Examining Genie

The Doctor entered the room where his female patient was sitting.

“Hello, Genie, I am Doctor James, and I’ll be treating you” he said softly, yet firmly. “I know you have special needs that you wish to explore. In order to do that, I need your full cooperation, can I count on it?” he asked.

“Yes, Doctor,” was her simple reply.

“Good. Now please disrobe and stand for me.” the Doctor instructed. He watched as Genie shyly unfastened her robe and laid it on the chair. He noted her fine body and the goosebumps that belied her slight nervousness.

“Don’t be afraid Genie, I won’t harm you in any way that you do not wish. I have seen many naked women and have taken care of many special needs. Yours are not at all unusual, so there is no need for fear or concern that I will not understand your desires or will consider them evil.”

The short speech, uttered softly, helped soothe the patient’s jagged nerves. That, was absolutely essential. Every patient was special and none were strange. Making each of them feel at ease was as much a part of making them enjoy the treatment as was each nuance of the procedures themselves. Doctor James prided himself in being able to set his patients at ease.

Treating this lovely creature would be a great pleasure. She was a fine looking woman and her questionnaire indicated that she had desires that matched those of the Doctor to a tee.

“Genie, we will begin by examining your breasts,” began the Doctor as he slipped on a pair of surgical latex gloves. “Please raise you arms over your head and fold them behind your neck.”

The Doctor stepped over and admired the fullness of Genie’s ripe womanly globes. He extended his gloved hand and beginning at the outermost edge slowly traced a circular path around the soft flesh of each breast. Using a touch as light as a feather he traced a slow spiral with his fingertips. At each motion his fingers drew nearer and nearer to Genie’s nipples. Long before he had even reached her twin areolae, he noted that her nipples had engorged and were fully hard.

“You have lovely breasts, Genie, and they seem very responsive. That, is very good. Now we must test to see how well you can withstand pain.”

He took each of her swollen nipples between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed them lightly. At first he merely tugged and milked them allowing the slight pressure to build. Gazing into Genie’s eyes, he watched her pupils dilate slightly and note that her breath rate was increasing a tiny bit. Slowly and carefully he pinched each engorged nubbin harder watching for the telltale signs of going too far. She did not indicate any in the least. Yes, she was responsive, but no she wasn’t in a state of panic. Squeezing each nipple as tightly as he could, he lifted Genie’s heavy breasts using only her nipples to hold them. This brought a sharp intake of air and a slight trickle of a tear swelled in her eyes. Painful delight, but no real harm. He was pleased.

“Genie, you are a good girl and have not lied to us.” He reassured the lovely miss. “Let’s see how much more you can take, is that okay”.

“Yes, Doctor” she replied, her voice quiet yet respectful.

With that, the Doctor instantly released both nipples, watching the reaction as he did so. He knew that there would be a strong burning sensation in both of Genie’s breasts as the blood flowed back into her nipples.

“Ahhhh” was Genie’s only outward response. Perfect, thought the Doctor, she has very good resistance to medium pain.

“You are doing very well, Genie,” the Doctor reassured her. “Shall we proceed to the next part of your examination?”

“Yes please, Doctor. I’d like that very much,” was her firm even reply.

“Good, that is good. Before we proceed, however, I must ask you to put on some special garments for me. Will you do that?” he asked.

“Yes, of course Doctor, anything you like.”

With that the Doctor opened a closet and searching through the array of shiny rubber hanging inside took down a single hook.

“Please put on all the items. I think you will find that they will fit you just right. If you need it, here is some talcum powder that will make it easier to slip the tight latex over your body.” He said as he handed her the jar.

Sitting on the chair, he watched as Genie donned each piece of apparel. She had to struggle to fit her womanly flesh into each of the tight rubber items. He was certain she was familiar with all of them and wondered if she had ever seen ones made of black rubber latex before.

He admired her at length. “Genie, you look heavenly delicious, it really does suit you.” the Doctor commented. “See for yourself,” he added “just how exotic you now are”.

With that, he stepped aside revealing a full length mirror and allowed Genie to see herself clad in latex. The bra with nipple cutouts accentuated her full ripe breasts and forced each areola and nipple to protrude. The girdle and full length stockings covered her lower body yet left all her most vulnerable and delicious female assets exposed for further investigation. The opera length gloves confined her hands and arms and merely accentuated her compliance.

