Examination at School

I was 16 at the time. It was last term at school. I remember the day the school doctor came to examine us. I knew I was going to be examined because I had to take a form home to my parents which informed them of the visit and they had to sign it to say they agreed to my being examined by the school doctor.

We were called out from class one at a time in alphabetical order. I was one of the last in our class to be called, only two others were after me.

Whilst I was walking down the corridor towards the examination room I found my self wondering if it was true what the other boys had said. Would I have to take my trousers down? I hoped not, it would be embarrassing. I suspected the other boys only said that to tease me. I did not really believe them.

The first time a school doctor examined me was when I was 6, and it was a lady doctor. Although she did not take my trousers down, she did quickly slip her hands down the front of my pants and felt my dick, but I was too young to realize what had happened. I had been examined by school doctors twice since that occasion and at neither time had I had to remove more than my shirt and vest, there was certainly no attempt to examine any part of me below the waist.

Coming towards me was a boy, on his way back from the doctor. I asked him if he had to take his trousers down. All he said was wait and see. I must admit to being a little bit nervous at the thought. When I got to the examination room there were two boys already in there, one being examined by the doctor and the other getting dressed. The doctor was sitting at a table behind a small screen, and a nurse was sorting some forms.

She asked me my name, and then told me to strip to down to my underwear, and remove my socks and shoes. All I had left on was my boxer shorts.

So this is what they meant, when they said I would have to take my trousers down. But there was nothing to get worried about, my boxers hid everything.

The nurse weighed me and checked my height, made me read letters from a card, and read numbers from a book of colored dots.

I heard the boy behind the screen coughing. A few seconds later, the doctor told him to get dressed. He came out from behind the screen and winked at me. Then I went behind the screen where the doctor was waiting.

I had to sit on a chair whilst he took my blood pressure, looked in my ears and down my throat. I had to cross my knees as he tested my knee jerk reaction, then stretch my legs out straight as he scratched the soles of my feet. I was aware that the slit in my boxers had opened slightly. As I looked down I could see the base of my dick. I hoped he had not noticed.

Next I had to stand by the side of his table. As I stood up the slit in the front of my boxers closed, restoring my modesty. My chest was sounded and thumped, I felt my nipples begin to harden and tingle as his hand brushed lightly over them.

There were two marks on the floor about 18” apart. I was told to stand with one foot on each. I felt like a soldier standing at ease. The doctor came round to the side of me and put one hand in the small of my back, and with the other started to press and feel my stomach.

As his hands moved lower to the top of my boxers, he slipped them just inside the elastic waistband and slid them down to my knees. He did it so quickly, and without any warning that I was taken completely by surprise. I looked down in embarrassment, this was the first time anyone had ever done anything like this to me.

He moved round to face me, his right hand slid between my legs. It was at this point that I appreciated the purpose of the two marks on the floor. With my legs nicely astride, my scrotum hanging down freely, my balls loosely suspended inside, there they were, nestled in the palm of his hand. He started to feel my balls very gently but thoroughly, one at a time. I found my initial feeling of embarrassment at being naked in front of a perfect stranger beginning to give way to one of pleasure as he continued to fondle my balls. I felt the beginning of an erection. Then, supporting them in one hand, he pushed a finger up behind my scrotum, pressing quite hard told me to cough.

I did, but I felt myself getting harder, and not being able to control it.

All shyness had now passed, I was enjoying the sensation. I could only hope that I would not have an orgasm. He then placed his hand round my shaft, squeezed it a little, and stretched it foreword, relaxing his grip. He then slid his hand along its underside, and with two fingers supporting the tip he brushed my helmet in a circular motion with his thumb.

By now I was fully hard. All six inches pointing out at 90 degrees. It did not seem to worry him. He finally cupped his two hands under my scrotum and sliding them upwards, one each side with the tips of his fingers brushing the underside of my shaft. His left hand remained on the underside of my shaft, supporting it lightly. Without any warning, with his right hand he reached for an aerosol spray on his table and sprayed my dick with something that was very cold. My erection collapsed like a pricked balloon.

“OK, get dressed,” he said. I pulled my boxers up from around my ankles and went to get dressed.

Maurice; the boy who had entered after me, was being checked by the nurse, I glimpsed his snugly fitting Y fronts.

He glanced at me as he went behind the screen and caught my eye, he raised his eyebrows in question. He had obviously heard the spray and no doubt wondered what it was.