor told him. “This is a normal part of the physical exam. Everybody gets this in high school.”

In spite of the doctor’s consolations, the youth felt extremely ashamed that the female nurse was getting to see him at age sixteen without any clothes on – and look at the entire spectacle of his burgeoning physique. She got a full view of his naked body – his growing crop of pubic hair – and his maturing teenaged cock and balls. Just the thought of lying there undressed in front of a woman – with his 16-year-old penis sticking up in full view – made his hair-trigger teenaged dick tingle and feel stiff.

With his undershorts off, the doctor and the nurse now got to survey the whole panorama of his 16-year-old figure.

“Let’s see what you’ve got here, Dustin,” the doctor said at first, just listening to his chest first and felt around on the upper part of his body..

But then things got worse.

“Alright,” the doctor said, “let’s check you down below!”

“Below?” he squeaked.

“Yeah. We need to check you between your legs, now,” he said, pointing to the boy’s groin.

Dustin lifted his head and looked down at himself. This was the part he had really dreaded!

The experience of lying naked on the table had taken its toll. They could both see that the teenaged boy was becoming a little “excited” after removing his clothes, taking off his underwear, and lying there nude for the physical exam. To his embarrassment, Dustin found that he was starting to get a slight “hard-on”.

But, even if they found it entertaining, they did not comment on the boy’s mildly tumescent state, and the doc proceeded to examine Dustin’s young (and accessible) dick.

The doc reached down, grabbed the teenaged boy right by his whang (to the youth’s horror), and started to pull on it – to feel Dustin off – all over the length of his penis. While the nurse looked on, the doctor ran his fingers across the shaft of the teen’s peter and groped around over the entire surface of Dustin’s stiffening cock.

Dustin closed his eyes and grimaced mightily as the examination of his peter proceeded. He couldn’t believe that they were doing this! They were checking out his teenaged whang! And, even more importantly, he couldn’t believe he was lying there sprouting a boner right there in front of them on the doctor’s examination table!

The doctor spent a few long minutes inspecting the teenager’s wiener from all angles - feeling the shaft, flipping it around, and looking at the pee hole. At the age of sixteen, Dustin’s dick was circumcised and about five or six inches long, but it was getting bigger as it began to stand up partially erect.

“Are you sexually active?” the doctor asked, squeezing the tip of the boy’s penis.

“No, sir,” Dustin responded, turning even redder.

After he finished with the boy’s penis, the doctor started to fondle the teenager’s scrotum.

“I need to examine your testicles, now, son,” he said.

“Ah, geez!” the boy moaned.

He clutched the adolescent’s gonads and ran his hands all over the boy’s loose sac, manipulating the youth’s balls in his fingers. He felt of each one carefully.

“Alright,” said the doctor. “Let’s check to see how your puberty is doing.”

He pulled a metal ruler out of his pocket and, at the same time, the nurse handed him a small leather bag. Out of the bag, the doctor took a string of beads and began to fondle the teenager’s balls with one hand while he felt of the beads with his other hand.

The nurse watched all of this being done between the legs of the sixteen-year-old boy.

The sensation of lying there naked having his testicles examined in front of a nurse made Dustin feel even more sexually excited – a sensation he could not control. When the doc finally finished checking the teenager’s whang and his nuts, the boy’s prick was stiff! Dustin’s pecker was erect and sticking straight up in the air.

Dustin was as red as a beet. It couldn’t get much more embarrassing than this – having your penis examined with a hard-on!

But then, the doctor told him it was time to “roll over”.

“Alright, let’s have you roll over, Dustin. Stretch out on your tummy, now,” he said. He told the teenaged boy to lie face down and spread his legs.

On his tummy, Dustin had to adjust his firm joystick under his abdomen, in order to be comfortable.

“I need to look at your bottom now,” the doctor said.

“Oh … O.K.,” the boy murmured.

As he said this, he could see the nurse taking a piece of clear Scotch tape from the microscope slide. This made him even more nervous. What the hell is that for?

Of all the parts of his body, Dustin was most sensitive and embarrassed about showing off his butt.