Of course, the Doctor knew full well that the tight latex helped heighten the patient’s sense of submission and servitude.

The added bonus, for him at least, was that the rubber added to his own pleasure and sense of domination. The swelling of his penis inside his own garments attested to that. Fortunately, the long white coat would screen that from Genie’s’ view until just the proper moment.

“Yes, Doctor, it does make me look and feel sexy.”

“That, is very good, my dear,” he intoned surely and barely above a whisper “you will find that you will really come to enjoy it even more. Next we must take your temperature. Come here and turn around facing away from me.” He commanded softly yet firmly.

She did as instructed and he took the time to admire the soft globes of her buttocks. Creamy smooth and deliciously shaped they bore not a single blemish. “Now, my sweet, bend forward and part your cheeks for me.”

He took in the exquisite view of her vulnerably exposed womanhood. Her labia parted slightly to reveal the inner folds of her vaginal area. He noted the deep brown and mauve shades of her nether region. Her tiny pinkish brown anus was also fully within his gaze. Its slightly wrinkled texture inviting further examination, but that would come later. As much as he wanted to touch her and explore her, he resisted for the moment. His swelling penis, however, signaled that he was indeed enthralled with her intimate charms.

He took a rectal thermometer from his pocket and began to trace patterns over her soft flesh. He teased the metal tip over her buttocks, along the cleft of her exposed cheeks, up and down the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, and then gently between the folds of her vaginal lips. As he had expected, the bulbed tip picked up moist juices there and making best use of those, he gently placed it against her anus. Slowly and teasingly he twirled the thermometer slightly as he slid it inside her bottom.

All the while, his patient had stood awkwardly holding herself open to his gaze and teasing. Her gloved hands parting her bottom looked so erotic in their skin tight covering of black latex. He struggled to maintain composure and to keep his breathing regular, but his cock was absolutely rigid the whole time.

When he knew he was about to give into the urge to lean forward and suck and lick her creamy cheeks, her gloved hands, and her beautiful twin openings, he slid the thermometer from her and told her to stand up.

“All looks normal, my sweet, now please climb onto the examination table.”

He helped her get up on the step stool and lie back on the red rubber cushions.

“Now, we must secure you for your safety. We wouldn’t want you to get too excited and fall to the hard floor.”

He fastened a belt around her waist and another just below her rubber clad breasts. Then each arm was strapped in at the wrist, and again just above the elbow. Finally, each leg was lifted into a padded leg rest and each latex encased heel into a stirrup and locked in place by yet another strap.

“Now, Genie, we have only two more devices to attach, and then we can proceed.”

With that brief explanation the Doctor showed Genie her penis gag. He placed the cock like tip against her ruby lips and eased it into her mouth. He then fastened it in place. “Now, you can see that even though your mouth is filled, you can still easily breathe through your nose. Nod if all is okay,” he instructed.

Genie responded with vigorous up and down motion of her head.

“Good.” Said the Doctor. “You will find that by breathing faster and sucking harder on the rubber penis, your future pain can be accurately gauged and the treatment adjusted accordingly. Is that clear?”

He placed a small push-button device in one of her gloved hands.

“My sweet dear, I am about to take you places you’ve not been. I will do so in a way that pleases you and hurts so good that you will never forget it. However, I will not go too far. If the pain is too much, push the button and we will stop, is that clear? If so, nod and test the button to assure it works.”

Once again she nodded assent and they both listened to the buzzer sound as she tried the safety alarm.

“Fine, but I see your nipples are no longer hard. We’d better fix that so we can get onto other things.”

Tending eagerly to his task, the Doctor once again made use of his feather touch to arouse Genie. Stroking the nipples with the flat of his palm, the smooth soft latex of his gloves soon brought about the intended result.

Once the nipples began to swell, he lowered his lips to each in turn. He flicked his tongue back and forth on each one, and sucked nosily like a feeding babe. As each got harder, he bit down on them, no hard, but enough to jolt Genie. He was rewarded by increased breathing and sucking responses from Genie’s gag. Happy with his work, he took time to select clamps for her nipples. He took a pair that would not squeeze her sensitive flesh too hard, but ones that would cause some slight pain. He them clamped each swollen nipple and attached the adjoining chain to an overhead bar.

