Eric Gets Enemas

For Spring Break this year, my 15 year old son Eric went camping for a week with the family of one of his friends. When he returned home from the 5 day excursion, he was VERY constipated. He shared with me that he had not been able to have a bowel movement during the whole trip because he was embarrassed and needed more privacy. Eric was in agony, telling me it felt like he was sitting on a huge, sharp rock; so, for first time in his life, I gave him an enema. I noticed he became erect during it. I was embarrassed, but I didn’t acknowledge either my embarrassment or his erect penis. I wondered though if I should teach him how to administer enemas to himself or if it is okay for me to continue to assist a boy his age.

Well it hasn’t quite been two weeks yet, and he complained to me last night that he was terribly constipated. Having not yet decided if I should just give it to him or teach him to do it himself, I postponed my decision by telling him we’d see how he felt in the morning. I had been a little apprehensive that he might have been traumatized by his first enema experience, but apparently that was not the case. I realized after he went to bed that it would be a mistake to wait to give him an enema until before school in the morning.

Having decided to go ahead and wake him immediately because he’d only been in bed for 30 minutes, I prepared a warm, sudsy enema for him.

Since he was pretty groggy, I gave the enema to him right there in his bed (a bathroom adjoins his room). I put a plastic trash bag under the sheet in case of an accident. He was extremely cooperative. I hung the bag from a hook on his bookshelves. Eric positioned himself on the bed with his face down on the pillow and his bottom straight up in the air. It looked like he was praying to Mecca! I had only turned on a night lamp, so it was pretty dim, which I thought was conducive to him staying calm and relaxed.

I started out the same way I did when I gave him his first enema nearly two weeks ago; I plunged my index finger into my jar of Vaseline before pushing it gently into his bottom. For a couple of minutes I just pushed my finger in and out, to get his sphincter used to the intrusion.

I talked very sweetly to him then, telling him momma was going to make her boy feel better. He seemed to enjoy having my finger as far into his bottom as I could push it; he was trembling slightly. I noticed that his penis was no longer just hanging there, but it was not fully erect yet.

With my free hand I retrieved the enema nozzle so it could be slid into Eric’s bottom as soon as I removed my finger. I made it a pretty quick transition from my finger to the black nozzle invading his bottom. Once the warm water began its flow into his bottom, I noticed that Eric was squirming a little and that his penis was then completely hard. I wasn’t sure if he was squirming from discomfort or because of his arousal, so I guided his right hand to his erection and squeezed his hand before releasing it so he’d know it was okay with me for him to enjoy his erection.

As he stroked himself while the enema filled him up, I put on one of those yellow Playtex kitchen gloves and dipped my finger into the Vaseline again. I told him to squeeze his cheeks together tightly when I pulled out the nozzle. I immediately poked my finger back into his bottom; it felt quite different with the thick rubber glove on. I reminded him he’d have to hold his enema for about five minutes, so the stool could soften enough to be expelled easily.

It was quite a tender moment between us as he masturbated while my forefinger plugged his bottom. Masturbating certainly seemed to take his mind off the urge to expel the enema. When his pace was fast and furious, I told him just to pretend that I was not there. :) He seemed to be trying not to make much noise, but I knew when he was on the verge of ejaculating. I kept my hand in place and quietly reminded him to keep his bottom tightly clenched around my finger. I was a little nervous that as he shot his load he would lose control and make a huge mess. Luckily, he was able to both retain the enema and achieve an orgasm.

It was a little awkward, but I kept my finger deep inside him as we made our way to the toilet. Just before he sat down, I pulled my finger out. He grunted and groaned as he had a most explosive bowel movement; Eric was clearly very relieved.

For his rinse enema, I just had him kneel right there on the bathroom floor. It was getting pretty late and it was a school night for him, so there was no prolonged lubricating and retaining of this second enema.

While he cleaned himself up, I left the room with the equipment I had brought in. I came back to say goodnight to him a few minutes later, and he was already in bed. As I turned off the night lamp, I asked him if he felt better. He just smiled and said, “Yeah, I sure do. Thanks Mom.”

It was a very intimate experience. Hopefully, Eric’s digestive system will get back to normal, but it’s nice to be needed. Teenagers tend to be independent to a fault, so I was glad to be back in the role of caretaker for my son. I told him to let me know if he became constipated again. I have a feeling he won’t hesitate to ask for my assistance in the future.