Enemas My Wife Gave Me

This is a true story about the first time my wife gave me an enema disciplining. She was very imaginative, and liked to live out various fantasies, especially ones where she gave me enemas. She later told me that this particular fantasy was very real for her. She actually felt that she was living her character as she punished her naughty boy. It seemed very real to me, too.

“Have you been naughty?” she asked. I knew she was working up to something. She came over and put an arm around my neck. She whispered, “I asked you if you’ve been naughty?” Her other hand began rubbing the front of my pants. There was a stirring.

Her smile was slightly wicked as she chuckled, “Yes, I can tell that you’ve been naughty. I’m going to have to punish you. Go up to the bedroom and get undressed. I’ll be right up, and you’d better be naked.”

Not saying a word, I obediently did as I was told. I was a little apprehensive, but also excited. I knew she was going to give me an enema disciplining. We had talked about acting out this fantasy before. It would be fun, up to a point, but I expected that she was going to push my limits.

When she came into the bedroom, she was wearing a pretty pink dress. She was smiling that wicked smile. “I’m going to take all that naughtiness out of you,” she said. It felt embarrassing to be naked in front of her like this, as she remained dressed.

She went into the bathroom and got a big towel. She threw it to me from the doorway and told me to spread it on the bed. I knew from experience where she wanted it. When she gave me enemas on the bed, she would sit in the middle of it with her back resting on some pillows against the headboard, and I would be stretched across her lap. The towel would be under us to protect from spills.

I readied the bed as she prepared an enema. When she was finished she opened the door and handed me a jar of Vaseline and a pair of rubber gloves. She brought out a large pan full of soapy water. Floating in the pan was a bulb syringe. My stomach fluttered. I’m not sure why, but when she used the bulb syringe, I always had a lot of cramping as I expelled. I suspected that it was because some air always got in me when she did it that way.

She positioned herself on the bed. She lifted up her dress, exposing her naked thighs, and rubbed some Vaseline on the inside of her thighs. Wordlessly, she looked up at me, and patted her leg as a signal for me to get into position. As I stretched across her lap she guided my erection between her lubricated thighs and squeezed them together. She made me reach back and put my hands under her, palms up. I could squeeze the back of her leg with one hand, the other was holding one of her bottom cheeks. It felt nice. She asked if I was comfortable, and instructed me to stay in that position until I was told otherwise.

I heard her put on the rubber gloves and fill the syringe with the first bulb of soapy water. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her apply Vaseline to the black nozzle. “I’m using the same nozzle your mother used on you when you were a child. I want you to feel just like a naughty boy who’s being disciplined by his mommy. You will call me Mommy until your disciplining is complete. Do you understand?”

I had some difficulty with this. “Yes………Mmm…..Mommy.”

“Very good. I’m going to give you a very real enema disciplining. I’m going to make it as embarrassing and distressing as I can. I want you to feel like you literally are a child being punished. You’d better fuss and squirm like a child as I give you your enemas, and it better not be phony. Don’t you dare hold back. I’m going to fill you until you’re begging me to stop. If you feel like crying, just go ahead and do it. Do you understand?”

“Yesss….Mommy.” At first, I wondered if she was serious about the fussing and crying. It would mean that she intended to make it more distressing than ever before. On second thought, I knew she was absolutely serious, and that I’d better demonstrate how it really felt.

“Now I want you to tell me that you’ve been a naughty boy, and you need an enema.”

Silence……..I couldn’t believe this was happening. It really was humiliating.

“Go ahead. Say it. Say I’ve been a naughty boy, Mommy. I need an enema. Say it, or I’ll do some things to you that you really won’t like.”

“Mmmommy……I’ve been a….naughty….boy.” Saying the words was really hard.

“Not good enough. Now, ask me to PLEASE GIVE ME AN ENEMA, MOMMY.” She sounded very determined.

As humiliating as it was I knew I’d better do it. “Mommy, please give me an enema.”

“Very well.” She pulled open my cheeks. I could feel the cool nozzle against my opening. Gently, she slipped it into me. She pumped it in and out. I began to squirm on her lap. Suddenly, she plunged it all the way in, and firmly crushed the bulb, forcing the contents into me all at once. I gasped and my feet jerked up off the bed. She chuckled.

She removed the nozzle, and refilled the syringe. Again and again, she refilled the bulb and inserted the nozzle into me. I squirmed, groaned, and gasped on her lap, my stiff cock getting even more aroused from the rubbing. She laughed at her naughty little boy, and continued the enema. I fussed and bucked, begging her to stop. “Just one more,” she giggled. In went the nozzle. After a little screwing, she pushed it in all the way and crushed the bulb. It was agonizing.