While the adolescent lay on his stomach, with his teenaged ass completely bare, the nurse came over and put her palms on his rear end.

“Just relax your seat, now, Dustin,” the nurse said, patting him on the ass. “Let’s see what you’ve got back here!”

Then, without warning, the nurse spread his butt cheeks open!

“Jeez!” he squeaked in disbelief. His eyes grew wide, he came up on his elbows, and he stared straight ahead at the wall, in shock, as she split his tail apart.

“Just relax, son,” the doctor said. “We need to check out your seat!” Then both of them looked inside – right at his exposed anus!

Dustin couldn’t believe this was happening! At the age of sixteen, nobody had ever looked at this part of his body. The naïve teen had never even thought about getting an anal examination before! He was totally humiliated to have to lie there naked on his stomach - and then to get his butt spread and show off his asshole like this!

Dustin had taken a shower that morning, and knew he was clean between his cheeks and around his hole. But he was highly embarrassed to have the doctor and the nurse spread his rear end – and then get a look at this mucky area of his body. He was afraid he would smell bad back there.

While the nurse held his seat open, the doctor leaned over and closely examined Dustin’s sixteen-year-old asshole. He stared right down into the boy’s open butt, looking all around, to see what the teenaged boy looked like back down in there.

“Any problems back here?” the doctor asked, inspecting the interior of the youth’s seat.

“Um, no, sir,” the boy squeaked.

At 16, Dustin had a very normal teenaged anus. The skin of his butt was pale and hairless, but deeper inside his crack, it grew darker, converging on a brown-colored area of damp stickiness that surrounded his orifice.

“You’re developing some hairs back here around your anus,” the doctor told him, probing at the boy’s anus with his finger and taking in the view. “Looks pretty typical for a sixteen-year-old boy.”

“Geez,” the boy winced, as his asshole was poked. He hated having his anus touched!

Around the inside of his crack, Dustin had a small shock of developing hairs that barely encircled the margins of his anus. They were dark-brown and very wiry. Nobody else had ever looked at these burgeoning curls before today! And nobody else knew what his asshole looked like besides the boy himself. Dustin didn’t like to think about what he looked like in the sticky center of his butt crack!

“How long have you had hair back here?” the doctor asked.

“I dunno,” the boy replied, becoming more embarrassed by the minute. “About a year I guess.”

“Well, everything looks pretty normal back here,” the doctor said.

They spent a few moments examining the entire scenery of the teenaged boy’s spread-open ass crack and his tailhole, and inspecting his kinky, newly sprung anal hairs.

“That’s a sign of sexual development,” the doctor quipped, as he got a closer look up the boy’s ass. “Standard equipment for a boy – at age sixteen!”

The nurse, of course, got to see it all too. And Dustin was humiliated that she was being permitted to view this smelly and embarrassing part of his body.

“You have much itching back here?” the doctor asked, pulling at a few of the teenager’s anal hairs.

“Not too much,” the boy whimpered

“But sometimes you do?”

“Yeah, once in awhile.”

“Alright, let’s get the Scotch tape, then,” the doctor said to the nurse. He released Dustin’s buttocks.

“Huh?” Dustin still lay flat on his stomach and looked back over his shoulder, confused and anxious at what might be coming next.

“Time for the pinworm swab?” she asked.

“Yeah, we need to tape him, now.”

“Here you go, doctor.”

He saw the nurse smile and hand the doctor a small, three-inch strip of cellophane tape.

“Thank you,” he told her.

“Um, what’s that for?” Dustin gulped nervously.

“I’ve just got to check you for pinworms, now,” the doctor said.

“Huh? Worms?”

“Yeah. Since you have a little itching sometimes – you’re going to get a pinworm test, now, Dustin.”

To the youth’s horror, the nurse put her own hands on top of his butt and spread his cheeks open once again.

“Aw, jeez!” he grimaced.

“Now just relax, and take some deep breaths,” the doctor told him. “This is a routine part of an adolescent boy’s physical.”