He watched Genie closely as he tightened the chain, stretching each clamped nipple as far as he could without tearing the flesh or causing her pain to go beyond what she could handle. He prided himself in taking patient’s to the edge, and counted it a great sin to ever hear the buzzer. He also knew that with this beautiful specimen of femininity, it would be easy to go too far.

“Now, we shall begin the rest of your treatment my dear Genie.”

With that, he seated himself at the foot of the examining table. As he expected, Genie’s labia were well swollen. He would say little now, and would allow his being hidden from her view to work to his advantage in treating her. He began by simply tickling her lightly along the cleft lines of her buttocks and up the inner thighs. As always, the flesh sprung thousands of goose pimples. There was an accompanying quick breath or two, but that subsided almost instantly. Yes, he thought, she was ready and willing.

Gently, he spread apart the outer lips of her pussy. Her inner lips were fully engorged, deeply hued, and they were slick with her own juices. He would have been deeply disappointed had then not been.

Opening the drawer in the end of the table, he dipped his gloved fingers into the bowl of slightly scented glycerin. With great care and practiced ease, he slid his index finger straight into Genie’s waiting vagina. Working it slowly in and out, he felt the smooth wet texture and incredible heat that were contained inside her gorgeous body. Feeling that she was quite relaxed, he eased his middle finger in as well. Slowly at first then with a slightly increased tempo, he fingered her pussy. He listened as her breathing increased slightly but knew she was not sucking hard on the penis gag. Arousal, but no pain.

He placed his ring finger at the opening and slowly pushed all three slippery rubber clad digits in. The sucking began at once. Slowly he eased back out, then again back in. Out and in, out and in, gauging each time how much he could stretch her open without setting off the buzzer.

Leaning forward, he once again parted the lips and flicking out his tongue, aimed directly for her clitoris. Genie contracted her muscles tight around his fingers at the first electric touch of his wet tongue. He had anticipated this and had his fingers barely inside her vagina at the time. As the contraction passed and his tongue kept dancing, he slid them back in. In a few minutes, he had her breathing deeply, sucking furiously, and that with all three fingers as far up her lovely wet pussy as he could reach. He then reached with his other hand and pinched the cheeks of her ass. She was close to orgasm.

With that, he removed the fingers and stopped licking. Taking time to savor the taste of her and lick it from both his lips and gloved fingers, he waited before proceeding.

“Genie, you are doing very well. You have taken three fingers inside your womanly chamber. Many cannot get even that far. You are doing well. Now, we’ll advance to the next step.”

He looked up to watch Genie nodding assent and clenching and unclenching her gloved hands. She had been close to orgasm, the teasing would only make it sweeter once she was allowed to climax.

He once again dipped his hand into the glycerin but this time he placed the tip of his right index finger against Genie’s incredibly lovely backdoor opening. Slowly, he drew tiny circles around the textured bud. Gently, almost imperceptibly the circles grew smaller and smaller until he could feel the entrance through the skin thin rubber. With delicate pressure, he slipped his gloved finger inside her. Watching closely and intently as the shiny latex disappeared in her most intimate hole. She immediately clamped her anal sphincter tight around this intruding digit, but there was too much lubrication to prevent it entering her ass. Slowly he slid it past the tight ring of muscle and inside her hot smooth rectum. As he expected, the probing finger found a harder mass high inside her.

“Genie, we have a small problem here.” he told her, matter of factly. “I am going to be forced to administer an enema to you before we can go any farther.”

With that, he removed his finger, peeled off the gloves, and stood up. He moved to her side and took the gag from her mouth. “Genie, Genie, my dear Genie, you were told to give yourself an enema before you came for treatment. Why didn’t you do that?”

“Oh Doctor, please don’t be mad at me. I have never given myself an enema before and didn’t know how to do it. Please, please don’t be mad.”

“No, Genie, I am not mad. I will show you how to do it, so that this does not happen again. But, you should have told us. I will have to punish you for not telling us.” He gave Genie a drink of cold water and then put her gag back in place.

The Doctor disappeared and smiled to himself. He knew full well that Genie had chosen not to give herself the enema. As a nurse herself, she most certainly knew how, and she had been warned that failing to do so would result in punishment. Clearly, she really was a submissive.