As she withdrew the nozzle, I began to get up. She pushed me back down. “You can take one more,” she said, and refilled the syringe. Again I felt the nozzle slip into me. This time, after she squeezed the bulb, I had to get to the toilet. As I jumped up and ran for the bathroom, she giggled again, “Aww come on, you can take one more.” I slammed the door, and jumped for the toilet.

About 20 minutes later I emerged from the bathroom, feeling drained. She was waiting for me on the bed. She had me lay down beside her to rest for a few minutes. As I lay there she coaxed my cock to back to attention. “This is nasty,” she said. “I’m going to have to give you some more enemas for it. Come on.”

I followed her back into the bathroom. Her dress was heightening my feelings of vulnerability. She spread a towel out on the floor in front of the toilet, and removed the four quart enema bag from the cabinet. It had a 30 inch long French #32 colon tube attached to it. She had me get into the knee chest position on the floor over the towel and began filling the big bag. I’d never been able to take it all, and hoped that she didn’t intend to make me take it all this time. I was really worried about it.

When it was full she hung it from the hook next to the shower. Then, she got into position between my legs. She applied Vaseline to the first four or five inches of the nozzle and began the insertion. Slowly, inch by inch I felt the long nozzle penetrate me. When it came to a curve she would pull it back a little, release the flow, and work it back and forth until it was past the curve. Then, she’d shut it off and continue slipping it into me. Finally, it was all the way in.

She opened the clamp. The water gushed into me. She began screwing me with the last few inches of the nozzle. Suddenly, I felt her hand around my throbbing cock. She began pumping me as she screwed me with the nozzle. She told me to squirm for her. I abandoned myself to what I was feeling.

“You want Mommy to give you an enema, don’t you?”

I was beyond feigning dissent. “Yes Mommy. Please give me the enema,” I gasped. I could tell that she was delighted by my squirming and groaning.

“Do you want Mommy to milk out your naughty cum?”

“Yes Mommy. Please make me cum.” Right then, I wanted to cum more than anything.

“Not yet. You’ll cum when I want you to cum, and not before.”

Periodically, she stopped the flow, not only to let the pressure subside, but to prolong the remedy. Finally, I was full and needed release. She stopped the flow, but wouldn’t remove the nozzle. “Say more,” she ordered. “No more,” I pleaded. Silence……………. After some time, “Say more,” she repeated. “No,” I responded. More silence………….. I began to feel the pressure ease up. “Say more,” came the command. Relenting, “More,” I responded. She giggled, “Okay, you asked for it.”

Click went the clamp. I was almost beside myself in agony. “Shut it off. Shut it off.” She could tell I’d reached my limit. She closed the clamp and slowly removed the long nozzle. I jumped for the toilet. I could see that I’d taken about three quarts. As she left the room she turned back to me and said, “When you’re done, I want you to clean up the equipment, and refill the enema bag.”

It was nearly half an hour before I opened the door. The full enema bag was hanging from the hook. She got up from the bed and came into the bathroom. She took hold of my cock and began working it until it was once again hard. “Okay,” she said. “Back into position.”

As before she slowly worked the long nozzle into me as I groaned and squirmed. It took about half a quart of water to get the nozzle all the way in. She began screwing me with it as before. Reaching between my legs, she began slowly pumping my erect cock.

“I want you to cum for Mommy.” She speeded up the manipulations. “Come on naughty boy. Squirm for Mommy.” I began to respond shamelessly. “You don’t have any choice. I’m going to make you cum. Squirm for me. Here it comes. I can feel it. You’re going to cum for Mommy.”

I was groaning and bucking as my cum erupted onto the towel.

“Yes, yes. Cum for Mommy. That’s a good boy. I’ll milk out all your naughty cum.”

Finally, it was over. The good feelings were gone now. I wanted her to remove the nozzle, but she just laughed and pushed my head back down on the floor. “You’re going to take your enema now.”

She knew I hated enemas after my orgasm. But, I couldn’t stop her. She knew what I did like, and that gave her the control she loved. Click. It was quiet and still in the room as the enema flooded into me. This time, she was very gentle, but also very firm. The enema seemed to take an eternity. Finally, it was over and I was released. Once again I had taken about three quarts. As she left the room she told me to clean up the equipment and put it away when I was finished.

When I finally came out she was very affectionate. I was spent and she knew it. She asked me if I had liked my disciplining. I told her that I had enjoyed most of it. “Good,” she said, “because I liked it too. And, I’m going to do it to you every month or two from now on.”

Note: Twice during our marriage she managed to get the full four quarts into me. She discovered that the trick was to give me a cleansing enema, then wait for a couple hours for my intestines to settle down. When she actually did manage to get four quarts into me it was fairly comfortable, and I was surprised when she told me I had taken it all.