Then, the doctor took the Scotch tape. He bent it into a small arch and held it between the forefinger and thumb of his right hand.

“You ever had a pinworm test before, Dustin?” the doctor asked, putting his left hand on the small of the boy’s back and looking up and down his nude body.

“No, sir,” the teen groaned. He didn’t like this a bit!

“Well, I’m just going to swab you back here with the Scotch tape. This is to see if you have any problem with pinworms. The tape will pick up any eggs and we can see them under the microscope.”

The doctor held the tape firmly and began to apply the cellophane to the teenager’s spread-open rear end. With the adhesive tape in a bow, he brought it between the boy’s cheeks and pressed the sticky side right onto the gummy skin that encircled Dustin’s tightening tailhole.

“We’ll just swab you a little back here,” he said. Then he mashed the see-through tape into Dustin’s butt.

“A-a-a-a-h!” Dustin whined, as he felt his teenaged bottom violated.

The doctor poked Dustin right up his rear with the strip of cellophane. He pushed it against the skin of the boy’s anus. Then, with a yank, he pulled the tape back.

“Shr-l-l-i-i-ip!” The tape made a ripping noise as it came away from the teen’s anus.

“Whoaa!” Dustin winced. The tape stung Dustin’s rear as it gripped the anus and pulled at the skin and wiry butt hairs around the boy’s naked butt.

Gripping the tape between his thumb and forefinger, the pediatrician again probed with the strip at the center of the teen boy’s anus – swabbing on the boy’s hole with the cellophane about ten or twenty times, directly on the center.




“Yeowwch!” the boy grimaced again, tightening his buttocks against the feel of the tape. His body writhed in discomfort at the sensation of the pinworm test.

“Try to relax your bottom, Dustin,” the nurse instructed, holding his teenaged seat as wide apart as she could.




“Yeeoowch. Geez!” the boy whined.




The tape was pressed onto his asshole, then pulled off multiple times. It scraped and tugged uncomfortably at his sticky anus.




“I know this is a little embarrassing for a sixteen-year-old boy,” the doctor said, as he administered the pinworm test. “Most teenaged boys don’t like this exam.”




At the age of sixteen, Dustin absolutely hated this! He was humiliated to be lying there naked anyway - but getting a pinworm test? The adolescent boy lay there on his stomach - his butt sticking up in the air– feeling totally helpless and mortified that the doctor and the nurse were looking at him up his ass - at his tight teenaged tailhole – and giving him this disgraceful

examination of his anus. His face flushed with shame as he stared forward and felt the tape slurping between his cheeks.




Both of them stood by the table and got to watch the teenaged boy’s reaction as the young male lay there naked on his stomach and got Scotch tape test applied to his anus. The nurse held him apart and she got to observe everything while the doctor was probing him up his teenaged asshole!

“He’s a typical sixteen-year-old,” the nurse smiled. “Most of our high school guys would rather not get this exam!” She continued to hold his seat open as she observed Dustin’s tense little anus constrict with discomfort. His teenaged slit winced violently each time the Scotch tape touched the sensitive area inside his seat – while he was being given the pinworm test.

“Yeah, this is a pretty private place,” the doctor agreed.




“Haven’t you ever been given a pinworm test before?” the nurse asked.




“No, ma’am,” Dustin replied from the head of the table, his face burning with shame.




By the time the pinworm test was over, Dustin was literally squirming with embarrassment. His butthole felt sticky – chafing from the application of the Scotch tape – and he felt like he could crawl in a corner from shame!

The doctor put the used tape on the microscope slide and told the boy to go ahead and slide off the table.

“O.K., hop up for me.”

He made him stand at the end of the examination table and face the foot.

“Now, bend over!” he told the boy.

Dustin bent over the table.

“You’re going to get a rectal exam, now, Dustin,” the doctor told him.

The doctor was anything but easy in doing this. He had Dustin bend over the table naked, and the nurse got to watch the bare-assed teenager’s entire body squirm with mortification while he took his first rectal exam.

“Have you ever had a rectal exam before?” he asked, as he greased up his finger in the glove.