Returning with a cart he stopped beside the table. “Since this is your first offense, the punishment will be light.” Taking a length of thick surgical tubing, he stood on one side of the table and whipped Genie’s breasts. He swung hard and sure, knowing full well that the tubing would make more noise and dramatic effect than it would cause pain. The slap of rubber on rubber was like a crack of nearby thunder.

This would tell all. If she rang the buzzer, then the session would be done. If she overcame the visual terror and took the mild punishment, then her delight would continue. She did not know this, of course, and telling her would have affected an honest reaction.

True to form, she barely flinched. Yes she sucked hard, these were after all not love taps, but she never even placed her thumb near the button. Six strokes were administered onto each rubber clad breast. Even though tears welled in her eyes, and ran down her cheeks, she never wavered.

“Genie, my dear sweet beautiful Genie. You took your punishment so well, I will be extra careful to give you a delightful enema.” the Doctor whispered in her ear as he brushed away her tears and stroked her soft cheeks.

Standing, he wheeled the tray in front of her. Opening a box, he produced a special enema bulb. Showing it to her, he explained that it was indeed special. It held much more water than the kind she could get at the pharmacy, and each of the beads along the thin black nozzle would tease her as the bulb was inserted and then removed. Even better, she was told that as a gift of the Doctor, she could take it home and use it as she needed to. In fact, she could use it to give herself future enemas before she came back for treatments.

“Yes,” he told her, “you are welcome back for treatments any time you desire them. You are a fine woman and a fine submissive. I will have you back any time you want to come.”

Turning once again to the tray, he took out and unfolded a rubber apron. Slipping it in place and tying the waist, his erection clearly showed. He saw that Genie noticed it and thought that she was smiling inside her gag. At very least, her eyes were smiling. He then pulled on a long pair of thin red rubber gloves, making a production of snapping the latex into place and smoothing all the wrinkles from the tight rubber. He picked up the bulb and went to the sink. Running the water he expertly filled the syringe and expelled all the air. Brandishing it aloft, he let her have a good look at the red bulb and long slender rectal nozzle. He also filled a bowl with steamy water and returned to the examining table.

“Genie this is the hard black nozzle that I am going to force into your bottom. You cannot stop me from sticking it up you, nor can you stop the injection of hot water into your rectum.”

Standing near her, he carefully greased the nozzle making sure that she could see the black shiny intruder that would soon invade her most secret place.

He sat again at the stool and lowered the bottom panel on the table. Genie’s buttocks were completely exposed as he set down the bulb. Even though she didn’t really need it, he took great delight in exquisitely re-lubricating her anus and rectum. All the while, he told her at each step what he was doing.

“It is very important that you are well greased anytime you insert something into your rectum Genie. The flesh is very delicate and we do not want to tear you there.” He told her as his finger slid in and out of her tight little bunghole.

“Now, I will introduce the enema nozzle into your rectum, Genie. It will feel only slightly uncomfortable going in and will not hurt. Each of the three raise beads will feel very nice as it enters, and the last one will be your indication that the nozzle is deep enough. Let’s count them.”

He placed the tip against her anus and slid it home. “One,” as the tip pushed in, “two,” as the middle bead disappeared inside, “and, three” as the final bead made its way past her tight anus.

“And now, we begin the enema itself.” He stood and watched intently. “The water is hot, but will not burn you. Even so, your body will want to eject the it, you cannot let that happen. You will feel a strong urge to expel the hot water, Genie. You must fight it and must clamp down tight so none of the water escapes. If it does, we will have to begin again.”

Slowly, ever so slowly, he squeezed the massive bulb and forced the steamy water into her ass. He felt her tighten her sphincter and listened as she sucked hard on the gag.

“That’s it dear Genie, suck hard and breath fast, it will help the water go in.”

He knew the water wouldn’t burn her, but for someone unaccustomed to enemas, and hot enemas in particular, it could be quite demanding.

“This one is almost done, sweet Genie. This bulb holds 16 ounces of water and it’s nearly all inside you. I will fill it once more, and then continue your enema. Once it’s in, you must continue to hold it. To help you with that, I will put a small rubber butt plug into your rectum. I will inflate it, so that you won’t lose any of your lovely hot enema.. Can you do that?”

