Family Tradition

I am twenty-four, a brunette, and my measurements are 34-22-34. I admit to having little difficulty in attracting the male sex, but keeping my men interested sometimes presents problems because my sexual preference is giving and receiving enemas. Frankly, straight sex leaves me cold, which some of my boyfriends do when they find that I am more into enemas than intercourse.

My passion for enemas began when I was about nineteen and was staying with my aunt and uncle while my mother and father were away over a long weekend. When Saturday night came, I was told that my cousins, (boy and girl twins about my age) would be submitting to their regular, weekly enema and that I would be obliged to follow the rules of the house and submit to one, too.

Since enemas were not a regular practice in our home and I couldn’t even remember getting one, I was horrified at the thought and protested to my aunt without success. When it was my turn, I was called into the bathroom, where not only my aunt but my uncle were waiting for me. When my aunt told me to remove my shorts and panties that I was wearing, I thought I would die of embarrassment but, with hesitation, I did what I was told and waited for my next order. I was told to get into the tub on my hands and knees, spreading my legs as far as I could. I next felt something probing my anus, but because of the position I was in, I couldn’t tell what or who was doing it. As I learned later it was my aunt’s finger and she kept it in me so long it felt like I was already being given the enema, but that was still to follow.

As soon as my aunt had finished lubricating my rectum, she removed her finger and went to the sink to wash her hands, it was while she was at the sink that I felt the second penetration (this time it was the enema nozzle being inserted), so I quickly realized that my uncle would be giving me the enema. Up to this point I was very embarrassed and scared stiff about the whole procedure, but as soon as I started to feel the warm water in my rectum, I began to relax and enjoy what was being done to me. I felt myself becoming sexually excited, not only by the good feeling in my rectum and stomach, but by the realization that I was completely exposed to my uncle, who had always been one of my favorites and the handsomest of all.

He put his hand under me and gently massaged my stomach, inquiring if I was comfortable and telling me to let him know if I felt any cramps. Frankly, I was disappointed when he told me that the bag was empty and that my enema was finished, as I was hoping that the enema would continue forever. My uncle then gently removed the nozzle and helped me to my feet, assisting me to the toilet. Both he and my aunt then left to permit me to expel the water, and I remember having my first orgasm in the process. Before I went home I suggested to my aunt that I felt like I needed another enema. The second time my uncle handled everything himself, since my aunt was busy doing something in another part of the house. I was in ecstasy, as it was almost as though my uncle and I were making love, even though he never touched me or did anything other than what was necessary to giving me the enema. I had an even bigger orgasm than I did the first time.

I never had another opportunity to stay at my aunt and uncle’s house, so I was never able to relive this virgin exposure to the pleasures of an enema, but I came as close as I could with an experience I had with my cousins later the same year.

My aunt, uncle, and cousins were visiting with us, and while the others were upstairs my cousins and I were playing poker in our basement recreation room. During the course of the game, reference was made to the time I had stayed at their house and especially to “the Saturday night ritual.” Both of my cousins stated that weekly enemas had been a tradition in their house for as long as they could remember. My female cousin obviously didn’t care for them and never looked forward to Saturday night, which prompted me to solicit my male cousin’s feelings on the subject. He said that in the beginning he tolerated them because he had no choice, but over the last couple of years he was beginning to enjoy them, especially when his mother did the honors. In fact, he much preferred the times when his father wasn’t even present. He said that he felt more comfortable and relaxed with his mother than his father. My female cousin chirped in with the comment that although her preference would be to avoid enemas altogether, she preferred her father to give her the enema rather than her mother.

Directing my comments to my male cousin, I then admitted that I also enjoyed the two enemas that I had been given when I stayed with them, but that I didn’t think that I would enjoy being given an enema by either my mother or father. I just didn’t think it would be pleasurable if it were done by someone in my immediate family, which prompted my male cousin to say that he had been wondering what it would be like to be given an enema by someone other than his mother or father, especially another female.

At this point in our conversation I began to develop a strong sense of sexual arousal and an even stronger desire for an enema, so I asked my cousin what he would think of the idea of our giving each other enemas. He replied that he wouldn’t mind but asked how, when, and where. I said why not here and now, since I knew where I could put my hands on all the necessary equipment (I knew where my mother kept her douche bag). His main concern was the possibility of our parents walking in on us, but I quickly suggested that my female cousin could be the lookout, which she was willing to do as long as she didn’t have to participate in any way.

I took an empty container upstairs pretending, to my parents who were in the living room, that I had come up there to get something from my room. I was back downstairs within a few minutes, ready for my first experience at enema give-and-take.

I placed a bedroll on the floor of the furnace room and went into the small bathroom off the recreation room to prepare the first enema. Although we hadn’t determined who was to go first, my cousin had already removed his pants and was sitting on the bedroll in his shirt and jockey shorts. I couldn’t help but notice that he had already developed a large erection that he was trying to conceal with his hand. Hanging the enema bag on a hook on the wall, I suggested to him that he remove his jockey shorts and get on his hands and knees, which he did.

When I bent over to lubricate my cousin’s rectum there was no way he could conceal his erection, since he was using both hands to support himself. He let out a deep groan as soon as I inserted my finger in his rectum and continued to groan as I worked my finger in and around, removing and reinserting my finger several times. which caused him to twist his body and groan more deeply each time I penetrated his anus. When I inserted the nozzle and released the water he immediately came in long, lingering spurts that seemed to continue for a couple of minutes. As soon as he had finished coming he raised his hand signaling me to shut off the flow of water, which I did.

He indicated that he didn’t think that he could take any more water (even though the bag was still half full), asked me to remove the nozzle and went into the bathroom. When he returned he said that that had never happened before when he was being given an enema but complimented me by saying that, short as it was, it was the best enema that he had ever had and that it was now his turn to show his appreciation. He took the enema bag into the bathroom and brought it back filled to capacity.

Without waiting for any instructions I removed my panties, knelt down on my hands and knees, pulled my skirt up over my hips and awaited my cousins first penetration of my anus. I gasped when I felt his finger going in. Since my cousin has very long fingers, it felt like he was pushing his finger all the way up to my throat. He kept his finger inside me for what seemed to be a very long time, and when he slowly removed it I couldn’t keep myself from letting out another gasp which prompted my female cousin to whisper to us that we were making too much noise and might be heard upstairs. Accordingly, when my cousin inserted the enema nozzle and released the water, I kept one hand over my mouth and kept my balance using the tripod method throughout the enema. When the bag was empty my cousin removed the nozzle and I immediately went to the bathroom to expel the water, at the same time giving myself a fantastic orgasm.

Somehow we were able to clean the spots off the bedroll and put it back in the storage cabinet. I was able to successfully sneak the equipment back into my mothers room. Nobody except myself and my two cousins had any idea what we had been doing. Up until the time we all went off to grad school we had only three more opportunities to repeat this experience, and each time my female cousin, as usual, would be the lookout.

Now that I’m in grad school I make it a point to date pre-med students since they are more receptive to my sexual tastes than most of the other guys. Since the pre-med students have access to the medical building, I’ve received some of my best enemas on an examination table with my feet in the stirrups.