“No, sir,” Dustin replied.

The doctor spread the teenager’s cheeks apart with his left hand.

“I just need to check your rectum and your prostate,” the doctor explained.

Then, with a gently push, he inserted his right index finger straight up the teenaged boy’s asshole.

Dustin opened his mouth and his eyes grew wide in surprise! He had never had to take a rectal exam before. At age sixteen, the idea of getting a doctor’s finger stuck up your ass was the furthest thing from a boy’s mind! This examination felt horrible as the doctor’s finger wiggled right up into the tight opening of his adolescent bottom.

“This is a routine part of a teenager’s physical,” the nurse remarked. “All boys have to get this done!” She stood there staring at the features of Dustin’s body as he bent over the exam table naked.

He hated the fact that a woman was getting to see him stand there without any clothes on and have a finger shoved up his ass!

The physician felt around for a few minutes inside of Dustin’s rectum. He rotated his finger over the top and bottom of the teen’s asshole, then jammed his finger all the way in. At one point, when he examined the boy’s prostate, Dustin felt like he was going to ejaculate. By the time his first rectal exam was over, the teenaged boy was trembling all over in a state of shock!

The doctor withdrew his finger and rubbed it on a green card, which he handed to the nurse.

“That wasn’t too bad, was it?” he smiled.

Then, the doctor asked Dustin to turn around, facing him and the nurse. They looked at his developing cock and balls again when he did this. The doctor said it was time to check the teen boy for hernias.

“Give me a cough,” he said.

Dustin had to cough while the doctor felt his groin at the top of his scrotum.

“Again,” said the doctor.

Dustin coughed.

Even though his erection had subsided, for the most part, getting the hernia check made his dick start to rise again. Fortunately, though, this part of the exam was over in just a few seconds.

When his hernia exam was through, the doctor made him climb back up on the table.

“O.K., get up on the table and roll over on your stomach,” he told him.

Dustin had get back on the table and turn on his tummy again so that his butt was sticking up in the air.

“You’re going to get your school vaccinations now,” the nurse explained. She held one of the hypodermic syringes up in the air and thumped it.

When Dustin saw this, his heart started racing. He really hated shots! When he realized he was about to be given an injection, he tried to explain that he was up to date on all his immunizations.

“I’ve already had all my shots,” he said. “At the health department.”

Somehow, though, this feeble explanation seemed less than convincing, coming from a sixteen-year-old boy who was lying there naked on his stomach with his butt stuck up in the air.

“It doesn’t matter,” the nurse said curtly. “You’re going to get three school shots today. We vaccinate all boys in the tenth grade. So just get yourself ready!”

“Where are you going to give them?” he asked, trying to maintain his composure.

“You’ll get all three shots in your bottom,” the nurse replied impatiently. “Teenaged boys get their school shots in the seat!”

“Aw, geez!”

Then, the nurse came over and rubbed the side of his right ass cheek with an alcohol pad.

“Now take a deep breath in,” she said.

Dustin inhaled and held his breath.

“One!” the nurse said, plunging the first needle in. Then, she quickly picked up the second needle.

“And two!” as the other hypo found its target.

She gave him the two shots, one after the other – both in the right butt cheek. Dustin winced with pain as each of the two needles penetrated deeply into his rear end.

“Now for the third shot,” she said. Following this, she dabbed his left buttock.

“Three!” she called, and stuck the third needle, with the purple medicine, into the left side of his bare bottom.

All of the shots hurt really badly when they were injected into the muscles of his wiry teenaged seat. Even though he was sixteen years old, Dustin felt like a baby, and he was almost in tears, after he got three school shots in his bare ass.

The whole experience was very scary and upsetting to Dustin.

After he had watched the frightened teenaged boy get his schools shots, all administered in the butt, the doctor said, with a smile on his face, “O.K., you can slide back into your underwear. Get dressed now. Our office will send you a copy of our finding, so you can get into high school this fall.”

While Dustin put his underwear and school clothes back on, they went next door to do a physical on another teenaged boy.