Again she nodded assent. So, he slid the nozzle slowly from her ass. He knew each raised bead would make itself felt as the nozzle came out. When it cleared her entrance, he dipped the butt plug into the glycerin, placed the tip against her asshole. And pushed it deep inside. A few quick pumps and it was fully inflated sealing off her rectum and helping to hold the water inside.

“You will feel strong cramps, Genie. You will feel the need to evacuate. But you will not be able too. The butt plug will hold the water inside until it’s time to come out. Now relax and hold your enema.” With that the Doctor turned and walked away. He shut off the lights and closed the door leaving her in the dark, strapped to the table.

Although the enema was not large, it would have the desired effect. Unable to expel it, Genie’s 10 minute wait would seem like half an hour. The Doctor stood in the hallway and lit a cigarette. He smoke it leisurely as he waited for the time to pass. This woman was fantastic, he thought. No wonder his penis was aching. It had been hard for over on hour, and was only now beginning to get soft. The time had passed, he butted his smoke after one last drag, and re-entered the room.

As the flicked on the lights, he watched Genie blink rapidly and squint at the sudden brightness. She held the push-button device, but showed no signs of wishing to use it. Without a word, he sat back down and arranged a bedpan at the foot of the table.

“Genie, I will now remove the plug so you can expel your enema.” He reached forward, released the bulb and tugged lightly on the butt plug. It popped easily from her asshole and was followed by short bursts of shitty water. Once he was certain she was empty, he covered and removed the bedpan. He went to the toilet, poured the contents into the bowl, flushed it away and rinsed out the pan with the water nozzle conveniently attached to the plumbing. He slid the bedpan back into place. Walking next to the sink, he ran water over a fresh cloth and then wrung it out.

Returning to his seat, he took the warm face cloth and gently washed Genie’s anal area. Once it was completely clean. He dipped his fingers into the glycerin, and again slid his greasy finger into her anus. “I am checking to see that you are empty down below. If not, we repeat the enema.”

Of course, when he removed his finger, there were clear traces of fecal matter on the glove. “I must give you another enema, Genie. This time we will make it larger and have you hold it longer.” He got up and washed off the glove before refilling the bulb.

“I think this time we shall use four bulbfulls and you must hold it 20 minutes. I know you think you held the first one much longer than that, but that was only 10 minutes.” He noted her eyes widen at that revelation, still she did not reach for the button.

As before, the Doctor took great delight in lubricating Genie’s tight ass, in filling the bulb, in squeezing the water inside, in repeating those steps, and in inflating the rubber plug once more. The whole time he kept up a detailed explanation in his low soft voice. And once again he disappeared out the door.

As expected, he had again grown hard. Who wouldn’t? An exquisitely beautiful woman lying helplessly clad in latex, and her entire life at this moment in your hands. He smoked two of his menthol cigarettes waiting for the minutes to pass and for the erection to subside. Finally, it was time to return and allow Genie her well earned relief.

Removing the butt plug he once again allowed the enema water to gush from her bottom. As before it contained fecal matter, but he knew it would. Still he pretended that she might escape the third administration of water to her bowels.

“That looks better my sweet, but only a more careful examination will tell.”

Yet again he slid his gloved finger inside her rectum. Taking time to probe deeply and to tease her with the in and out movement, he worked her anus carefully.

“Well, it seems dire methods are required. I’m afraid you will have to submit to one of my 3-H enemas. Do you know what a 3-H enema is, Genie?”

She shook her head from side to side.

“3-H means high, hot, and a hell-of-a-lot. We will have to change equipment and inject a full three quarts of steamy water inside you. We must get you flushed out, Genie. It will be very uncomfortable, but it is most necessary, don’t you agree?”

Genie’s eyes were wide at the thought, yet once again she nodded her head in agreement.

The Doctor wheeled over an I.V. pole from which hung an ominously large bright red enema bag. To this he attached several feet of latex rubber tubing. Nearing his patient, he took time to plug another enema nozzle into the hose. The chosen apparatus was five inches long and shaped a bit like a rosebud.

“You will notice that this special nozzle is very smooth and shaped so that you can easily hold it inside you. At it’s widest point, it is about the diameter of a man’s erect penis, so it will stretch you full going in. You will see, however, that it narrows so you can hold it inside. I will grease it thoroughly and put it in place, Genie. Once it’s in, you must not let it slip out. I will test you on this, but you must not fail.”

He poured a three quarts of hot water into the bag. Then he released the clamp so the air would exit the hose and nozzle. Coating it with plenty of KY Jelly, he placed the tip against the opening to her rear. Then he place pressure on the tip and watched as it entered her. The nozzle’s thickness slowly spread her ass open. She was sucking hard and fast as the thick tip expanded her tight anus. He watched it disappear inside, the lubricant rolling back on itself as the large object eased into her rectum. He noted as her tight anal ring closed around the narrowing of the nozzle and how the flared end prevented it from disappearing completely inside her gorgeous bottom.

“I will now begin this enema, Genie. You must not allow even a single drop to spill. I will let it enter slowly, if the pressure feels too great, suck and breath hard, it will help.”

With that, he opened the clamp partially and let the hot water begin to trickle in.

“We find that it often helps the patient if she has something else to think about as the water works its way inside. I will help you with that, Genie.”

Picking up the thick latex tubing again, he stood to the side and let it hang loosely in his hand. It would sting, but no more than she had already shown she could handle. He swung the rubber strop and laid it across her bared buttocks. As the enema bag slowly emptied, the Doctor paddled her bottom. Each stroke sounded much worse than it was, and soon her bottom took on a pink then red glow. The beauty of the rubber tube was that it left no scars, cut no flesh, and yet did its job.

As he had hoped, the spanking took her mind entirely off the pressure building inside her. Within a few minutes the whole three quarts of hot water had drained from the bag. He ceased her paddling and clamped off the hose.

“My dear, you have done very well. All you must do is to hold the enema until I allow you to release it. Do not fail me now. I will try and help the time pass more easily.”

The Doctor took his cigarettes from the pocket of his coat and lit one. As he stood there enjoying the cool menthol smoke, he made use of his talented fingers to ease her torment slightly. Brushing them lightly over her exposed flesh, he tenderly massaged her reddened buttocks. Next, he turned his attention to her swollen abdomen, and finally to the soft skin along her neck and shoulders. The delicate touch wouldn’t stop the pressure, but it would ease it enough.

After he had finished and extinguished his second smoke, he sat between her legs once more. Taking care not to disturb things, he released the hose from the bag and dropped it into a plastic bucket sitting on the floor. Then he released the clamp and allowed the water pressure to instantly diminish as it flowed easily from her distended belly. He massaged her tummy and helped her to get all of the water out of her insides.

This time the enema water was barely stained. He knew it would be, but didn’t yet tell her that. As she expelled, he shook his head and tsk-tsked. Of course, she would be thinking that yet another even larger enema was in store for her. He wondered if she would be disappointed when it wasn’t. So, he made the a huge production of emptying the pail, washing it out, cleansing her anal area, and probing her rectum.

When he removed the rubber gloved finger, he held it aloft and showed it to his waiting patient. “Genie, this is much better, your enemas are done, and we can now get back to your treatment.”

She mumbled something into the gag, so he untied it and slipped the rubber penis from her mouth. “But Doctor, I thought the enemas were my treatment?” she puzzled.

“Yes, they were, that is what you requested, forced enemas. However, you have been such a sweet lovely girl, I have decided to give you an extra reward.” he replied. “That is, unless, of course you don’t want it or don’t trust my judgment.”

“Not at all, dear Doctor. It’s been so fine this far, please proceed.”

“I thought you’d like that. Shall we use the gag, or not?”

“Oh yes, please do”.

“No, I think not. You will enjoy it more if you can participate and express yourself.”

With that the Doctor sat back down. He lubricated the fingers of both gloved hands and slid two into to Genie’s vagina and rectum. Working both hands in concert, he finger fucked both holes for her at the same time. Slowly, he watched her interest build, as it got higher, he slowed the pace. As she relaxed, he leaned forward again and sought out her clitoris with this tongue. Finding the little man in the boat swollen yet again, he licked and sucked it as he kept the latex clad fingers busy in her twin openings. Genie was moaning, but he knew she needed pain to make her orgasm complete. That, he would hold back for yet a while.

Stopping what the was doing, he reached into his table and produced a special device.

“Genie, these are dildo pants,” he said brandishing the black latex garment “and I’ll be putting them on you.”

With that, the released each bound leg and slid the pants over her feet and down past her knees. They were powdered inside so they would slip on much easier. He lubricated the rubber penis built into the pants and slid it easily into Genie’s hot wet vagina. He then pulled the pants all the way up so that the rubber phallus was deep inside. Again. He locked her legs into their restraints and spread the stirrups even wider. He poked and prodded the dildo pants so they were tight against Genie’s vulva. Then he turned on the pants.

Almost at once Genie began to squirm. He knew the soft vibrations she was feeling deep in her vagina and against her clit were driving her crazy. Not enough to make her come, they would be enough to keep her excited as he pushed her over the edge.

The Doctor sat admiring the tight pants knowing the vibrator was doing its intended task.. He noted Genie’s still exposed pinkish brown anal bud. So vulnerable, yet so delicious. He softly touched it with his gloved fingers. Then, parting her ripe womanly cheeks as wide as he could, he flicked his tongue across her asshole.

He knew the electric sensation that accompanied this act. There was something so wickedly wild and erotic about licking a patient’s vulnerable anus. Genie tried to move her hips to aid him in his task, a sure sign she was fully enjoying it. For several minutes he sucked, licked and nibbled her delicious little anal bud. He probed with his tongue as he felt her fully relaxing. When he finally slipped the wet tip of it into her ass, he knew she was ready.

Rummaging at the foot of the examining table, he found the implement of his desire. A condom filled with frozen water. It was like a large ice dildo without the mess. Knowing that her bottom was still very relaxed. He dipped the tip of the penis into the glycerin and aimed it for the anal bud showing through the small cutout ring in the dildo pants. With a quick well aimed thrust he slid it high into Genie’s rectum. She moaned loudly as it entered. The icy cold a sharp contrast to the wet tongues, slippery fingers and the hot enemas. The ring would hold the icy intruder deep in her bum.

He was as hard as a rock as he stood and went to the head of the table. Pulling down his trousers, he took two rubber o-rings and after stretching them slipped each one to the base of his penis. They worked perfectly and he watched his already hard erection swell even more. The head turned almost purple and each vein popped out at the increased pressure.

The Doctor unfastened the chain from the bar and allowed Genie’s breasts to sag slightly. The tight latex cups of the bra still encased them fully.

He brandished his rock hard cock tool and showed it closely to Genie as he mounted the stool. Presenting his aching swollen member, he placed it near her mouth. “Suck this, my sweet” he ordered.

He watched as she turned her head to him and stretching as far as the restraints would allow, took the giant purple tip between her painted lips and worked her tongue around it. She flicked her tongue across the head and worked it as expertly as she could. He slid the engorged member a bit further into her mouth and her head began to bob as she took it in. As she sucked hungrily on his penis using her tongue and lips with great devotion and talent, he reached over and removed her nipple clamps.

“Suck my cock, sweet Genie, yes suck it dry.” The Doctor exhorted.

Reaching behind himself, he parted his ass cheeks and probing between them slid a finger into his own eagerly waiting rectum. He pumped himself deeply up the ass, stroking his finger high inside as this beautiful creature worked her talented lips and tongue along his shaft. He thrust himself into her mouth timing each thrust with the rhythm of the gloved finger up his bottom. She took his cock deep in her throat, her lips tickling his tender swollen balls. Gorgeous, and talented he thought, what a perfect creature.

He felt the yearning deep inside and knew that she too was almost at the brink. He knew that the flood of pain from the icy cock up her ass and from the blood flow returning to her nipples would push her to her ultimate point of ecstasy. He knew that soon her vaginal and anal muscles would contract hard around their respective sources of pleasure filled torment.

He also knew that his own moment of relief was but seconds away. The finger in his own rectum was foretelling the tale. He felt his prostate harden, as sure sign of pending eruption.

The pressure peaked and the first spasm hit. He felt his anal muscles contract around the gloved finger. All the while, Genie sucked and licked the steel hard shaft of his swollen member and moaned loudly with her own pleasure. He threw his head back and screamed loudly as he began to ejaculate. The huge tensions building burst forth like water from a breached dam.

His powerful penile explosion and the hot semen hitting her throat were the final switch.

At that exact moment, he felt Genie buck against her restraints and was fully aware as wave after wave of female orgasm wracked her body. His orgasm and her joy coinciding perfectly. He kept finger fucking his own ass as his penis spurted load after load of hot come deep into her throat.

Now, your treatment is truly complete my dear, he thought.